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*Horst Auction Center does not accept online absentee bids for weekly auctions

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Absentee Bids

Lot Number Description Maximum Bid
Bid Increment
$25 -$100 $5
$100 -$300 $10
$300 - $1,000 $25
$1,000 - $3,000 $50
$3,000 - $5,000 $100

Absentee Bid Terms

Horst Auction Center will accept online absentee bids for catalogued auctions only. We will not accept online absentee bids for weekly or variety auctions. A 10% service fee will be charged on all successful absentee bids up to $500. $50 is the maximum service fee for each successful absentee bid. Additionally a 3% handling fee will be charge on all invoices paid by credit/debit card. $25 will be the minimum opening bid on all absentee bids. Competitive bidding will be used from that point and all left bids must be compatible with increments used for that price range. Horst Auction Center will round the bid down to the nearest compatible bid increment on all incorrect bids submitted. If a maximum bid falls to the floor, it will be sold to the floor. Horst Auction Center will not go higher than the maximum bid left on the items.
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