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“The Voices Of Experience”

The Library of Clarke Hess

July 27, 2019



  1. Box Lot of Lancaster County Town Histories – 6 Hardbound: Manheim Revisted, A Pleasant View of Martindale, History of Salisbury Twp., Elizabethtown: The First 3 Centuries, From The Beginning “A History of Manheim Twp.”, Lititz – 250th A Historical Anthology” and 4 Assorted Softbound Sold For 160.00
  2. 12 Assorted Hardbound Pennsylvania Town Histories – Biographical History of Lancaster County., Schaefferstown, Jonestown, Myerstown, Donegal Church, Wright’s Ferry Mansion Sold For 70.00
  3. Tray Lot Assorted Antique Booklets & Histories– New Holland, Conestoga Traction Co., The Christiana Riot & Treason Trials of 1851, etc. Sold For 45.00
  4. Biographical Annals of Lancaster County Sold For 90.00
  5. History of Cumberland & Adams CountiesReprint Sold For 50.00
  6. 11 Books on Pennsylvania German History or Traditions – Reprint Leben und Wandel – Ephrata – Sangameister’s Diary Translated, Harbaugh’s Hause, Dreming on the Conestoga, Voices of Turtledoves, House of Derr, etc. Sold For 85.00
  7. 9 Lancaster County History Books – 7 Hardbound: A Medley of Memories, Lancaster Co. One Room Schoolhouse, Pitchforks & Pitchpipes, The Farmer’s Trust Co., etc. Sold For 55.00
  8. 5 Science Press Keepsake Publications – PA Butter Prints, A History of Transportation in Lancaster County, Fraktur, The Pennsylvania Kentucky Rifle, Artist’s Album Sold For 220.00
  9. Large Tray Lot Softbound Town Histories – Rothsville, Strasburg, Ephrata Cloister, Colerain Twp., and others (Most are Pennsylvania) Sold For 190.00
  10. 4 Early Hardbound Histories– 1844 History of Lancaster County by Daniel Rupp, 1844 History of the Counties of Berks & Lebanon, by Daniel Rupp, 1905 Historical & Pictorial Lititz, 1892 A Brief History of Lancaster Co., by Israel S. Clarke Sold For 100.00
  11. 5 Local Directories – 1957 Polk’s York City Directory, (2) 1914 Farmer’s Directory of Lancaster County, 1888 William’s Annual Directory of Lancaster City, Softbound Reprint 1857 Directory of Lancaster City Sold For 45.00
  12. Album of Vintage Lancaster Co. Trade Cards & Die-cuts – Album has approximately 80 plastic sleeves loaded with various Lancaster Co. businesses Sold For 1,150.00
  13. Album of Vintage Lancaster Co. Trade Cards & Die-cuts – Album has approximately 80 plastic sleeves loaded with various Lancaster Co. businesses Sold For 975.00
  14. 4 Hardbound History & Census Books – Reprint 2 part set of Ellis & Evans History of Lancaster County, PA (with Index), 1970 Reprint of 1790 Heads of Families Census of Pennsylvania, Reprint of Deed Book A. 1729-1730 of Lancaster County, PA Sold For 60.00
  15. 1881 History of Chester County, PA – Reprint Sold For 20.00
  16. Large Tray Lot Softbound References – Mostly relating to architecture of Pennsylvania, primitives, & tools Sold For 190.00
  17. 7 Hardbound Histories of PennsylvaniaArts & Crafts of Chester Co., Willing Inhabitants (Account of life in Franconia Twp.), Oley Valley The Federal Years: 1776-1862, Moravian Architecture and Town Planning, The Bethlehem Oil Mill: 1745-1934, Bethlehem of Pennsylvania, Oley Valley Heritage – The Colonial Years 1700-1775 Sold For 200.00
  18. Large Tray Lot of Early & Vintage Pennsylvania German Almanacs/Calendars – from 1800-1917, Printers include Albrecht, William & Bar, Johann Sold For 400.00
  19. Tray Lot of Histories – Hardbound & softbound studies for Union Co., Mifflin Co., York Co., Somerset Co., etc. Sold For 85.00
  20. Tray lot of Pennsylvania German Architectural Studies & Histories– Softbound & spiral including (7) Henry Kauffman, Architecture of PA Dutch Country (1700-1900); (5) Kenneth LeVan, Building Construction and Materials..; (3) 25th Annual Conference Architecture and Landscape of the PA Germans 1720-1920 Sold For 120.00
  21. 6 Hardbound References – Albert Sonn, Early American Wrought Iron; Henry Kauffman, Early American Ironware; Colonial Wrought Iron – The Sorber Collection; Silversmith’s of Lancaster Co.; German Study of Cast Iron Fire Plates & Sotve Plates; Emery & Richamn, Yesterday’s Farm Tools & Equipment (Autographed) Sold For 140.00
  22. 8 Hardbound Architectural BooksOld American Houses; German Contribution to Building of the Americas; Colonial Interiors; Colonial Design in the New World; German Architecture in America, by Richman (Autographed); Lancaster Co. Architecture Sold For 65.00
  23. Large Tray of Re-Printed Maps & Atlases of Lancaster & Berks Co. – The Warrant Map; Early Amish Land Grants in Berks Co.; 1864 & 1875 Atlas of Lancaster Co; Hardbound Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster Co. Sold For 110.00
  24. 4 Hardbound Books on Postcards of Lancaster Co. – 2 Volume Set: Postcard Tour of the Cocalico Valley; 2 Volume Set: Lancaster Co. Postcards “Windows to our Past” Sold For 45.00
  25. 5 Hardbound Books by Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley – Years 1993, 2008, 2011, 2012 & 2013 (Some Autographed) Sold For 65.00
  26. Box Lot of Assorted Annual Historical Journals of Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley Sold For 85.00
  27. 17 Hardbound PA German Society Books– Volume 2-50 Sold For 140.00
  28. 11 Hardbound PA German Society Books– Farming Always Farming; 2 Volume Set of PA German Fraktur; That Ingenious Business; Pewter in PA; 2 Volume Set The Picture Bible of Ludwig Denig; Etc. Sold For 80.00
  29. Tray Lot of 5 Hardbound PA German Folklore Society Books & 4 Blue Softbound PA German Society – Volumes 23, 24, 41 & 45 Sold For 60.00
  30. Box Lot of Assorted Softbound References on Lancaster Co. Census Schedules – 1850-1880; Church Records Vol. 1-5; Wills 1732-1830; Cemetery Records Vol. 1-6; Etc. Sold For 160.00
  31. Bot Lot of Softbound Assorted Historical References – (10) Assorted Publications – Source & Documents of PA Germans; 3 Vol. Lancaster Co. 1800 Federal Census; Re-Print Annals of Conestoga Valley; Etc. Sold For 85.00
  32. Box Lot of Genealogical Studies – (3) Hardbound Volume Set PA German Pioneers by PA German Society; (5) Softbound Books by Sam E. Wenger; 4 Volume Set A Tour of Anabaptists & Reformed Sites in Rural Switzerland & 1710 Pequea Settlement Tour Resource Sold For 100.00
  33. Tray Lot of Assorted Genealogical Studies on PA Germans – (4) Hardbound: Palatine Origins of PA Pioneers; 18th Century Emigrants; PA German Immigrants 1709-1786; Swiss & German Pioneers of Southeastern PA; Assorted Softbound Studies Sold For 65.00
  34. Volume 1-30 Hardbound Set “Mennonite Family History” – Published by Masthof in Morgantown (1982-2011) Sold For 200.00
  35. Volume 1-34 Hardbound “PA Mennonite Heritage” – By Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (1978-2011); Plus Vol. 1-18 Mennonite Research Journal (1960-1977) Sold For 300.00
  36. 5 Volume Hardbound Set “Mennonite Encyclopedia” Sold For 250.00
  37. 8 Hardbound Mennonite Migration Related Books Mennonites in Ontario; Waterloo Twp. Through 2 Centuries; A Biographical History of Waterloo Twp.; Decorative Arts of Ohio’s Sonnenbery Mennonites; Wayne Co., Ohio Burial Records; The PA Germans in Maryland; Mennonites of Washington Co., Maryland; Franklin Co., PA Conference; History of Wayne Co., Ohio Sold For 90.00
  38. 1982, Amos Hoover, The Jonas Martin Era 1875-1925, VG Sold For 350.00
  39. 2001, John Landis Ruth, The Entire Earth is the Lord’s Sold For 240.00
  40. 8 Large Hardbound Geneaology Books of Families – Erb Family; Rev. Hans Herr 1908; The Brennemans; Matthias Hoffer; Strite Family; Zartman Family 1942; Nolt’s 1771-1969; Kauffman-Coffman Lineages Sold For 375.00
  41. 12 Assorted Softbound References of Textiles & Quilts – 4 Patricia Herr: Amish Arts of Lancaster Co Quilting Traditions; The Ornamental Branches Needlework…of Lititz Moravian Girl’s School; Amish Quilts of Lancaster County; Etc. Sold For 45.00
  42. Box Lot of Antique References – Stiegel & American Glass; Moravian Pottery of NC; Potters & Pottery of Chester Co.; Pottery from the Shenandoah & Cumberland Valleys. Sold For 35.00
  43. Vol. 1-7 Set Stopp & Earnest “The Printed Birth & Baptismal Certificates of the German Americans”, VG Sold For 250.00
  44. 8 Various Hardbound & Softbound Refernces on Fraktur & Printed Taufscheins by Corinne & Russell EarnestThe Latest Poterity; God Bless This House; The Heart of Taufschein; Paper for Birth Dayes; Flying Leaves & One Sheets; Fraktur, Folk Art & Family Sold For 120.00
  45. Tray of Assorted Antique & Related References – (3) Hardbound Inventor Joe – The Life & Work of Mennonite Joseph Shirk…; Mennonite Arts, Clarke Hess (Dust Jacket Missing); Butter Prints & Molds; 6 Softbound Related to Western PA Furniture; Soap Hollow Furniture; Country Chairs of Central PA; Etc. Sold For 55.00
  46. 3 Hardbound References – Monroe Fabian “The PA German Decorated Chest”, 1st Ed.; David Luthy “Amish Folk Artist Barbara Ebersol”; Machmer, “Just for Nice, Carving & Whittling…” Sold For 35.00
  47. 5 Various References – 4 Hardbound “House of Derr”; (2) Henry Kauffman “American Copper & Brass”; “Henry’s Dutch Country Anthology” (Re-Prints); Re-Print Henry Mercer “The Bible in Iron”; Softbound Don Horvath “Early American Copper Tea Kettles” Sold For 50.00
  48. 6 Various References on PA Clocks & Makers– (5) Hardbound: “Chester Co. Clocks & Their Makers”; “PA Clocks & Their Makers”; “PA Clocks & Watches…”; “Clockmakers of Lancaster Co. & Their Clocks 1750-1850”; Spiral Bound: “Berks Co. Tall Case Clocks 1750-1850” Sold For 60.00
  49. 11 Various References on Textiles, Clothing, Fabrics & Weaving – 10 Hardbound 2 Volume Set “Girlhood Embroidery”; “Sampler’s of PA Germans”; “Spinning Wheels & Accessories…”; “Quilts in a Material World”; “Rural PA Clothing”; “Stay at Home & Use Me Well”; Etc. Sold For 150.00
  50. Tray Lot of References on Painted Furniture & Accessories of Mahantongo Valley – Sam Plank; Joseph Lehn; Hardbound Rare “Decorated Furniture of the Mahantongo Valley”; “PA Folk Art of Samuel L. Plank”; (4) Booklets Related to Joseph Lehn by Various Makers Sold For 75.00
  51. Box Lot of 12 References About Arts & Artists – 8 Hardbound & 4 Softbound Including Artists: Jacob Eichholtz; Edward Hicks; Charles Demuth; Lewis Miller; Etc. Sold For 70.00
  52. 7 Hardbound Genealogies – “Reiff to Riffe”; “…Christian S. & Ann Garber”; “Stauffer Family in Swiss & America”; “Myers History”; “Path of Faith… The Shenk Family”; Bernese Anabaptist”; “…Speicher, Spicher, Spyker Family” Sold For 250.00
  53. 7 Hardbound Genealogies – Families Include: Rettew’s; John & Susanna (Weber) Musser; PA LeFevres; Bishop Jonas H. Martin; George Petersheim Family; Sherk Family; Peter Reist of Lancaster Co. Sold For 35.00
  54. Tray Lot of Hardbound & Softbound Genealogies of Horst & Hurst Families Sold For 150.00
  55. Tray Lot of Hardbound & Softbound Genealogies of Hess Families Sold For 110.00
  56. Tray Lot of Hardbound & Softbound Genealogies of Landes/Landis Families Sold For 75.00
  57. Large Tray Lot of Genealogy Booklets – Families: Fox; Eby; Douple; Dieffenbach; Weaver; Weber; Shirk; Wingers; Gingrich; Rutts; Etc. Sold For 130.00
  58. Large Tray Lot of Genealogies & Related – Hardbound “Revisiting Grammie-Fannie S. Brechbill 1869-1937”; Softbound Including Families: Newswanger; Nissley; Kanagy; Metzler; Martin; Musselman; Hershey; Reiff; Risser; Etc. Sold For 70.00
  59. Tray Lot of Softbound & Spiral Bound Genealogies – Families: Rohrer; Shenk; Wenger; Bollinger; Becker; Milton Hershey; Stoner; Weavers; Witmers; Engel; Etc. Sold For 150.00
  60. Tray Lot of Genealogical Booklets – Families: Weber-Weaver; Jacob Good; Dan Stoner; Peter Reist; Oberholtzer; Rohrer; Gehman; Jake Brubaker; Hirneisen; Jacob Hertzler; Mose Horning; Etc. Sold For 130.00
  61. Large Tray Lot of Folk Art & Decorative Arts & Healing Studies Sold For 140.00
  62. 22 Softbound or Spiral Bound References on Quilts, Textiles & Fabrics – Including: “Rural PA German Weaving”; “Quilting Traditions”; “Amish Quilts of Lancaster Co.”; “Treasury of Mennonite Quilts”; “Amish Crib Quilts”; “Family Record”; Etc. Sold For 55.00
  63. Tray of Hardbound & Softbound Quilt & Textile References – (4) Hardbound: “American Quilts & Coverlets”; “Quilts, Masterworks From American Folk Art Museum”; “Checklist of American Coverlet Weavers”; “Textiles in America, 1650-1870”; (2) Softbound: “Quilts From 2 Valleys”; “Quilt of Lancaster Co.” Sold For 65.00
  64. Tray Lot of Hardbound & Softbound References on Conestoga Wagons & Tobacco Farming – Hardbound Rare, “Conestoga Six Horse Bell Teams 1750-1850”, 1930; “Conestoga Wagon 1750-1850”, 1964 EAIA Publication; (2) Booklets on Conestoga Wagons; Art Reist, “Tobacco Lore of Lancaster Co.” Sold For 70.00
  65. Tray Lot of 4 Fraktur References – (2) Hardbound: “Bucks Co. Fraktur” by Cory Amsler; “This Teaching I Present…” Mary Jane Hershey; (2) Issues: Der Reggeboge “Heinrich Otto & Sons Fraktur & Furniture Decorators” by Lisa Minardi Sold For 65.00
  66. 4 Reference Books on Frakturs & Broadsides – Hardbound DiMoyer, “Fraktur Writings & Folk Art Drawings”, Schwenkfelder Library; Amos B. Hoover “German Language Candle of Our Heritage; Trudy E. Gilgenast, “PA German Broadsides, a Reflection of Daily Life 1741-1890”; Patricia E. Suter “Peter Montelius, Teacher & Printer” Sold For 85.00
  67. 6 Hardbound Antique References with Dust Covers – “Wordly Goods”; “The Arts of Early PA 1680-1758”, Phila. Museum of Art; “Chippendale & His Contemporaries”; “The American Collection of Richard & Rosemarie Machmer”, Catalog; “Early American Antiques Country Furnishings”; “Treasury of American Design”; “Timeless Masterpiece American Brass Dial Clocks”, Frank L. Hohmann II Sold For 50.00
  68. 8 Various References – Hardbound Nancy Evans, “American Windsor Chairs”; “American Radiance – The Ralph Esmerian Gift”, American Folk Art Museum; 2 Vol. “American Furniture” Edit. By Luke Beckerdite; “Mennonite Furniture”; “PA Dutch & Their Furniture”, John Shea; “Ontario Tradition in York Co. Mennonite Furniture”; Etc. Sold For 90.00
  69. Box Lot of Hardbound & Softbound PA German Imprint & Fraktur References – Hardbound Lisa Minardi “Drawn with Spirit PA German Fraktur”; Don Yoder “The PA German Broadside”; Willsdorf “Early German-America Imprints”, Lerch, “PA German Antiques” & Assorted Softbound Booklets Sold For 50.00
  70. 14 Hardbound & Softbound References on Printing, Manuscripts, Bookbinding & Type Set – Hardbound “11th Book of Specimen of Printing Types”; “Great Books & Book Collectors”, Allan Thomas; “The Printed Book in America”; “The History of English Craft Bookbinding”; Etc. Sold For 160.00
  71. Tray Lot of 11 Assorted References on German Culture Folk Art – Hardbound “Onatrio Fraktur – A PA German Folk Tradition”; Schaffner & Klain “Folkhearts”; E. Reginald Good “Anna’s Art”; Bird & Kobayashi “A Splendid Harvest” (Germanic Folk & Decorative Arts in Canada); “American Watermarks 1690-1835”; Borneman (Autographed) “PA German Bookplates, A Study”; Etc. Sold For 55.00
  72. Box of Assorted Gun Related Books – Hardbound Hornberger & Kolar “The Lancaster Long Rifle at Landis Valley…” (Autographed); Rosenberger & Kaufmann “The Long Rifles of Western PA”; Woods Jr. & Whisker “Arms Makers of Lancaster Co”; Kindig III “Artistic Ingredients of the Long Rifle”; Kauffman “The PA Kentucky Long Rifle”; Lister, “Antique Firearms…”; Softbound United States Cartridge Co. “Catalogue Firearms Collection” Sold For 220.00
  73. 7 Hardbound References on Farm & Barn Architecture – Kaufmann “The American Farmhouse”; Huber “The Historic Barns of Southeastern PA, 1750-1900”; “Early Architecture in Upper Allen Township”; Ensminger “The PA Barn”; Glass, “The PA Culture Region, A View From the Barn”; Sloane, “An Age of Barns”; Arthur & Witney “The Barn” Sold For 95.00
  74. 2 Hardbound PA Architecture References – 1977, Raymond “Early Domestic Architecture of PA” (Re-print of 1930 Ed.); Historic Preservation Trust of Berks Co., “Atlas of Architectural Drawings”, 2008, Ltd. 46/100 Sold For 75.00
  75. Group of Books with Handwritten Recipes – Most PA German Culture & Some Trade Related Printed Recipes Sold For 110.00
  76. Large Tray Lot of Assorted PA German Cultural Related Cookbooks & Holiday Tradition Books – Hardbound: “PA German Foods & Traditions – Landis Valley”; Donmoyer, “Pow-Wowing in PA…”; Donmoyer “The Friend in Need”; Shoemaker, “Christmas in PA”; Elliot “Inventing Christmas…”; Softbound: “Mennonite Women of Lancaster Co.”; Richman, “PA German Farms, Gardens & Seeds”; Etc. Sold For 55.00
  77. 4 Hardbound PA German Architectural Books – Falk, “Architecture & Artifacts of the PA Germans”; McMurry & Van Dolsen “Architecture & Landscape of PA Germans 1720-1920”; Oberholtzer & Herr “Plain Meetinghouses – Lancaster Co. Old Order…”; “Lancaster Co. Architecture 1700-1850”, Historic Preservation Trust Sold For 95.00
  78. Box of 6 Hardbound & Softbound Cultural Studies – Hardbound: Edit C. Rubin “Southern Folk Art”, Brown; “American Wall Stenciling 1790-1840”; Album 2009, Walsh, “The Fraktur of Jacob Botz”; 3 Softbound: “Jewish Heritage in American Folk Art”; “PA German Illuminated Manuscripts”; Bird “O Noble Heart, Fraktur & Spirituality in PA German Folk Art” Sold For 90.00
  79. Tray Lot of PA Folk Art References – “Early PA Arts & Crafts”; “Sunbonnet & Shoefly Pies”; “Arts of PA Germans”; “Folk Art of Rural PA”; Etc. Sold For 25.00
  80. Tray Lot of Early Auction Catalogs – Including: Library of Hon. Saml. Pennypacker; 3 Vol. Set Collection of Arthur J. Sussel; 1926, at Freeman’s Brazer Collection; Etc. Sold For 170.00
  81. Collection of Recent Auction Catalogs – Including: Lester Breininger; Paul Flack; Don Shelly; Richard Flanders Smith; Rose & John Kolar; Richard Machmer; The Earnest Collection; Chris Machmer; Evalyn Good; Etc. Sold For 60.00
  82. Tray Lot of Assorted Book Reference & Re-Prints – “The German Bible in America”, Don Yoder; 1997 “Gesang Buck” Translations & Lessons; Several Re-Prints of German Imprints Sold For 100.00
  83. 15 Hardbound Genealogies– Including Families: Christian Fisher; Rancks; Sensiney’s; Zug/Zook; Reiff; Huber; Neff; Strickler; Myers; Bauman; Eby; Forney; Hershey Sold For 375.00
  84. 8 Hardbound Genealogies – Including Families: John Long; Hand-Written Document on Bausman Family; Greiders; Elias Gingrich; Groff Book 1 & 2; Gibble; Christian Burkholder Sold For 80.00
  85. Box Lot of Books on Printing & Engraving – Hardbound: 3 Vol. Set “American Engravers Upon Copper & Steel”; “The Art of Bookbinding”; M. Ressler “…Bibliography of Mennonite Hymnals & Songbooks”; “Four centuries of Fine Printing”; “…Books & Manuscripts.. From Rosenbach Foundation Museum”; “The Foundries of America…”; “Benjamin Franklin Writer & Printer” Sold For 170.00
  86. 12 Books on Amish & Amish Culture – Hardbound: “Amish & Amish Mennonite Genealogies”; 2 Vol. Set “Unser Leit.. The Story of The Amish”; “Day in the Life of the Amish”; “PA Amish Directory”, 1973; Don Kraybill, Johnson-Weiner & Nolt “The Amish”; Hostetter “Amish Society” (Revised Ed.) Sold For 325.00
  87. Tray Lot of Assorted Early Booklets & Photos/Envelopes – “Christian Bomberger Pioneer” Booklet; “The Experience of Miss Amelia L. Hess” 1887 Booklet (On Healing); “The Lift Barth Henry W. Stiegel” Booklet; 2 Cabinet Photographs; Small Box of Cancelled Envelopes from Early 1900s Including Hershey Chocolate Corp, Etc. Sold For 150.00
  88. Tray of 8 Hardbound Books on Mennonite & Swiss Anabaptist Histories – “Hans Landis: Swiss Anabaptist Martyr”; “…Journal of Rev. Christian Newcomber”; “History of Mennonites of the Franconia Conference”; “Menno Simoris Confession & New Birth”; “Building the Gospel Foundation”; “Letters on Toleration…”; Etc. Sold For 80.00
  89. 6 Hardbound Mennonite Histories/Bibliographies – Tows, “Mennonite Märthrer” Vol. 1 & 2 (In German), 1949; “Mennonite Cyclopedic Dictionary”, 1937; “Menno Simons, His Life, Labors & Teachings” 1916; “Mennonites of Lancaster Conference” 1931; “Mennonite Bibliography” Vol. 1 (1631-1961) Sold For 40.00
  90. 2 Collectibles – Full Sheet Broadside Sale Bill From 1878 For Auction of Israel Stoner, Greenville, Lancaster Co., Printed by E.H. Burkholder of Farmersville, PA, Poor Condition; Travel Booklet for “Rocky & Selkirk Mts., Canada” in Envelope with E.B. Stoner Sold For 210.00
  91. Tray of Assorted Full Sheet Broadsides – 12 Unframed Maps of NY State Counties; Unframed Re-Print of 1887 “View of Lititz & Warwick Twp” Sold For 55.00
  92. 5 Hardbound Mennonite Church & Related Histories – “Pathway of Renewal” History of Neffsville Mennonite 1952-2002; “Weavertown Church History”; “Mennonites in Transition From Switzerland to America”; “Menno Folk… Traditions”; “The Story of Paradise Mennonite Church, 1735-1985” Sold For 85.00
  93. Large Tray Lot of Mennonite Church Histories & Cultural Studies – Hardbound & Softbound Including: “Frontiers of Faithfulness…Groffdale Mennonite”; “Mellinger Mennonite Church 30 Years of Faithfulness…”; “New Danville Church Community Heritage”; Etc. Sold For 130.00
  94. Collection of Hardbound Vintage Books Once Owned by Henry G. Long – Atty. Of Lancaster, Most Signed On Leaflet Sold For 70.00
  95. Tray of Assorted Antique & Trades Related References – Hardbound & Softbound on Folk Art, Frakturs, Trade Signs, Etc. Sold For 75.00
  96. Large Tray of Assorted Antique References– On Baskets; Copper; Scrimshaw; Tinware; Butter Prints; Larkin Scull Carvings; Etc. Sold For 30.00
  97. 16 Assorted Antique References – On Subjects Related to Pewter, Candleholders, Art Pottery, Staffordshire China, Folk Art, “American Bottles & Flasks”, Majolica, Books, Etc. Sold For 50.00
  98. 3 Hardbound References by Earl Robacker – “Touch of the Dutchland”; “Pennsylvania Dutch Stuff”; “Old Stuff in Up-Country Pennsylvania” Sold For 40.00
  99. 7 Assorted References on Textiles & Quilts – Hardbound: “The Amish Quilt”; “Making the Lancaster Diamond Sampler” (Autographed – Specifically Related to the Quilt Sold On Sale #1 Of the Clarke Hess Estate); “PA Patchwork Pillowcases” (Personal Acknowledgment to Clarke From Author For Use of Textiles in Book); Softbound 3 by Patricia Herr: “Quilting Traditions”; “Rags to Rugs” (Autographed with Personal Thanks for Help); “Amish Quilts”; Lasansky, “Bits & Pieces” Sold For 60.00
  100. Clarke Hess “Mennonite Arts” with Dust Cover Sold For 65.00
  101. Album of Manuscript Papers – Christian Stauffer, Miller at Zartman’s Mill Sold For 500.00
  102. Album of Paper Ephemera – East & West Hempfield Twps. Sold For 120.00
  103. Album of Postcards – Lancaster County Photo Cards Sold For 100.00
  104. Album of Ephemera­– Lititz & Warwick Twp. Sold For 120.00
  105. Bag Lot of N. Lancaster Co. Ephemera– Durlach Post Office Letter; Ephrata National Bank Checks; Lititz Springs Stock Certificate Sold For 150.00
  106. 2 Printed Taufscheins– Peters, Harrisburg & G. Miller, New Berlin Sold For 170.00
  107. 1898 Mount Joy Sale – George Wenger Estate, C.H. Zeller Auctioneer Sold For 45.00
  108. 4 Pieces of Paper Artwork – France Scissors Cutting; 2 Drawings; Lock of Hair on Paper Script Sold For 45.00
  109. Fraktur Bookplate Fragment Sold For 120.00
  110. 1796 Will of Christian Herr– Sawmiller of Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., PA Sold For 140.00
  111. Group of Lancaster Co. Ephemera & Broadsides Sold For 170.00
  112. (3) 18th & 19th Century Lancaster Co. Deeds – Weaver, Hurst & Shirk Family Names Sold For 210.00
  113. (4) 18th & 19th Century Lancaster Co. Deeds & Documents – Sener; Godlieb; Musselman; Newcomer; Musser & Graff Family Names Sold For 110.00
  114. (2) Lancaster Co. Land Drafts – Stoner Farm, South of Murrell & Kauffman Farm, East Hempfield Twp. Sold For 170.00
  115. Group of 18th & 19th Century Lancaster County Ephemera Sold For 50.00
  116. 1891 Public Sale Broadside ­– J.H. Bausman, Rebman & Son Auctioneers Sold For 75.00
  117. (2) 1769 Herr & Brackbill Land Grants & Other Early Ephemera Sold For 200.00
  118. 1838 Martin Funk Vendue List & Manuscript Booklet ­– Gibbel, Buch & Bucher Family Names Sold For 45.00
  119. Group of Lancaster Co. Ephemera – Letters, Bill Heads, Family Register, Etc. Sold For 55.00
  120. Tray Lot of Paper Ephemera– Mostly Lancaster Co. Advertising, Photos, Negatives, Certificates, Etc. Sold For 170.00
  121. Group of 19th & Early 20th Century Lancaster County Newspapers Sold For 120.00
  122. Group of Legal Papers – Related to Aldus Mylin of West Lampeter Twp. Sold For 25.00
  123. Group of 19th Century Lancaster Co. Ephemera – Family Records, Bank Checks, School Attendance Register, Etc. Sold For 45.00
  124. 5 Lancaster Co. Deeds – Kunkle, Rupp, Smith, Bollinger Family Names Sold For 95.00
  125. Group of Paper Ephemera Printed by David B. Landis (1862-1940) of the Pluck Art Printery at 38 E. Chestnut Street, Lancaster PA. Some also printed by his son Elvin G. Landis, later known as Landis Art Printery- consists of about 40 pcs. Advertising his work, ink blotters hundreds of tickets for lectures, food festivals, delivery services, about 35 pcs. Relating to F & M College events, a few bottle labels for medicines, programs of the Landis family reunions, broadsides for the Italian American Club, etc. Hundreds of invitations to parties, dances, weddings, etc. Christmas cards, lots of booklets and fliers for Lancaster churches, hundreds of business forms from Lancaster public works, businesses, etc. [2297] Sold For 725.00
  126. 2 Albums Containing Correspondence of David B. Landis, Historian, Printer & Publisher, Landisville & Lancaster, PA Sold For 350.00
  127. Album of Real Photo Postcards Printed by David B. Landis Sold For 180.00
  128. Group of Items Printed by David B. Landis – Mostly Lancaster City Advertising Broadsides Sold For 350.00
  129. 2 Flats Full of David B. Landis Printed Material – Advertising, Ink Blotters, Bill Heads, Booklets, Etc. Sold For 525.00
  130. Group of Mid-19th Century Hand Written Letters Sold For 55.00
  131. Group of 18th & 19th Century Legal Documents – Kauffman, Reist & Stauffer Family Names Sold For 45.00
  132. Group of 18th & 19th Century Documents – Shreiner, Brubacher & Stern Family Names Sold For 70.00
  133. Group of 18th & 19th Century Documents – Bomberger, Fessler & Hess Family Names Sold For 140.00
  134. Wall Map of Lebanon County Sold For 95.00
  135. Group of Ephemera – Broadsies & Booklets Sold For 55.00
  136. 4 Lancaster Co. Broadsides Sold For 55.00
  137. Large Collection of 19th & Early 20th Century Lancaster City Bill Heads Sold For 140.00
  138. Group of Lebanon Co. Documents Sold For 25.00
  139. 4 Black & White Photos Including Valentine Andes Agricultural Implement Works Sold For 40.00
  140. Group of Items Printed by Harry F. Stauffer, Farmersville Sold For 180.00
  141. Group of 18th & 19th Century Lancaster Co. Legal Documents Sold For 45.00
  142. Group of Engravings, Lithographs, Etc. Sold For 50.00
  143. Group of Early-Mid 19th Century Newspapers – Some with Bomberger Family Name Sold For 170.00
  144. Tray Lot of Lancaster Co. Advertising & Other Ephemera Sold For 65.00
  145. Group of Mostly Northern Lancaster Co. Ephemera Sold For 25.00
  146. Group of 19th Century Legal Documents, Bank Checks & 1 Piece of Continental Currency Sold For 70.00
  147. Group of Lancaster County Photographs Sold For 25.00
  148. Group of Engravings & Artwork Sold For 100.00
  149. Group of 19th & Early 20th Century Lancaster Co. Legal Documents Sold For 35.00
  150. 4 Genealogy Books – Schner, Wissler, Snively, Witwer Sold For 70.00
  151. 2 Genealogy Books – Hess 1880 & Hess 1896 Sold For 85.00
  152. 2 Genealogy Books – Becker & Brubacher Sold For 90.00
  153. 2 Genealogy Books – Hess 1880 & Hess 1896 Sold For 85.00
  154. 2 Genealogy Books – Hershey & Swarr Sold For 55.00
  155. 2 Genealogy Books – Landis & Fahnestock Sold For 65.00
  156. 2 Genealogy Books – Hess 1880 & Hess 1896 Sold For 65.00
  157. 3 Genealogy Books – Hoover, Shirk & Weaver Sold For 100.00
  158. Lieder Sammlung with Maria Blank Bookplate Sold For 60.00
  159. 2 Lancaster Imprints Sold For 35.00
  160. 10 Lancaster Imprints Sold For 95.00
  161. 3 Lancaster Imprints Sold For 65.00
  162. 2 Lancaster Imprints – Gasang Buch 1829, 1841 Sold For 70.00
  163. Lancaster, Ausbund 1846 Sold For 95.00
  164. Lancaster, Fundament, Menno Simons 1835 Sold For 25.00
  165. Lancaster Gesang-Buch with Bookplate for Aaron Glick, 1941 Sold For 120.00
  166. Lancaster Imprint Treasury of Pennsylvania, 1803 Sold For 30.00
  167. Family Bible – Faisst, Signed William Henning Sold For 35.00
  168. Family Bible – Shenk Sold For 90.00
  169. Wahren Christenthum, Arndt, with Family Records of Johannes Hoch (High) Sold For 85.00
  170. Reading Bible 1805 with Family Records Sold For 100.00
  171. Family Bible with Levi Hess Bookplate Sold For 25.00
  172. Family Bible – Noll Sold For 70.00
  173. Family Bible – Wolf, Signed W. Henning Sold For 90.00
  174. Family Bible – Freeman Sold For 25.00
  175. Family Bible ­– Strickler Sold For 55.00
  176. Tray Lot of Bomberger Items Sold For 25.00
  177. 5 Hess Related Books Sold For 85.00
  178. Tray Lot of 14 Misc. Books Sold For 75.00
  179. Tray Lot of 3 Pamphlets – Including Peters, Genovefa Sold For 95.00
  180. Tray Lot of 4 Misc. Books Sold For 45.00
  181. Carlisle, New Testament 1827 Sold For 35.00
  182. Carlisle, New Testament 1827 with Barbara Heise Bookplate Sold For 120.00
  183. German Imprint. Die Werke des Flavius Josephus… printed in Philadelphia in 1846 by Kimber & Sharpless. 9 3/4” W x 11 3/4” H x 3”. Leather binding, clasps are missing. Ownership of Fannie H. Kreider, 1902. Bought from Dave Kreider, Oct 3, 2011. [5046] Sold For 65.00
  184. 1795 German Bible. Bible inscribed for Catharine (Lehman) Long (1789-1879), wife of Joseph Long, buried at Lehn’s Cemetery, Manheim Twp. Long’s sale, 1967. [34] Sold For 230.00
  185. German Imprint, Heinrich Funck’s, Eine Restitution, printed in Philadelphia, 1763 by Anton Armbruster. Much of the spine is missing. An important Mennonite work by Bishop Henry Funck of Franconia. Bought from Terry Drachbar, Oct. 20, 2003. Tony Havertsick rebacked it. 9/2/04. [2201] Sold For 130.00
  186. German Imprint with a Bookplate. 4 1/2” W x 7” H x 1 1/2”. 1815. G & D Billmeyer, Phila. w/2 clasps. Bookplate by schoolmaster David Frey, done in 1817 for his second son Jacob Frey. Calligraphic bookplate with family records on the reverse. A small illuminated Bible verse is also in the book, 2” W x 2 1/2” H. Dating c. 1800. Inscribed on the reverse “Jacob Frey.” Bought at Black Angus on July 5, 2012 from Smith Johnson. He got it from Steve Catts. [5128] Sold For 300.00
  187. Book, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, by the Rev. Richard BaxterHas a bookplate inscribed in a fine hand by a late Bible scrivener, “Presented to Louisa H. Hostetter by her parents Samuel and Magdalena Horst  the 15 September 1878.”  The spine is covered with duct tape. December, 2001, I paid Tony Haversack to restore spine. [1778] Sold For 25.00
  188. Murray’s English Grammar with a Bookplate 1827. Published by John Grigg, Phila. Bookplate has a yellow and black border, blue-green flower with a red center. Inscribed “John Schwar’s Grammar Book, October 8, 1827. The initials JHS appear on the rear flyleaf. Unknown artist, likely E. Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co. Bought from Ken Leininger on May 17, 2012. [5099] Sold For 120.00
  1. Martyr Book & German Catechism. #1- John Fox’s German Martyr Book, Phila. 1840, Menno Simon’s book, Lanc. John Bär, 1835. Mennonite Archives Book Sale, Dec. 8, 1972.    #2- Fabric covered book.  German Catechism printed in Phila. in 1830.  Fabric is blue & red plaid, faded. Bought on eBay Sept. 16, 2005 from Randy Stark, Tryon, NC.  Accessioned Sept. 23, 2006. [419 & 2966] Sold For 20.00
  2. The English Reader, Phila. 1826 by E. Probasco. Has inscription “Abraham Horst his assestant/ has paid/ for it cts 50/Hou ever/steils it fom  him/is a theaf/July th 15/1835.” Abraham Horst was a Mennonite preacher at Manheim, PA. Bought at the sale of Anna Lentz Koser, widow of Fred, Landisville, Aug 11, 2007. [4061-A] Sold For 75.00
  3. German Imprint, Der Psalter, Printed in 1808 by J. Adams in Phila. Has inscription that it was owned by Anna Risser of Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co. on March 10, 1812.  Many newspaper & almanac clippings inside the front cover. [1212] Sold For 40.00
  4. Der Martyrer Spiegel, #168.  Elkhart, IN:  Funk, 1870 less clasps. Mennonite Archives Book Sale, Aug. 11, 1972. [379] Sold For 75.00
  5. Penna. German Imprint. 1833. Wandelnde Seele by G. S. Peters, Harrisburg.  Has ownership inscription of “Anay Landis Widow”.  Inside is a printed “Reward of Merit for Neatness in Writing” “to Maria L. Hess, from FE Bentz”.  Maria was the daughter of John Hess and Elizabeth Landis.  Elizabeth was the daughter of “Rich” Benjamin Landis (1791-1849) and Anna Long.  Book likely owned by Anna (Long) Landis. Marty Keen bought at the Robert Z. Getz sale, July 17, 2004. [2589] Sold For 140.00
  6. Hymns and Tunes & German Imprint. #1- Hymns and Tunes, printed 1890 by the Mennonite Publishing Co. Black fabric covered boards. Gilt lettering on cover. Has stamped ownership of “Barbara B. Stoner/ Murrell/Lanc./Co. Penna.”, my great grandmother.   #2- German Imprint. Catechism printed in Pittsburgh, PA, c.1850. Has brown striped calico covers. Bought from Mary Ann Greenley at Black Angus on Feb. 17, 2008. From Lutz estate, Myerstown, PA. [3080 & 4179] Sold For 45.00
  7. Lancaster County Imprint. 4 5/8” x 7 1/2” x 1 1/2”. The Thomsonian Practice of Medicine… Printed in Bethania, PA (near Gap) in 1842 by Reuben Chambers. Chambers was an eccentric printer, potter, schoolmaster, inventor… [4138] Sold For 140.00
  8. 3 Biblical Books. #1- Collection of Psalms and Hymns…by Mennonite Publishing Co., 1884. Ownership of “Jacob D. Hess.” Sold at sale in Mastersonville. Bought from Ken Leininger at Roots Mkt. in Oct., 2010.   #2- Collection of Psalms, Hymns… John F. Funk, Bros., Elkhart, Ind., 1887. Has stenciled ownership of “Annie E. Snyder.” I own the brass stencil used to mark the hymnal. Sold at sale in Mastersonville. Bought from Ken Leininger at Roots Mkt. Oct. 2010.   #3- New Testament, German and English, New York, 1860. Has ownership of Annie E. Hess (wife of Jacob D.) & daughter Ada S. Hess. Sold at sale in Mastersonville. Bought from Ken Leininger Oct. 2010. [4924-A, B & C] Sold For 50.00
  9. German Imprint c. 1802. ABC, grammar book, with a Lutheran Catechism at the back, no place of publication. American? Title page is in red & black ink. Printed wallpaper on the covers, worn. Bought on eBay on Sept. 11, 2006 from Larry LeFever. [3066] Sold For 90.00
  10. 3 Books. #1- Geschwinde Rechner, by GS Peters, Harrisburg 1841. Inscribed Grandmother Erb, Mary Bomberger, stamped P REIST on rear flyleaf, fine condition. #2- Christliches Gemüths Gesprach, Lancaster, Pa 1869. Tooled leather binding with clasp, fine condition.  #3- German ABC Book by Benjamin Eby, Berlin, Ober Canada, 1839. “Inscribed to Betsy Hess daughter of Christian Hess, Warwick Twp., 1839.  Present of Peter Huber Upper Canada.”  Benjamin Eby, Peter Huber, and Christian Hess were all uncles of mine. Betsy (Elizabeth) Hess married Isaac Bomberger, great-grandparents of Emanuel R. Bomberger. Horsts Auction Jan. 3, 2001. [1878] Sold For 375.00
  11. 3 Books. #1- Fabric-covered book. Practical Arithmetic, 1856. Inscribed “Jacob Fahnestock his Arithmetic 1856.” Covered in brown print w/florals. Rough condition. From an auction in Lititz-Manheim area. Bought from Ken Leininger, Denver, PA Aug. 2007. Jacob B. Fahnestock (1847-1929), Ephrata Twp.  #2- 1851 New Testament with 1861 ownership of Christian H. Bamberger. Bought from Ken Leininger on Sept. 1999.   #3- Fabric covered book. 1873, New Normal Mental Arithmetic. Solid brown fabric cover. Inscribed for Selena B. Wade. Horst Auction, Oct. 2003. [4065, 1784 & 2205] Sold For 25.00
  12. German ImprintGeschichte der Märtyrer by John Fox, translated by I. Daniel Rupp.  Printed in Cincinnati in 1830 by Robinson u. Fairbanks.  Leather binding.  1” missing from top of the spine.  [3073] Sold For 60.00
  13.  6 Deeds with Mennonite Family names from Lancaster County & “Upper Canada” Sold For 120.00
  14. Rare Froschauer Bible, Printed in 1552 by Christopher Froschauer the Elder (d.1564). In quarto, 8 3/4” H X 7 1/8” W X 3 3/4” D. Text is in rough condition, title page, forward, and several interior pages are missing, numerous pages have early repairs, c. 1750. Book was rebound in c.1750 in a tooled leather binding with brass corner bosses. Central diamonds, and brass- studded straps across the spine. The clasps are missing, and one strap is detached at one end, otherwise, binding is in fine condition. Tooling and bosses are closely related to my 1763 Sauer Bible, and may well have been rebound in Germantown. There is a manuscript birth record on the reverse of the last page before the second title page. It records the birth of Johan Michäl Seybastian on April 29, 1705, son of Petter ____öyer and Anna gert lanautt of Freintzheim.  On front flyleaf is an early Pennsylvania ownership of Hans Tube “living neighborhood of New Strassburg in the Province of Penna.” Given the 28th March, 1722. It is done in brown ink with Fraktur captions, Hans Tuber (d. bef. 1734) was a 1717 immigrant to Lancaster Co.  He had 204 acres warranted on Sept. 27, 1717, surveyed in Nov., 1719, and patented on Nov. 11, 1734 to Ann Tuber, his only daughter. The land was located in Lancaster and Manor Twps., adjoining Isaac Coffman, Melchior Erisman, Abraham Herr, Andreas Coffman, and Hans Moyer. Ann Tuber died c. 1783 and the estate went to her cousins, six children of John Stauffer (c.1700- aft. 1768).  His son-in-law, Benjamin Hershey, Jr., inherited the land and sold it in 1784 to the Bausman family. I bought it from Jerry Drachbar of Carlisle, who was selling it for a picker who found it in a house.  Bought Nov, 28, 2002. [2056] Sold For 12,000.00
  15. German Bible 5 1/2” x 8 3/4” x 2 1/4”.  Printed at Halle in 1749.  Some wear to original binding, worm holes.  Has the right half of a two page bookplate for “ter  irt”.  It appears to have been done at the Ephrata Cloister c.1850.  The inscription below that: on Oct. 19, 1783 our “haus-vatter” Peter Wertz died.  Bought on eBay on July 21, 2006 from Jean Coutros of Dover, PA.  Johann Peter Wirt (1718-1783), born at Elberfeld, Westphalia, Germany, lived in Reading Twp., York Co., PA.  Buried in Markey Cem., Washington Twp., York Co., PA.  Sister, Anna Marg. Wirt married Johann Dietrich Fahnestock (1696-1775), householders at the Cloister at Ephrata. [2968] Sold For 180.00
  16. Rare Dutch Bible. Printed in Amsterdam, 1642 by Jacob Pietersz Wachter. 3 3/4”W x 6 1/8”H x 2”. Original binding, worn, losses to cover & spine, lacks clasps. Has a rare printed bookplate for “Jacob Baehr von Riffer-Schweyl Inn der Herrschaff Knonouw Zurricher-Gebietts anno 1659…” Has an early ownership inscription of Hanna Mellinger of Ruchheim, also that it was “purchased at the sale of D. Mellinger Manor Township Lancaster County, Penn March 1850 for 5 cents cash B. Rohrer.”  Also, inscription “SH Rohrer Germantown.” A rare example of Dutch imprint being used by Swiss Mennonite  in Canton Zurich, and a Mennonite Family in Lancaster Co.  D. Mellinger is David Mellinger (1760-1850), son of Benedict Mellinger (1715-1795) & Maria Hershey of Manor Twp. Bought on eBay on June 25, 2007 from Ardwight Chamberlain, Los Angeles, CA. Hannes Möllinger of Ruchheim was the father of Benedict Mellinger, immigrant to Manor Twp., Lanc. Co. He was the father of David Mellinger.  Exhibited at Mennonite Historians of PA, 2017-2018. [4043] Sold For 1,000.00
  17. 1743 German Bible, 6 1/4” H x 3 1/2” W x 2 3/8” D.  Printed in Halle, Germany.  Simple leather binding, front cover detached, 1” square of spine also detached, but accompanies.  Has family records on rear fly leaves. Originally owned by Oswaldt Neff (d. 1757) “living in Canastogen” [Conestoga], a gift in 1749 from his brother Peter who lives in the Pfaltz.  There are also two generations of Bamberger family records. The first appears to be Joseph Bamberger (b.c. 1742). I bought from Russ and Corinne Earnest on Apr. 17, 2002.  Paid Tony Havertsick to re-back the book. [1964] Sold For 500.00
  18. French Bible 1673, New Testament, binding bad.  Lititz antique show, 1968. [52] Sold For 100.00
  19. 2 German Imprints. #1- German imprint, Die “Seybold” Psalmen, printed in Bern, 1780.  Leather binding worn, clasps missing, inscription of Elisabeth Roht 1781 and Charles Frederick Seybold.  Seybold was a schoolmaster, Fraktur artist in Lancaster Co.  Ex Libris, PA Farm Museum, July 31, 1992.    #2- German language imprint, title page missing, appears to be sermon/hymnal, c. 1747.  Ownership inscription of Carl E. Seybold. Owned in 1813. Bought from Russ and Corinne Earnest, New Oxford, PA.  Apr. 15,1999. Seybold was a famous Lancaster Co. Fraktur artist. [1267 & 1739] Sold For 50.00
  20. European Ausbund, no date, marked Basel, fine binding, brass corners & studs, surfers cross in center, brass links across back of binding, clasps missing.  Inscribed Pether Neü Comt 1722, also Hans Brubacher. April 12, 1982. From Amos B. Hoover.  Purchased at Musselman Sale.  I was second bidder.  Exhibited at the Heritage Center, Lancaster, April-December, 1999.  (Extremely rare, David Luthy of Amish Hist. Library in Ontario, says it is the only known copy in existence.  June, 1983.) [732] Sold For 12,400.00
  21. Ambrosii Lobwassers Gesang-Buch. Songbook, pictures in it, 1767 made in Frankfurt, Germany, cover & clamp good, brass studded cover, beautiful.  Rudy sale, 1969. [111] Sold For 525.00
  22. German Imprint. 3 1/2” W x 5 7/8” H x 1 3/4” D. Gesang Buch…Lobwassers. Printed in 1782 by Heinrich Ludwig Bronner in Marburg & Leipzig. Leather binding with clasps intact. Has a Fraktur ownership inscription dated 1803 for Abraham Miller. Also has a full-page verse in English by Miller. Bought on eBay Feb. 2011, Brian Peirson [4943] Sold For 200.00
  23. German Imprint “Concordanz-Buchlein” printed in Speyer by Gustav Rosten 1705.  Inscription, “Dieses büchlein gehöret mir Andreas Berg zu 1718” also “dieses büchlein gehöret mi David Berg 1799”. Book auction at Farmersville, Sept. 1988. Andrew Berg was 1750 immigrant to Lancaster Co. Settled in Donegal Twp. This is a Mennonite Concordance based on the Froschauer Bible. January, 2002: Joe Springer, archivist at Goshen College says it is an unknown edition. I have it microfilmed for Goshen & archives in Speyer, Germany. [929] Sold For 3,000.00
  24. German Imprint. 6 5/8” H x 4” w x 3/4”. Der Brief des h. Apostels Pauli an die Epheser…von Madame Guion. Printed in 1765 in Berlenberg (Germany) by Johann Ludwig Ickler? Paper-covered boards with leather spine. Minor losses. Bought on eBay on July 15, 2008 from Stephen F. Hilferty. Havertown, PA. [4242] Sold For 60.00
  25. German Imprint. Catechism printed in Heidelberg in 1736. Losses to spine, has portion of leather tying strap. Rear leaves have family records of children of Johannes Getz. Bought at Ziegler’s in the Country, Hershey, PA, Oct. 1998. [3065] Sold For 35.00
  26. German Imprint with Bookplate. 6 1/2” x 3 7/8” x 2”. Acht Predigten….Johannes Deknatel printed in Büdingen in 1757. Mennonite Sermon book. Leather binding, lacking clasps. Has Fraktur bookplate for Christian Herr dated Feb. 18, 1766. Drawn by Hans Jacob Brubacher. Bookplate has tears, a hole, & rough edges. A rare item, this is one of the four HIBB Bookplates that are known to me. Bought via eBay at Sloans & Kenyon Auction in Chevy Chase, MD on Nov. 11, 2007. [4134] Sold For 500.00
  27. German Imprint. 1730. 4 7/8” W x 7” H x 2 1/8” D. The complete writings of pietist Jacob Boehme. It has an ownership inscription on the flyleaf “This book belongs to me Jacob Geisel Anno 1810.” It is on a piece of paper that is glued over an earlier Jacob Geisel signature. I bought it on eBay on Jan. 5, 2013 from Richard McIlnay, Marietta, PA. He bought it at the Jeff High sale, June 15, 2012. [5171] Sold For 55.00
  28. Rare Mennonite Imprint. Christliches Gemuths-Geprach, 1727, no place of publication. Leather binding. Some damage. Bought on eBay Feb. 29, 2016 from David Horst, Myerstown, PA. [5453] Sold For 700.00
  29. Mennonite Imprint by Jacob Denner – 1751 with Strickler Family Ownership. Sold For 300.00
  30. German Bible. Printed in 1747 at Lemgo. 6 3/4” H x 4” W x 2 7/8” D. Also Löbwasser’s Psalms, 1748. Clasps missing.  Front cover is detached. Has a rare Ephrata Cloister bookplate,  c.1748-1757, also detached. Bookplate was penned in brown and blue ink for “Elisabeth Boldhausin.”  Losses to two borders. Elizabeth was the daughter of Conrad and Catherine Boldhauser, householders at the Ephrata Cloister. In 1757, she married Peter Fahnestock (1730-1805), son of Johann Dietrich Fahnestock (1696-1775) and Anna Margaret Wirth. I own half a bookplate made for her brother, Johan Peter Wirth (1718-1783).  Note: An inscription on the 2nd flyleaf reads “Hanna Fahnestock.” Bought on eBay on Dec. 15, 2008 from Kevin LeDonne, Jacksonville, FL. Elizabeth Boldhauser (d. 1781) had a daughter, Hannah (1767-1841), who married John Landis.  Exhibited at the Historical Society of Cocalico Valley about 2011. [4788] Sold For 1,100.00
  31. German Imprint. 4 3/8” x 7 1/4” x 1/8”. A pamphlet titled Kurtze Lebens-Beschreibung…Caspar Schwenkfelds…” printed in 1697. Has engraving of Caspar at the front. Covers are copybook page with flyleaves from a Dutch language imprint sewn to the spine. Corners chewed, front cover creased. Jeff High sale, June 15, 2012. [5111] Sold For 60.00
  32. German New Testament, c. 1700. Swiss? Lacks title page & fly leaves. 3 1/2”W x 6”H x 1 1/2”. Losses to spine leather, rough. Has great brass cover edging, center rosette, and brass straps on spine. The clasps are stamped “VE” and engraved “VE 1725.” An inscription on the inside cover is dated “1725 Ulrich Eiman.” Bought from Chris Hannum at General Heath’s Adamstown, Jan. 3, 2008. Ulrich Eyman arrived in Phila. In 1764. Ulrich Iman died in Conestoga Twp., Lancaster Co. in 1765. Inventory has large Bible, 18 books. [4159] Sold For 210.00
  1. German Bible in 2 Volumes c.1760. Certainly is Continental. All title pages are lacking. The Old Testament has original covers but a replaced spine. The New Testament was rebound c.1800-20. Both have exceptional brass catches for the missing clasps. They are triangular with a pierced heart, scalloped edges & punch decoration. They are naively executed & likely American. O.T. contains an 1838 school house tax receipt to Titus Timothy in Franklin Twp., N.J., has loose family records for Steelsmith, Titus & Lexington families, said to be of western PA. Bought from Terry Drachbar, Mar. 2012. [5085] Sold For 130.00
  2. 2 German Imprints. #1- Johann Arndt’s Wahren Christenthum, printed in 1734 & 1735. 5 1/8” W x 7 5/8” H x 3 3/8” D. Original tooled leather binding. Lacks title page, clasps. Some loose signatures. Library markings on spine. Interior of front cover had a paper label from Lancaster Co. Historical Society. I removed it to reveal the early ownership inscriptions: “Dies Buch Gehert mir Johannes Belehman? ______ Mir Daniel Neff 1802.” “Jacob Leman” “John Leman” “C.E. Martin.” Bought on eBay Nov. 21, 2012 from Ross Dilts, Ohio.     #2- Early Imprint. c.1650-1720. Pocket devotional/hymnbook, German, lacks title page. 4”H x 2 3/8”W x 1 5/8”D. Original stamped leather binding, a few brass stamped corner bosses, 1 center boss remains, Lacks clasp and much of the spine. Inside covers were lined with fragments of Volksfreund & Beobachter, a 19th century Lancaster newspaper. Bought at Antique Depot, Annville, PA, March 2007. [5155 & 3098] Sold For 85.00
  3. Bible, Basel, Emanuel Thurneyson, 1770, poor binding, water damage, inscription that it belonged to Johannes Bachman of Lampeter Twp. in 1790.  Bought from Tony Iacono at his yard sale 12/1/1984.  The original owner is the famous cabinet maker, Johannes Baughman (Bachman) of West Willow, PA. [843] Sold For 150.00
  4. Rare German Herbal. Kreuter Buch by Hieronymus Bock 1551 or 1560, Strassburg by W. Rihel.  Pigskin binding, stamped with scenes from Christ’s life, also Kreuter Buch, 1560, clasps missing, title page & first six pages missing.  Book contains 356 woodblock prints, hand colored illustrations of herbs by David Kandel. Ownership inscriptions inside front cover.  Mid 19th century ownership of Valantin Kimmel of Schuylkill Co., PA w/descent to last owner, Betsy Buchler of Downingtown, PA.  Lot #181. Kane’s Antiquarian Auction, Pottstown, PA. Kimmels appear to be descendants of Jacob Kimmel, a householder at the Ephrata Cloister. March 18, 1992. [1253] Sold For 1,600.00
  5. 1737 Herbal “D. Adam;  Loniceri Krater-Buch”. Printed in Ulm (Germany) by Daniel Bartholomai und sohn. 13”H x 8 1/2”W x 2 5/8”. Dreadful condition. Rear cover missing, front cover is pigskin. Title page missing. Many signatures damp stained.  Later one very brittle w/ losses. Has stamped ownership of Dr.__Hershey. Ken Leininger, Oct. 22, 2004. [2613] Sold For 80.00
  6. Rare Zurich Imprint, Froschauer Bible, 1571, 1st title page missing as well as several pages of the introduction. Binding is probably late 17th-early 18th century. Cover detached, clasps missing. Contains an inscription on the inside cover, recording the birth of Samuel Bär in Adelshofen (Germany) in 1683, also has the names of Johan Bar & Henrich Bar. Samuel Bear (d. 1745) of Cocalico Twp. m. Anna (Shenk?) who died in 1758 in Martic Twp.  They had no children. She was apparently a sister of Michael Shenk (d. 1744) in Martic (with whom she likely resided). The Bible descended in the Shenk family of New Providence until it was sold at the Frances K. Shenk sale on Jan. 22, 1993. It contained approximately 15 pieces of Fraktur that were sold at that sale. On Sept. 2, 2004, I paid Tony Haversack to restore the binding. Anna Bare’s will, date 1758, wills Bible to brother Michael Shenk. [1308] Sold For 13,000.00
  7. German Imprint, folio Bible, printed in Zurich in 1596 by Johannes Wolf.  No title page, clasps missing, several brass corner bosses missing.  Binding has fine tooling.  Was owned by Benjamin Landis (b.1730) who married Anna Schnabele.  Rear flyleaves record the births of their children.  This volume is described on p. 87 of D. B. Landis’s Landis Family of Lancaster County printed in 1888.  Anna’s grand?parents, John Schnabele brought this Bible along from Europe in 1717.  Benjamin & Anna were the great, great grandparents of Henry K. & George D. Landis, founders of Landis Valley Museum. The brothers had owned this Bible.  It was previously owned by Henry & George’s uncle & aunt, the Levi S. Reists.  I lent this Bible to the Heritage Center of Lancaster in April, 1993 for an exhibit on the Landis Brothers, which ran to Nov., 1993.  I also lent it to Landis Valley Museum for exhibit in 2017 and 2018. [1269] Sold For 20,500.00
  8. German Bible – Printed in Basel in 1754 with Family Records. Sold For 575.00
  9. German Imprint, Der Martyrer Spiegel…, printed in 1814 in Lancaster by Jos. Ehrenfried, clasps missing, cracking along front cover.  Contains marriage record of Henry Hess & Catharine Huber in 1814.  They were my g-g-great grandparents, whose home is now my home here at the Hess Homestead.  On back of title page is a simple Amish bookplate done in 1937.  It was bought at an Amish household sale in Clinton Co., PA by Daniel S. Kauffman, an Amish neighbor. He sold it to me Aug 1991. [1218] Sold For 475.00
  10. German Imprint, 1814, Martyr Spiegel, Lancaster, by Joseph Ehrenfried.  Has detailed family record of my g-g-g-great grandparents Abraham Reist (1770-1852) and Esther Cassel of Penn Twp.  Bought at Horst Auction Sept. 5, 1999.  Some loss to leather on spine.   [1660] Sold For 525.00
  11. Family Bible, Johan Bär, Lancaster 1819, excellent condition, simple brass corners, 8-point star tin in center of covers, clasps intact. Historical Society of Cocalico Valley Book Auction, Sept. 6, 1982. [752] Sold For 550.00
  12. Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch 1804, Lancaster, Johann Albrecht, good condition, has clasps, pages chewed, copy was owned by Groffdale Mennonite congregation according to inscription.  Formerly in Martin Ressler’s collection.  LMHS Book Auction. [759] Sold For 525.00
  13. German Imprint, Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch, Lancaster, 1808. Good binding, clasps missing. Inscription on rear flyleaf, “Dieses Gesang Buch Gehöret mir Johannes Herr Jr. in Mänor Taunschip April den 23ten 1809”.  Bought at Lancaster Book Fair, May 5, 1990. [1048] Sold For 140.00
  14. Mennonite Hymnal with Bookplate. 4 5/8” W x 7 3/8” H x 2” D. German, printed 1820 by Johann Bär. Leather-bound, clasps intact. It has a colorful Fraktur bookplate consisting of 3 tulips springing from a heart with a floral spray. Inscribed “Joseph Borkholder der gebohren den 15ten September 1803.” The recipient, Preacher Joseph Burkholder (1803-1876) was preacher and bishop at New Danville Menn. He is buried in New Danville Menn. Cem. 3,000 people attended his funeral. A detached flyleaf has the birth record of his son, Samuel on Feb. 13, 1838. The Fraktur artist isn’t identified. I bought on Jan. 9, 2014 from the Apgar Brothers. [5256] Sold For 700.00
  15. German Imprint.1820 Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch. Lacks clasps. Rear leaves have records of Christian Rohrer (1768-1825), Maria Rohrer (1769-1853), Martin Kreider (1793-1866) & Elizabeth Kreider (1799-1885). Horst Auction, July 2000. [3064] Sold For 50.00
  16. 1820 Unpart. Gesangbook, Lancaster, no clasps, w/bookplate of Susanna Landis 1821, ink w/orange, yellow & green bars.   [651] Sold For 170.00
  17. Fraktur Bookplate pasted inside the rear cover of an 1820 Lancaster Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch, front cover loose.  Bookplate for Barbara Martin in 1823, beautifully executed in red, yellow, black, and green-brown inks.  Has some staining.  At the top is an elaborate star motif. Below that are vines forming a heart that contains the ownership inscription.  At the bottom are 2 birds perched on a floral spray.  This piece was drawn by the artist I’ve dubbed the “Weaverland Artist”.  Papers for Birth Days calls him Samuel E. Weaver.  There was a similar bookplate included in the Canadian exhibit “Changes in Latitude”.  See From Penna. to Waterloo, plate 32.  Greg Kramer bought this book from Fred Koch.  It came out of his late father, William Koch’s, collection.  I bought it from Greg Kramer on Apr. 4, 1993. [1316] Sold For 2,350.00
  18. Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch, Lancaster 1820, excellent condition, both clasps, blueing on page edges.  Mennonite Historical Society Book Fair.  Aug. 22, 1981. [680] Sold For 85.00
  19. PA German Imprint, 1829, Lancaster Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch, cover worn, one clasp missing.  Fraktur bird drawing, green, yellow, brown & red, pasted inside front cover, the name Leah Shirk appears above it.  Inscribed heart (probably 18th century) pasted on second title page w/inscription Anna Shirk?  1880 Joseph Bamberger.  Inscribed inside back cover Anna Bamberger wurde geboren den 9 June 1822, and Leah Shirk Weaverland, PA.  Lloyd Sauder Library at Horst Auction March 1992. [1250] Sold For 250.00
  20. German Song Book, 1853, Lancaster.  Groffdale Church sale, 1970. [201] Sold For 110.00
  21. 3 Song Books. #1-1854 Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch, one clasp missing. Lancaster Mennonite Hist. Soc. Bookworm Frolic, Aug. 1983.   #2-1857 Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch, fine copy.  Lancaster Mennonite Hist. Soc. Bookworm Frolic, Aug. 1983.  #3-German songbook, 1868, Bear, Lanc. Good. Gochnauer’s sale, 1969. [804, 805, 162] Sold For 100.00
  22. German Imprint. Ausbund, Lancaster by Joseph Ehrenfried, 1815, clasps missing with flyleaf inscription dies liederbuch gehöret mir Elisabeth Zug ano 1817 Lydia E. Peachy, Allensville, Mifflin Co., PA to her daughter Annie R.? Zook.  Horst Auction, Sept. 7, 1992. [1275] Sold For 450.00
  23. German ImprintAusbund.  Lancaster 1834, owned by Christian Kauffman 1836, Moses P Zook Dec. 25, 1903 to grandson Aaron Peachey, clasps missing, spine damaged, from Mifflin County.  York Outdoors Antique Show, July, 1989. [1014] Sold For 625.00
  24. Ausbund, printed by Johann Bar in Lancaster in 1856 w/ simple Amish book plate of Noah S. Fischer, front cover loose.  Robacker sale, Lot #759, May 26, 1989. [965] Sold For 260.00
  25. Lancaster Imprint. Ein Fundament, 1835, Lancaster, PA. Portion of flyleaf & bottom of title page is missing. Ex libris, Gettysburg College. Unusual stamped decoration on the spine, one clasp is missing. Bought Ed Rosenberry. Oct. 1999. [1796] Sold For 15.00
  26. Lancaster Imprint. 4 1/2” x 6 7/8” x 1 5/8”. A Foundation and Plain Instruction… by Menno Simon, 1835, by Boswell & M’Cleery, Lancaster. This was published by the Reformed Mennonites. Has a stenciled ownership “B Herr 1838.” Also manuscript ownership “Benjamin Herr’s Book presented by J. Herr Aprile 5th AD 1838.” Black leather binding w/gold decoration on boards & spine. Binding repaired w/flyleaves added. This was acquired with a group of Herr materials about 10 years ago. It included Francis Herr’s Will (bought by the Herr House), a c.1720 Martin Kendig land draught, a handwritten Herr genealogy by Hon. John Strohm, etc.  This was apparently presented by Rev. John Herr to his son Benjamin. Bought from Gene Hayes, Mar. 2011. [4950] Sold For 130.00
  27. 2 Lancaster Imprints#1-Ernsthafte Christenflicht, 1892, John Bear’s sons. Mottled leather binding with single clasp, red edges on paper, super condition.   #2- Lancaster imprint, Lust-Gärtlein, printed 1906 by Johann Bär’s sons. Fine condition.   Both from Ken Leininger Nov. 8, 2003. [2216 & 2217] Sold For 55.00
  28. Group of 3 Books. #1- 1857 Lust-Gärtlein printed in Lancaster by Johann Bär u. Sohnen.  Front cover detached, lacks clasp.  #2- 1927 Ernsthafte Christenflicht printed for the Amish in Lancaster County.  #3- Pocket diary for 1914, unidentified author.  Mentions Love Feast at Bird in Hand’s Eby’s Meetinghouse. Bought at Horst Auction Feb. 24, 2007. [3042-A, B & C] Sold For 50.00
  29. Gesicht-Buchlein von der Mennonisten Gemeinde. Johann Bär, Lancaster, 1855.  Renningers Antique Market, Aug. 30, 1980. [595] Sold For 55.00
  30. 2 John Herr Pieces. #1- John Herr’s Erlauterungs-Spiegel, Lancaster printed by Johann Bär.  Very good condition, marbled cover.  Bob Lausch, Renningers Antique Market, May 9, 1982. #2- Illustrating Mirror by John Herr, Printed in 1834. [735] Sold For 30.00
  31. Gemuths Gesprach, Lancaster, 1811, Heinrich & Benj. Grimler. Fine condition, has clasp, w/inscription of Eliz. Brubacher 1812. Harry Stauffer sale, 4/30/83. [789] Sold For 50.00
  32. Geistliches Blumen Gartlein, Lancaster, 1823, Johann Barr, clasp missing, good condition.  Henry Stauffer Sale, Cat.#1173.  4/30/83. [783] Sold For 30.00
  33. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-Lancaster Imprint, (1803), Weg der Wahrheit, by Tersteegen, front cover loose. Clasp missing. Ken Leininger, Denver, Oct. 3, 2003.       #2-Lancaster German Imprint. 6” H x 4 1/4” W x 1 3/8”. Weg der Wahrheit… printed in Lancaster in (1803) by Johann Albrecht. Has 1803 ownership inscription of “David Eschliman.” Loose signatures, incomplete. Original binding pasteboards with leather spine. Bought on eBay Sept. 7, 2010 from John Moore in Lewisburg, PA. [2192 & 4913] Sold For 140.00
  34. 2 Imprints. #1-Lancaster imprint, Der Psalter, 1791 by Johann Albrecht und Comp. Incomplete, portion of spine is missing. Ken Leininger, Nov. 8, 2003.  #2-German imprint, Der Psalter, 1800, by Christian Jacob Hutter, Lancaster, pp. 39-70 are missing, has loose signatures.  #1228 in First Century of German Language Printing. Only 2 other copies known, 1 is incomplete. Bought at Adams Antiques June 15, 2000. [2214 & 1843] Sold For 130.00
  35. German New Testament printed at Lancaster by Wilhelm Hamilton 1812, front cover cracked at spine.  Book Haven, Lancaster, Oct. 7, 1983. [810] Sold For 35.00
  36. German Imprint. 1821 Lancaster New Testament, clasps missing. Has ownership inscription for Susanna Rudisill, Manheim, May 5, 1826. Has some printed obituaries, pressed plants, etc. Includes a simple floral Fraktur drawing, 2 1/4” W x 4 1/8” H of 3 pendulant red and yellow flowers on laid paper. On reverse in red ink is inscribed “Susan Rudisill, Manheim, Apr. 19, 1821.” Has bleeding and water staining. Also included is a rare Moravian broadside, dated Lititz, Christmas Eve, 1837. It is the hymns for Christmas Eve services. 4 5/8” W x 6 5/8” H. Badly tattered. Bought on E-Bay July 12, 2003. [2169] Sold For 70.00
  37. German New Testament, Johann Bär, 1821, cover rough, one clasp missing.  Amos Hoover at David/Peter Martin Cabin Auction, Sept. 25, 1982. [756] Sold For 25.00
  1. 1821 Lancaster German New Testament w/Fraktur Bookplate Simple format w/pillars and flowers, drawn by Manheim Schoolmaster Heinrich Keyser (17_-18_) for Maria (Singer) Bamberger, wife of Isaac Bomberger, whose Vorschrift I own. This book was sold at Emanuel Bomberger’s sale.  Bought on eBay on Sept. 19, 2016 from John Will, York, PA. [5498] Sold For 475.00
  2. Lancaster Imprint, German New Testament by Johann Bär, 1844.  Simple bookplate in brown ink, “Dieses Testament gehört mir Christian Z. Stoltzfus zu im jahr 1847, w/simple bird below. The Book Haven, Lancaster, PA, Nov. 1984. 1 clasp missing. [841] Sold For 575.00
  3. German New Testament. Printed 1845 in Lancaster by Johan Bär. Clasps missing. Has tiny scissors cutting glued inside front cover. “S ? M 1803” with tulips in green, yellow, blue, & red. Has some losses. I attribute it to school master David Frey (1759-1841) of Rapho Twp. It is the earliest recorded piece by Frey. Also has a Fraktur birth record on the flyleaf. Recording birth of Barbara Schenk on Mar. 17, 1829, written Aug. 10, 1870 by C. Bucher. The scrivener is likely Christian Bucher (1833-1916) a teacher, minister & Elder in the Church of the Brethren. He lived in S. Lebanon Twp., Lebanon Co., PA. I bought it at Black Angus from Jim Barnett. He got it at Pook & Pook from Meredith Schuibbeo’s estate. [4813] Sold For 100.00
  4. 2 New Testaments. #1-Neue Testament, Lancaster, 1845, Johann Bar, clasps missing.  Henry Stauffer Sale, Cat.#1189. 4/30/83.    #2-German New Testament by Johann Bär, Lancaster. Lacks clasps. Bought from Ken Leininger, Aug. 17, 2007. [784 & 4066] Sold For 30.00
  5. Das Neue Testament, Lancaster, 1871, with Fraktur Bookplate for Annie Glick. Sold For 200.00
  6. Lancaster Imprint. 6 3/8”H x 4”W x 1/4”D. Schema Sacrum or, a sacred scheme of Natural and Revealed Religion.  By Thomas Blackwell.  Printed in Lancaster, PA in 1776 by Francis Bailey.  Appears to have the original leather binding.  A lengthy subscriber’s list at rear includes Henry William Stiegel.  Covers have wear, but is in good condition.  Bought from Americanist, Norman Kane, Chapel Hill, NC on Oct. 8, 2007. [4101] Sold For 260.00
  7. German Imprint, Evangelium Nicodemi…Leben Jesu Christi, (Lancaster) 1784.  Cardboard covers, binding cracked. Ex Libris, PA Farm Museum. July 31, 1992. [1264] Sold For 50.00
  8. Extremely Rare Imprint by Francis Bailey, Lancaster. Undated, c.1770s or 80s. Cardboard covers, worn. Catechismus oder: Kurtzer undterricht Christliche Lehre… Interior of covers are lined with paper from his Almanac. Bought on Horst Auction Catalog sale on Jan. 25, 2008. This is unrecorded in the PGS volumes. [4165] Sold For 325.00
  9. Jesus und Die Kraft Seines Bluts, Lancaster, 1790, at the new Book Printery. Cover was loose, but reattached.  Henry Stauffer Sale, 4/30/83. [782] Sold For 85.00
  10. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-Evang. Nicodemi, printed Lancaster, 1791 by Jacob Bailey.  pp. 85-108 missing.  Bound with Testament u. Abschrift der Zwolf Patriarchen, Lancaster 1792.  Renningers from David Reed, 2/26/84.    #2- Gesprach im Reich der Todten, Lancaster, 1793, printed by the New Book printery, front cover missing.  Henry Stauffer Sale.  4/30/83. [829 & 790] Sold For 15.00
  11. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-1794 by Johann Albrecht.  Brief evangelischer worte an die Jugend, good condition, part of last page missing.  Old Eagle Antiques, Lampeter, Nov. 19, 1982.   #2-Book, Joseph Allein’s Grundlegung zum Thatigen Christenthun printed in Lancaster 1796 by William & Robert Dickson.  Leather-bound, front cover loose.  The Family Album, Glen Rock, PA, Oct. 1983. [760 & 814] Sold For 25.00
  12. American Museum or Annual Register for 1798, printed for Mathew Carey, Phila., by W & R Dickson, Lancaster, June 20, 1799, marbleized covers, fine condition.  Henry Stauffer Sale.  4/30/83. [785] Sold For 25.00
  13. Rare PA German Imprint. “Sammlung Geistlicher Lieder nebst Melodien.” Conrad Doll, Lancaster, 1798. 10 1/2” w x 5 3/4” h x 5/8”. Covers are printed paper on board w/leather spine. Has been covered with an early block-printed wallpaper. Flyleaf has bold ownership inscription for “Heddy Landis.” Conrad Doll (1772-1819) was a schoolmaster, organ builder who had the book printed likely by Wilhelm Hamilton. Bought at the Lititz Antique Show on June 27, 2007 from Cheryl Mackley. She bought it privately. [4035] Sold For 800.00
  14. Pamphlet, Ein Ernstlicher Ruf an die Deutschen in Pennsylvainen, printed in Lancaster, 1799 by Johann Albrecht. Very fine condition.  The Family Album, Glen Rock, PA, Oct. 6, 1983. [815] Sold For 210.00
  15. School Book.  Grimier’s Improved Edition.  A New Guide to the English Tongue, printed in Lancaster by Henry Grimler.  New Oxford Antique Show, March 28, 1999. [1760] Sold For 25.00
  16. Rare Francis Bailey Testament 4 1/4” x 6 7/8” x 1 1/4”. Printed in English. “Printed by F. Bailey, J. Steele, and J. Bailey, and sold by F. Bailey, Philadelphia, J. Bailey, Lancaster, and J. Steel at the Printing-Office Octorara.” Printed in 1801 and known as the “Octorara Testament.” Lacks front flyleaf. Has the inscription “John Shank” on the rear leaf. Text starts with Matthew Chap. XIV. The fourth leaf is Chapter II (mis-bound), no sign of 1st chapter. Also has a small Broadside “Farewell Address to the Scholars composing the Free Schools, in W. Donegal by their Teachers.” At the top is a portrait of George Washington.  Below that is an “eagle” with a dove branch.  An ink inscription at the bottom says: “Newville March 9, 1828 Martin Danecke i Repe? hymn in remembrance of your teacher David Boyer.” It has tattered edges. [4207] Sold For 300.00
  17. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1- Rare copy of “An Act for the Regulation of the Militia… Lancaster, Printed by Francis Bailey, 1802”.  First ten pages of text are missing, also fold out portions of the plates at the rear of the book.  Inscription throughout the book, including the title page by David Scott Paxton. 4 1/4”W x 6 5/8”H x 5/8”D. Bought on eBay on Dec. 13, 2006 from Donelli Mathieson, Belvidere, IL.    #2- English, 1807 by John R. Mathews, An Act for the Regulation of the Militia… Commonwealth of PA.  It has eight engravings.  Covers detached, losses to spine.  Rare.  Bought from Jerry Drachbar at the New Oxford Antique Show, March 20, 2005. [3021 & 2708] Sold For 110.00
  18. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-Book, Catechismus, printed by Jacob Hutter, Lancaster 1801, some tape stains. The Family Album, Glen Rock, PA, Oct. 6, 1983.    #2- Das Eifrige Christenthum oder Thomas Watsons eines Englischen Lehrers….  Printed in Lancaster in 1802 by Johann Albrecht. Has cracking at spine. Bought from Ken Leininger. [812 & 1783] Sold For 55.00
  19. Lancaster Imprint. #1-Acts of the General Assembly of Commonwealth of PA.  Lancaster: George Helmbold 1803.  Mennonite Archives Book Auction, Dec. 1980. [623] Sold For 15.00
  20. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-Poems on Different Subjects…by Sally Hastings. Printed in Lancaster by William Dickson. Leather binding in good condition. 4 1/4'”W x 6 7/8”H x 7/8”. Water damage/mildew on upper right corner of front portion of text. Bought on eBay on March 20, 2008 from Winifred Hamilton.    #2- 1805 Lessons in Elocution by William Scott. Printed by Robert Bailey. Fair condition. It has later paper covers. 4 1/4” W x 6 1/2” H x 1” D Bought on Aug. 1, 2013 at Big Valley Antique Center. Has ownership stamp of Joseph Wimmer. [4193 & 5222] Sold For 35.00
  21. Lancaster Imprint. 1803 by George Helmbold. The Trial of Alexander Addison.  Leather binding.  Front cover cracking at spine. Also an original letter dated 1804, signed by “A. Addison Atty.”.  Bought on eBay on Nov. 27, 2004 from Edward D. Urban. [2652] Sold For 60.00
  22. 2 Imprints. #1-English language Imprint…Colloquies of Corderius printed in Lancaster in 1804 by Robert Bailey. Fine condition. Bought from Philadelphia dealer at Renningers Extravaganza at Valley Forge on March 1, 1998.       #2-Lancaster Imprint, Select Fables of Aesop, Lancaster, printed 1804 by Burnside & Smith. 4 3/8” W x 6 3/4” H x 5/8”. Leather binding, paper remnants glued to front cover. Cracking at spine, lacking flyleaves. Bought on eBay on Dec. 7, 2010. [1627 & 4926] Sold For 45.00
  23. 2 Imprints. #1-German imprint, Lancaster 1809 by Benj. & Henrich Grimler, Geheimniss der Bosheit, marbled covers, spine badly cracked.  Book Haven, Lancaster, PA, April 13, 1984.      #2-Lehre und Zuchtordnung…printed by Henrich & Benjamin Grimler, Lancaster 1808.  Marbled covers, nice condition.  The Family Album, Glen Rock, PA, Oct. 6, 1983. [831 & 813] Sold For 35.00
  24. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-Book, Die Zerstorungs Jerusalems…printed at Lancaster by J. Ehrenfried 1810, fine condition.  Book Haven, Lancaster, Oct. 7, 1983.     #2-Thomas von Kempen — Nachfolgung Christi, Lancaster, printed by Joseph Ehrenfried, 1810, fine condition.  Henry Stauffer Sale, Cat.#1161.  4/30/83. [811 & 781] Sold For 40.00
  25. Lancaster Booklet. “List of the Justices of the Peace…of Jan. 17, 1809.” Printed by Benjamin Grimler, Lancaster, 1809. 47 pp., paper covers, loose signatures. Mounted in a marbled cardboard folder. Bought on eBay on Dec. 24, 2008 from Baldwin’s Book Barn, West Chester, PA. [4791] Sold For 25.00
  26. 3 Imprints. #1-Lancaster Imprint, 3 1/4”W x 5 3/8”H x 5/8”. Leather binding is intact. Geistliche Lieder von Bernhard Sasse…Lancaster bey Henrich u. Benjamin Grimler, 1811. A portion of the Register page is missing. Horst catalog sale. Jan. 25, 2008.      #2- German Imprint. 4 7/8” x 3 1/4” x 5/8”. Doc Johann Haberman’s Christliches Gebet-Buchlein. Printed in Lancaster in 1811 by Joseph Ehrenfried. Damage to paper covered boards. Ownership inscription “Das Buch gehoret Georg Ho? in Elsas taunshib Bercks gauntie 1814.” Bought by Lee Stoltzfus on July 20, 2008.      #3- PA German Imprint. 3 3/8” W x 5 1/2” H x 1/2”. Geistliches Lieder von Bernhard Henrich Sasse. Printed in Lancaster 1811 by Henrich & Benjamin Grimler. Has manuscript ownership of Anna Maria Krum and Lidia Krum. Leather bound. Good condition. Bought at Brickerville Antiques Apr. 23, 2009. [4167, 4239 & 4833] Sold For 35.00
  27. 2 Imprints. #1- 1811 Christliches Gemuths-Gesprach, printed in Lancaster by Henrich and Benjamin Grimler. Clasp missing. Has ownership inscription of Jonas Reiff (1810-1878), brother of my great, great, great grandfather, Abraham Reiff.        #2- Book, German, Lancaster, 1836, good, Aunt Nora S. Stoner’s sale, Oct. 22, 1966. [2895A & 1]  Sold For 60.00
  28. 2 Imprints. #1- English Reader by Lindley Murray, 1813, Lancaster. Lacks clasps. Published by A. LeBreton with inscriptions for David Staater and rhyme by Sarah Stater, Jonestown, Lebanon Co. Bought from Ken Leininger, Aug. 17, 2007.     #2- German Imprint. 6 3/4” H x 4 3/8” W x 3/4”. Agathon uber Wahren Gottesdienst printed in 1813, Lancaster by Joseph Ehrenfried. Leatherbound, cracking at spine, lacks flyleaf. Bought on eBay on July 7, 2008 from David Orenge. [4067 & 4240] Sold For 30.00
  29. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-“Die Aufgehende Lilie” by Wilhelm Hamilton, 1815.  Pages stained, cover good.  Book auction at Farmersville, Sept. 3, 1988.       #2- 1818, Amerikanischer Rechnungs-schlusse, fine condition.  The Family Album, Glen Rock, PA  Oct. 10, 1989. [928 & 1020] Sold For 50.00
  30. 2 Lancaster Imprints.#1- ABC Buchstabir u. Lesebuch, Lancaster, 1824, Daniel Smith:  Bibliche Gerhichten, Reading, 1886.  Mennonite Archives Book Auction, Dec. 12, 1980.     #2- Heidelberg catechism, 1821 by J. Bear. Text is loose from binding. Ken Leininger, Nov. 8, 2003. [621 & 2215] Sold For 40.00
  31. 2 Imprints. #1-German Imprint, Die Heilige Liebe Gottes…, 1828, Lancaster by Jacob Schweitzer.  A few loose papers.  Wertz sale, Rothsville, July, 1991.      #2- Poetische Himmelsweg by Daniel Hertz, Lancaster 1828, printed by HW Villee, front cover starting to loosen.  Henry Stauffer Sale, Cat.#1164.  4/30/83. [1213 & 780]   Sold For 25.00
  32. 3 Imprints. #1- Lancaster Imprint. 1829. H.W. Villee, Die Deutsche Theologie. Marbled covers, spine deteriorated. Bought from Ken Leininger on May 15, 2010.    #2- Penna. German Imprint.  …Haus-Arzeneybuch…von Daniel Schmidt.  Printed in Lancaster in 1829 by HW Villee.  Cracking at spine, loss to spine leather.  Bought on eBay on Oct. 15, 2007 from William Woys Weaver, Devon, PA.     #3-Himlische Wandersmann printed in Lancaster in 1828 by Johann Bar with ownership inscription of Barbara Frantz & John Beitler.  Covers worn & warped. [4892, 4104 & 1682-B] Sold For 30.00
  33. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1- German language New Testament dated 1830 by Johann Bär.  Leather binding, clasps intact.  Lee bought it at a household sale near Morgantown.  Dec. 18, 2004.     #2- Gesundheits Schatzkammer, Johann Bar, 1831.  Binding excellent condition.  Labor Day Book Auction, 9/3/89. [2661 & 1007] Sold For 20.00
  34. 3 Lancaster Imprints. #1- The Koran. Printed 1835 “for the publisher: By Boswell & McCleery, No. 9 Centre Square, Lancaster, PA.” 3 1/2” W x 5 3/4” H x 1”. Leather binding, front cover detached. Losses to spine. Has pencil inscription “John Fohl’s book 1836.” Bought on eBay July 2007, Carl Ruprecht.    #2- Lezten Zeit, Lanc. 1836, #3- Hand-Büchlein, Lanc. 1854, Mennonite Archives Book Sale, Aug. 1972 [4045 & 388] Sold For 80.00
  35. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-ABC Buchstabir und Lesebuch, Lancaster, Johann Bar; 1840.  Green Dragon book stand, Feb. 2, 1973.   #2- German Imprint, Lancaster, 1843, Johann Bär, Evangelium Nicodemi….  Flyleaf inscribed Joseph Lehn sein Buch, geschrieben den 20th Tag Februarius 1845.  Probably famous woodturner Joseph Lehn or his son, Joseph, Jr.  Ziegler’s in the Country, Hershey, PA, Nov. 1996. [427 & 1544] Sold For 75.00
  36. Gebet Buchlein, printed in Lancaster in 1838 by Johan Bar.  Good condition w/ bookplate of Mary Musselman dated 1839 decorated w/pinwheels & 3 birds in green, red & blue, signed Mary Stoner 1870 on rear flyleaf.  Mary (Musselman) Stoner (1825-1878) was my great, great grandmother.  Sara Musselman sale, Jan. 7, 1989. [948] Sold For 280.00
  37. 4 Lancaster Imprints. #1- Ordinances…of the City of Lancaster, 1847, printed by Franklin G. Mays. 4 1/2” W x 6 7/8” H x 1/2”.  Blue paper covers, stains. Horst Auction, Nov. 22, 2014. John Tannehill collection.    #2- Lancaster Imprint, Why Do You Wear It, 1855 by Murray, Young & Co., Lancaster, PA. some wear to the spine. Black pressed covers. Bought from Terry Drachbar, Oct. 19, 2008.   #3- Lancaster imprint, 1864, Das Christenthum und der Krieg, Eine Predigt  by Johann Bär’s sons. pamphlet w/leather cover, Daniel Palm’s copy. Old Eagle Antiques, Lampeter, Nov. 19, 1982.   #4- Lancaster Imprint, The Christian’s Companion printed by John Baer’s sons c. 1870. Inscribed “West Ear/Township Lancaster/County Pa/John M. Stoner/ February th 2/A.D./1876.” John M. Stoner (1862-1946) was my great grandfather. The inscription appears to be in his mother’s hand. I received it on Jan. 29, 2011 when sorting Mother’s things. [5322, 4779, 761 & 4938] Sold For 60.00
  38. Journal Des Senates Der Republik Penna…Lancaster 1800 by Johann Albrecht, paper covers, covers loose.  The Family Album, Glen Rock, PA, Oct. 6, 1983. [816] Sold For 40.00
  39. Lancaster Imprint, Laws of Pennsylvania Vol. 4, printed in Lancaster in 1801 by Francis Bailey. 8 1/4”W x 12 5/8”H x 2 5/8”. Leather binding, red spine label. Cracking along spine at front cover. Bought on eBay Mar. 2008 from Pete Llewellyn. [4194] Sold For 45.00
  40. Bound Volume of Lancaster Periodicals. 9”W x 11”H x 1 1/8”. Der Christliche Hausfreund von Joseph Ehrenfried. With a printed title page by Johan Bär, Lancaster 1826-27. Issues run from Dec. 31, 1825 to Apr. 7, 1827. First issue is unnumbered, followed by 52 numbered issues. Stained, mildewed, etc. Bought at Black Angus on Sept. 21, 2008. [4768] Sold For 110.00
  41. Martyr’s Mirror, 1814 J. Ehrenfried, Lancaster.  Covers bowed & breaking at spine, clasps intact.  Interesting obituaries inside cover of Habecker family, Charles & a printed Hershey obituary.  Dorsey Book Service, Wilmington, Delaware at Eastern National Antique Show, Harrisburg, April 9, 1981. [649] Sold For 225.00
  42. 3 Imprints. #1- Deutsch-Englisches Worterbuch Vol II Lancaster. Wilhelm Hamilton, 1812. Mennonite Archives Book Auction, Dec. 12, 1980.   #2- Lancaster Imprint. 5 3/8”W x 8 1/2” x 1 3/4”. Report of the Trial and Acquittal of Edward Shippen.. Lancaster, 1805, printed by William Hamilton. Leather binding, scuffed w/cracking at spine. Title page stamped “The Lehigh University Sept. 20, 1883 Library.” Bought on eBay July 5, 2008 from Pamela Beck, Brooklyn, NY.    #3- Lancaster Imprint. Journal of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Penna… “W.C. Smyth, Printer, Lancaster, 1807.” 5 3/8” W x 8 5/8” H x 2 1/8”. Marbled boards w/leather spine. Label on front cover “Jonathan Roberts.” Cracking at spine. Roberts was in PA House of Repr. 1799-1800, PA State Senate 1807-1811, U.S. House of Repr. 1811-1814, and U.S. Senate 1814-1821. Bought on eBay July 1, 2010 from Tom Gibble, Neffsville, PA. [622, 4243, 4899] Sold For 60.00
  43. Dietrich Phillip’s Enchiridion oder Hand buchlein, Lancaster, 1811, Joseph Ehrenfried clasps missing.  Inscription: “This book belongs to me Christopher Hess bought in Lancaster the 22nd of February 1812 Anna Dominia price 150 cents.”  Amos Hoover, Sept. 25, 1982. [758] Sold For 35.00
  44. Lancaster Imprint. 5 1/2” W x 8 3/4” H x 2”. Leben der Ersten Ansiedler… 1842, printed by G. Hills & Co. Spine taped, endpapers replaced, lacks third plate. Horst Auction, Nov. 21, 2014, John Tannehill collection. [5323] Sold For 35.00
  45. Unrecorded Lancaster Imprint. 1775. Einfaltiger “Unterricht wie man die Heil.  Schrift… von August Herman Francken.”  Halle, gedruckt und. Lancatser, ab= gedruckt by Frances Bailey.  23 pps. with cherub tailpiece.  Ownership inscription on last page, Abraham Büchsler? Paper covers intact.  Not listed in PGS First Century of German Language Printing. Bought at Conestoga Auction on Aug. 29, 2000. From collection of Mel Horst’s museum in Witmer, PA. [1851] Sold For 180.00
  46. Rare Lancaster Almanac, 1782, printed by Francis Bailey (c. 1735-1815) on King St. Copy is complete, minor losses to front cover. Some archival tape repairs. Arndt & Eck lists only two copies, one incomplete. Bought from Kinsey Baker, Sept. 1, 2007. [4088] Sold For 350.00
  47. German Imprint, paper covers. Printed in Lancaster in 1800 by Christian Jacob Hutter. “Washington’s Ankurst in Elisium”. 6 1/4” x 3 7/8”.  36 pp. Portion of title page missing. PGS #1231. Only other known copy is in the Library of Congress. Bought from Terry Drachbar at the York One Day Show.  July 1, 2000. [1846] Sold For 50.00
  48. The Rural Economist’s Assistant by David Souder, printed in Lancaster in 1807 by William Greear (sic). Treatise on Beekeeping. Worn paper covers. Has some illustrations. Bought from Ken Leininger Aug. 17, 2007. [4069] Sold For 150.00
  49. Penna. German Imprint, ‘Siegsgeschichte und… Napoleons Bonaparte.” Printed in Lancaster, 1814, by Wilhelm Hamilton. 4” x 6 5/8”, 8 pages. Laid paper, no covers, edges rough. Colophon lists “E. S. Autor in Neuholland.” Extremely rare. PGS lists only one copy known, incomplete. Bought at Alderfer’s Auction via eBay. Dec. 2003. [2234] Sold For 110.00
  50. Der Blutige Schu-Platz, oder Martyrer Spiegel der Tauffs-Gesinnten oder Wehrlosen Christen, Ephrata, PA 1748, originally owned by Jacob Brubacher son of Swiss immigrant Hans.  Front cover loose, clasps intact, embossed brass corners.  Brubacher sale, Sept. 30, 1972.  Feb. 3, 2005 I paid Tony Haversack to re-back binding, replace endpapers & leather on clasps. [398] Sold For 4,100.00
  51. 1748 Ephrata Martyr’s Mirror with frontispiece, excellent condition.  One clasp replaced.  Brass studs on cover, tooled leather.  Henry Kauffman sale. May 20, 1977.    Contains Christian Meyer family records. [555] Sold For 6,300.00
  52. 1748 Ephrata Martyrs Mirror, covers loose, parts of spine missing, full page bookplate with name Elizabeth Mylin 1757, in green & black ink, executed at the Cloister, several pages of family records.  Purchased by a resident of NY state at a book store in New England.  Fred S. Weiser, Oct. 8, 1985.  Oct. 8, 2000:  I paid Tony Haversack to restore the binding, replace clasps, etc. [858] Sold For 5,000.00
  53. 2 Ephrata Imprints. Fabric-covered book.  #1-1795 Ephrata Psalterspiel.  Has manuscript ownerships of Philip & Susanna Kratz. Front cover detached. Covered with a linsey-woolsey fabric in red, med. blue & dark blue stripe, homespun. Much damage to the fabric. It is a rare survival. Bought from Cheryl Mackley, May 5, 2005.     #2- Incomplete copy of Joseph Bauman, Ephrata. 1825 Golden A B C. Portions of fold-out broadsides are missing. Ex: Donald Hinks. Bought from Ken Leininger, Aug. 17, 2007. [2724 & 4068] Sold For 170.00
  54. 1792 Ephrata Cloister Imprint, C.A. Roemelings gewesen Predigers zu Haarburg. Ownership inscription of Baker Smith, Johannes Smith, etc. Bought at Horst Auction April 2, 2016. [5466] Sold For 300.00
  55. Ephrata Imprint, Creutz-Schule, 1762, clasp missing.  Was owned by Christian Eby, Jr. & Bishop Peter Eby.  Bought from Ernest Weinhold, March 12, 1985.  Christian Eby (1734-1807) was a Deacon in the Hammer Creek Mennonite District, my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather.  Lived on Eby homestead in Elizabeth Twp.  Christian Eby, Jr. (1763-1824), son of Deacon Christian. [852] Sold For 700.00
  56. Ephrata Imprint, 2 Vols. Bound Together, 1770, Die Ernsthaffte Christen-Pflicht & Gemuths-Gesprach, one clasp missing, cracking at spine, copy owned by Veronica Gehman.  Lot #2018, Labor Day Auction, 9/3/89. [1005] Sold For 450.00
  57. Ephrata Imprint, 1769, Christliches Gemuths-Gesprach.  Original binding, some repairs to spine.  Georg Bär’s copy.  Lot 2015, Labor Book Day Auction, 9/3/89. [1006] Sold For 600.00
  58. Ephrata Cloister Imprint. Guldene Aepffel in Silbern Schalen, printed in 1745. 3 7/8” W x 6 1/2” H x 1 3/4” D. Lacks rear cover & half of leather spine, text is complete. Has ownership inscriptions by immigrant Jacob Eberly (1715-1800) “deas buch gehoret mir Jacob Eberlye zu und der Marei Eberlen das ist geschriben weorden den 26 abrill im jar Christ 1755.” Also, a 1797 inscription by Henrich Eberle, and a Peter Eberle inscription. I bought it on Oct. 21, 2012 from Terry Drachbar at the New Oxford Antique Show. It was found at an auction in Maryland. [5145] Sold For 2,100.00
  59. Ephrata Imprint. 3 7/8” W x 6 1/4” H x 1 3/4”. Gulden Apfel, printed in 1745. The first book printed at the Cloister. It lacks the title page & part of the introduction. The binding has been replaced with green covers from a 1937 diary. The spine is erroneously labeled “True Christianity/Wahrend Christenthum/1745.” I spotted it (and identified it) on eBay. Bought from Don Maurer, Bernville, PA on Mar. 6, 2011. [4947] Sold For 700.00
  60. Rare & Important Manuscript Book. 6 3/4” x 8 1/4” x 1 1/8”. Appears to be the writings of Brother Onasemus, Israel Eckerlin (1705-c.1757). Dated “living in the Allegheny Mountains Sept. 25, 1755 and Allegheny Mtns. Dec. 26, 1756. Eckerlin and his brothers left Ephrata in 1745 in a dispute with Beissel, settling in Shenandoah Valley, Va. After returning briefly in 1750, they bought 16,000 acres in West Virginia where this book was penned. In 1757, Israel was captured by the Mohawks, taken to Ft. Duquesne and given to the French who sent him to Quebec. He was sent by ship as a POW to France. An inserted section of the end says that it was given by the “pilgrim” “Bruder Onesimus…1st December, 1755 in dem Grossen Alligenschen Gebirge.” This is one of three volumes. Jeff Bach bought the other 2 for the Young Center, Elizabethtown College. These are astonishing finds! Jeff High sale, June 15, 2012. [5112] Sold For 10,400.00
  61. Fraktur Manuscript Leaf from Unidentified Hymnal Created at Ephrata Cloister, c. 1740-50.  7 3/4” H x 5 5/8”.  Done in brown ink, pp. 89-90.  In upper right corner is a classic Ephrata motif, a vase sprouting with a lily and other flowers, with two love birds (doves) perched on the branch. Finely drawn with minute textural patterns, some acid related paper losses below the birds.  Bought from Jim Hess of Heritage Map Museum in Lititz. He showed it to me last year when he bought it at a book show in New England.  Bought on June 19, 2001.  [1912] Sold For 875.00
  62. Penna. German Imprint Fragment. Turtle Taube printed at Ephrata in 1749. Rare. Lacks covers, title pages & portions of text. Has some added handwritten musical notation, 3 leaves entirely handwritten. Bought from Terry Drachbar, Carlisle on Oct. 16, 2005 at the New Oxford Antique Show. [4108] Sold For 210.00
  63. Rare Ephrata Imprint. Paradistsches Wunder=Spiel Ephratae, 1754. 8 3/8” W x 13 1/4” H x 7/8”. Pasteboard covers w/leather spine. Front cover is detached and is secured by 5 pieces of shipping tape. The interior is in excellent condition. Text is a collection of Conrad Beissel’s hymns. The words are typeset, the music was hand-done at the scriptorium at the Ephrata Cloister. There is some fraktur decoration scattered throughout. The German inscription on the flyleaf translates as follows: “After my death this book should be given to my friend Obed Fahnestick, Br. Jabaez.” A later inscription reads “Obed Fahnestock this book belongs to the congregation on the Antitum.” Brother Jabaez was the spiritual name of Peter Miller (1710-1796) who was Prior of the Cloister after Beissel’s death in 1768. Obed Fahnestock (1770-1840) was the son of Ephrata householders Peter and Elizabeth (Boldhauser) Fahnestock. Obed moved to Harrisburg about 1795 where he was a prominent merchant. The reference to Antitum refers to the Dunkard Meetinghouse located on the Civil War battlefield at Antietam. The book was purchased about 70 years ago in the Ephrata area by the owner’s father. The owner, an 81-year old man who lives in Westmoreland Co., PA, took it to the local historical society to see if it was worth anything. The director is a friend of Andy Kmiec’s and emailed photos to Andy. I saw them last week. Andy brought the book to show me earlier this week. I made an offer on it. He called me Aug. 31 to say that they accepted my offer. Paid Andy on Aug. 31, 2012. I own a Bible with a bookplate for Obed’s Mother, and a watercolor portrait of his sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, Dr. Daniel Fahnestock. [5134] Additional Photo: One; Two; Three Sold For 50,000.00
  64. 2 German Books. #1- 1897 German New Testament printed by Billmeyer, Germantown, PA. 4”W x 6 3/4”H x 1 1/2”. Has clasps, both covers are detached. Flyleaf has funeral record for Bishop Jacob Brubaker (1787-1842) of East Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co. Includes the funeral text and a list of ordained people who attended, including (Bishop) Christian Herr Beckwe (Pequea) (Bishop) Jacob Hostetter. Bought on eBay, from William Woys Weaver, Devon, PA on June 16, 2008.      #2- German Psalter, printed by Billmeyer in 1802. [4228] Sold For 500.00
  65. German Language Imprint Christliches Gemuth-Gesprach, printed in Germantown by Michael Billmeyer, 1790.  Good binding, clasp is intact.  Flyleaf has English inscription:  “This book is the property of Fannie L. Brubaker she receaved it from her Granmonmother Barbara Brubaker who was born a Shenk and rote by her Father Andrew Brubaker the second day of March in the year AD 1862 in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co, Pa.”  A simple tulip is on the inside cover in red & green.  See #396 for Barbara Shenk’s Vorscrift I bought 9/30/72.  Bought at Renningers on May 12, 1996 from Eugene Rappaport. [1459] Sold For 300.00
  66. German Imprint, 1785 Germantown Ausbund, fine condition, has inscription that it was owned by Christian Eby (1734-1807), then sold to Johannes Hess (1769-1830).  He was my 4th great grandfather.  Anna G. Long sale, May 21, 1988. [922] Sold For 575.00
  67. 1785 Germantown Ausbund, good condition, has both clasps, has Fraktur bookplate by Earl Twp. artist, made for Abraham Martin on May 18, 1793.  Some damage, large red circle in center, floral vines above with two birds perched on top.  Taken to Ontario by Martin family c. 1820.  I bought from Fred Weiser who bought from Michael Bird.  July 5, 1982. [747] Sold For 900.00
  68. Rare 1763 Sauer Bible, second edition, front cover spine rough, brass studded, clasps missing, from the Library Company of Philadelphia.  H.S. Kauffman Books, Lititz Indoor Antique show, July 3, 1973.  Contains Kauffman family records.  I paid Tony Haversack to reback, make clasps, insert facsimile title page, etc. [440] Sold For 1,625.00
  69. German Family Bible, 1805. Printed in Reading. 10 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 3 3/4. Rear cover coming loose, one clasp missing, one is loose but accompanies. Has family records of John Brackbill (1802-1879) and Maria Herr (1806-1871). John was the brother of my g-g-g-grandfather, Christian Brackbill.  Maria was the daughter of Mennonite Bishop, “Pequea” Christian Herr, the owner of my prodigal son fraktur.  Also included is a German verse signed, “Maria Herr 1826”, a cutout of a red & yellow bird, a cutout of a blue bird, a piece of paper, 1 3/4” x 2” w/ a heart scissors cutting w/ a red border & red vines in center, 3 snowflake scissors cutting, 2”D, an English verse signed Lavinia Herr/John H. Brackbill. Lee Stoltzfus bought it at Horst Auction, Sept. 2005 [2762] Sold For 875.00
  70. Rare Lancaster Pamphlet. 3 7/8” x 6 1/2”. No covers. Jacob Trauerlied, …Sohns Benjamin nach Egypted. 1790. Attributed to press of Johann Albrecht. PGS records only one copy. Horst catalog sale on Jan. 25, 2008. Front leaf is detached. [4166] Sold For 100.00
  71. The General Laws of the Improved Order of Red Men, Lancaster, 1848. Sold For 55.00
  72. Eine Sammlung Auserlefener Recepte Heilsamer Mittel, Pennsylvania, 1826. Sold For 1,550.00
  73. German Imprint. 4 1/4” W x 7” H x 1/8”. Ross-Arznet-Buchlein. Marked printed in Augsburg. Paper covers with paper tape spine. Front cover has a woodcut of a man with a horse. Book contains various remedies for horses. Bought from Andy Kmiec on May 17, 2012. [5095] Sold For 95.00
  74. German Imprint, Pow Wow Book, no title page, most leaves printed one side only.  Several missing, have blanks inserted.  Printed c. 1800?, rebound c. 1890.  Apparently written by Georg Friedrich Helfenstein (b. 1730), born in Rotterdam, Holland.  Bought 3/11/00 from Josh Reeder. [1826] Sold For 525.00
  75. Unusual German Imprint, title page missing, c. 1750, leather spine, cardboard covers, fly leaf inscribed Barbara Barnitz her book.  Title appears to be Des planeten-Buchlein.  It appears to be a text on the signs of the moon and their affects on people.  Inscription on p. 23 “J. Barnitz 1768 Feb. 18th”. On p. 91 “JB”, p. 95 “C Barnitz his Book Yorktown 1779”.  The Barnitzes were a prominent family in 18th century York, PA.  Bought at CA Herr’s, Columbia, on March 28, 1996. [1548] Sold For 50.00
  76. 1853 Pamphlet, rare. “A Letter from John Herr…” printed in Buffalo, N.Y. by John Herr, Reformed Mennonite preacher. Bought on eBay Dec. 20, 2015 from Gary Hawbaker, Hershey, PA. [5432] Sold For 45.00
  77. German Imprint. 4” W x 6 7/8” x 1/4”. Thomae Wilcoks…Honig-Tropfen. Printed in 1759 in Frankfurt & Leipzig. Paper covers, worn, corners bent. Inscribed in red ink “Bruder Jonathan.” He was Brother Jonathan Hocker (1716-1784), a celibate member at Ephrata who joined the Eckerlin Brothers in Virginia, but later returned to Ephrata. Jeff High sale, June 15, 2012. [5110] Sold For 50.00
  78. Early Imprint with Rare Inscription, 3 1/4” W x 5 5/8” H x 1 5/8”. Pigskin binding, cracking along rear cover. Lacks title page. 2nd title page “Die Stete Freude des Geistes” printed in Frankfurt by Johann Zacharias Seidel, 1706. Important inscription on flyleaf. “dis büch gehört in die erste Stûb im Saron”, which translates: “this book belongs to the first stove room in the Saron. The Saron is the sister’s dormitory at the Ephrata Cloister. eBay Aug. 5, 2007 from Diane Bostelle, Morgantown, PA.  Clarence Spohn, Ephrata collector and longtime educator at the Ephrata Cloister says that he has never seen a book inscribed for a specific Cloister room or building. [4060] Sold For 650.00
  79. Lancaster Imprint. 5 1/2” W x 8 1/2” H x 1 1/4”. The Farmers Complete Farrier…by I. Daniel Rupp…published by Gilbert Hills of Lancaster, PA, 1842.” Has ownership inscription of John B. Wissler, East Hempfield, 1864. Leather binding w/red & gold spine label. Has considerable foxing. Bought on eBay July 2010, Tom Gibble. [4902] Sold For 120.00
  80. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1-Eine Restitution oder Erklarung… by Heinrich Funck. German imprint printed in Lancaster, 1862 by Johann Bar’s sons. Covers cracked at spine, front cover is nearly detached, clasps are missing. May 18, 2002 Golden Lane Antique Gallery.   #2- Lancaster Imprint. 5 3/8”W x 8 3/8”H x 1 1/2”. A Survey of the Wisdom of God in Creation, by John Wesley, Vol. I. printed 1810, Lancaster by William Hamilton. Leather binding, front cover is detached. Bought on eBay Feb. 27, 2008 from Phyllis Ross, Washington, PA. [1980 & 4187] Sold For 60.00
  81. 2 Lancaster Imprints. #1- Book. Memorial Sermon…June 30, 1872…to the Memory of Stuart Wylie….  Printed in Lancaster in 1872 by Inquirer Printing House.  Nov. 3, 2007.  A gift from Lee J. Stoltzfus.      #2- Lancaster Imprint. Geographical Hand Book by Alex. Harris, printed at the Daily Express office. 5 1/2”W x 8 1/4”H x 1”. Black pressed covers, some losses to the spine. Bought on eBay May 25, 2008 from Ron W. Frey, Manheim, PA. [4105 & 4213] Sold For 20.00
  82. ABC Primer, quite rare. 3 5/8” W x 6 7/8” H. Printed in 1852 by Reuben Chambers, Bethania, PA (near Gap, Lancaster Co.). Blue cardboard covers are dated 1838. Near mint condition. Bought on eBay Dec. 2012 from Richard Ressler, Landisville, PA. [5166] Sold For 200.00
  83. Paradise, PA Imprint. 5 1/4” W x 8” H x 1/2”. The Bloody Buoy…The French Revolution printed in Paradise in 1823 by Henry Witmer. Rare! Marbled covers w/leather spine. Bought from Ken Leininger at York Book Show Apr. 23, 2011. [4988] Sold For 55.00
  84. Laws of Penna. Printed by Francis Bailey, 1806 in Octorara, PA. 5 5/8”W x 8 3/4”H x 1 1/8”. Leather covers, red & gold label on spine. Some marking and discoloration on the cover. Bought on eBay on June 30, 2008 from Lisa Buttner, Freeville, N.Y. [4233] Sold For 50.00
  85. The Bloody Theatre or Martyrs’ Mirror, by Daniel Rupp, Printed by Miller, Lampeter Square, 1837. Sold For 90.00
  86. German New Testament, Harrisburg, 1830, w. bookplate by Elizabeth Landes, dated 1832.  5 concentric circles, black, green, red, gray & yellow with black writing in center, surmounted by red bird with red & yellow wings, black crest & gray tail.   Lancaster Co. origin. Mennonite Archives Book Sale, Oct. 13, 1972.  I removed the bookplate and framed it in 1972. [401] Sold For 525.00
  87. 1843 German New Testament, clasps missing. Inside front cover is a Fraktur birth record of Maria Bamberger (b. Mar. 19, 1830) with colorful Fraktur lettering and floral decoration. Inside the rear cover is a Fraktur birth record of her mother, Catherine Brubacher (b. Nov. 20, 1808). A small page insert is marked “CB 1817” and has CB in blocked cross-stitch format. Catherine (1808-1837) is the daughter of Joseph Brubacher and Mary Bucher of Warwick Twp. The sister of my g-g-g-grandmother Barbara (Brubacher) Snyder (1813-1893) who married Christian B. Snyder (1808-1868). Catherine married John Bomberger (1803-1868); they lived in Cumberland Co., PA.  Lot #71 at Larry Bomberger’s sale, Nov. 9, 2002.  Note:  Catharina Bomberger bookplate is by the same unidentified artist that penned her brother’s Vorschrift, [2048] Sold For 525.00
  88. 2 Imprints. #1-Starks Handbook, Carlisle, 1825. #2- Habermann’s Gebet Buchlein, Lancaster, 1838 with Anna R. Landis bookplate. Sold For 160.00
  89. 2 Mennonite Imprints.  #1-1804 Unpartheyisches Gesang Buch, printed in Lancaster by Johann Albrecht.  Cracked rear cover, lacks clasps, half of title page is gone.  Has “JM” on edges of pages.  Contains a manuscript poem on lined paper given to Susanna H. Reiff (1833-1910) by John H. Eshleman (1828-1892).  Both are first cousins through the Horst family and niece/nephew to Jonas Reiff.  Both resided in Washington Co., MD.     #2- c.1880 Wandelnde Seele printed in Phila. by Schäfer & Koradi.  Good condition. Bought from Andy Kmiec Feb., 2006.  He bought them at Farmersville Auction, located one mile from Jonas Reiff’s farm [2895 B & C] Sold For 90.00
  90. 2 Old Books, #1- Christian Companions, #2- Mennonite Gesang Buch, 1848, lot #172, Mennonite Archives Book Auction, Dec. 8, 1972. [418] Sold For 25.00
  91. German Language Tune Book with a fabric cover. 8 7/8” W x5 1/2” H x 5/8”. Die Neue Choral Harmonie… printed in 1844 by Hickok and Cantine, Harrisburg, PA. Lacks index page. Covered in brown fabric with red flowers & green leaves design. Bought May 17, 2012 from Ken Leininger. [5100] Sold For 35.00
  92. Fabric-Covered Book. 10” L x6 5/8” H x 1 1/4”. The Dulcimer or the New York Collection of Sacred Music…Boston, 1851. Inscribed “H. H. Long” in several places. Descended with papers of Judge Henry G. Long (1804-1899) who established Long’s Park, Long’s Home for women. His residence is now the Hamilton Club. Papers, furniture (including my Humes flax wheel & Fetter wool wheels) were purchased by Steve Still from Long Home about 1999. The book has a brown calico cover. [4922] Sold For 20.00
  93. Ein Spiegel der Taufe , Lancaster printed in 1861. Sold For 55.00
  94. 2 Books. #1- Zion’s Harfe, printed in Doylestown in 1848, has brass clasps, rear cover re-attached.  Has German script inscription for Catharina B. Fried Feb. 20, 1865.  Also, an inscription by Amos S. Horst, my great uncle. #2- Swinton’s 4th reader, 1883.  Has red & brown ink flourishes.  Birds & floral drawing by Noah W. Horst dated 1888 &89.  Noah (b. 1877-d.1964) was the brother of my great grandfather, Reuben W. Horst.  Noah was a Mennonite preacher in the Hammer Creek District.  Bought Oct. 28, 1995.  Note:  Inscriptions for his brother, Weaver Horst, are inside the back cover. [1405] Sold For 160.00
  95. Mennonite Hymns, printed in 1884 by the Mennonite Publishing House.  Black leather binding w/gilt name on spine.  Flyleaf has signature of “Henry Hess” (1821-1894), my great, great grandfather.  It was owned by my grandfather, Aaron R. Hess (1886-19963).  Given to me by my grandmother, Lillie (Bender) Hess, about 1966. [3078] Sold For 15.00
  96. 3 Books. #1- Word-Book of English Spelling 1872. Has fabric cover, a brown calico. Has inscription “Naomi Horst/April 18, 1892.” Naomi Horst (1882-1927). Also has a group of handwritten forget-me-nots from classmates inside back cover. Naomi was the daughter of Preacher Abraham Horst (1821-1905) and mother of Fred H. Koser (b.1900). Bought at the sale of Anna Lentz Koser, widow of Fred, on Silver Springs Rd., Landisville, Aug 11, 2007.      #2- Swinton’s Second Reader. Lacks title page, inscribed “Miss Naomi Horst, Sporting Hill, Penna. Rough condition. Bought at the sale of Anna Lentz Koser, widow of Fred, on Silver Springs Rd., Landisville, Aug 11, 2007.    #3- Golden Grains lacks title page, front cover was reattached. Inscribed “Teddy Koser from Nanna April 18, 1949.” [4061-B, C & D] Sold For 35.00
  97. Tray Lot of 6 Books. Sold For 35.00
  98. German Bible, Halle, 1797, 9 ¾” x 3 5/8”. Has early spine replacement, no clasps. On inside cover is birth record of Jacob Yordy born Oct. 14, 1790. Fly leaf has family records of Jacob Yordy’s five children. Bought from Ken Leininger Mar. 27, 2003. [2114] Sold For 90.00
  99. English Language Bible, printed in Phila. In 1833 by Alexander Towar.  Fine condition, leather binding with simple stamped and gilt border decoration.  Has birth records of Hershey family. John Hershey (1794-1843) Isaac Hershey (1816-1854) wife Elisa, children Fanny (1838-1899), Elias (1839-), Reuben (184--), Henrieth (1843/8?).  Ben Hershey sale, June 9, 2001. (Isaac was the son of Abraham Hershey (1790-1869) and Anna (Hershey) Hershey (1798-1875). [1908] Sold For 100.00
  100. German Family Bible. 11 1/2” H x 9 1/2” W x 3 1/4”. Printed in Phila. in 1828 by Kimber and Scharpless. Worn leather binding. Lacks clasps. Has Fraktur family records of my g-g-g-grandparents, John Bender (1795-1865) and Magdalena Herr (1798-1868), of Penn Twp., Lancaster Co. Bible has record of their children. Descended to their daughter, Mary H. Bender who married Joseph B. Eby. Bought at Horst Auction Catalog Sale, on Mar. 31, 2009. [4816] Sold For 100.00
  101. German Family Bible c. 1830 family Bible of Elizabeth Longenecker w/family records & assorted broadsides, etc.  Late 19th century pansy print.  Brightly colored German print “Paul & Virginae UI” printed Nürnberg.  9 3/8”x 7 1/8”.  Another German print, “Der Neid”  9 7/8”x 7 7/8”, bright colors.  A postcard presented to Matilda Brandt by her teacher, JR Missimer.  Broadside 4 3/8 x 10 1/8” “Ein Trost Für Eltern” by ____Hoffer.  English broadside 5”x7 1/4” “Spiritual Hymn, L.M.”.  A black funeral card of Alpheus Brandt d. Feb. 15, 1920. Printed recipe for “The Celebrated Cream Nectar”.  Small broadside “Ein Neu Jahr” 4 3/8”x 9 1/2” by Joshua Hoffer.  Broadside w/“Ein Trostlied Fur Lehrer” on left & “Spiritual Hymn” on right. Book Haven, 11/92. [1293] Sold For 100.00
  102. Stauffer Family Bible, English, printed in Phila. c. 1830 by Kimber and Sharpless, good condition.  Has family records of Samuel Frantz (b. 1799) married Elizabeth Lehman (b. 1807).  Includes a Berlin-work bookmark, also a round paper silhouette profile impressed MUSEUM by Charles Willson Peale’s Museum, Independence Hall, Phila. [1682-B#1] Sold For 90.00
  103. German Family Bible with the family records of my great grandparents, Aaron H. & Barbara Ann (Risser) Hess.  I also found a note inside written by Henry Hess, Jr. in 1852 (my great, great grandfather).  Undated folio Bible, c. 1870, printed in Phila. by Schäfer and Koradi, clasps missing.  It was owned by Irene H. Witmer, a first cousin of my father.  She recently died.  Her cousin, Sam H. Shenk had the Bible in his possession & had earlier discussed giving the Bible to me.  He brought it to my home on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 28, 1993. [1332] Sold For 130.00
  104. German Family Bible, Phila. 1828, good. Seldomridge’s sale, 1967. Bible of John Rupp. [26] Sold For 50.00
  105. 1834 German Family Bible, printed in Phila.  No clasps, cracking at spine, Fraktur family records of Jacob Greider & Maria Siegrist.  Harry Stauffer sale, 4/30/83. [807] Sold For 80.00
  106. German Family Bible, c. 1840’s.  Printed by Wm. G. Mentz, Phila.  Good condition, clasps intact.  Has family records of Benjamin E. Reist (1834-1910) and Rebecca H. Gochnauer (1840-1893).  Finely lettered by Wm. Henning.  I own Benjamin’s miniature chest & the family Bible of Rebecca’s parents.  Bought on eBay April 3, 2006 from Peter Weinberger, Levittown, PA.  [2902] Sold For 130.00
  107. German Family Bible. 9 1/2”W x 12”H x 3 7/8”D. Printed in Phila. c.1830’s by Kimber & Sharpless.  Flyleaf has fraktur ownership inscription of “Samuel Brubacher wurde geboren am April 1799.”  Family record sections has fraktur records of Samuel and Catharina (Stauffer) Brubacher (b. 1809).  They were penned in 1854 by “Fr. M” who is certainly Frederick Mittleman, the same scrivener who executed my great, great, great grandfather Musselman’s family record.  Lee Stoltzfus bought it at Horst Auction last year. Front cover is detached, clasps are missing.  Sept. 18, 2006. [2965] Sold For 160.00
  108. Aaron R. Hess’s (1886-1963) Family Bible, 1904, with illuminated family records.  Purchased at sale of Grandma Lillie (Bender) Hess’s (1886-1975) things. [446] Sold For 325.00
  109. Family Bible of Martin & Anna F. (Shenk) Horst Printed in English, Phila., 1881 w/Fraktur family records by W. Henning.  Also, several record pages removed from a German Bible with records of Christian Bassler (b. 1815-d.1852.) who married 1851 Fannie Frey.  In 1860, Fannie (Frey) Bassler married Jacob M Shenk (1816-1865).  Their daughter, Anna F. was born on Oct. 7, 1861.  Record has nice ink rendering of the memorial stone for Christian Bassler.  Bought Nov. 9, 1996 via Nan Tshudy. [1533] Sold For 180.00
  110. Family Bible, c. 1880. 10” W x 12 1/2” H x 3”. Has two-page bookplate written by John C. Doell, a scrivener for Daniel Witmyer and Lucy Anna Cooper of Ephrata Twp. Also has family records and photos and obituaries at the back. [4889] Sold For 150.00
  111. Family Bible, Phila. 1839, covers detached, bad condition.  Owned by Benjamin M. Stauffer (1818-1896) of Warwick Twp. in 1843.  Has family records, memorial for Sophia Stauffer (1884).  This is the family of Sarah Ann Stauffer of Lime Springs Farm, Rohrerstown.  Bought from Bob Grabowski on Oct. 6, 1998. [1667] Sold For 25.00
  1. German Family Bible 10” W x 11 5/8” H x 2 ¾” D. Printed c.1840s by Wm. G. Mentz, Phila. contains the family records of my great-great-grandparents, Joseph H. Bender (1828-1906) and Lavina Royer (1830-1887). Formerly in the collection of the Heritage Center Museum in Lancaster, it was sold at Horst Auction in March. I found out that Lloyd Weiler bought it for Muddy Creek Library with about ten other Bibles. I asked Lloyd if they would sell it. Today Lloyd and Amos B. Hoover came to photograph my collection and they brought the Bible as a gift. May 11, 2012. [5093] Sold For 35.00
  2. German Family Bible, c. 1830, Phila. By Kimber and Scharpless, front cover detached, clasps are missing. Contains family records of Henry Zug married Veronica Bucher, also early newspaper obituaries pasted inside the front cover. Veronica was the sister of my g-g-g-grandfather, Joseph Bucher (1820-1894). There had been a Fraktur family record inside the front cover. I bought the Bible from a dealer that was set up outside Black Angus Antique Market on July 8, 2001. [1920] Sold For 120.00
  3. Family Bible for John M. Stoner & Barbara B. Snyder Sold For 170.00
  4. Autograph Book. 6 1/4” W x 7 3/4” H x 1/2” D. Front cover embossed “Forget Me Not Album.”  Flyleaf inscribed “Presented by H.V. Heistand to Kate Fenstermacher May 7th, 1859.” Mostly blank pages. Inscriptions include Tobias M. Kauffman & Jacob M. Kauffman, East Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Bought on eBay Jan 17, 2010 from Michael J. Hilber, Lakewood, Ohio. [4868] Sold For 65.00
  5. Autograph Book, “The Sunbeam Album,” kept by Esther H. Rohrer (1844-1872). 2 pages with Fraktur-type decorations dated 1863, Manor Twp. Includes inscription by future husband, Amos B. Miller. Their son A.R. Miller (1869-1968) moved to Elkhart, IN, grandfather of my aunt, Dorothy Mann Horst. Bought on eBay June 2018. [5556] Sold For 45.00
  6. Autograph Album. “The Sacred Album.” 7 1/8” W x 8 3/8” H x 3/4”. Red and gold embossed covers. Biblical illustrations were hand colored by the owner. Flyleaf has ownership inscription for Esther Stauffer, Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., 1862. The text and surrounding floral wreath were done by an unidentified artist who penned a number of bookplates in Manor Twp. It contains numerous inscriptions from Lancaster Co. & Niagra Co., N.Y. It has a fine floral Fraktur penned in 1861 by John H. Shenk, Conestoga Twp. The owner, Esther Stauffer (b.c.1838) appears in the 1860 census as a school teacher. She was the daughter of John Stauffer (bc.1806-d. bef. 1860) and Elizabeth Charles (1807-c.1890), farmers and Mennonites in Manor Twp. Bought on eBay Feb. 27, 2013 from Kathleen Bonnes, Mentor, Ohio. [5188] Sold For 90.00
  7. 3 Carpentry/Farm Ledgers of Isaac S. Heagy (1859-1937), Penn Twp., Lancaster Co. Was son of Henry Heagy & Leah Sahm, married Esther Bucher. : #1- 1894; #2- 1893-1898; #3- 1900-1901 Sold For 45.00
  8. 2 Blacksmith’s Ledgers. Both appear to be kept by Joseph Daub, blacksmith in Bethel Twp., Berks Co., PA.  Bought at Dairyland Antique Center, Reedsville, PA, Feb. 2, 2002.   #1- 6 1/4” x 15 1/8” x 1/2”. Marbled covers w/ leather spine. c. 1864-1871.  #2- 6” x 14 3/4” x 1/2”.  Black & green marbled covers w/black leather spine. c.1878-1887. [3058 & 3059] Sold For 25.00
  9. 2 Conestoga Roller Mill Ledgers. #1- 6” x 14 3/4” x 1/2”. 1898-1900. E. Earl Twp, Lancaster, Co. Unidentified miller renting from A W Martin (see rear of ledger). 200 pp. Note:  My great, great uncle, Noah W. Hurst, operated the mill at least as early as 1909. From the 1920s to the 1960s it was rented by Samuel Trupe (Don Good’s great grandfather). Bought on eBay Nov. 2003.  #2- 16”H x 6 3/8”W x 5/8”. 1901-03.  Marked “Martin” on cover. Bought on eBay Jan. 2005 from Tim Gingrich. [2227 & 2678] Sold For 260.00
  10. Two Ledgers Kept by Samuel Wike of Durlach and, later, Thomas Kissinger of Clay Twp./later, Stevens.  #1-  7 7/8” x 12 1/4”, green marbled covers, brown leather spine, records of Samuel Wike (1873-1889) including accounts of working for my great, great grandfather, Simon B. Snyder (1836-1907).  Mostly farming and day labor accounts.  #2-  7 3/4” x 12 3/4”, tortoise shell cover w/ brown spine.  Accounts of Samuel Wike, c. 1868-1873, and of Thomas Kissinger, c. 1889-1929.  Numerous pieces of loose paper, letterhead, etc.  Bought at Good’s Collectibles, Clay, PA, Jan., 2006.   [2861 A&B] Sold For 25.00
  11. Paper-Covered Ledger & Cyphering Book. Ledger: 8 1/2” W x 13” x 1/8”. Written in German script. Records of Christian Brandt. He purchased it in 1792. Records span 1802-1830. Seems to be selling shoes & pants (leather no doubt), also some farm records. Cyphering Book: 7 3/4” W x 12” H x 1/8”. Kept by Christian M. Brandt. Both purchased at Hess’s Auction by Sam McClearen. He sold them to Cheryl Mackley. I bought them from Cheryl June 26, 2009. [4842 A&B] Sold For 20.00
  12. 3 Ledgers, Columbia, PA. #1- 12 3/8” x 7 5/8” x 7/8” marked “Store Book” on front cover 1850-58 Solomon’s Book, mostly records purchase and sales of wheat.   #2- 13” x 8 3/4” x 7/8” leather covered ledger.  1868-69 marked Columbia, PA.  Record of sales of dimension lumber.   #3- 13 3/4” x 9 1/8” x 1 7/8” leather covered ledger marked on cover Solomon Sellers 1854-1860.  Sale of corn, flour and sundries. [1805] Sold For 55.00
  13. Two John Moyer Diaries. 1891-96. Elizabethtown, PA area, ledger size. Bought on eBay 11/3/17 from Jim Tshudy, Ephrata, PA. [5535 A&B] Sold For 30.00
  14. Tailor’s Ledger, H. G. Hogendobler worked in Manheim, Lancaster Co.  Covers 1846-1880.  Records the making of pants, coats, vests, etc. Cover is worn rawhide. This was sold at the Sylvia Rupp sale in Manheim. I bought from Roy Kulp on Jan. 8, 1993.  Henry G. Hogendobler (Feb. 3, 1823-Feb. 11, 1908) married Henrietta.  Buried at Fairview Cemetery, Penn Twp. Burgess of Manheim Boro. in 1869 and 1870. [1308-A] Sold For 50.00
  15. Minnich Ledgers & Copy Book. #1- Carpenter’s ledger from Silver Spring, Lancaster Co.  Cardboard covers.  1834-1836.  Michael Minnich’s Account Book includes “Philip Breiner to sarve Aprandisship for 3 Siesene”.   #2- Carpenter’s Ledger, Silver Spring, PA.  Cardboard covers.  1836-1841.  Michael Minnich’s Account Book.  #3- School copy book of John S. Minnich, 1854-1856.  Paper covers. [1437, 1438 & 1439] Sold For 190.00
  16. Schoolmaster’s Copy Book8”Wx 12 1/2”H. Marbled paper covers. “Elementary of Arithmetic by Abraham Gish.  The 2nd day of March Anno Domini 1819.”  13 pps.  Math.  A page dated Nov. 15, 1819 has a list of students taught by Abraham Gish, Jr.  “Commencement of School on the 15th day of November Anno Domini 1819 in Rapho Township, Lancaster County in my Fathers House in the sixteenth year of my age—And had the following scholars 1819”.  A second list for 1825 & 26 has a list of “the Fourth School in the School House near Peter Horsts Mill…”.  Abraham Gish, Jr. (Nov. 21, 1803-Jan.10, 1880) was the son of Abraham Gish (c.1775-1855) and Anna Eshleman of Rapho Twp.  In Oct. 1830, he married Anna Elizabeth Hummel (bef. 1810-June, 1884).  They are buried in the Gish Cem., Berlinville, Northampton Co., PA.  [2686] Sold For 210.00
  17. General Store Ledger. 8 1/2” W x 13 1/2” H x 3/4”. Paste board covers w/cover jacket of homespun fabric lined with 1810 newspaper. Location of store is uncertain. Contains detailed lists of purchases: textiles, tools, spices, etc. Most of merchants: Wm. Wistar, Richard Wistar, John Inskeep… are found in 1790 census in Phila. 3 accounts are with Ephrata merchants; papermakers Christian & John Bowman & printer Solomon Mayer. Ledger is quite similar to one kept by Christina & Christian Konigmacher in collection of Hist. Soc. of Cocalico Valley. Bought Dec. 2010 from Gene Rappaport. [4925] Sold For 110.00
  18. Rare Weaver’s Pattern Book. 12 1/8” H x 7 3/4” W x 3/4” D. Pasteboard covers, leather spine. Written on the front cover is “Draughts and Cording book by Christian King Price $0.50.” Seventy leaves plus an index, contains about 166 weaving draughts, dyeing recipes, medicinal cures, an inventory of his library, etc. The weaver, Christian King (1808-188_) lived in Bedford Co., PA where he was a preacher in the Seventh Day Baptist Church, an offshoot of the Snow Hill Cloister. He married Nancy Long (b.1809) daughter of David Long (1774-1848) also a preacher in the church and Elizabeth Snowberger. It descended to Christian’s great-great-granddaughter Nancy Wohnhas of New Freedom, PA. I bought it from her on eBay on Jan. 2, 1011. [4930] Sold For 2,500.00
  19. Milling Ledger. 16 5/8”H x 7 1/8”W x 1 1/8”. Tortoise-shell paper covered boards with leather spine. 1878-1879. Eagle Mills, S.S. Hauenstine (b.c.1850). In 1880 census living in Rothsville, Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Bought Apr. 28, 2008. [4208] Sold For 25.00
  20. Farm Ledger. 6 1/8” x 15 1/2” x 1/2”. Dates 1847-1872. Apparently kept by John Broom who lived near Kissel Hill, Lancaster Co.   A lot of accounts with Christian Franck who lived on the south side of Kissel Hill, east of the Lititz Pike.  Bought at Horst’s Auction, c. 2003. [3069] Sold For 25.00
  21. Ledger, Thomas Saylor, day laborer, Penn Twp., Lancaster Co., PA 1852-1881.  16” x 6 3/4” x 5/8”.  Farm work, leather work for Emanuel Schaeffer, etc.  Bought at Golden Lane Antique Gallery, New Oxford, PA, Dec. 9 1999. [1806] Sold For 25.00
  22. General Store Ledger7” x 15 1/2” x 1 3/4”.  Worn leather binding, losses to spine.  Records of a store at New Haven, now part of Mount Joy Borough. 1868-1871.  Followed by store records at Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co. for 1871.  Bought at Black Horse Antique Center, Mt. Joy, about 2001. [3070] Sold For 25.00
  23. Leather Bound Ledger 15 3/4” H x 7” W x 2 1/4”. 1836-1843. General store, probably Brickerville- Clay area. Mentions Elizabeth Furnace, p. 43; Joseph Lehn, p.156;  Andrew Wissler “One year wages… attending to the stone in Sheon Eick (Schoeneck)  Apr. 1836-1837.”  The ledger was later used by Maurice P. Flickinger 1880-1881 in Fontana, Lebanon Co, PA.  Good condition. Bought from Bob Mayer in Mount Joy on Feb. 21, 1998. Likely from Bricker’s Store in Brickerville.  In April, 1837, there is a listing of account balances.  Peter Bricker died in 1837. [1992] Sold For 95.00
  24. Leather Bound Ledger, 17” H x 7 1/2” W x 1 1/2”, cabinet maker’s records. Schuylkill Co, Penna.  Kept in German script,1872-1898.   English records purchases 1890, more German records 1895-1900.  The accounts may have been kept by Johannes Adam. He made beds, coffins, cupboards.  He painted chairs, and a clock case, made tables, cradles, crib chests, Pihron (bureau), sink.  Also, burial records 1871-1895. Strasburg Ant. Center, 10/25/00. [1869] Sold For 35.00
  25. Ledger Written in German Script. 6” x 15” x 1”. 1849-1879. Shoemaker’s records kept by Jacob Geisel (c.1803-1891). The covers are warped and soiled. Parts of leather spine are missing. Jeff High sale June 15, 2012. Lot # 448. [5106] Sold For 25.00
  26. Blacksmith’s Ledger. 6 1/8”W x 15 3/8”H x 1”. Leather spine, paper covered covers. Wear to lower portion of front cover. Records kept by John M. Shultz (b.1837) from 1859-1881. He lived in Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., and did general blacksmithing. His family records appear on the last several pages. He was the son of John Shultz (1805-1888) and Elizzia ___ (1806-1878). Ledger includes records of his apprentices. From Lee Stoltzfus on Dec. 23, 2007. [4143] Sold For 160.00
  27. 2 Ledgers. #1- 5 3/4” W x 12 3/8” H x 3/4”. Kept by Harvey G. Bear, Oregon (Manheim Twp.), Lancaster, Co, PA 1886.”  Only about 20 pages of info, farm work. Family records of Harvey G. Bear (b.1860) and Catherine K. Bear (b.1863) at back. Ken Leininger, Nov. 8, 2003.   #2- 1902-1908, for an unknown person providing an unknown service, likely residing on Vine St. in Lancaster City, frequently paying car fare to Lititz.  On p. 159, he received $14 from Jonas Hess (Preacher Jonas H. Hess in whose farmhouse I reside.)  Spine is scotch-taped.  Bought at a Co-Op in Naples, FL on Feb. 1995. [2218 & 1368] Sold For 95.00
  28. 2 Ledgers. #1- Ledger kept by unidentified shoemaker, likely working near East Petersburg, Lancaster Co., PA. 1834-36. 6 1/2”W x 16”H x 3/4”. Marbled covers with leather spine. Horst Auction, Nov. 16, 2007.   #2- Farm ledger, 6 3/8” W x 14 3/4” H x 3/8”. Has a leather spine, with brown vinegar decorated covers. Inscribed “A W Nissley Day Book from 1892” on front cover. Inside is marked “Amos W. Nissley”. Only a few pages of records, mostly day laborers. Inside is an 1876 check to Levi W. Nissley from Union National Mount Joy Bank. Also an invoice from Reist, Nissley and Co. / Elm Dale Creamery to Amos W. Nissley. Amos W. Nissley (1853-1946) was the son of Henry H. Nissley and Jane Wolgemuth.  Amos married Maggie K. Gantz, daughter of Fredrick Gantz and Fannie B. Keener. Their daughter, Fannie G. Nissley, married Samuel Kulp Garman.  Their daughter Margaret married Raphael Metzler. [4128 & 2274] Sold For 45.00
  29. Farm Ledger, 6”Wx15”H, hardcover, marbleized. Records of Christian Hershey of Salisbury Twp. (son of Christian & Susan (Hershey) Hershey), b. 1813-d.1898.  Farmed near Paradise.  Contains 1857-1860 cost for new house, some aussteier records, medicinal recipes & family records.  Bought from Roy Kulp, Feb. 26, 1997. [1592] Sold For 35.00
  30. Ledger 1818-18606 3/4” W x 16” H x 3/4”. Marbled covers with leather spine. Kept by Jacob Erisman (1784-1868) pf Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co. He married Mary Metz and lived near Erisman’s Meetinghouse. First part consists of farm records. A middle section has aussteier records for their children. John Long (1787-1856) made betty lamps for several of the children, but no lamps appear in these records. The last section has medicinal & dyeing recipes. Mostly written in German script, some English. Bought on eBay on July 24, 2008 from Wm. Woyes Weaver. [4245] Sold For 70.00
  31. Group of 3 Ledgers from Henry Barr’s Store in Mount Joy, Lancaster Co.  All in fine condition.  #1- 15 1/8” x 6 1/4” x 3/4” black marbleized cover with leather spine. Starts on May 10, 1861- Aug. 19, 1862.  #2- blue and brown marbleized covers with leather spins, starts May 10, 1861- Aug. 2, 1861. 15 7/8” x 5 3/8” x 5/8”.  #3- full leather day book, 16” x 7 1/2” x 1 3/4”. Starts Feb. 11, 1862- Sept. 30, 1862. These ledgers include accounts with my g-g-grandfather Joseph H. Bender (1828-1906), a farmer who lived just east of Mount Joy.  These ledgers were sold at the Anna Nissley Sale. I bought from Ginny Journey at Strasburg Antique Center, Sept. 7, 2001. [1930] Sold For 45.00
  32. 3 Ledgers. Blacksmith 1858-1882, unidentified, probably Berks Co., PA. Sold For 40.00
  33. 2 Ledgers. Farm, John Reynolds, 1888-1895 & other by Aaron Donner, 1882-1883. Sold For 25.00
  34. Blacksmith’s Ledger7 3/4” x 12 3/4” x 1”.  Worn marble cover, brown leather spine w/losses. Dates 1845-1860. Apparently kept by Johannes Kemp (b.c.1812) living in District Twp., Berks Co., PA. Bought on eBay March 28, 2006 from Eric Jacobs. [3068] Sold For 30.00
  1. 2 Shoemaker’s Ledgers:  #1- 7 5/8” H x 6 1/4” W x 5/8”. Marbled covers, leather spine, 1836-1867, kept by Samuel Hosler, Dauphin Co., PA.   #2- 12 1/2” x 7 3/4” x 1” Printed covers and leather spine. 1828-1838.  Written in English in a different hand, some accts. transferred to Samuel Hosler, also includes some receipts to EO Hasler. Also Dauphin County. Note: The first account listed is Martin Alleman. From the sale of Kathryn Nissley Herr, Orange St. Elizabethtown, PA. [2021] Sold For 20.00
  2. 3 Account Books of Henry G. Barr, probably Martic Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  Small day book dated Feb. 12, 1846, marbled covers.  Large copy book dated inside cover Mar. 23, 1831.  Received 4 dollars for signing release to heirs of Martin Barr dec’d.  Book has calculations, legal forms, etc.  Some sonnets, copied near the end.  Near back inscription in pencil, “Henry G. Barr’s Book born in year of our Lord 1857”.  One page has a drawing of 2 horses.  Another page has a bird & eagle w/shield.  Last page inscribed Henry G. Barr’s Book Mar. 6, 1847, has ink drawing of turkey below.  Third item about 150 pages cabinetmaker’s account book, of Henry Barr, 1851-1876.  Cabinetmaking, materials, wood turnings, furniture repair, cotton making, paying laborers.  Last page marked Conestoga Center, April 1, 1853.  Bought from Roy Culp, Montgomery Co. He bought at Harold Hess’ sale in Intercourse. 1/8/91.  [1190] Sold For 85.00
  3. Ledger Kept by John Hill, Lancaster Co., 1816-1851. 8”Wx 12 1/2”Hx 1”. Marbled boards, most of the paper is gone, leather spine. From c.1816-1826. John Hill is keeping a tavern, selling spirits, meals & oats. His records seem to end about 1833. Records starting in 1841 kept by a different hand, mostly farm records, labor, likely Thomas Hill. Also includes a loose copybook page signed Thomas Hill 1821. Last pages record account of Oak Hill Cider Works. Probably southern Lancaster Co. as hauling to Peach Bottom is mentioned. Horst Auction, Nov. 16, 2007. [4127] Sold For 25.00
  4. Ledger of Samuel Grosh, Lititz, sawmill, 1825-1849.  7 3/4”W x 12 1/2”H, marbleized covers, spine leather is gone, many pages loose.  Grosh sold to many locals including my great, great, great grandfather, Henry Hess and also Jonas Bucher.  Bought at Horst Auction, Ephrata on 6/16/99.  The ledger has a small, separate index.  I found it outside at Black Angus on June 27, 1999.  From Frances Larkin consignment. [1768] Sold For 25.00
  5. Copy Book- Account Book of John S.? Gisch. Copy book portion c. 1820, Accounts 1830-1839. Gish was a farmer, teamster & limekiln owner living in the Maytown/ Maretta area of Lancaster Co.  Includes accounts of selling clay to “King the Pottor Matown” & “Shriner Potter Matown”.  Roy Kulp bought from Isaac Kulp about 1986.  I bought from Roy Kulp on Feb. 14, 1994.  Note:  John S. Gish (b. c. 1803) appears in the 1850 census, W. Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co., with wife Ann (b. c. 1811) & 5 children.  A farmer, owning $4,000 in real estate. [1335] Sold For 80.00
  6. Ledger of Christian Gingrich (1829-1866) working in southern Lebanon Co. making and repairing scythes, grain cradles, winnowing forks.  Note:  front several pages are covered with hand colored children’s drawings.  Early 20th century.  Measures 8”W x 12 1/2”H.  Bought from Roy Kulp, Feb. 26, 1997.  See #4131.  Christian Gingrich (1801-1866) married Catherine Kauffman (1801-1885).  Lived in N. Annville Twp., Lebanon Co.  Buried in Dohner Mennonite Cemetery. [1594] Sold For 120.00
  7. Rare Lancaster County Ledger, account book of Daniel Danner (1803-1881), spinning wheel maker in Manheim, PA.  Ledger spans 1843-1864.  Contains a list of his customers and his production, spinning wheels, winders, turned balusters, bed posts, feet for chests, paint brushed, etc.  Sold at the Sylvia Danner Rupp sale in mid January, 1992 in Manheim.  I bought it from Roy Kulp on June 5, 1992. [1256] Sold For 1,000.00
  8. Rare Schoolmaster’s Copy Book, 8 3/8”W x 10 3/8”H x 7/8”.  Marbleized covers w/leather spine.  Inscribed on cover label, “Ulrich Bear/Ulrich Bar”. Title page executed in beautiful Fraktur lettering:  “Schreibbuch mein Ulrich Beer gebürtig von Trub 1821.”  In black ink with a red ink border, followed by ten pages of alphabets, patterns for letters, pious texts, etc.  Inside cover is inscription, “Herman R. Hostetter St. Catherine’s Canada West Mar. 19, 1848”.  Three generations of later ownership by the Mennonite Habecker family in Manor and Rapho Twps., Lancaster Co.  Inserted is a small birth record for Jacob Habecker (b. 1840).  He was the son of Christian Habecker (1789-1860) and Eliz. Kauffman (1795-1853) of Manor Twp.  There are several pages of farm accounts (1864) kept by Jacob.  Later ownerships by Jacob G. Habecker in 1888, near Columbia, in Rapho Twp. and also Miss Susan G. Habecker (b. May 11, 1881) in 1900 in Rapho Twp.  Book has lots of blank pages.  At the back are several pages of recipes for curing beef, etc.  It was sold at Horst’s Auction on Wed.  I bought it from Paul Young, Phila. on Aug. 1, 2004 at Black Angus, Denver.  Ulrich’s birthplace, Trub, is in the Emmental region of Canton Bern, Switzerland. [2586] Sold For 450.00
  9. Manuscript Record Book. 8 1/4” W x 12 3/4” H x 3/4”. Covers are marbled paper on pressboard. Leather spine. Cover is severely worn. Contains records kept by Preacher Christian King (1808-188_) of Bedford Co., PA of the Seventh Day Baptists. Included genealogies of many families, church membership lists for Snow Hill, Ephrata, etc., church council minutes, death records, baptismal records, etc. 1840s-1880s. An amazing collection! Bought on eBay May, 2011 from Christ King’s g-g-granddaughter Nancy Wohnhas, 3981 Brumbaugh Rd., New Freedom, PA. [4997] Sold For 1,550.00
  10. Book of Bound Specification Sheets for a machine that cleans clover seed, spelt, etc. 8” W x 12 3/4” H x 1 1/4”. Leather spine, covers are wallpaper on pasteboard. Book was scrapbooked. Two pages have been uncovered. All pages were numbered instruction sheets for operating the machine. Each is signed by Martin Miller and witnessed by J. Barr and Abraham Witmer. Miller was a blacksmith, Witmer is likely the bridge builder. The book likely dates c.1805. The machine was patented to Michael Withers on Apr. 30, 1804. Michael Withers (1733-1821) was a gunsmith who also owned iron forges. He lived in Strasburg Twp. [4928] Sold For 50.00
  11. Ledger, 9 5/8 x 13”, “Lampeter Twp. Road Entrees, or an account of the Expenses of the public roads & Highways of the said Township or District yearly from AD 1766.”  Excellent, account ends on April 16, 1842 when township is divided into East & West, incl. accounts of bridge building, holding elections, etc. Roy Culp, March 1990. [1028] Sold For 65.00
  12. Ledger of Joseph Bowman (1777-1831) of near Strasburg, Lampeter Twp. 8”W x 13 1/4”H leather bound, deterioration of lower half of spine. Earliest records, 1799-1804, likely kept by Joseph’s father.  Joseph kept records from 1818-1830.  All written in English.  Joseph, a farmer and formerly a clockmaker, had dealings with Anthony Wayne Baldwin, his brother-in-law, etc.  Joseph’s mother, Eve, died on April 19, 1826.  Father probably died in 1811.  Numerous pages are missing at the back.  Bought from Roy Kulp on June 30, 1999.  Brenneman Genealogy, p. 656: John Bowman (1755-Nov. 11, 1813) married Eve Brenneman , lived in Earl Twp near New Holland.  Daughter Ann (1781-1865) married Joseph Bowman (1777-1831) of Lampeter. [1766] Sold For 85.00
  13. Storekeeper’s Ledger. 8 5/8” W x 11 3/4” H x 2 3/8” D. Leather-bound, from an unidentified shop in Rohrersburg (Rehrersburg, Berks Co., PA), 1820-1824. Initially, he sells mostly bar iron and German scythes, but later sells hardware and more general merchandise. Accounts include purchase of earthenware from Daniel Henne, a Berks Co. potter. 551 pages, filled front to back. Bought Aug. 17, 2013 at the estate sale for Peter and Viola Horst at 1335 William Penn Blvd., Womelsdorf, PA. [5233] Sold For 55.00
  14. Leather Bound Ledger, large size inscribed on front cover:  Ledger BB HC HC 3/M.  Account book of a miller, identity unknown. A number of names appearing were Lancaster Boro residents; two other individuals are identified by (Stumptown)/New Danville which might suggest a location south of the city. About 250 pages, date 1831-1834. The last 20 pages date 1861-1864. Appear to have been kept by a tailor in the New Holland area. [1345] Sold For 25.00
  15. Leather Bound Milling Ledger. 9” W x 13 3/8” H x 1 1/2”. Kept 1841-1843 by Samuel Eberly (1819-1910), probably in E. Cocalico Twp., Reamstown area. A note records Apr. 1, 1843 $150 J. Slott (Sallot) for the Mill rent. In 1876-1877 the ledger was used by Charles M. Eberly, miller, Hinkletown, Lancaster Co. A few misc. papers accompany, including a floor plan for a 2-story eight room late Victorian house inscribed “Eberly.” Bought on eBay from Jim Talbot, Maine on Apr. 17, 2013. Samuel & Hannah appear in 1850 census in the NW ward of Lancaster city. In 1870 they are in E. Cocalico Twp., Reamstown P.O. with son Charles, age 13. Samuel and wife Hannah (1822-1904) are buried in the Denver Union Cemetery. [5205] Sold For 325.00
  16. Leather Bound Ledger, 13” x 8 1/2” x 2”. General store records of Henry Barr, apparently Mount Joy, Lancaster Co. PA. 1861-1864, 504 pp. of records. Includes my g-g-grandfather, Joseph H. Bender’s (1828-1906) account. Book is in good condition. Was bought at the sale of Harold Hess of Intercourse, PA. Appears that Henry Barr, the cabinetmaker of Martic Twp. later operated a store in Mount Joy? Bought at Lititz Outdoor Antique Show from Bob & Betsy Shenk, Aug. 31, 2002. [1996] Sold For 60.00
  17. 1816 Ledger Marked Ledger #3, 214 pages. Storekeeper’s records, probably E. Lampeter Twp. or vicinity. Quite likely from Witmer family as their accounts predominate. A late 19th c. inscription lists the residents of London Vale, probably written by Victor E. Eshleman. A coupon for successful farming (1944) is addressed to Miss E. Jessie Eshleman Rt. 1 Gordonville. Many pages of ledger have been covered with engravings clipped from newspapers, etc. of animals, circuses, most mid to late 19th century. Bought at Horst Auction, Virginia Stauffer cons. Oct. 15, 1999. [1795] Sold For 80.00
  18. 1826 Cyphering Book. Written by Martin Gross (1811-1847), Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Marbleized covers. Bought on eBay 6/12/18 from Bill Kurau, Lampeter, PA. Buried at East Petersburg Mennonite Cemetery, married Mary Stehman, son of Martin Gross & Elizabeth Weidler. [5555] Sold For 75.00
  19. 2 Ledgers. #1- Farm ledger. 8” x 12 1/2” x 1/2” with red comb-decorated covers, red spine. Kept by Benneville? Bieber, Berks Co., PA. In German script. Dates 1878-1886.  Bought at South Pointe Antiques, May 25, 2002.     #2- Rapho Twp. Ledger, 12”H x 7 1/2”W x 3/4”. Lacks covers. 1859-1866. Possibly kept by John L. Brubacher. Early entries are for road & bridge work in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co.; later are mostly grain, milling? Bought on eBay May 22, 2008 from Nick Marshall. [3057 & 4212] Sold For 25.00
  20. Farm Ledger. 1828-1852, Peter Rothermel, Alsase Twp., Berks Co., PA Sold For 20.00
  21. 2 Farm Ledgers . #1- 1892-1913 M.L. Witmer?; #2- Farm Ledger 1847-1879 Sold For 20.00
  22. Store Keepers Day Book 1856-1857, New Berlin. Sold For 25.00
  23. Weaver’s Ledger. 6 1/2” W x 15 5/8” H x 7/8” D. Marbled covers with a leather spine. Weaving records from 1835-1849, farming from 1850-1887. Probably kept by David Rittel (1805-1885) of Fredericksburg, Bethel Twp., Lebanon Co., PA. Written in German script, weaving linen & half linen toweling, etc. Partially filled out. Bought Aug. 17, 2013 at the estate sale for Peter and Viola Horst, Womelsdorf, PA. [5234-B] Sold For 70.00
  24. Carpenter’s Ledger, J G Aierstuck, Cresswell, Lancaster, Co., PA. 1882-1889. He built barns, summer kitchens, made crock lids, chests, flowers chests, sink bench, milk cupboard, cradle, benches for school house, flower steps, bed stead, sideboard, chairs, wood chest, rolling pin, iron board, washstand, etc.  Includes account for Washington Boro Church, Cresswell School House, Harmony Hall School. 7” W x 8 1/2” H 7/8”. Covers coming loose, losses to spine. Bought on eBay, Nov. 2003. [2222] Sold For 30.00
  25. Unidentified Lime-Burner’s Ledger. 6 1/4” W x 7 1/2” H x 1/2”. Marbled covers, leather spine. Accounts of bushels of lime sold 1860-1863, payment to burner Michael Kane, Christian Hummel, Leander Gram. Probably western Lancaster Co., PA. [4123-A] Sold For 50.00
  26. Manuscript Ledger. 6 3/8” W x 7 1/8” H x 1/2” D. Kept 1827-1858 by John Seiple, Bainbridge, Conoy Twp., Lancaster Co. Board covers w/marbled paper and leather spine. Written in English, carpentry and farming records. [5172] Sold For 35.00
  27. 2 Ledgers. Sawmill’s ledger. 7” x 8 5/8” x 1/2”.  Brown marbled cover, black leather spine.  Kept by Benneville? Bieber, Berks Co., PA.  In German script, 1884-1904 with later entries in English.  Bought at South Pointe Antiques.   Shoemaker’s ledger. 5” W x 7 3/4” H x 3/4”. Front cover detached. Inscribed “JH Brooks Pequea Township La Co Pa 1880” 162 pps Covers 1880-1885. Shoemaking & repairs. [3060 & 2174] Sold For 35.00
  28. Record Book. “Minutes of the New London Missionary Society 1893-1898.” 7 1/4” W x 8 1/2” H x 3/4”. Manuscript minute book, Presbyterian. Black cover, black leather spine & corners. Bought from Andy Kmiec Oct. 1, 2011. [5045] Sold For 15.00
  29. Ledger Written in German Script. 6 1/4” W x 7 5/8” H x 7/8”. 1830-1848. Kept by Jacob Geisel (c.1803-1891), shoemaker in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co. Born in Wurtemburg, Germany, immigrated by 1808 with his father, Jacob Geisel (d.1836). He lived in 1864 & 1875 on the corner of Cider Press Rd. & ___. The library of about 75 German books of Jacob Jr. & Sr. descended to Jacob Jr.’s executor, Joseph Newgard. They were stored in the attic of his farmhouse at Elizabethtown Rd. That property descended to ______ Sauble who willed it to a neighbor Jeff & ___ High. The books were listed and sold at their farm auction on June 15, 2012. Ledger lacking covers.  [5105] Sold For 90.00
  30. Misc. items: 15 manuscript letters written to Jacob Bomberger by various persons, one from Herrenhut, Germany dated 1857, most from JF Fruauff, Eugene Fruauff, dated 1862, 1874, 1863, an 1861 letter mentioned the deaths of Mr. & Mrs. John Bomberger from John Frederic Fruehauff, an undated letter from a schoolboy named Freddy, 1860 from Eliza Gottshall, 1859 letter from Maiann Taunschip, Montgomery Co., Ohio. Also,  Victorian calling cards, Harnishes, Kreiders, etc. Horst Auction, Sept.1992. [1280] Sold For 35.00
  31. 3 Volumes of Odd Fellows Ledgers Sold For 35.00
  32. 2 Ledgers & Diary. 2 Ledgers: #1- 7 3/4” x 6 1/2” x 1/2”. Marbled covers, leather spine. Inscribed “John Bachman” on the cover. Has some scant records kept by John Bachman, cabinetmaker near Willow St.  Records pertain to his guardianship of children of John Steaman, dec’d, starting in 1815. In the center of the ledger are the Aussteier records for John Bachman’s children, all written in English.  #2- 8” x 6 1/2” x 1/2”. Marbled covers, front cover detached. It is filled with the records of Abram Bachman (1843-1922) dating 1868 to 1908. He was a farmer and carpenter and grandson of John Bachman (1775-1849) through son John Bachman (1799-1876). From Esther Goodhart Estate. She lived at Bridgeport. Sold at Horst Auction on Apr. 30, 2003.    Diary of Levi Kirk at Kirk’s Mills, Lancaster Co. dated 1858-1875. 6 3/8”W x 7 3/4”H x 1/2”. Marbled covers, leather spine. Fine condition. Some Civil War news. Horst Auction, Nov. 2007. Records mostly regarding farming operation. [2130 & 4122] Sold For 150.00
  33. Group of 5 Leather Covered Small Account Books. #1- Henry Barr’s accounts with Russel & Geiger, 1853.  Lists paints, chest locks, tools; #2- 1852 Henry Barr, Conestoga, accounts with Reuben S. Rohrer.  Paint, hinges, bed screws.; #3- Cash book for Henry Barr, 1861-1862.; #4- Henry Barr in account with Moses Eaby, 1864-1867.  Groceries at front, butter at back. #5- Henry Barr’s receipt book for 1851-1880.  Mill bill, building a house, names, cabinet work, blacksmith work starting in Conestoga Centre then moving to Intercourse, Leacock Twp.  Note.  I own two copy books and a cabinetmaker’s ledger from the same Henry Barr.  Bought at Horst Auction, George Lyster sale on Feb. 24, 2007. [3043-A-E] Sold For 45.00
  34. 2 Small Ledgers. #1- 6 3/8” L x 3 3/4” x 1/2”.  Marbled board covers, leather spine, loss at base of spine. Book was kept by “Farmer” John Landis (1785-1867) of Lampeter Twp. Front half records the receipts as administrator of the estate of David Groff (1788-1826) (Landis’s brother-in-law), records date 1826-1827, includes receipts from Daniel Lefever for weaving, Robert Evans for smith work, John Christ for a coffin, Peter Andrews for roofing part of house, Abraham Brubaker for 74 days of schooling.  The second half consists of records of estate of Abraham Buckwalter of Lampeter Twp. for 6 rakes for George Mayer, coffin by Jacob Shultz, for Martin Möllinger and repairs at the Meetinghouse, Martin Struble for weaving, Wm Hoar for smith work, Josiah Howard for smith work, Henry Brubaker for making shoes, Jacob Bachman for furniture for Lidea Lemon. Records date 1840-1842. Lee Stoltzfus bought it at Conestoga Auction in 2002.     #2- 6 3/4” x 4” x 1/2”. Of G.L. Reinhold, Marietta, PA. Dated 1879. Apparently doing iron castings, i.e. stew pans, fish kettles, griddles, mortars, etc. Together with a pamphlet of steel furniture by Geo. D. Bernard and Co., St. Louis. Bought from Ken Fortney, Apr. 21, 2002. [1972 & 1981] Sold For 250.00
  35. 3 Unidentified Diaries. #1- for year 1872. 4 1/4”W x 6 1/2”H x 3/16”. Leather cover. Records weather, farming, fencing, etc.   #2- for year 1872. 3” W x 6 3/4” H x 3/8”. Someone living near Strasburg, Lancaster Co.  Frequently mentions Jos. McClure.  Records work, travel.  A list of expenses at the back.  #3- for 1876. 3” x 5 3/4”H x 1/2”. Black cover w/closure. Records travel & farming, vicinity of Strasburg, PA?  Lots of Hesses mentioned: John, Dan, Mosy. [4124 A-C] Sold For 20.00
  36. 3 Fahnestock Diaries. #1- Diary of Jacob B. Fahnestock (1847-1929) for 1881, 3 1/4”W x 5”H x 1/2”. Fahnestock was a farmer in Penn Twp., Lancaster Co. married to Lizzie A. Minnich (1850-1926).  Buried at Longenecker’s Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Lititz.  Pretty well filled with farming & family activities, accounts of hired men & girls. Last page records the death of his 18-month-old son, Abraham M. Fahnestock. Jacob was the son of Samuel Fahnestock, Ephrata Twp. Several excursion broadsides inside rear cover.     #2- Diary of Jacob B. Fahnestock (1847-1929) for 1891.  3 1/4” x 5” x 1/2”. Black wrap-around binding. Pretty well filled. Rear pages record household accounts, costs for building a tobacco shed, record of deaths, etc. A number of tobacco receipts, Penn Twp. Tax receipt, etc. in rear pocket.   #3- Diary of Hiram M. Fahnestock (1876-1974) for 1917. 3” W x 6” H x 1”. Black wrap-around binding. Hiram was the son of Jacob B. & Lizzie A. (Minnich) Fahnestock. Diary records farming activities and a trip to Kansas. Household accounts at the rear. Many receipts, etc. in back pocket. Hiram & wife Lydia K. Graybill are buried at Longenecker’s Church of the Brethren. All bought on Ebay on Dec. 24, 2007 from Jean D’Ambra, Blue Summit Ridge, PA. [4149, 4150 & 4151] Sold For 45.00
  37. 6 Miscellaneous Ledgers Sold For 25.00
  38. File Box Full of Mae Brenneman & Haverstick Records Sold For 40.00
  39. Lot of Receipt Books From 1852-1910, Henry Stoner’s Henry H. Stoner’s and John Stoner’s. Belonged to Uncle Milt (Milton S. Stoner 1885-1973).  From Grandma & Grandpa Horst (Reuben S. & Ida S. Stoner Horst), January, 1971. [278] Sold For 110.00
  40. Large Lot of Paper Ephemera. The following items were purchased from Kelley Elliot, Huntsville, Ohio.  Sold on eBay between Jan. 13, 2013 and April 28, 2013.  Kelley and her husband had purchased a blanket chest about ten years ago.  Inside was a wooden box filled with documents, etc. said to have been owned by a doctor John Kauffman who moved from Lancaster to Richland Co., OH.  I was able to identify him as John Kauffman (1764-1845) of E. Hempfield Twp.  He was a first cousin of three of my ancestors.  About 1791, he married Anna Brubacher, daughter of Christian of Manheim Twp.  By 1792, they were living in MT (Manheim Twp.).  In 1804 & 1805, he was Constable in Hempfield Twp., keeping militia fines.  By 1807, they were back in MT where, in 1811, they built a fine Federal farmhouse, demolished about 1986.  John was a doctor and veterinarian.  He owned a store in Manheim in partnership with his brother, Dr. Michael Kauffman (1767-1839).  Kauffmans sold their Manheim Township farm in 1827, moving to Richland Co., OH.  The documents include bonds from loans, receipts, broadsides, vendue lists, records of seized goods, medicinal receipts, letters from his son, Daniel Wittberger, a Phila. merchant, his brother Michael, his brother David (1770-1846) and nephew Abraham C. Kauffman (1799-1886).  Both Michael and Abraham sent letters from Harrisburg, PA when they were serving in the House of Representatives.  Also, included, is an important family record in German script recording the births of John’s aunts and uncles.  Also, a manuscript veterinary receipt book and his Pow-wow book, dated 1789.  When I received my last purchases, including the box, I was surprised to find a few additional papers that hadn’t sold, plus early eyeglasses, a walnut velvet-lined box—likely for scalpels, a wooden & leather strop for sharpening surgical tools, and a fine decorated iron spoon. (Full listing of items in this lot are available at and with the lot at the auction); 180_ Lancaster Co. Militia fine list for Hempfield Twp., on laid paper. [5202-1-VVV & 5176] Sold For 3,800.00
  41. Tray Lot of 7 Pennsylvania Railroad Items Sold For 25.00
  42. Group of Ephemera. Letter with envelope, written Feb. 17, 1878 by Katie L. Imhoff of Ashland, Ohio to Miss Lizzie A. Parmer; Reward of Merit given to L.A. Parmer by W.W. Busser, 1870; Second Reward of Merit to L.A. Parmer by W.W. Busser; Sunday School card with L.A. Parmer written on reverse; New Testament inscribed for “Lizzie A. Parmer, Bareville, Apr. 6, 1882.” Poor condition, lots of obituaries, etc. in Bible; Small New Testament w/brass clasp, inscribed “Presented to L.A. Parmer by her teacher, W.W. Busser, for attending school every day 7 1/2 mths, 1872”; 1883 Diary by “Lizzie A. Parmer, Bareville, P.O.”; All from Erma Carvell’s sale, Aug. 2011. [5026 & 5027] Sold For 30.00
  43. Tray Lot of Diaries & 4 Pocket Ledgers Sold For 65.00
  44. Tray Lot of Maps Sold For 15.00
  45. 2 Autograph Books. #1- 5 1/4” W x 3 1/4” H x 1/2”. Red and gold embossed covers, spine is taped. 1881-1884. Kept by Anna H. Kauffman (1862-1928), daughter of Christian Kauffman (1827-1902) and Mary Huber (1830-1886) of Manheim. Mary was a cousin of my g-g-grandfather, Henry H. Stoner. Anna mar. John E. Hess (1864-1948). Bought on eBay Mar. 2015 from Jesselyn Yaeger, Murrieta, CA. #2- unidentified. [5359] Sold For 35.00
  46. Pair of Tin-Type Portraits in Gutta-Percha Case. Each 2 3/8” W x 2 7/8” H. Halves are detached from each other. Likely dates 1855-65 & are certainly wedding photos. Probably photos of Henry M. Parmer (1832-1902) and wife Eliza Hoffert (1833-1908). They married in 1858. Erma Carvell’s sale Aug. 13, 2011. [5024] Sold For 20.00
  47. Tray Lot of Miscellaneous Ephemera Sold For 50.00
  48. Wooden Storage Box w/ Letters. 11 1/2” W x 8” H x 4” D. c. 1860. Mahogany, bevel edge on lid is painted black, two gold painted bands on front panel & lid. Interior divider removed. Contains 18 letters, 1880s, addressed to Miss Maggie Bair, New Holland. One letter addressed to Mrs. Maggie Edwards, 15 letters to Ellsworth Edwards, Leaman Place. Bought from Andy Kmiec. Mostly courtship letters between Bair/Edwards. [5044] Sold For 45.00
  49. Photos & Documents. #1- A copy of will of Levi Pownall (17_-1840). from the Pownall Family, a Quaker family from Sadsbury Twp., Lancaster Co. The Pownalls came to Bucks County in 1682 with Wm. Penn. The “Christiana Riot” of 1855 took place on Pownall lands. These documents descended with many others in an inlaid box, in the Townsend family of Phila.    #2- Group of Photos, documents and wallet from Ambrose Pownall (18_-19_) of Sadsbury Twp. His black leather wallet filled with receipts, a deed, 4 photos of Ambrose at his house, & an old copy of his 1850s wedding photo. Bought on eBay Sept. 14, 2016 from Huston’s Antiques, Williamsburg, VA.      #3- 7 Photos of Pownall/Townsend family of Sadsbury Twp. & Phila. Marriage photos of Eveanna Pownall (185_-19_) & husband Howard Townsend (18_-19_), their daughter, Alta Burr (18_-) and her daughter, Helen Burr (19_-). Bought on eBay Sept. 15, 2016 from Huston’s Antiques, Williamsburg, VA.      #4- Group of documents from the Lew, Stoltze, & Perks families of Phila. They married into the Pownall family, whose documents I have. Bought on eBay Dec. 2016 from Huston’s Antiques, Williamsburg, VA. [5478-A, 5495, 5496, 5512-A] Sold For 250.00
  50. Bookplates & Watercolors. #1- Simple bookplate in brown ink. 6 1/8” W x 7 1/2” H. Inscribed by Lorentz Klopffer in Manor Twp. on Mar. 16, 1800. He was born in Sept. 1773. Bought from Ken Leininger, May 17, 2012.    #2-  Folksy water color drawing of a yellow pig with black spots. 5 1/2” L x 3 1/2” H. c. 1830-1860. No inscription. Removed from the Tyson family Bible (They kept it.). Bought by Andy Kmiec from a house call in Chester Co., PA. The family was originally from Lancaster Co. I bought it from Andy on Mar. 29, 2011.    #3- Calligraphic piece, 6 1/4” H X 8” W, laid paper, left side badly chewed. Done in brown ink “Miss Maria Minnich” repeated four times, surrounded with flourishes. Signed “Jacob E. Stauffer (teacher) Mar. 9, 1858.” From Larry Bomberger’s Sale, Nov. 9, 2002.     #4-  Bookplate for Elias Hunsicker.  #5- Watercolor of a lady. [5098, 4990, 2052] Sold For 35.00
  51. Document. 8”W x 10 1/4”H. Citizens of Manheim attesting to character of John Eby, “sixty odd years of age,” a veteran of the War of 1812. Signed by eight residents including surveyor Samuel Ensminger, teacher/Fraktur artist Henry Keyser. [4189] Sold For 45.00
  52. Manuscript Deposition, 1781, from David Whitmer (b.17_), founder of Paradise, against James Porter of Salisbury, N.C., involving non-payment for a horse and wagon. Bought on eBay Feb. 13, 2016 from Dianna Gibson, Rocky Mount., VA. [5445] Sold For 10.00
  53. Archive of 60 Receipts, Ceeds, Notes, Etc. c.1810-1850. Most are from Christian Flick (17_-1837) and son Peter H. Flick, a tinsmith in Lancaster. Included are invoices for his materials and products. Also, for a John Getz tea kettle, Conrad Gast pot, set of chairs from John Weidler. Several docs signed by John Lechler who killed gunsmith Melchior Fordney. Bought on eBay July 2016, Flag Meadow Antiques, Westminster, MD [5485] Sold For 220.00
  1. Family Records Removed From Phila. Bibles. #1- 1830s Phila. German Bible. Records the family of Christian Frank (1820-1887). Bought from Gary Hawbaker, Hershey, PA at the Mennonite Family History Conference on Apr. 21, 2012.      #2- 1840s Phila. German Bible. Jeremiah Light (b.1828) and Elizabeth Kreider, probably Lebanon Co., PA. Includes a cut-out paper hand with a yellow basket weave heart in its palm. Bought from Gary Hawbaker at LMHS conference at the Host Town Motel on Apr. 21, 2012. [5091 & 5092] Sold For 45.00
  2. Fraktur Drawing. 6” W x 5 3/4” H. Folksy drawing of soldier on horseback c. 1840. Andrew Jackson? Done in ink & watercolors, orange, blue, green & burgundy. Overall mottled staining. Bought at a farm sale a few years ago in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co. NW of Erisman’s Mennonite Church. Bought at Black Angus, Joe Ott Oct. 2007. [4098] Sold For 300.00
  3. 3 Pieces of Paper Ephemera. #1- Elizabeth Brackbill silhouette. Bought on eBay 10/22/17 from Gary Hawbaker.    #2- Single sheet multiplication table, 6 1/4” x 4 1/4”, dated 1816, Elizabeth Ranck.  English language. Found inside an early book.  Elizabeth Ranck (1804-1885) lived in Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  Bought on eBay Aug. 29, 2004 from Maurine McGeehan, Narberth, PA.     #3- Woodblock print of Adam and Eve, 5 1/4”W x 4”H.  Naively executed.  Adam and Eve flank the serpent on the tree.  “Ephrata” bird on vine border.  At bottom, text reads, “Mel. herzlich thut mich verlangen, u.”.  The text to the song was obviously removed.  A rare broadside can be attributed to Peter Montelius (1791-1859) working c. 1815 at Reamstown, Lancaster Co.  Bought at Black Angus from Mary Ann Greenly on Oct. 22, 2006.  (An identical (complete) broadside is pictured on p.6 of Der Reggeboge, Vol. 23/1989/1.) [5534, 2600, 2984] Sold For 400.00
  4. Oversized Lancaster Trade Card. 7 1/4” W x 10 1/2” H. “Keplinger & Co…Happy Home Makers…” Front has a boy and girl with a goat. Bought on eBay Oct. 23, 2014 from John Hykes, Franklin Co., PA. [5309] Sold For 25.00
  5. 2 Copies of a Philadelphia Newspaper. Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser.  Oct. 24,1807 and Oct, 26, 1807. Removed from a bound volume, 21 leaves each, separated. Bought on eBay from someone in Florida on June 20, 2003. [2163] Sold For 15.00
  6. Floral Watercolor, 7 1/2” H x 6 3/4” W, on wove paper. Rose, tulips, etc. in red, green, blue, yellow, and purple watercolor. Inscribed in pencil “The Rose” at the base. On the reverse is John F. Stauffer. Edges are rough, finely executed. Came out of the family Bible of Benjamin M. Stauffer (1818-1896) [Hess Inventory #1667].   (Edward) John F. Stauffer (Aug. 6, 1845- May 2, 1903) was son of Benjamin M. Stauffer and Sophia Forney Stauffer (1816-1884) of Warwick Twp. Lancaster, CO.  John F. married Clara Sophia Fondersmith (1844-1914). Their son, B. Grant Stauffer owned the Stauffer Mansion along Lititz Pike in Manheim Township.  Bought from Bob Grabowski, Strasburg, Mar.13, 1999.  Accessioned 2/16/03. [2081] Sold For 15.00
  7. Swiss Tauf-Zedel. 6 3/4” x 6 7/8”. Printed in color: yellow, red, green. “Zu haben bei Ulrich Brechbuhl in Lauperswyl” dated 1853 for Adam Jaggi. On reverse Johannes Reinr? Bought at Black Angus about 2003 from Jack Adamson, Zoar, Ohio. [4092] Sold For 100.00
  8. 2 Pieces of Colonial Currency. #1- Penna. 20 shillings, 2 7/8” W x 3 1/2” H. Dated 1764. Printed by B(enjamin) Franklin and D(avid) Hall. Fold at center, some separation. Good condition.     #2- Penna. 15 shillings, dated 1773. Printed by Hall and Sellers, good condition.  Both bought from John W. Neff, Salunga, PA on Apr. 26, 2012. They were owned by his father-in-law, Raymond S. Hess (1903-1988), probably descended through the Hess or Shenk families. [5089-A & 5089-B] Sold For 825.00
  9. c. 1830s Print of N. Queen St. in Lancaster, PA 9 1/8” x 5 3/4”.  Hand-colored.  The same view that is on my mantle clock in reverse paint on glass.  Bought on eBay on Sept. 30, 2006 from Mel Stierheim, Sheldonville, PA. [2978] Sold For 55.00
  10. German Language Sale Broadside. 10 3/8”W x 8 5/8”H. Public sale on March 14, 1829, printed by Bar.  Public sale for the late Jacob Bamberger…a cow, a bull…cut stone, steps for a house entrance, furniture, etc.  Kathryn Bomberger sale, April 24, 1999 [1746] Sold For 45.00
  11. Broadside, 7 3/8” x 10 3/4”, “Paradise Lyceum …will lecture…in the Public School House near Paradise.”  c.1860. Printed by J.H. Bryson at the Job Printing Office, Lancaster, PA.” Ragged edges, some staining. Bought at Horst Auction Catalog Sale on Nov. 16, 2007. [4118] Sold For 20.00
  12. 4 Broadsides. #1- Broadside by Eusebius Hershey (1823-1891), Mennonite Brethren Missionary to Africa. Printed by ___.    #2- Broadside 5 3/4” W x 9 1/8” H. c.1870-1890. “Encouraging to Peach Growers! Daniel D. Herr…Fairview Nurseries…” Printed by E. S. Kurtz, Printer 425 Church Street. Bought on eBay Dec. 2, 2012 from Bob Leitzel, Hegins, PA.    #3- Broadside. 4 7/8” x 7 5/8” “Students Exhibition Paradise Academy Fri. Evening, Mar. 30, 1860.” Printed by Markley Printer, N.E. corner Centre Square, Lancaster. Lightweight paper, overall toning. Bought on eBay on Nov. 18, 2007 from Sharon Jengchino, Newark, DE.    #4- Small Political Broadside. 3 7/8” W x 11 3/8” H. c. 1874.  At the top is an engraving of the “Lancaster County House” stamped “Bull Ring Ticket.” Below is a list of candidates for county offices. Printed for the contested primary of 1874. Bought on eBay on Jan. 18, 2008 from Norman Kane, Chapel Hill, S.C.  [5511, 5159, 4135, 4164] Sold For 110.00
  13. 2 Taufscheins for Maiden Daughter of John Rupp, cabinet maker of Hanover, York Co. #1- Peter’s certificate for Elisabeth Lissa, b. 1838.     #2- Birth of Elizabeth Ver___, 1842. In very poor condition. Both bought on eBay 11/19/17 from Hampton of Strafford, VA. [5541-A & 5541-B] Sold For 25.00
  14. Lot of Paper Ephemera. #1- Lancaster Trade Card. “Go to Russel and Shulmyer for Best Family Coal…” Front has image of 2 cats and a butterfly. Bought on eBay May 1, 2015.    #2- Lancaster City Trade Card. “Brandt & Co., Hatters.”  Bought on eBay, April 11, 2018 from Zeleyman50.    #3- Lancaster City Trade Card. “D.P. Stackhouse’s Shoes.”  Bought on eBay, April 11, 2018 from Zeleyman50.    #4- Lancaster City Trade Card. “Keystone Wm. Thompson, Jeweler.” Bought on eBay, April 11, 2018 from Zeleyman50.   #5- Textile Label. 4 1/2”W x 6”H. “Conestoga Print Works/Madder Colors.” Vignettes depict the two factory buildings still standing on S. Prince St. Lancaster (Carter-McRae Elementary School). At the bottom is a Conestoga wagon and a locomotive. Bought on eBay on Mar. 25, 2008 from Jerry Striker.   #6- Lancaster Cork Works price list. 3” x 5 1/2” folded. Rose colored cover. Bought on eBay on Nov. 21, 2015 from Myers Collectibles.    #7- Bottle label? John K. Stauffer’s Stomach Bitters, Naperville, Du Page Co, Illinois. 2 1/2” W x 6 1/4” H.  Bought at Gettysburg Antique Center.    #8-  “Feathers Renovated…” Broadside. 6 1/4” x 12”, printed by John Pearsol for Benjamin Henry, 1882. Some staining. Bought on eBay May 18, 2016.     #9- Letterhead. 5 3/4” W x 9” H. Lined paper. “Geo. N. LeFevre, dealer in White Bronze Monuments, Strasburg…” I own various other items related to George LeFevre. Bought on eBay on Feb. 15, 2009 from Karl Stine.    #10- Booklet. “Circular and Catalogue of Linden Hall… Phila., Kings & Baird Printers…1867.” 5 7/8”W x 9 1/8”H. paper covers inscribed “Mary A. Hershey Feb. 11, 1867.” 15 pp., some deterioration across top edge of front cover.   #11-  Sensenich Propeller Catalog, 1946. Fine condition. eBay Aug 2015 from Edward Derr. [5373, 5551-A, B, C, 4192, 5429, 1982, 5472, 4808, 4780, 5412] Sold For 95.00
  15. Tray Lot of Billheads & Advertising from Lancaster, PA Sold For 30.00
  16. Stock Certificate. 7 3/8”W x 7 7/8”H. For 4 shares, “Manheim & Penn Twp. Turnpike Road Company.” Bought by Jacob Bender. Signed by Samuel Sheirk, President. I own Sheirk’s decorated towel. Jacob Bender (1834-1917) was the bachelor brother of my g-g-grandfather Joseph H. Bender. Bought on eBay Mar. 18, 2008 [4190] Sold For 210.00
  17. Stock Certificates#1- Stock Certificates, 1854, for Lanc./Ephrata Plank Rd. #5, 37-41.    #2- 3 Stock Certificates 1854. Lancaster-Ephrata Plank Rd. Issued to 2-Landises, Shenk, Carpenter, Esbenshade.   #3- 5 Stock Certificates 1860 for Lancaster-Ephrata Plank Rd. All are signed by gunsmith Henry E. Lemon.    #4- 5 Stock Certificates, 1860, for Lancaster-Ephrata Plank Rd. All are signed by gunsmith Henry E. Lemon.    #5- 5 Stock Certificates. 1854 issues #1 to #5, Lancaster Ephrata Plank Rd. Co. All bought on eBay from Cynthia Eidam. [5480, 5484, 5489, 5490, 5476] Sold For 260.00
  18. 1760 DocumentFrom Prince Karl of Nassau, Count of Saarbrucken, etc. giving permission to emigrate to Ulrich Ellenberger, a Mennonite, born in Russingen in the district of Kirchheim.  13”H x 16”W, partially printed, partially manuscript.  A typed translated is glued to one half of the sheet.  Has folds & tears.  Bought on eBay May 17, 2006 from Albany, NY.  When Horst Gerlach visited, he said that Ellenberger was preacher at Weirhof, Germany. [2925] Sold For 30.00
  19. 2 Stock Certificates. #1- 12 1/8” D x 8 1/4” H for 500 shares of Lancaster & Beaver River Oil & Mining Co., of Penna. Dated Dec. 19, 1865. Signed Joseph H. LeFevre. Losses to left edge. Bought on eBay Mar. 23, 2013 from Douglas McDonald, Fallon, Nevada.     #2- 10 1/8” W x 8 1/4” H, for the United Ice Co. of Lancaster, PA. Unused, dated 190_. Bought on eBay Mar. 24, 2013 from Frantz Gary. [5192 & 5193] Sold For 35.00
  20. Undecorated Vorschrift. 7 1/4” x 6 1/2” on laid paper. Religious text, alphabet & numerals.  “hempviel den 7th martz anon 1789 geschrieben von mir Petter Mosser”.  Inscription on reverse:  “Henrich Mosser Petter Mosser (3 times).  Badly stained along the bottom.  Bought on eBay Jan. 3, 2007 from Texas.  Dave Johnson says that Peter Mosser is the Lancaster Co. Vorschrift artist. [3030] Sold For 80.00
  21. PA German Broadside. 7 1/2”W x 10”H. “Ein Lied Von der Taufe”. Printed c.1820s by HW Villee, Lancaster. Poor condition. 4” x 1 1/2” piece is missing from upper left.  Horst Auction Center, Ephrata, PA, July 12, 2006. [2939] Sold For 75.00
  22. Broadside. 14 3/8” x 22”. “Look at this map of West Lancaster.” Early 1900s advertising lots for sale off Columbia Ave. in Lancaster’s West End. Bought on eBay on Oct. 25, 2009 from Ian Brabner, Delaware. [4862] Sold For 30.00
  23. Important Manuscript Will, 15 1/8”W x 12 1/2”H, of Henry Weber (1690-1745) of Earl Twp., Lancaster Co. Undated, but recorded in 1745 Will Book A-1-97. Written in German script by witness Beni Landis (Preacher Benjamin Landis (1697-1781)), brother-in-law of Henry Weber. Will identifies his wife as Mattellena Kündigin, and lists the children. His brother, Jacob Weber, and brother-in-law, Henry Kendig, are named executors. He signed it “HW” witnessed by Beni Landis, Heinrich Kendig, and Hans “H” Weber. I am descended from five of his children, also from Beni Landis & Heinrich Kendig. This document was never translated and entered in the will books. It has been missing for a least 100 years. As researchers have been unable to locate it. It was found among a group of papers from the Clinton Family in New York State. [4852] Sold For 140.00
  24. 1764 Deed to the Christian Wenger Homestead in W. Earl Twp. signed by Immigrant Christian, wife Eva, & neighbor Immigrant Jos. Horst (1723-1804).  All ancestors of mine.  Conestoga Auction Co.  Sept. 26, 1988. [933-A] Sold For 3,200.00
  25. Deed Release on Sheepskin, 14 1/4” x 24 3/4”L.  A 1734 deed from Hans and Feronica Herr to Ann Sowter for 234 a. (part of an 1100 acre tract in Stasburg Twp.) Signed by “land agent” Hans Herr (1685-1756), his wife Feronica Brackbill. Witnessed by his brother Christian Herr (builder of 1719 house), and Ulrich Brackbill (1703-1739). The John Herrs and Ulrich Brackbills are ancestors of mine. Bought on eBay from Anthony Amorosi, Playa Del Ray, Calif. on Jan. 4, 2004. [2256] Sold For 2,000.00
  26. Lancaster Co. Deed. 25 1/4”W x 18 3/4”H on vellum. Dated Sept. 25, 1779 for 2 acres in Manor Twp. From Samuel Herr (1722-1787) and wife Anna (Hershey) to Jacob Kauffman, miller.  A part of 247 acres patented in 1760 to Samuel Hare. This is apparently the mill property at “Windom,” the famous farmstead along Rt. 999 south of Millersville. Jacob Kauffman succeeded his father-in-law, Samuel Herr, as a miller. Samuel was the brother of my g-g-g-g-g-grandmother Frances (Herr) Eshleman. I bought it at the Log Cabin Trading Post near Adamstown, PA, Dec. 1, 2007. [4139] Sold For 120.00
  27. Deed Dated June 30, 1790 for lot # 283 in town of Manheim from Martin and Margaret Yetter to Susanna Yetter.  Adj. lot of Samuel Stoufer (clock maker), 20 5/8” x 17”. Tears and tape stains at folds.  Martin Yetter was an employee of Stiegel Glass House and F.W.Hunter believed that he was one of Stiegel’s glass paint decorators. Bought at Lebanon Valley Antique Depot, Apr. 17, 2001. [1899] Sold For 30.00
  28. Sheepskin Deed, 14 1/2” H x 25 5/8” W. For 31 acres in Manheim Twp. Lancaster Co., Pa.  Sold by Baltzar and Mary Engle Fetterhoff to my ancestor, Benjamin Landis (1730-1787), dated March 30, 1774.  Fine condition, has the signatures and two wax seals of the Fetterhoffs, also signature of James Gibbons and Mathias Slough. I received it from Russ and Corinne Earnest in trade for a Peter Montelius confirmation certificate, and a Susanna Cox broadside, on July 22, 2000. [1844-A] Sold For 160.00
  29. Vellum Deed From 1761 in Donegal Township, John Kreider, Etc. Sold For 70.00
  30. 2 Lancaster Deeds. #1- 15” x 20” sheepskin. From Samuel Bowman & Catherine to Benjamin Bowman for 2 acres in Cocalico. Partially printed, has a hole in it. Dated 1784. Samuel (1743-1807) was selling to his brother Benjamin (1732-1809). Samuel was married to Catherine Landis, sister of my ancestor Benjamin Landis. His brother, John Landis, witnessed the deed.   #2- 15” x 16 3/4”. For 43 1/2 a. in Cocalico Twp. 1769 from John & Margaretha Bowman to their son Benjamin Bowman. Deed is signed Jan Baùman. Partially printed, has a large mouse hole in center. John Bowman (1703-1771) was the head of the householder Bowman family at the Ephrata Cloister. Both bought from J.D. Wissler of Millway on Jan. 25, 2008. He bought them in a lot at Horst Auction Catalog Sale earlier in the day. [4169-A, 4169-B] Sold For 120.00
  31. 1769 Lebanon Co. Deed. 24” x 14”, sheepskin. Christian & Elizabeth (Hess) Bomberger, 365 acres to Joseph Hurst. This was sold a few years ago at the Peter Horst sale. I bought a patent and a related deed there. [5436] Sold For 70.00
  32. 2 Vellum Deeds #1- 1796 John Stauffer and Martin Melinger to Christian Stauffer, 76 a. in Lampeter Twp., Lanc. Co, part of 166 acres purchased in 1776 by Jacob Witmer, dec’d….  #2- Jacob Stauffer to Henry Buckwalter, 90 acres in Lampeter Twp., a portion of the 1776 tract.  Both are in fine condition.  Martin Mellinger (1752-1842) was an important deacon in the Mennonite Church. Mellinger’s Meetinghouse took its name from him.  Bought at Horst Auction on Sept. 4, 2004, Lot #67. [2598] Sold For 120.00
  33. Sheepskin Deed. 26”W x 32”H. Dated July 28, 1784. From Jacob & Henry Light, Exrs. of John Saylor to John Light, Sr. for three tracts in Lebanon Twp., Lancaster Co.  Ink is very pale. Bought on eBay on June 4, 2006 from Tom & Cindy Stone. [2931] Sold For 120.00
  34. Group of 3 Deeds. #1- 1751 Deed for 42 acres in Manheim Twp. From Johan and Frena Snevly to Benjamin Landis. 20” W x 12 3/4” H.  A portion of a 337acre patent to John Snavely. The Snavelys are my g-g-g-g-g-great grandparents through daughter Ann married to Benjamin Landis. I own their 1596 Zurich Bible. Horst Auction Nov. 16, 2007.     #2- 1802 Deed for 18 1/2 acres in Manheim Twp. From George Graff to James Hopkins. 17 1/4”W x 21 1/2” H, partially printed.    #3- 1828 Deed for 2 acres in town of Manheim from Jacob & Peter Blattenberger to Susanna Blattenberger. 18”W x 22”H. Handwritten, separated at folds. Horst Auction.  Nov. 16, 2007. [4119-A, B, C] Sold For 400.00
  35. 1812 Sheepskin Deed from Pre. Christian Risser (d. 1826) to Pre. John Hess (1768-1830). Both men are my g-g-g-g-grandfathers.  For a tract of 147 acres in Warwick Twp. This farm is located on the corner of Clay and Hackman Rds.  It descended to son John Hess (1791-1831), thence to son Jacob R. Hess (1816-1877). Deed has short silk ribbons and wax seals. It is apparently an unrecorded deed.  Bought at Horst Auction on Dec. 17, 2001. [1944] Sold For 1,300.00
  36. 2 Deeds. #1- Hempfield Twp. 1840 John & Susan Schwarr to Martin Schwarr. 
    #2- 1814 Martin & Ann Schwarr to Christian Schwarr for 26 acres. Both Horst Auction, lot #260 May 30, 2008. [4223-A & B] Sold For 40.00
  37. 3 Lancaster County Deeds#1- 1770 Deed for Donegal land. Jacob Downer (Dohner) & Elisabeth Downer to Martin Snider.   #2- 1787 Deed for Donegal Twp. Land. Martin Snider, weaver & wife Catharine, to Daniel Longenecker.    #3- 1768 Deed for Manor Twp. Land. Heirs of Christian Herr (d.1763) to Abraham Herr. Signed by heirs including Hans Bachman & Emanuel Herr (owner of the 1768 schrank). All bought at Klinefelter’s Auction, Lebanon, PA on Mar. 11, 2008. Lot #408, estate of A.L. Hanford. [4188-A, B, E] Sold For 50.00
  38. 2 Vellum Deeds. #1- 1769 between John & Catherine Paull and John Boghman for 2 acres in Strasburg Twp., signed by Hanss Paul and Abraham Newcomer. 27” W x 15 3/8” H. some staining. Recorded in 1784. I received in trade with 3 Manheim Twp. deeds from Jack Kraft for an 1820s letter written by his ancestor Abraham Landis. He visited Jan., 2014.     #2- 1769 between Abram and Ann Newcomer and John Pawele (Paul) for 2 acres in Strasburg Twp., signed by the Newcomers and Johannes Bachman, with wax seals. Fine Condition. 27” W x 14 7/8” H. Recorded in 1784. I received in trade with 3 Manheim Twp. deeds from Jack Kraft for an 1820s letter written by his ancestor Abraham Landis. He visited Jan., 2014. [5262-A & B] Sold For 95.00
  39. 2 Deeds. #1- 1747 Penn Patent from Thomas & Richard Penn to Hannes Landus for 100 a. in Cocalico Twp. Vellum, with silk ribbon and paper covered wax seal. Signed by James Hamilton. 26” W x 11 1/4” H.     #2-1794 Deed from Jacob and Elisabeth Landes and John Mohler for several tracts in Cocalico Twp. Unrecorded, 23” W x 26” H, vellum. Both Horst Auction Catalog, lot #315, Sept. 28, 2013. [5244-A & B] Sold For 375.00
  1. Lot of Deeds. #1- 1832 Deed from John and Barbara Brehm to Benjamin Brubacher for 10 acres in Rapho Twp. on form printed by H.W. Villee, Lancaster.   #2- 1842 Deed from John Krall and Catherine Hassler to Samuel Nissley for 100 acres in Rapho Twp. signed by Fraktur artist Henry Keyser.   #3- 1851 Deed from Daniel and Adam Danner to Michael Schwartz for outlot #8, 2 acres in Manheim, on a form printed by John Bear, signed by Henry Keyser.  #4- 1851 Deed from Daniel and Adam Danner to Henry Eshleman for outlot #10, 2 acres in Manheim, on a printed form infilled and signed by Henry Keyser.  #5- 1844 Deed from Joseph and Elizabeth Peiffer to Andrew Garber for lot #108, same lot as sheriff sold in 1834 as property of John Long, probably the Manheim lamp maker, on a form printed by John Bear. #6- 1843 Deed from Abraham Shearer, blacksmith, and wife Catharine to Solomon Sharb for 35 acres in Rapho, handwritten. All Ex: Larry Bomberger. Bought from Gene Hayes June 20, 2013. [5216- B, C, E, F, H, I] Sold For 45.00
  2. Lot of Deeds. #1- 1815 Deed from John Rice, joiner, & Mary to John Eberle, doctor for 2 acres outlot #13 in Manheim. On the reverse is a deed from Eberle to Emanuel Dyer (the elder), joiner. Both were written by David Kauffman, whose brother, Dr. Michael Kauffman, witnessed it.   #2- 1839 Deed from Samuel Deyer, house carpenter, & Ann to John White, wagon maker for 4 acres #2 outlot in Manheim, on form printed by W.T. Smyth witnessed by Samuel Ensminger Sr. & Jr.   #3- 1804 Deed release from heirs of Thomas Connely to William Connely for 42 acres in Rapho Twp., signed by 5 heirs and spouses, witnessed by Peter Brubacher, all hand written. Thomas Conelly was an Irish servant boy whose descendants, the Conleys, are a major family among the River Brethren.   #4- 1832 Deed from John Miller, pump maker and Catharine to Philip Arndt for lot #5 in Manheim, printed by W.C. Smyth. On reverse is an 1840 transfer from Philip and Elizabeth Arndt to George Arndt. All bought on July 25, 2013 from Gene Hayes. He bought them at Larry Bomberger’s sale. [5220-A, B, D, F] Sold For 65.00
  3. 2 Manheim Twp. Deeds. #1- Sheepskin, 1786, heirs of Martin Phyfer to John Phyfer, 230 acres. This is the deed to the property off Buch Ave. where John Peiffer built a brick house in 1799. Signed by heirs including daughter Ann Peiffer who married David Steiner who owned the Stoner house in Overlook Park. A large chunk of the deed is missing.    #2- Deed for 38 acres in Manheim Township from George Weaver & William Michael in 1811 to James Hopkins. [4221-A & B] Sold For 60.00
  4. Deed, 27 1/2”W x 15 1/2”H.  Dated 1832 from Christian Heistand and Jonas Bucher, administrators for the estate of Jacob Greider of E. Hempfield Twp. Deeding 81 a. to Abraham Long. Signed by Jonas Bucher (1783-1864) my great, great, great, great grandfather. I moved his 1829 springhouse to my front lawn about 1989. Bought on eBay on Aug. 30, 2007 from Michael Wonders, York, PA. [4085] Sold For 65.00
  5. 2 Deeds. Deed 1859, from Samuel Horst & wife to John Hollinger for 5 a. & 50 perches in Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster Co. Printed by Joseph Shirk, printer, E. Earl Twp., Lancaster Co.  Samuel Horst (1832-1902) and Magdalena Horst (1833-1902) are my great-great-grandparents. Deacon John Hollinger was the husband of Esther Horst, a sister of my g-g-g-grandfather Jacob M. Horst (1842-1919). Deed is unrecorded.    #2- 1795 Deed. Philip Adam Rank & wife to John Rank Jr. for 3 1/2 acres in Earl Twp. Lancaster Co. Partially printed on sheepskin. Bought on eBay July 2007 from Wm. Stockhoff, Cincinnati, OH [5147 & 4047] Sold For 60.00
  6. Vellum Deed. 21” W x 15 3/4” H. 1773 between Martin & Magrey Bear and Thomas Stonerod for 124 acres in Martic Twp., Lancaster Co. An unrecorded deed signed by the Bears with wax seals. Fine condition. Bought from Gene Hayes on Jan. 27, 2914. [5261] Sold For 160.00
  7. 4 Deeds.  #1- Heirs of Henry Weber to Henry (Heine) Weber 1758, #2- Deed release from Johann & Eva Whisler to Henry Weaver for 183 acres in Earl Twp. #3- 1800 Deed from John & Mary Shirk to Henry Weaver, Jr. 6 1/4 acres.  #4- 1789 Weaver Deed. [1012] Sold For 60.00
  8. 3 Miscellaneous Deeds Sold For 25.00
  9. Deed. 17 1/2” x 22 1/2” on wove paper.  Dated 1831.  From Harriet A. Grubb, widow of Henry B. Grubb to George Long, 87a. in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  Has some tearing at folds. [3039-A] Sold For 15.00
  10. Deed From 1800 in the Town of Manheim Sold For 25.00
  11. 4 Pieces of Paper Ephemera #1- Printed license, 5 1/2” W x 2 5/8” H dated 1838. Licensing Peter Haldeman (1801-1868) as a merchant.  #2- Printed license, 5 1/2” W x 2 5/8” H dated 1835-7 for Peter Haldeman (1801-1868).   #3- An 1815 Receipt for funeral items for John Swisher dec’d.  #4- An 1815 receipt for calling the vendue of John Swizer, dec’d. All bought at Horst Auction, lot #374 on Nov. 16, 2007. [4121-A,B,D,E] Sold For 25.00
  12. Deeds #1- 1779 Samuel & Anna Herr deeds. Manor Twp. land at Windom. 27” w x 17” H. Samuel Herr (17__-178_). Purchased on eBay 3/5/17 from Jay Greinsky, ____.          #2- Sheepskin Deed. Lancaster Twp. Benjamin Hershey, Jr. & Magdalena to Andrew Bausman, 1784. This is the deed for the Bausman farm at Bausman. Originally warranted to Hans Tube whose 1552 Froschauer Bible is in my collection. Benjamin was the son of Bishop Benjamin Hershey (1697-1789). Deed is in rough shape. Lot #262 at Horst Auction, 5/30/08. Signed by William Henry, colonial gunsmith. [5520 & 4220] Sold For 200.00
  13. 2 Lancaster Co. Deeds. #1- 22 1/2”W x 17 3/4”H, parchment. Form was printed by George Getz, Reading. 1827 deed from Henrich Landes of Cocalico Twp., exec. of his father, Benjamin Landis, of Heidelberg Twp., Lebanon Co., PA for 5 acres sold to Peter Reim. I believe that Henrich Landis is my g-g-g-g-grandfather, the Henry Landis (1778-1856) who lived along the Cocalico in Warwick Twp. Has tears at the folds. Bought on eBay Dec. 5, 2007 from William Payne Antiques, Fayetteville, PA.   #2- 1774 Printed Deed. Printed in Lancaster by Francis Bailey for Elijah Wickersham for a lot in the town of Port Royal, Lancaster Co. (present-day Juniata Co.). 20 3/4” x 16 1/4”. Separations at the folds. Strong printing. Found it on Bought it on Nov. 3, 2007 from Gordon Hopkins Americana, Yardley, PA. Note: the wood-block heading is identical to the one on my 1766 Ephrata Cloister Deed. [4140 & 4110] Sold For 80.00
  14. Rare Lancaster German Imprint, 1832 by Johan Bär.  Getreide-Berechner. Blue paper covers, good condition. Bought on eBay Jan. 12, 2016 from Bob Grabowski, Lancaster, PA. [5439] Sold For 300.00
  15. Important Schoolmaster’s Roll Book. 6 1/4” W x 7 7/8” H, paper covers, 16 pages. Front cover titled, “School book for Martin Immel. Beginning with the 23 day of Sept, 1806.” Rear cover has a water-color of a schoolhouse in red, black, and green. Martin Immel (c. 1759-18__) was a Mennonite Fraktur artist in Manor Twp. I own 3 frakturs by Immel. The book contains detailed records of his students, their attendance and payment. I own an 1806 bookplate for Christian Eschbach (b.1794). He and 3 siblings appear in the book. Ganser Library at Millersville U. owns Immel’s 1815-16 volume. John Tannehill has several including an 1809-1810. Bought on eBay June 22, 2014 from Reg Good, Kitchener, Ontario. [5279] Sold For 210.00
  16. Sample Cigar Box Labels, printed c. 1890s by Joseph E. Hertgen of the Lancaster Lithographing Co. #1- “Our Standard” 8”L x 6”H printed in blue and gold. In fine condition. #2- Has an elaborate red and gold border. In fine condition. #3-  8” L x 6 “H “Habana.” Has an oval with a still life of a cigar, a rose, a shield, some coins, and a Habana banner. In fine condition.  Lee Stoltzfus bought them at the Lititz Outdoor Antique Show on Sept. 1, 2007. [4082-A,B,C] Sold For 10.00
  17. Pressed Cardboard Advertising Elephant. 9 1/2” L x 6” H with paper label “Compliments of Landisville Coach Works, Landisville, PA.” Piece of tape at the top of the label. It was sold at the sale of Anna Koser, Landisville. Bought on eBay on Oct. 3, 2007 from Denise Walters, Landisville, PA. [4097] Sold For 60.00
  18. Calendar Advertising Hess & Bear in Lititz, PA Sold For 60.00
  19. Fraktur Motto, 4 1/4” x 3 1/4”, having red lettering and a red & yellow border that is typical of Christian Strenge’s work. Inscribed “Andreas Zug” on reverse. Andrew Zug (17_-1824) was Church of the Brethren. Bought on eBay Feb. 21, 2016 from Candace Perry, Director of the Schwenkfelder Museum & Library. [5449] Sold For 110.00
  20. Early American Paper Currency. 4” x 2 1/2”. Twenty shilling note. Commonwealth of Penna., 1785.  Printed by Francis Bailey (c.1735-1815) of Phila….  Fine condition.  Bought at live auction via eBay.  Heritage Currency Auctions of America held Jan., 2007 at Orlando, FL. [3028] Sold For 100.00
  21. 3 Pieces of Paper Ephemera. #1- Catalog. “Penna. State Normal School Millersville, Penna. 1875-76.” Printed by Inquirer Printing, Lancaster. 5 3/4” W x 9” H x 1/8”. Paper covers. Staining to covers. Bought on eBay Aug. 17, 2008 from Brian C. Morris, Stroudsburg, PA.     #2-1878 Linden Hall School Catalog. 24 pp., paper covers. Front cover detached. Bought on eBay Apr. 25, 2009 from Ronald Allen, Knoxville, TN.       #3- Rare Lancaster Imprint. “Life in Southern Prisons, From the Diary of Corporal Charles Smedley…” Printed by Piersol and Geist (Lancaster), 1865. Paper wraps, dog-eared corners. Bought from Andy Kimec on Apr. 3, 2009. [4252, 4835, 4817] Sold For 75.00
  22. Tray Lot of Books Sold For 10.00
  23. Group of Letters Written to Peter Haldeman (1801-1868), merchant in Columbia, Lancaster Co., PA. 179 pieces dating 1849-1850. Many are water damaged. Mostly from Phila. & Baltimore and reference debts, butter, fish, etc. Bought at Horst Auction Nov. 16, 2007. [4120] Sold For 15.00
  24. 2 Berks County Land Draughts Sold For 10.00
  25. 5 Brecknock Twp, Lancaster Co. Land Draughts Sold For 25.00
  26. 4 Bowmansville, Lancaster Co. Land Draughts Sold For 15.00
  27. 3 Lancaster Co. Land Draughts Sold For 15.00
  28. Land Draught. Paper on linen. 16”W x 21”H. “The property of Christian Snyder” Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, c.1840. Christian Snyder (1808-1868) was my g-g-g-grandfather. Piece is in poor condition, tears, losses, etc. Bought at Mark Hershey sale on Apr. 17, 2008. [4203] Sold For 10.00
  29. 3 Notes Between John Weaver & John Bair Sold For 25.00
  30. 5 Promissory Notes or Agreements Sold For 10.00
  31. Will of Henry Kern, Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co. Sold For 25.00
  32. 3 Groups of Letters Sold For 10.00
  33. 2 Berks Co. Documents. 1 related to a debate on “should slavery be abolished or not” Sold For 15.00
  34. Petition by William Bleystone for a tavern license , Lebanon Co. Sold For 10.00
  35. Family Records for Lobach Family & Blattenberger Family Sold For 10.00
  36. Tray Lot of Manuscript Documents Sold For 25.00
  37. Tray Lot of 2 Ledgers Sold For 10.00
  38. Tray Lot of Manuscript Documents Sold For 10.00
  39. Group of 240 Receipts, Invoices, Notes For a General Store in Little Britain Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  Dating c.1832-1844.  Merchants were Jeremiah B. Haines (b.1780’s) and Lewis Haines.  Jeremiah appears in the 1830 & 1840 censuses in Little Britain.  Receipts include medicines, alcohol, textiles, pottery, glassware, nails, hats, bonnets, etc.  The most interesting items are pottery invoices from Eli Haines at Rising Sun Pottery.  Most accounts were in Philadelphia or Baltimore.  A few from Lancaster.  Bought from Jim E. Hess, Lititz, PA on Dec. 19, 2006. [3022] Sold For 210.00
  40. Single Sheet of Paper. 12 1/4” x 7 5/8”. Two-sided calculations for surveying by Ezra Burkholder (1826-1890) of Farmersville, Lancaster Co., PA. bought from Penny Thomas at Paradise Village Antiques on July 22, 2007. [4051] Sold For 45.00
  41. Calligraphy Booklet. 12” H x 7 1/2” W. 16 pages. Henry M. Stehman. [5529] Sold For 60.00
  42. Lot of Paper Ephemera. #1- Manuscript Letter in German dated March 4, 1809. Pfullingen (Germany), addressed to “my dear Jacob” at Martin Meyer’s in Cocalico Twp. It is signed by Old Jacob Geisel, Johann Georg Geisel, Anna Geiselrin, Hns Georg Keppeler, Catharina, Ursela. 7 1/4” x 9”.    #2- A note on laid paper. 6 1/4” x 2 1/2”. Addressed to “Schwester Catharina, a presentation of a book, signed Jacob Mart(in). Likely refers to Sister Catharina Böhler (c.1734-1763) and Brother Jacob Martin (1725-1790), both members of the Ephrata Cloister. On the reverse are multiple signatures of Jacob Geisel Sr.   #3- A receipt dated Mastersonville, April 25, ’91, from Adam S. Shaffer to Joseph Newgard for a “coffin and keeping the body of Jacob Geasel, deceased.”   #4- A bank check dated July 31, 1888 for $100 due Emanuel Lehnhart from Aaron Sauble. Manheim National Bank.   #5- Four-page German letter dated May 6, 1852 and signed by Jacob Geisel. 8” W x 12 3/8” H.  #6- German script letter dated Rapho Twp. June 6, 1852 signed by Johann M. Glessing. 13 1/8” W x 9 1/2” H. Document is stained. It mentions going to California, letters from Europe, etc. All from Jeff High sale, June 15, 2012. Lot #462. [5109-A, C, D, E, F, G] Sold For 65.00
  43. Group of Hershey Family Records.  Apparently compiled c.1905 for Scott F. Hershey. Family of Abraham Hershey (1790-1869) of Sporting Hill, Rapho Twp. Includes a black ink birth record for Horace Hershey b. 1849 by Frederick Mittleman in 1854. Also a copy of Scott Hershey’s “History and Records of the Hershey Family” printed about 1909. Bought on eBay. Jan. 26, 2010 from George Parzygnat, Lansing, Illinois. [4869] Sold For 35.00
  44. 3-Page Family Bible Record with 1835 Kimber & Sharpless title page. It has records of Deacon Isaac Brubaker (1817-1896) and Rebecca H. Hershey (1815-1850). I own her castle wheel and yarn winder. Bought on eBay Oct. 25, 2015 from Gary Hawbaker, Hershey, PA. [5422] Sold For 50.00
  45. Manuscript Inventory of Dr. Henry H. Kreider (d.1823) of Bloomsburg, PA. 7 3/4”W x 11 3/4”H. 4 leaves. Extensive record of his medicines, tools, and library. Dr. Kreider arrived in Bloomsburg in 1816. I own his c.1790 westcoat. Unfortunately, none of his clothing is listed in the inventory. Bought on eBay on Dec. 28, 2007 from Susan Wenner, Mifflinburg, PA.  [4155] Sold For 10.00
  46. Manuscript Vendu list, 1786 for Jacob Becker in Lebanon Twp., Dauphin Co., PA. Executors Michael Shenk, Joseph Bamberger. Michael Shenk (1720-1740) of Heidelberg Twp., Lebanon Co. is my g-g-g-g-g-g-uncle. Has 3 leaves. 8”W x 13”H. Has a second accounting. 2 leaves 7 3/4” x 12 3/4”. Bought on eBay on Feb. 3, 2007 from Chris Wilson, Dunn Loring, VA. [4180] Sold For 100.00
  47. Land Draught. 18” W x 22 1/2” H. Drawn in 1872 for Amos & Martin Grube for land in East & West Hempfield & Rapho Twps. Includes a mill site. Drawn by Martin N. Brubacher (1835-1932), brother of Bishop Jacob N. Brubacher. Mill was located to the south side of Rd. 23 near Drager Rd. Bought at Renningers, Jan. 11, 2009. [4797] Sold For 25.00
  48. Lot of Paper Ephemera. #1- Unusual copy of direct tax for a farm owned by my 4th great grandfather, Rev. John Hess (1768-1830).  The farm was located in Warwick Twp. just west of Rothsville.  The return was signed by Paul Zantzinger, July 18, 1801.  17 3/8”w x 10 1/4”H.   #2- A land draught, c.1810, 6 1/8”W x 6”H on laid paper.  For 10 acres in Warwick Twp. owned by Christian Hess (1789-1855).   #3- Land draught, 1825, 6 3/4”W x 8 1/8”H for 5 acres in Warwick Twp. sold by Martin Balmer to Christian Hess, drawn by Christian H. Rauch.   #4- Land draught, 1825, 6 5/8”W x 8”H for 4 acres in Warwick Twp. sold by Martin Balmer to John Koch.  Drawn by Christian H. Rauch. Bought from Gene Hays, Lititz, on May 11, 2012.  [5094-A,B,C,D] Sold For 55.00
  49. Group of 7 Manuscript Receipts for Martin Bard, Lancaster Tavern Keeper, dated 1787, 1787, 1798, 1798, 1803, 1803, & 1817. For purchases of Lisbon wine, rum, brandy, and cider. Bought on eBay Mar. 2013 from Kent Smith, Mount Airy, MD. [5195] Sold For 15.00
  50. 2 Land Draughts. #1- 13 1/2” W x 8 1/8” H. Laid paper, c. 1790? For 23 acres in Cocalico Twp., part of 790 acres patented to Peter Sherrick from a 1736 survey, 238 acres from the estate of Caspar Sherk to John Schwar.    #2- 12 3/8” W x 7 3/8” H. Laid paper with a large watermark. For Peter Sherrick 790 a. in Cocalico Twp. Document is c. 1760? It is separated at folds. Both Horst Auction Center. [5113 A & B] Sold For 35.00
  51. 2 Land Draughts. #1- 1898, for David Hershey for 232 Acres in W. Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co.  16 7/8”W x 19”H. Done on a glazed paper. Has a blue creek & red highlights. Drawn by Martin N. Brubaker, brother of Bishop Jacob N. Brubacher.  Bought on eBay June 26,2005 from Sheryl Jaeger, Tolland, CT.    #2- Land draught, 8 3/4” H x 17 1/2” W, dated Oct. 6, 1825 for 103 acres in Earl Twp. drawn for Moses Weber by David Witwer (1765-1829). David was a brother to two of my ancestors, Daniel Witwer (1768-1814) & Jonas Witwer (1763-1845). The Witwer Genealogy notes that David was a surveyor. Bought from Chris Hannon on Feb. 19, 2004. [2747 & 2285] Sold For 10.00
  52. 2 Documents. #1- 1861 Deed release from Samuel Flickinger to Joseph Lehn for 2 acres in Elizabeth Township, part of 142 acres formerly of Moses Bomberger. Signed by Flickinger. Lehn purchased the land in 1850. Received from R. Martin Keen as partial trade for 1760 Christian Herr deed April, 2016.    #2- Mortgage Document. 15” W x 13” H. A printed form. Between Peter and Ann Hershey of Donegal Twp. and Christian and Benjamin Hershey of Warwick Twp. Dated 1807. All three are sons of Christian Hershey (1719-1782). I’m descended from Benjamin. Has tears at folds and stains. A gift from R. Martin Keen on June 3, 2012. [5465 & 5104] Sold For 95.00
  53. Tavern License. 12 1/2”W x 13”H. printed by Francis Bailey (c.1735-1815) probably in Philadelphia, PA. Gov. Thomas McKean grants George Kintzel of Donnegall (sic) Twp., Lancaster Co…to keep a Public House. Dated Aug. 15, 1808. Some acid-burn on edges from being in a frame. Bought on eBay Apr. 2008 from Terry Drachbar. [4200] Sold For 130.00
  54. Calendar & 2 Broadsides. #1- Calendar. 1907. B.H. Hershey Coal, Manheim, PA. 11” W x 15” H. Months are intact. Top portion is a color-tinted image of Ben Hershey on a wagon loaded with coal being pulled by two horses. Benjamin Hostetter Hershey was the grandfather of Ben Hershey of Manheim. I have numerous items from Ben’s sale. Bought on eBay on May 28, 2008 from James E. Sadler, Mechanicsburg, PA.    #2- Broadside, 6” x 8”, late 19th century, “Jacob Lehman’s recipe for making chickens lay. Mastersonville.” Edge losses, separation & stains. Bought on eBay Sept.1, 2016 from Robert Shaefer, Bowie, MD.   #3- Broadside for “Lititz Academy for Young Gentlemen”.  8”W x 10”H.  Has description of the schooling and list of fees.  c. 1860.  John Beck & Abraham R. Beck, principals.  Also included is a letter written by John F. Stauffer to Andrew dated Feb. 2 (18)63.  Upper right corner of letter was cut out.  Bought on eBay Dec. 17, 2005 from Chris Wilson, Dunn Loring, VA.  The broadside was folded and may have been mailed with the letter. [4214, 5492, 2849] Sold For 40.00
  55. 2 Pieces of Paper Ephemera. #1- Broadside. 1905 Specimen Ballot for Democrats, Lancaster, PA. Bought on eBay Dec. 28, 2014 from Jan Felker, Middleburg, PA.   #2- Stock receipt.  6”L x 2 3/4”H.  $70.  Received from John Mann for last installment on one share of stock in the “Company for erecting a bridge over the River Susquehanna at or near the town of Columbia…” dated Jan. 10, 1814.  Printed by Wilson Printer, Columbia.  Folded in half and torn at fold.  Bought at Black Angus on Sept. 10, 2006 from Bruce Shoemaker.  [5335 & 2964] Sold For 15.00
  56. 2 Land Draughts. #1- Land Draft. 8” x 8”. Brown ink on laid paper. Dated 1816. Drawn by David Kauffman for my 4-great grandfather, John Hess (1768-1830), for 16 ½ acres in Warwick Twp. Bought on eBay on Sept. 16, 2011 from Stuart Caplan, Owings Mills, MD.  #2- Another Land Draft. [5039] Sold For 20.00
  57. 2 Pieces of Paper Ephemera. #1- 1754 document. Jacob Myer & John Stohler, Leb. Cty., 14 1/2” x 11 3/4”. Bought on eBay 3/26/17 from Shadows Choice.     #2-1775 Bond. 9” W x 13” H. Printed by Francis Bailey, Lancaster. Between Joseph Patton, Strasburg Twp. and Paul Zantzinger, merchant, Lancaster Boro. Bought on eBay on July 27, 2015 from Sam Mudd, Inverness, Florida. [5523 & 5398] Sold For 110.00
  58. Paper Ephemera. #1- Single Sheet Invoice. Dated Dec. 21, 1857 for Daniel Hess from Geo. M. Steinman & Co., West King St., Lancaster. An extensive list of kitchen wares. Daniel Hess married in 1857 Eliza J. Wade. Daniel, a farmer in Strasburg Twp., was the son of John Hess Sr. (1788-1842) of Conestoga Twp. This list is undoubtedly a part of his aussteier or outfitting. Richard Huff bought it at the Stoltzfus sale July 12, 2008. Lee Stoltzfus bought it from Huff July 2008.    #2- German Script letter, dated Feb.11, 1846. Written by Johannes Schopf, Manor Twp., Lancaster Co. to Christian H. Witmer, Niagra Falls, N.Y. Bought on eBay Apr. 21, 2015 from John W. Farrell.     #3- 1816 Letter written by Wm. Neal to his uncle, John Russel, in Drumore Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. It has interesting content about the Westown School in Chester Co. Bought on eBay Nov. 27, 2015 from Cinderella Co.   #4- Letter from Abraham R. Witmer, Manor (Twp.) Lancaster Co. Dated June 11, 1848 to Daniel Rohrer, McKees 1/2 Falls, Union Co., PA. Bought on eBay Mar. 15, 2013 from Debbie Lingen.     #5- Envelope addressed to “Mr. B.B. Herr, Miller & Distiller, Paradise, Lancaster Co., PA.” Torn in half, it appears to have a Phila. postmark. Bought May 2011 at the sale of Shirley LeFevre at Penn Grant Rd. Bought from Martin Keen on June 2011.  [4237, 5370, 5430, 5191 & 5001] Sold For 35.00
  59. 4 Letters. #1- Three Martin Mellinger Letters. Addressed to Daniel Schmitt of Washington County, Klierspring, MD. Written in German script by Deacon Martin Mellinger. Written to Mennonite Preacher Daniel Schmitt.  Dates: 2/14/1828; 8/28/1828; ?/3/1828. Bought on eBay 11/24-12/1/17 from J. K. Paper, Lakeland, FL.    #2- German-script letter, dated 1835, addressed to “John Schleiffer, Richland Township, Bucks Co.  Qacker Town Post Office.”  6 5/8”W x 8 3/8” (folded).  Postmarked Lancaster, written from “Lampeter Taunschip Lancaster County.”  Signed M. Möllinger.  Written by the famous Mennonite deacon, Martin Mellinger (1752-1842), deacon at the Mellinger Meetinghouse.  Letter mentions the death of Preacher Jacob Newswanger (1791-1835) and Feronica (Horst) Stauffer (1772-1842).  They are an uncle & aunt of mine:  Jacob through his wife Barbara Horst and Feronica through brothers John & David Horst.  The letter has two holes where wax seals were attached.  Bought on eBay Nov. 13, 2004.  The underbidder of this letter obviously recognized its significance as well, so I could not buy it for a bargain price.  [5542-A, B, C & 2644] Sold For 45.00
  60. 1767 Agreement between Jacob Beer and Michael Schenk, Martic Twp. Undoubtedly from Frances Shenk sale at New Providence. I have a Fraktur and 1571 Bible from that auction. Bought on eBay on 10/2/17 from Jim Tshudy, Ephrata, PA. [5536] Sold For 150.00
  61. 2 Letters #1- 1837 letter addressed to Christian Frantz, Vainsberg, Franklin Co., PA. In German script, mentions the illness of Pre. John Herr.    #2- 1848 letter addressed to Daniel Rohrer, McKees Falls, Union Co., PA from Jacob Witmer, Lancaster Co. Both bought on eBay on Feb. 21, 2015 from Suncoast Stamp Co., Sarasota, FL. [5347 A&B] Sold For 25.00
  62. Lot of Paper Ephemera. #1- Two manuscript records for the 1818 estate of Martin Bard, Tavern-keeper in Lancaster Boro and Manheim Twp. Bought on eBay Jan. 23, 2015 from Nancy Howell, Sacramento, CA.  #2-1848 Letter from Jonas Meyer, coopersmith in Lititz, to Trotter in Phila., with envelope. Bought on eBay Mar. 6, 2016 from Gary Moseson, Wisconsin.    #3- German letter dated 1820 from Sem Weber to Samuel Weaver, Earl P.O. Lancaster Co., PA. Sent from Harrisonburg, VA. Bought on eBay Jan. 24, 2012 from Robert Myers, FL.   #4- Document. 8” W x 11 1/4” H. A bond dated 1782 between Samuel Hess of Londonderry Twp., Lancaster County, Miller and Jacob Stauffer of Hempfield Twp. Bought from Eugene Hayes at Renningers Antique Market on Sept. 21, 2009. [5342, 5462, 5073, 4858] Sold For 35.00
  63. Group of Documents Attributed to Karl Friedrich Seybold, schoolmaster in Manor Twp., Lancaster Co.  Medicinal and pow wow cures, one piece, 6 3/4x8, with recipes received by Siebold from Christian Martin, deacon of the congregation (Mennonite) on Sat. Apr. 22, 1837.  A second piece, 6 3/4x8, w/pow wow recipe for pigs and swollen cow udders.  Another sheet, 6 1/4x8, with incantations for stilling blood, for worms, etc.  Another, 6 1/4 x 8,  2 sheets attached with more religious incantations on 3 sides eye problems, heart, etc.  4 1/2x 7 5/8 recipe for white summer beer, signed Carl Frid Seÿbold.  4”x6 3/8” 2 pages-3 sides more swine cures, salve recipe scrap paper approx. 7 1/4”x 6 1/2” w/worm exhortation, liquor for scratches & ulcers.  7 1/2x 3 1/4 with incantation to remove warts.  7 7/8x 1 5/8 piece with worm verse.  These pieces were formerly owned by my old friend, the late Mae Brenneman, of Neffsville, PA.  [1247] Sold For 1,050.00
  64. School Copybook of John L. Frantz, dated Nov. 8, 1842. Samuel Coldren, teacher. 12 1/2” H x 8 1/8” W. John L. Frantz (1829-1852) was the son of Samuel and Eliza (Lehman) Frantz of Manheim Twp., Lancaster, Co., PA. 52 pages. Frantz was a student in the Millport School in Warwick Twp. In 1845 he details, “lest Saturday January 24th having undertook to lay a stain on our neighborhood by setting fire to our school house of Millport…”  Bought at Conestoga Auction, June 30, 1998, Charles Stauffer Sale, of Rohrerstown. Accessioned 2/16/03. [2082] Sold For 70.00
  65. Cyphering Book. 8” W x 12 7/8” H. Pasteboard covers inscribed “The property of Peter Horst from Lebanon Township, Feb. 12, 1824.” Kept by Peter Horst (1810-1890), son of Peter Host (1770-1843) and Elizabeth Heisey. It has some colored headings. On the last page he recorded his marriage on Oct. 29, 1835 to Ann Schaffer, and the births of his seven children. The cover is water stained and soiled. Bought Aug. 17, 2013 at the estate sale for Peter and Viola Horst, Womelsdorf, PA. [5234-A] Sold For 35.00
  66. Paper Ephemera #1- Unidentified Ledger with medicinal cures, cakes, etc. 6 1/2”W x 7 3/8”H x 1/8”. c.1830. Front cover has engraving of “Genl. Hamilton’s Monument.”    #2-    Manuscript Book by David Landis c. 1850. 6”W x 7 3/8”H x 1/8”. Front cover marked “sold by Hessenbruch & Borbeck…Phila.” Contains lists of cities and distance from Lancaster, PA, list of states, etc.   #3- Copy book of Emanuel R. Workman, E. Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co. c.1850. The front pages are a vendue list. Inside the rear cover is a colored portrait of Gen’l McClellan. 6 3/4”W x 8 1/8”H x 1/8”. Marbled covers w/leather spine. Horst Auction Nov. 16, 2007, lot #354. [4125 A, B, C] Sold For 40.00
  67. Small Weaver’s Ledger Written in German Script. 6 3/4” W x 8” H. Paper covers, 12 leaves including covers. Records kept by Peter Flores 1822-25 of weaving tabby, wagon cloth, Dobb stein, half linen red & blue coverlet, etc.  All of his accounts were for Abraham Hiestand. Rear cover has a drawing of “der americanische adler,” an eagle. Bought on eBay, Feb. 20, 2012 from Nancy Howell, Sacramento, CA. Part of a group of 30 German-script documents. [5080] Sold For 140.00
  68. German Language Copy Book. 6 1/2” x 7 3/4”. Cardboard covers printed with multiplication tables. Written by George Roth in 1815. Includes a copy of text for several vendues. Including Lancaster coppersmith Benjamin Schaum (d.1814).  Also, religious texts. Roth may have been a schoolmaster. Bought at Black Angus on Apr. 18, 2010 from Sam McClearen. [4879] Sold For 15.00
  69. Various Folk Medicine Cures Sold For 525.00
  70. Broadside. 12 1/4” w x 8 1/2” H. “Brubaker’s American Vegetable Horse and Cattle Powder…A.M. Brubaker, Goodville, Lancaster Co., PA.” Left half has text in English, the right half has text in German. The 1860 census lists Abram Brubaker, age 31, cattle powders manufacturer, wife Fanny, age 32, son Henry, age 5, daughter Elena (?), age 5/12. They lived next door to Bishop Jonas H. Martin. Bought on Ebay on Apr. 22, 2007 from Chris Papadakis, West Lawn, PA. 1864 atlas shows Abram Brubaker’s store on southeast corner of Spring Grove & Weaverland Roads. Weaverland Mennonite Cemetery Row 8,  #67 Abraham M. Brubaker (1828-1914), wife Fanny Gehman (1825-1865). He was a school teacher, druggist, & farmer. Published Lancaster Conference meeting calendars, Weaver Menn., p. 229. D-113 in Gibble’s Brubaker Genealogy. He was son of Davis Brubaker & Veronica Metzler. [4009] Sold For 400.00
  71. Medical Cue Book, by Daniel Ballmer, printed in Schellsburg in 1827. Sold For 25.00
  72. 2 Books. #1- Cake recipe book. 3 5/8” x 5 1/2” x 1/8”. c.1850. Leather covers, various cake recipes. Inscribed inside rear cover “Mat. G. Bamberger.”    #2- Book-keeping practice book. 8 1/4”W x 13 1/2” H x 1/4”. Has newspaper covers, Kept by Benjamin S. Mylin, Willow Street, Jan. 3, 1862. Both Horst Auction Nov. 16, 2007. [4126 A & C] Sold For 15.00
  1. 5 Booklets. #1- “An Address of the Early Settlement of the Valley of Pequea.” By Redmon Conyngham. Published for the Paradise Lyceum in 1847. 12 pp. Blue paper wraps. It has water staining. Bought on eBay on Aug. 4, 2008 from Richard P. Ressler, Landisville, PA.     #2- “…Catalogue of the Strasburg Academy…For the Academical Year, 1851-52.” Printed in Lancaster, PA by John H. Pearsol. 6” x 9” with yellow paper covers. Lists students, teachers, subjects, a history of the school, etc. Good condition. Bought at General Heath’s, Adamstown on Jan. 10, (2008) from Chris Hannum.  #3 – three Mennonite pamphlets. [4246, 4157] Sold For 45.00
  2. Gentleman’s Magazine, April, 1764. Printed by D. Henry in London. Contains a 5 ½ page account of the Massacre of the Conestoga Indians at Lancaster, PA. Written by Benjamin Franklin. Bought on eBay on July 26, 2007 from Timothy Hughes, Williamsport, PA. [4056] Sold For 300.00
  3. 4 Victorian Calling Cards for my grandmother, Ida Stoner, and her three siblings.  The cards were a gift from my grandmother, Ida (Stoner) Horst in the spring of 1975. Sold For 15.00
  4. 3 Almanacs. Lancaster German Almanac 1789. Printed by Jacob Bailey.  Rare.  Appears to be complete. Lower 1/4 of front cover is missing. Inscribed on front cover Jacob Wilhelm Waldschm(idt). William Jacob Waldschmidt (b.1769) was the son of Rev. Johannes Waldschmidt of Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Wilhelm married 1786 Anna Barbara Hassler. I bought it from Tom Martin, East Petersburg, on Dec. 24, 2007. He bought it with three other almanacs (Phila.) 1790, 1791, & 1792 at a household sale in Ephrata in the 1960s.  Along with 2 other almanacs. [4152] Sold For 110.00
  5. Four 1861 Stagecoach Tickets from Lancaster to Ephrata. Bought on eBay Oct. 16, 2016 from Gary Hawbaker, Hershey, PA. [5502] Sold For 45.00
  6. 18th Century Ephrata Cloister Unrecorded Booklet, hymns, von der Nichtigken Menschlichen Lebens, 2 pages hand printed. Sold For 120.00
  7. Group of 9 Autograph Letters Sold For 10.00
  8. Group of 5 Berks County Documents Sold For 10.00
  9. Group of 5 Warwick & Rapho Township, Lancaster County Documents Sold For 35.00
  10. Group of 3 Manheim & Millersville Deeds Sold For 40.00
  11. Group of 5 Lancaster County Documents Sold For 40.00
  12. Group of 9 Lebanon County Documents Sold For 25.00
  13. Group of 9 Lebanon County Documents Sold For 40.00
  14. Group of 4 York County Documents Sold For 10.00
  15. Group of 4 Philadelphia & Chester County Documents Sold For 15.00
  16. Group of 9 Central PA Documents Sold For 20.00
  17. Group of 5 Misc. Documents Sold For 10.00
  18. Group of 4 Misc. Documents Sold For 10.00
  19. Revolutionary Claim Document Dated 1828 Sold For 15.00
  20. 3 Books Related to King Solomon & His Followers Sold For 25.00
  21. 3 Manuscript Cookbooks Sold For 45.00
  22. 3 Manuscript Cookbooks Sold For 35.00
  23. Silhouette, 4”Wx 5”H, in a 1930s black & gold frame.  Profile of a woman with a large bun and haube cap.  Inscribed in ink, “Abagail Hess Lancaster, PA 1825”.  Sitter was apparently Abigail (Pettigrew) Hess (1795-1843), wife of Jonas Hess (1796-1875) of Fulton Twp., Lancaster Co.  She is buried in Little Britain Presbyterian Cemetery.  Bought on eBay Nov. 25, 2004 from John Wills, York, PA. [2651] Sold For 15.00
  24. Pair of Ambrotypes? in a Union Case. 5 1/4” W x 3” (open). Case is marked “S. Peck & Co., improved union cases. S. Peck’s Patent. Oct. 3, 1854.” It could be a wedding photo of Anna Newcomer’s great-grandfather, Christian W. Snyder (1818-1886) and second wife Fanny Stauffer (1829-1863). They were married about 1856. Fanny Stauffer was the sister of Abraham H. Stauffer, Anna’s grandfather. Anna Newcomer sale, Apr. 24, 2010. [4888] Sold For 20.00
  25. Photo of Grandfather Christian Hess When a Young Man Sold For 30.00
  26. Pair of Family Photo Portraits on Cardboard Backer, 17” W x 14” H. 12 middle-aged to old-aged persons, 3 of them women in plain dress. One inscribed on back, “Frances M. Mayer 1909, this picture was taken at brother Simon’s home 1909.”  2nd identical print marked “Landisville 1909, Dora E. Mayer Hershey Roherstown, Pa.”  Photo is of the surviving children of J. Hoffman Hershey and Barbara B. Brenneman (1824-1906) of Salunga, PA. Frances M. (Hershey) Mayer (1845-1923) was the eldest child married to Henry M. Mayer (1844-1915). Henry Mayer was the son of Martin Mayer and Elizabeth Musser of Manheim Twp. Their only child, Dora E. Mayer (1870-1924), married Harry E. Hershey (b. 1863);  their only child was Frances (Hershey) Outen of Rohrerstown.  These were from her sale Sept. 15, 1994. See related items (#1359 A, 1363). Bought at Lititz Outdoor Antique Show from Willard Buckwalter, May 19, 2000. Gave one copy to the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. [1838] Sold For 10.00
  27. Group of Photos.  #1- 7”x5” image on black card measuring 8 1/8”x 6 3/8”.   Depicts a group of people sitting in front of a 2 story stone house with central chimney & segmental arches on first floor.  Has 1763 stone date.  #2-  A view of the same group? of people standing in front of a PA German overshot barn w/ attached straw shed.  Same size and mount as previous.  Bought from a dealer at Black Angus.  He bought them in Berks Co., PA.  Jan. 29, 2006. Plus 6 other photographs. [2879 A & B] Sold For 15.00
  28. 12 Photographs of Linden Hall, Lititz, PA Sold For 20.00
  29. Group of Paper Ephemera. #1- Diary of Henry B. Greybill (1835-1894), hotel and storekeeper at Talmadge, Lancaster Co.  Covers 1861-1874  #2- Child’s book, 1845.  The Little Gift.  Boston.  Mary Mayer’s copy.  #3- New Testament inscribed, “Lizzie K. Rupp, Rupps School 1883 age 14 yrs.”  #4- Lieder-Sammlung, Lancaster, PA, 1858, Elias Barr & Co.  #5- Maggie Rundel and the Doves, inscribed Salinda R. Grabill, West Earl, Lanc. Co.  #6- The Go-Cart and Other Pictures & Rhymes for the Children.  Kate Greenaway.  Tape stained.  #7- Emerson’s Progressive Primer, Boston, 1837, J.B. Russell, inscribed, “Martin Mayer Elizabeth Mayer”  #8- Series of 8 Bible post cards.  Descended from ancestry of A. Roy Brenneman of Neffsville (Manheim Twp. Preacher Martin Myer, daughter Mary Myer married to Adam Brenneman) m. Mae Haverstick.   [1591-1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12] Sold For 95.00
  30. Tray Lot of Misc. Books & Paper Sold For 15.00
  31. Paper Ephemera. #1- Receipt Book for estate of Henry Baer of Lancaster. 3 5/8”H x 6 3/8”W x 1/2”. Leather covered. Printed by the eccentric printer, Reuben Chambers, Bethania, near Gap, PA. A collection of numbered receipts. Receipt #119 is a subscription for the Lancaster Journal, written & signed by John F. Reynolds, the famous Civil War General who died at Gettysburg. Horst Auction, Nov. 16, 2007. #2- Plus one other account book. [4129] Sold For 325.00
  32. Tray Lot of Lancaster County Postcards Sold For 85.00
  33. Tray Lot of 6 Books & Booklets Sold For 10.00
  34. Tray Lot of Postcards, Photos & Glass Slides Sold For 15.00
  35. Tray Lot of Advertising & Cigar Labels Sold For 45.00
  36. Tray Lot of Family Records For Witmayer, Stoner & Musslman & One Other Sold For 15.00
  37. Tray Lot of Folk Art Sold For 30.00
  38. Tray Lot of Lancaster County Advertising & Photos Sold For 110.00
  39. Tray Lot of Deeds, Amos Herr House, John Hess, Henry Stoner, Christian Snyder, Bowers, Jacob Hershey & Bartel. Sold For 75.00
  40. 5 Deeds for the Gingrich Family Sold For 40.00
  41. Christian Musselman Letters & Deed Sold For 45.00
  42. Christian Erb Deed Sold For 35.00
  43. 5 Manheim Township Deeds Sold For 25.00
  44. 11 Rapho Township & Manheim Deeds Sold For 95.00
  45. Tray Lot of Many Surveys Sold For 10.00
  46. Tray Lot of Many Surveys Sold For 10.00
  47. Tray Lot of Many Documents Sold For 15.00
  48. Tray Lot of 6 Documents Sold For 10.00
  49. Tray Lot of Many Sweigart Notes & Perks & Stoltza Family Documents Sold For 10.00
  50. Tray Lot of Misc. Papers Sold For 15.00
  51. Tray Lot of Misc. Papers Sold For 40.00
  52. 17 Pages of Descriptive List of Deserters from various Pennsylvania Regiments during the Civil War Sold For 120.00
  53. Civil War Letter by Amos Bowman, November 23rd, 1861 Sold For 160.00
  54. Civil War Substitute Document for Amos H. Martin Sold For 260.00
  55. Military Photos From WWI & WWII Sold For 20.00
  56. Group of 4 Indentures Sealed in Plastic Sold For 40.00
  57. Tray Lot of 4 Taufscheins Sold For 30.00
  58. Tray Lot of 3 German Broadsides & 1 Pamphlet Printed by William Gross at Fountainville, PA Sold For 45.00
  59. Tray Lot of 3 German Broadsides Sold For 85.00
  60. Vorschrift by Catharina Hirsy, Rapho Township, January 28, 1816 Sold For 15.00
  61. Document Showing the Sale of Wagon Covers in 1776, Hinkletown, in Earl Township Sold For 550.00
  62. 3 Pieces of Colonial Currency Sold For 140.00
  63. Tray Lot of Certificates, Photos, Scrapbook & Prints Sold For 10.00
  64. Tray Lot of Certificates & Miscellaneous Sold For 15.00
  65. Certificate of Election in Lancaster County Sold For 25.00
  66. Public Sale Notice, July 6, 1918, for the 4 toll houses of the Manheim & Lancaster Turnpike Sold For 110.00
  67. Ephrata, Samuel Baumann Haus-Segen 1813, Probably a Reprint by Stauffer Sold For 15.00
  68. Hand-Drawn Family Tree of the Bomberger Family Dated 1853.  12 1/2”W x 8 1/4”H showing six generations in the line of Bishop Christian Bomberger (1818-1890).  Little drawings of houses mark the the line of descent of the original homesite.  Glued on cardboard together with several late broadsides.  On reverse, a colorful geometric drawing by Katie Reist, 1885.  Kathryn Bomberger sale, Apr. 24, 1999. [1748] Sold For 60.00
  69. Fat Angel Taufschein. 13” x 16”. Printed by Johann Ritter, Reading. Fraktur infill by David Frey (1757-1841), Rapho Twp. artist. Records the birth of Susanna Gantz (b. 1817), daughter of Friederich and Susanna (Hiller) Gantz of Rapho Twp. Bought on eBay Nov. 17, 2013 from Dr. Jon Acker, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Paper is dark from acid burn, has a few small holes. [5252] Sold For 20.00
  70. Map of Switzerland to Rotterdam by Joan Baptista Homan, in Norimberg in 1702 Sold For 550.00
  71. Tray Lot of 3 Booklets of Reist Material Sold For 15.00




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