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Horst Auction Center
“The Voices Of Experience”

The Collection of Terry Montgomery

May 13, 2017


  1. Porcelain “Hupmobile Service” sign ca. 1920s; blue background with white lettering, 30”x 16”  Sold For 95.00  
  2. “Ammco Brake” yard long trade sign ca. 1960s; red and blue lettering on white background cabinet topper sign “Ammco, The Professional Brake Service”, 34 ½”x 7 ½” Sold For 30.00
  3. Kern’s Bread chalkboard sign ca. 1979; trade top “Take Home Kern’s Bread” with large lower chalkboard and raised rim edge by K-M Inc., Lynchburg, VA, 19 ¾”x 27 ¾” Sold For 50.00
  4. RPM Motor Oils round two-sided swing sign ca. 1950s; Stout Sign Co. design swing-type hanging sign in red, white and blue colors for “RPM” with chevron base on sign, 26”d Sold For 375.00
  5. 2 tin Cola signs ca. 1940s; “Nichol Kola” 5¢ “America’s Taste Sensation” with drum major, 20”x 28”; embossed double cola “Double Measure, Double Pleasure – Drink Double Cola” with bottle pouring soda into two glasses, 28”x 20 ½” Sold For 70.00
  6. Arch top “Quaker State Motor Oil” two-sided sign ca. 1949; green based sign with white lettering, vignette on top with oil drilling platform and reads “Guaranteed 100 Per Cent Pure Pennsylvania Motor Oil”, 26 ½”x 29” Sold For 85.00
  7. Round two-sided “Fronteir Oil” porcelain sign ca. reproduction; red, white and black sign with “Fronteir/ Rarin’-To-Go” and a cowboy on a rearing horse, 30” Sold For 210.00
  8. Large “Old Gold” cigarette trade sign ca. 1945; P. Lorillard Co. embossed tin sign in six colors with “For a Treat.. Smoke Old Gold” with regular and king size embossed packs, 28”x 33” Sold For 220.00
  9. 2 aluminum stock trade signs ca. 1990s; four color standing gas station sign “We Feature Valvoline” marked V-1404 10/96, SDI/6/97, 24”x 36”; three color Avis Car Sales “Driven for Dependability” buyer satisfaction plan sign, 24”x 36” Sold For 30.00
  10. Late embossed “Northern Lights” trade sign ca. 1980s; three color Scioto Signs, Kenton, OH trade sign for “Northern Lights Diesel Generator Sets”, 44”x 16 5/8” Sold For 35.00
  11. Large embossed “Kelly Springfield Tires” trade sign ca. 1970s; green and black on white stock sign with embossed “KS” and a raised rim frame, 32 ¾”x 36” Sold For 45.00
  12. Large two-sided Coast Guard recruitment sign ca. 1969; printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1969 #0-356-106 “If you have what it takes… take the Coast Guard” with two sailors at a signal light, 29 ¾”x 39 ½” Sold For 60.00
  13. 4 full sheet movie posters ca. 1963-1976; all on cardboard with cellophane coverings: “Buffalo Bill and the Indians” #124 – United Artist Artwork by Willardson, 1976; “Tarzan’s Three Challenges” #222 – Metor-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1963; “Arizona Raiders” #228 – Columbia Pictures, 1965; “Pardners” #259 – York Pictures Corp – Paramount, 1965; 27”x 41” Additional Photo Sold For 70.00
  14. 2 soda cooler case signs ca. 1970s; RC Cola sign in red, white and blue, 47 ¾”x 10”; Pepsi sign in red, white and blue, 48 ½”x 8” Sold For 40.00
  15. Frigidaire Appliances embossed sign ca. 1970s; Grace Brite by Grace Comm. Inc. aluminum bright coil stock with red and blue colors on a white background for “Frigidaire Appliances”, 47 ½”x 15 ½” Sold For 25.00
  16. Vertical Coca-Cola sign ca. 1950s; sheet metal trade sign with raised rim frame and “Drink Coca-Cola/ Refresh” with glass bottle pictured, 18 ½”x 54” Sold For 60.00
  17. 4 modern trade signs ca. 1975-Present; Tenneco Automotive “Napa Shocks & Struts” embossed sign, 2000, 16”x 24”; “Newport Pleasure/ Fire It Up” cigarette sign, 1999, 17 ¼”x 25 ¾”; “Kool Filter Kings” sheet metal banner sign, 1975, 30”x 12”; large plastic “Spartan Tires” trade sign with red background and black and gold paint, 26 ½”x 40” Sold For 30.00
  18. 2 early Pepsi-Cola embossed signs ca. 1940-1960s; embossed rectangular sign with elongated oval Pepsi-Cola emblem and “Ice Cold”, 31”x 16 ½”; square raised frame on tin Pepsi-Cola sign, 30”x 26 ½” Sold For 85.00
  19. Wooden box style meat grinder ca. 1830; heavy cog and blade style grinder with hand wrought crank handle, hollow hewn “rock oak” case in red milk paint with turned “rock oak” shaft, off-set iron cogs and a hinged top, 15”x 8 ½”x 11 ½” with 11” crank Sold For 110.00
  20. Bus fare box with glass display case top ca. 1950-1960s; MacDonald Manufacturing Co. patent pending trap door fare box made of stainless steel with swing door base, top with four glass sides having “Fare 35¢” on one and a cast drop top, 6”x 7”x 25 ½” Sold For 220.00
  21. Two-part Boye’s Needle store display case ca. 1910; wooden drawer base with colored lithographed tin slant front advertising “Handy Needle Case with Boye Needles 5¢” having a top mounted revolving tin display case mounted on a drawer base, 18 ¼”x 19 ½”x 8 ½” Sold For 120.00
  22. Two-part movie camera & projector set ca. 1947; “Diplomat” projector serial #295994 and “Two Twenty” 8mm small movie camera in “Bell & Howell” case, 14”x 8 ¾”x 16” case Sold For 45.00
  23. Iron “Clipper” ship doorstop ca. 1930; marked model #403 three cast “Clipper” ship doorstop “Copyrighted Creation Corp” 1930 with eagle head on ships bow, 11 ½”x 3”x 11 ¾” Sold For 40.00
  24. 2 gallon coopered wooden field keg ca. 1870; small field keg painted in gray-blue having coopered oak staves with metal strap band and swing pail type handle, 9”d, 11 ¾”l Sold For 130.00
  25. 2 primitives ca. 1930-1950; Embury #2 “Air Pilot” tubular kerosene lantern with green/gray paint, 7 ½”d, 13 ¾”h; Gen-Tex molded plastic fireman’s helmet, 14”x 12”x 6 ½” Sold For 30.00
  26. Dazey butter churn ca. 12-18-1917 patent; tin box style hand-crank butter churn model #430B in original blue paint with tap drain spout, 10” crank wheel, cast iron four foot base, wooden two-part lid and a gear operated paddle drive, 10 ¾”x 10 ¾”x 27” Sold For 230.00
  27. Tin rolling drum ice cream freezer ca. 10-9-1923 patent; “Auto Vacuum Ice Cream Freezer” can style freezer with suspended canister having an upper locking lid and ice/salt access door, 11”d, 15”h Sold For 40.00
  28. 8 assorted advertising tins ca. 1920-1970; six round cans with lids: Tosto corn chips, George Washington pipe tobacco tin, Granger rough cut pipe tobacco with knob type lid, Radiant dust mop; late Edgeworth pipe tobacco box, Bowers peanut crunch; two tobacco canisters: Revelation Smoking Tobacco; Half & Half Sold For 35.00
  29. 2 metal 5 gallon gas cans ca. 1930s; Sinclair blue painted can made by Enisco with certified brass tag and screw tight lid, 11”d, 21”h; Gulf can painted black with Pennsylvania serial #0-15, 12”d, 23”h Sold For 50.00
  30. Mine Safety Appliances Co. ammonia gas mask ca. 1940s; MSA emergency ammonia gas mask with metal bound red safety case, 9”x 6 ½”x 13 ½” box Sold For 45.00
  31. Wood turned folk art painted barber’s pole ca. 1860; early type post mount barber’s pole with ball turned top and bottom, swelled middle painted decorated with blue and red stripes on a white painted post, 5”x 21”h Sold For 260.00
  32. Salt glazed stoneware 3 gallon jug ca. 1890-1910; clear salt glaze over three gallon ink marked jug with applied handle, 10”d, 14”h Sold For 40.00
  33. 2 advertising oil cans ca. 1950-1970s; Mobile Oil five gallon grease can with winged red Pegasus and clip down lid, 12”d, 13 ½”h; Texaco SAE 10 motor oil five gallon can with Texaco star trademark, 12”d, 16 ½”h Sold For 45.00
  34. 2 large gas cans ca. 1890-1930; Standard Oil Co. of New York five gallon pitcher spout can in black paint with loose handle, 10 ½”d, 20”h; Davis Welding & Mfg. Co. patented screw cap 10 gallon gas can with two large handles on heavy gauge ribbed metal and having a brass label, 12”d, 28”h Sold For 70.00
  35. 3 assorted primitives ca. 1900-1950; Starline 5” wooden pulley in wood housing, 5”x 10 ¼”; Automatic Electric Co. monophone rotary telephone table top model, 5”x 8 ½”x 4 ½”; mining carry lamp ““Big Beam” #287 Ex-Class 1 Flashlight” Sold For 20.00
  36. Sebel Products Ltd. bronco riding horse ca. 1950-1961; pressed steel ride-on toy horse with magic steering stirrups with a spring operated moving mechanism, 26 ½”x 12”x 30” Sold For 65.00
  37. Small square gilt framed mirror ca. 1870-1900; plaster accented frame with gold paint and framed mirror, 19”x 2”x 21” Sold For 10.00
  38. 4 large advertising tin cans ca. 1950-1970s; 3 pound Valley Maid Potato Chip can with Dutch girl; 50 pound Fleischmann’s Tastex shortening can; 25 pound Iowana Becker Brand lard tin; 50 pound Somerset Oleo Stock by New England Dressed Meat & Wool Co.; 10”-12 ½”x 11 ½”-15 ½” Sold For 45.00
  39. 2 dummy shells with shipping tubes ca. 1970-1980; C182 3”/50 dummy DWG 47585 practice loading rounds with wood center shells having non-armed heads and shell bases with rocking tube cases, 31” long shells; 6”x 37” tubes Sold For 110.00
  40. Mobo bronco tin ride-on horse ca. 1947-1955; early non-steering model pressed sheet metal ride-on toy, 27”x 11”x 29” Sold For 70.00
  41. Dummy round ca. 1970; DWG 47585 3” practice loading dummy round with wooden casing and non-armed heads and base plate, 4 ¼”d, 31 ½”h Sold For 110.00
  42. Smoking man battery operated toy ca. 1960s; “Good Time Charlie” toy man with top hat sitting on a dust bin by a lamp post, 6”d, 12”h Sold For 30.00
  43. 2 electric mechanical barber’s pole hangings ca. 1930-1950; Koken iron bracket 2 foot pole with 5”d glass tube having a chrome cap and bottom; 4 foot barber’s pole having an iron bracket and porcelain on iron top and bottom Sold For 425.00
  44. Early child’s tricycle ca. 1890-1910; plank top tricycle with wire spoke wheels, hard rubber tires and handles with wooden grips, 28”x 14”x 20 ½” Sold For 50.00
  45. Arkfield Farm scale ca. 1960-1970s; portable scales housing for torque suspension scales with lever arm and 10” dial, 16”x 3”x 48” Sold For 60.00
  46. Carved wood & paint decorated rocking rabbit ca. 1970-1980s; marked 3E white running rabbit on a blue painted heavy rocker base, 49”x 13 ½”x 30” Sold For 35.00
  47. Ornate gilt framed mirror ca. 1880; molded and plaster frame with gilt paint decoration, 31”x 39” Sold For 20.00
  48. Cast iron butchering kettle on wrought iron tripod ca. 1900; 26”d lipped cast iron kettle with tripod base, 26”d, 27”h on stand Sold For 120.00
  49. Federal Signal Corp. model 12 ca. 1980-1990s; “Twin Sonic” panic bar with tubular saddle mounts, red lens cover on chrome base and central ventilated chrome cover, 54”x 9 ¼”x 11” Sold For 50.00
  50. Wooden double ox yoke ca. 1840; early drawn-work beam with wrought iron link and ring having both drawn and steam bent keepers, 48”x 5”x 26 ½” Sold For 75.00
  51. Unsigned copper apple butter kettle on wrought iron tripod ca. 1880; large copper kettle with wrought iron ring, cast iron hanger, wrought handle, four hanger rings on four legs and an 8’ wooden paddle accompanying, 28”d, 18”x 24” Sold For 190.00
  52. Softwood single lid wood chest ca. 1900; simple nail construction with sides of re-purposed yellow pine flooring, single 17” wide plank lid with bread board ends, 68”x 17”x 18 ½” Sold For 30.00
  53. Ornate cast brass National Cash Register ca. 1902; medium store sized register with ornate cast panels having a C-lift lid over two register windows mounted on a wooden base with glass three-side register window; serial #S.243.962H-332, 16”x 16”x 17 ½” Sold For 170.00
  54. Stanley 4’ adjustable mason’s level ca. 1910; Stanley No. 35 mason’s level with plumb line window, 48”x 1 ½”x 4” Sold For 40.00
  55. 2 hand axes ca. 1940-1980; Belknapp full side/hewing hatchet with Bluegrass Trademark top and lower lugs; Collins camp ax with hickory handle and original Lewistown C-shaped label Sold For 60.00
  56. 2 Stanley wooden levels ca. 1920-1950; No. 03-26 “Sweetheart” rosewood with brass tips, 26”; #O-26” cherry level, 26” Sold For 40.00
  57. Bedortha Bros. adjustable wooden level ca. 1910-1920; 24” brass tipped cherry level with two brass side adjustable dials and brass tag marked “Bedortha Bros, Windsor, Conn.”, 24”x 1 ½”x 3” Sold For 35.00
  58. Root Heath “Never Fail” corn sheller ca. 1910-1930; saw-horse mount single hole sheller with 8” plate and 8” crank, 11”x 5”x 11” Sold For 45.00
  59. Edward Helb “American Combined Level” ca. 1905-1910; cherry brass based level with side pitch gauge and top with compass and peep sight, 24”x 1 ½”x 3 ½” Sold For 110.00
  60. 2 Collins felling axes ca. 1960-1990; 8”x 35” Sold For 60.00
  61. 2 double bit felling axes ca. 1940-1950s; C.M. McClung & Co., Knoxville marked #32 double bit with hickory handle; Sager chemical axe dated 1945 with hickory handle Sold For 70.00
  62. Collins Legitimus fire axe ca. 1940s; fireman’s small pick ax with hickory handle, 9”x 27” Sold For 50.00
  63. 2 edge tools ca. 1900-1940; unsigned barking spud with short turned hickory handle, 2”x 26 ½”; Kelly Axe & Tool Works, Charleston, WV double bit felling axe with original hickory handle, 9”x 31” Sold For 45.00
  64.  “Squire” Stratocaster by Fender ca. 1996; six string electric guitar in sunburst coloring having a maple neck with hardwood fret board, 50th Anniversary label on head (serial #VN536177, Made in Korea) and a hard case, 11”x 2”x 38” guitar; 42”x 16”x 6” case Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 120.00
  65. Electric Orange Crush chest cooler ca. 1940-1950s; painted cooler chest with right side bottle capper and two grill-covered front access doors, 64”x 25”x 36” Sold For 220.00
  66. Esso gas pump ca. 1985; with Veedor-Root model 56 four wheel computer serial #5084742,  marked 1/85 having a round globe top with plastic housing and glass Esso lenses, 24”x 18”x 71” with globe Sold For 375.00
  67. 2 embossed Phillip’s 66 station plastic lens inserts ca. 1980-1990s; black plastic lens inserts for entrance signs with white  embossed “Phillips” shield and red surrounding an embossed 66, 46”x 50” Sold For 40.00
  68. Pepsi-Cola return bottle rack ca. 1940s; 16 tier “Please Return Empties Here” Pepsi-Cola battle rack with a folding leaning wire frame for 96 bottles, 19”x 8”x 59” Sold For 80.00
  69. Harley Davidson lighted trade two-sided sign ca. late 1900s; paint decorated two-side lighted sheet metal sign with the Harley Davidson Logo having bulb fixtures for each side of sign, 46 ½”x 11”x 24” Sold For 600.00
  70. Coca-Cola chest cooler ca. 1956-1959; Westinghouse GE cooler model #WH-22-T with white and red embossed lower cabinet and four lift door top and center bottle cap, serial #18518917, 69”x 26”x 36” Sold For 150.00
  71. Large Phillips 66 plaza sign ca. 1980-1990s; embossed plastic lens for large plaza sign, 60”x 61” Sold For 35.00
  72. Harmony electric bass guitar ca. late 1900s; model H75MR jazz bass guitar with black two-part pick guard, maple neck with rosewood veneer and mother of pearl inlay fret board in hard case with red lining, 12”x 2 ½”x 45 ½” guitar Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3 Sold For 210.00
  73. Dick Westerly cast bronze alloy statue ca. 1970-1980s; boys dressed in western attire with holsters and cap guns with younger boy with cowboy hat riding piggy back on older boy, 18”d, 51”h Sold For 120.00
  74. Southern yellow pine child coffin ca. 1900; brown painted coffin with molded, removable lid having a cast metal plaque “Our Darling” with side ornamental cast handle, 17 ½”x 11 ½”x 57” Sold For 130.00
  75. Doug Pray Enterprises “Time Sentry” gas pump clock ca. 1980s; model 53 #225 pump clock with fine cast iron and brass parts, brass Bowser trademark Time Sentry Clock dial indicator, plastic dome top with glass lenses, 20”x 17”x 83” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3 Sold For 1,650.00
  76. Cities Service sign ca. 1940-1950s; green background sheet metal sign with white lettering, 8’x 27” Sold For 325.00
  77. Olde Towne Furniture & Antiques trade sign ca. 1980-2000; wide aluminum coil stock sign with light blue background and white lettering with dark blue accents, 10’x 32” Sold For 30.00
  78. Firestone porcelain sign ca. 1957; porcelain coated sheet metal sign in red and white with embossed center “Firestone” in white and marked “A5773” “Made in USA – SPS ‘57”, 9’x3’ Sold For 600.00
  79. Westinghouse Coca-Cola chest cooler ca. 1948-1956; model WD-20 red cooler with white embossed “Drink/Coca-Cola/Ice Cold” lettering on four sides, four lift doors and bottle capper, 71”x 26”x 36” Sold For 110.00
  80. Bentley 5 string banjo ca. 1960s; aluminum framed body with mixed wood neck, rosewood veneered back and ivorite-type edges, 13 3/8”d, 3 ½”x 39” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 95.00
  81. Rock-Ola juke box ca. 1975-1982; model 488 “Vista Series” juke box with serial #34947, sunset gold, sunrise blue back and a slant front cabinet, 41 ½”x 22”x 52” Sold For 20.00
  82. Two-sided “Willow Street” sign ca. post-1950; mustard background sign with blue lettering and trim painted on 1” plywood, 70”x 12” Sold For 65.00
  83. Art deco style Rowe cigarette machine ca. 1930-1940s; eight selection cabinet in cream and green with mirror, and round molded top and sides, 28”x 12 ½”x 56 ½” Sold For 180.00
  84. Texaco Fire Chief gas pump ca. 1960-70s; Veedor-Root four wheel computer with drop front access and square top fitted for a globe light, 21”x 19”x 55” Sold For 230.00
  85. Coca-Cola baseball scoreboard ca. 1970-1980s; aluminum baseball scoreboard by Electro-Mech Scoreboard Co. with mounting clips and Coca-Cola bottle button advertising, 83”x 6”x 35 ½” Sold For 150.00
  86. Antiques & Junque shop sign ca. 1960s; yellow base painted sign with white lettering and red shadowing made from an old door and metal sheet covering, 76”x 30” Sold For 60.00
  87. Wooden child’s coffin with viewing window ca. 1880; walnut tapered side coffin with poplar bottom, three-tier stepped design lid and a glass viewing window, 18 ½”x 13”x 57” Sold For 250.00
  88. Gibson “Les Paul Custom” electric guitar ca. 1967-1974; six string electric guitar 20th Anniversary model (serial #397809) in white with black pick guard, gold tuning keys, four dial adjustment, brass pick-ups, ebony fret board with mother of pearl inlay and case, 13”x 2 ½”x 39” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 Sold For 3,600.00
  89. American Scale Mfg. Co. fortune scale ca. 1930s; penny operated “Your Fortune/ “Weigh” Your Fate” in art deco styling with porcelain coated iron red cap and chrome accents, 16”x 24”x 51 ½” Sold For 110.00
  90. Buick Motors trade sign ca. 1940-1950s; Artkraft Form 125 electric trade sign in blue with white lettering, yellow paint accent and chrome trim featuring an oval “Buick” banner top and rectangular “Motors” base with post to mount, 73”x 10 ¾”x 55” Sold For 1,300.00
  91. Bennett gas pump ca. 1940-1950s; arch top pump with three wheel calculator, sheet metal full access swing door, cover over gauge marked 1056-M401 and an “American Regular” decal, 24”x 18”x 59” Sold For 450.00
  92. Monroe shock sign ca. 1970s; embossed trade sign in white, yellow and blue, 47 ½”x 36” Sold For 25.00
  93. Rock-ola juke box ca. 1967-1978; Syabris 474 model juke box in console shape with raised back, 1970s era colored rainbow and red light accents with serial #740277, 41”x 25”x 55” Sold For 25.00
  94. Airflow Collectibles pedal airplane ca. 2000; “Silver Pursuit” model airplane with Army emblem on wings and propeller on nose that moves when plane moves, 36”x 46”x 25” Sold For 100.00
  95. AMF 2 speed pedal tractor ca. 1955; bullet nose shuttle shift three-wheel pedal tractor in red and gray with four small spark plugs on right side of tractor, 20”x 45”x 27 ½” Sold For 110.00
  96. Kent 6 string electric guitar ca. 1960s; sunburst color guitar with black pick guard, four knobs, ebony fretboard with mother of pearl inlay and marked “K535” on paper label with case, 13”x 2 ¼”x 39 ¾” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 Sold For 210.00
  97. Two-sided Pyrofax sign ca. 1950-1960s; four color trade sign for “Pyrofax Bottled Gas/ Over 30 Years of Leadership”, 67 ½”x 45 ½” Sold For 140.00
  98. 4 Pennzoil cans ca. 2011-2012; 25 gallon drums for SAE-75W-90 gear oil, 14 ½”d, 26” Sold For 170.00
  99. 3 Kendall oil cans ca. 2010; 25 gallon red cans with white lettering, 14 ½”x 27” Sold For 120.00
  100. Glidden paint trade sign ca. late 1900s; surface mount embossed trade sign, 47 ½”x 47 ½” Sold For 50.00
  101. Airflow “Pretty in Pink” pedal airplane ca. 1980; special edition airplane painted pink with gray accents and a gray padded seat, 38”x 45”x 24” Sold For 130.00
  102. Airflow “Sky Princess” tricycle ca. 1980-2000; pink tricycle with small center headlight and pink oversized fenders, 19”x 35”x 25 ½” Sold For 80.00
  103. Large oval Mason-Dixon trucking line truck emblem ca. 1940-1960; with Grant and Lee shaking hands originally mounted on box truck sides, 38”x 73” Sold For 400.00
  104. Hohner electric guitar ca. 1990s; Hohner Professional TE custom six string electric guitar “Made in Korea” on neck in “tobacco sunburst” purple color with white marbleized AWG classic pick guard, 11”x 2 ¼”x 39” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 Sold For 300.00
  105. Lighted Pepsi sign ca. 1990s; lighted case with two Pepsi bottles and a digital clock in center of base, 36”x 3 ¼”x 48” Sold For 80.00
  106. Two-sided Navy Recruitment Center sign ca. 1970-1980; one side “Heritage Navy” with sailor holding son’s hand and viewing a three mast ship and other side “Guardians of Freedom” with Admiral Dewey, 30”x 41” Sold For 130.00
  107. Two-sided Greyhound Bus sign ca. 1970; white border with red and blue accented corners having a white greyhound and lettering, 48”x 24” Sold For 250.00
  108. Two-sided hanging trade sign ca. 1930-1940s; arched bottom porcelain sign originally for Coca-Cola then overpainted by Supply Co. Auto Parts Additional Photo Sold For 200.00
  109. Supergard Motor Oils sign ca. 1970-1980s; black border sign with a raised box frame having a blue background with gray and white lettering, 60 ½”x 30”x 1” Sold For 65.00
  110. Kern’s grocery store sign ca. 1950-1960s; embossed sheet metal square signs with “Kern’s” in red oval, 48”x 36” Sold For 40.00
  111. Coca-Cola sign ca. 1960s; “Enjoy Coca-Cola” sheet metal on wood sign with chamfered edge frame, 60 ½”x 2”x 25” Sold For 140.00
  112. 2 acoustic guitars ca. 1950-1970s; guitar with four strings, dark finish, shell-colored celluloid headpiece, rosewood fret board and string bar, 14 ¼”x 3 ¾”x 37 ½”; spruce top six string guitar with interior label “Model G-101 by Kay Guitar”, 13”x 3 ¼”x 36” Sold For 55.00
  113. Two-sided Goodyear sign ca. 1930-1940; sheet metal sign in tubular steel frame with winged foot trade logo and “Goodyear”, 66 ¾”x 1 ¾”x 12” Sold For 150.00
  114. Snapper trade sign ca. 1950-1960s; sheet metal on wooden frame sign having three colors on a white base for “Snapper Mowers-Tillers”, 71”x 1”x 34 ½” Sold For 65.00
  115. 2 Kern’s bread signs ca. 1950-1960s; embossed sheet metal square signs with “Kern’s” in red oval, 48”x 36” Sold For 35.00
  116. Round trade sign with cars  ca. 1950s; red button sign with red and blue cars on a white background, 35 ½”dx 1” Sold For 60.00
  117. Roof mount emergency lights ca. 1970s; red lens panic bar with ventilated chrome center with padded roof feet, 51”x 12”x 11” Sold For 35.00
  118. Firestone single door cabinet ca. 1990; metal wall hanging one door cabinet with Firestone logo and “National Wheel Seals”, 18”x 6 ¾”x 23” Sold For 60.00
  119. Charlie Chaplin fiberglass statue ca. 1980; standing comical figure with Charlie in Derby overcoat and gray pants, 25”d, 72”h Sold For 280.00
  120. Electric lift lid Pepsi cooler ca. 1970; baby blue cooler base with Pepsi cap to left and right capper and top of lid with vinyl covered plywood insert, 30 ¾”x 20”x 36” Sold For 90.00
  121. 1970 BMW R75/5 Motorcycle ca. 1970; vintage road motorcycle with 20,504 miles, fiberglass saddlebags and Shadow Royale windshield Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 925.00
  122. Blue Painted Rowing Scull ca. 1970s; vintage single person rowing scull Sold For 120.00
  123. Nickel plated show/presentation axe ca. 1960; BBB felling axe in nickel plate with hickory handle, 7 ½”x 4 ½”x 35” Sold For 80.00
  124. Belknapp Bluegrass double bit axe ca. 1940; Belknapp “Bluegrass” trademark double bit felling axe with hickory handle, 10”x 4 ½”x 35 ½” Sold For 75.00
  125. 2 Collins felling axes ca. 1940 & 1970s; Collins – Collinsville, Conn. Double bit axe marked “F.S.” (Forest Service) with original hickory handle, 9”x 34 ½”; Collins Homestead model poll axe with original blue and white handle, 7”x 35” Sold For 90.00
  126. 2 chrome plate “fancy” double bit axes ca. 1940; parade axe with chrome plated heads and hickory handles, 9”x 26” Sold For 85.00
  127. New Kelly Work fireman’s axe ca. 1980s; painted surface on both axe heads and handle, 12”x 35 ½” Sold For 75.00
  128. 2 felling axes ca. 1900s; both with hickory handles: plumb 32 single poll, 7 ½”x 34”; Belknapp “Bluegrass” single poll felling axe, 8”x 35” Sold For 85.00
  129. Buhl embossed double bit axe ca. 1940; Buhl Sons Co., Detroit, Michigan with Daniel Boone DB2-36 Sold For 100.00
  130. Our Very Best “OVB” embossed double bit axe ca. 1940; Embossed shield design emblem with hickory chamfered handle, 9 ½” x 36” Sold For 95.00
  131. 2 single poll felling axes ca. 1930; Collins Legitimus with crown and hammer emblem with hickory handle, 7 ½” x 34 ½”, Plumb “Patent Pending” #32 with hickory handle, 7 ½” x 33” Sold For 120.00
  132. 2 double bit felling axes ca. 1920 – 1940; Kelly Axe & Tool Works True Temper fantail, 4”x10”x 32”; Mann “Knot Klipper”, 4 ½” x 9 ¼” x 36” Sold For 70.00
  133. Evansville, Indiana fireman’s axe ca. 1990; Firefighters axe with excellent red painted handle, black painted head with spike, 11” x 34” Sold For 45.00
  134. Merlin Arthur Smith model W acoustic guitar ca. 1970; This Merlin Arthur Smith model W guitar is a country squire model w/ 6 strings; The guitar has fancy pick guards & faux ivory surround edges, Rosewood fret board with mother of pearl, 16 3/8” x 4 ¼” x 40 ½” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3 Sold For 325.00
  135. Narrow rectangular trade sign ca. 1990; “U-paint” raised rim rectangular sign with five colors,        62” x 11 ½” Sold For 12.50
  136. Large surface mount Sunbeam bread trade sign ca. 1950; Raised panel press steel sign with sunbeam bread and girl eating slice of bread vignette, Original store name overpainted with “Tobacco Barn”, 5’ ¾” x 4’ Sold For 60.00
  137. Square Coca – Cola box mount sign ca. 1980; Square sign with fold back mounting flanges, red background with white lettering, 3’ 1 ½” x 3’ Sold For 95.00
  138. Mobil station sign with post ca. 1980; Elongated shape sign with red winged Pegasus below Mobil trade advertisement.  Tubular framed base that mounts on twelve foot iron post.  Sign is aluminum sheet covered sign and color is red, white & blue, 71” x 4 3/8” x 32” Sold For 450.00
  139. Frigidaire Appliance Sign ca. 1950; Sheet metal with wood frame.  Blue and gray background with white lettering has crown trade logo in center.  Store section of sign has black lettering W.H. Bowling Dept. Store, by Robertson Trade Signs, 6’ x 4’ Sold For 55.00
  140. Standard station sign with post ca. 1970-1980; Late era post top sign, oval Standard trademark with central torch topper.  Tubular framed base that mounts on twelve foot iron post with heavy iron plate base. Metal framework is encased in aluminum, 57” x 6” x 48 ½” with 4” threaded pipe base Sold For 500.00
  141. Concord Tires Sign ca. 1970 – 1980; Sheet metal sign, blue lettering w/ gold trim, 69” x 16” Sold For 50.00
  142. Jay G Guitar ca. 1950; Six string acoustic guitar with case by Jackson Guldan, painted tan and black    13 ½” x 3 ½” x 36” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 17.50
  143. Pair of Mansfield Tire Signs ca. 1930; Embossed orange based sign, blue letting with white accent.  Raised embossed letter, raised rim border, 17” x 6’ Sold For 575.00
  144. Sargent Paint sheet metal sign ca. 1960s; patch-shaped sign in red, white and blue with three bars in the middle, 32”-53”w Sold For 30.00
  145. Two-sided Texaco sign ca. 1930-1940s; round porcelain sign with Texaco star and “Gasoline/ Motor Oil”, 42”d Additional Photo Sold For 500.00
  146. Round two car design trade sign ca. 1950-1960s; round button sign with red exterior band having one red car and one blue car on a white surface with reflective paint, 35”d, 1”h Sold For 100.00
  147. Jetzon Tire trade sign ca. 1980s; aluminum coil stock on frame sign for “Jetzon Tires” in black and purple, 59”x ¾”x 22 ½” Sold For 140.00
  148. Champion Sparkplug repair station trade sign ca. 1960s; large rectangular raised rim edge with lower “Champion Sparkplug” trade advertisement and “Wilson Auto Repair” on the top of the sign Sold For 55.00
  149. Esso gas price sign ca. 1960s; gas station sign in red, white and blue with three large panel price grades: “Esso”, “Esso Plus” & “Esso Extra” Sold For 45.00
  150. Gretsch “New Yorker” 5 string banjo ca. 1950s; cast aluminum body, wooden back, stained maple neck, fancy scroll design head stock and marked “470” on neck stem with a hard case, 13”d, 36”l Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 160.00
  151. Pair of raised panel Coca-Cola signs with button center ca. 1950-1960s; panel style signs with side mounts, chamfered raised panels, white background with stars and central Coca-Cola red button trademark, 36”x 2 ½”x 36” Sold For 140.00
  152. 2 Spanish Coca-Cola signs ca. 1980-1990s; rectangular signs with “Coca-Cola Ví Vela”, 35 ½”x 24” Sold For 25.00
  153. Pair of Coca-Cola panel signs ca. 1960-1970s; square-shaped sheet metal signs with fold-back side mounts, 36”x 1 ½”x 36” Sold For 50.00
  154. RC Cola store sign ca. 1950s; double diamond shaped trade sign with “RC” in upper diamond and store plaque on the bottom of the sign, 51”x 64 ½” Sold For 55.00
  155. Banner style sign for Basco Bros. coal ca. 1950-1960s; rectangular plywood on wooden frame sign “Basco Bros. Coal/ 335-4221/ Orders Taken Here” Sold For 40.00
  156. Large red Coca-Cola button sign ca. 1920-1930s; red sign with white lettering, 48”d, 3 ½” Sold For 45.00
  157. Early American gas sign ca. 1940s; single-sided hanging sheet metal sign with oval and central torch with red, white and blue coloring of American, 48”x 40” Sold For 290.00
  158. S.S. Stewart guitar in case ca. 1930s; six string acoustic guitar model 6997, serial #5529 by R&J Musical Products having a hollow body with hardwood adjustable bridge and a case Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3 Sold For 325.00
  159.  “Fishtail” Coca-Cola trademark sign ca. 1950; porcelain raised frame sign in white with green pin striping, round ends and “fishtail” Coca-Cola trade logo in the middle, 68”x 4”x 24” Sold For 150.00
  160. Two-sided Red Top Ale sign ca. 1930s; two-sided sign with red top design with “Red Top/ Cincinnati/ Ale/ Unusual Quality”, 36”x 44” Sold For 190.00
  161. Mail Pouch Tobacco thermometer ca. 1988; reproduction thermometer in box, 8 ½”x 1”x 39 ½” Sold For 85.00
  162. Kern’s bread store sign ca. 1940s; rectangular pressed steel, raised frame sign with “Take Home Kern’s Bread” and “Blevin’s Store” at the bottom Sold For 35.00
  163. Robberson Steel sign ca. 1940s; rectangular pressed steel, raised frame sign with blue background and embossed yellow lettering “Robberson Steel/ Oklahoma City, Okla.” Sold For 100.00
  164. Rectangular Pepsi sign ca. 1960s; Pepsi bottle cap design with “Say Pepsi, Please”, 47 ½”x 41 ½” Sold For 40.00
  165. IMSA “Camel GT” racing theme trade sign ca. 1981; raised frame rectangular trade sign with photo of a race car driver leaning on his car with a cigarette, 59”x 35” Sold For 40.00
  166. Höfner 6 string acoustic guitar ca. 1975 on label; flat top guitar with black plastic pick guard, rosewood fret board, back with tiger striping and marked “Made in Germany/ Serial #66C3” with case, 15 ¾”x 4 ¼”x 41” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 Sold For 130.00
  167.  “Bumper to Bumper” sign ca. 1990; four color aluminum sign with white lettering “Bumper to Bumper/ Auto Parts Specialist”, 54”x 27” Sold For 110.00
  168. Pair of plastic Phillips 66 trade sign inserts ca. 1980; black border with white shield emblem and embossed “Phillips 66”, 31 ½”x 31 ½” Sold For 70.00
  169. Large Purina Chows sign ca. 1940; embossed building mounted trade sign with blue/black background and white lettering, 72”x 47” Sold For 40.00
  170. Enamel Cities Gas trade sign ca. 1930s; single side porcelain/enamel sign with Cities Gas green triangle in cloverleaf logo, 72”x 70”; Sold For 475.00
  171. Harmony 6 string guitar ca. 1930-1950; flat top guitar with mahogany wood body, dark cherry stained maple neck with rosewood fret board and a small shell design pick guard, 15”x 3 ½”x 40” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3 Sold For 65.00
  172. James Swan safety handle drawknife ca. 1930; 10” straight back drawknife with fold-down handles having a thumbscrew stop and metal cap wood handles, 10” edge, 15 ½”x 7 ½” Sold For 45.00
  173. 2 felling axes ca. 1900-1930; both with hickory handles: “Americanax”, Glassport, PA poll axe with lower lug, 6 ½”x 28”; Keen Kutter double bit axe with fantail edge, 4 ½”x 9 ¼”x 35” Sold For 55.00
  174. PA German style goosewing axe ca. pre-1800; unsigned axe with slight round-up tip, chamfered top, tapered socket, axe with raised weld and partial impressed strike, 11 ¾”x 8 ½”x 29” Sold For 170.00
  175. PA German goosewing axe ca. 1730; early right hand goosewing axe with extended tapered socket, double raised weld and embossed illegible strike, 12 ½”x 7”x 24 ½” Sold For 140.00
  176. Side broad axe ca. 1860; left handed Chester side broad axe with upper and lower lugs, 12” edge, 8 ½”x 24” Sold For 75.00
  177. Embossed Bingham’s felling axe ca. 1910; with BBB in center of round trade strike axe with hickory handle, 5 ½”x 7 ¾”x 34 ½” Sold For 90.00
  178. Plumb “Au-to-graf” felling axe ca. 1910; “Anchor Brand” Fayette R. Plumb felling axe with hickory handle, 5”x 7 ½”x 36 ½” Sold For 80.00
  179. Collins & Co. lipped dubbing adze ca. 1880; with spike tip and hickory handle, 5”x 11”x 33” Sold For 65.00
  180. 2 edge tools ca. 1830 & 1910; New Bould #2 carpenter’s adze with small octagon poll on a hickory handle, 3 ½”x 9 ¾”x 25”; “Demon” full hewing hatchet with hickory handle, 4 ¾”x 6”x 15” Sold For 65.00
  181. 2 edge tools ca. 1850-1910; unsigned broad squaring axe with upper and lower lugs and a hickory handle, 8”x 8 ¾”x 37 ½”; “True American” by Mann Edge Tool Co., Lewistown double bit rail splitting axe with large wings from socket center to edge, 4”x 13 ½”x 27 ½” Sold For 70.00
  182. Van Camp embossed felling axe ca. 1900; single poll axe with Van Camp circular trade strike, 4 ½”x 7 ¼”x 35 ¾” Sold For 55.00
  183. Belknapp/Bluegrass double bit felling axe ca. 1910; #3 “Bluegrass” trademark double bit axe with hickory handle, 4 ½”x 10”x 28 ½” Sold For 60.00
  184. Kay acoustic guitar ca. 1940-1950s; six string arch top and back acoustic guitar in golden sunburst color with a black painted neck with honey maple fret board, and white plastic pick guard with Kay register emblem, 17”x 4 ½”x 42” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3 Sold For 150.00
  185. Porcelain top Coca-Cola table ca. 1980-1990s; red tubular leg table with porcelain white trim and Coca-Cola advertising top, 30”x 30”x 27 ½” Sold For 60.00
  186. Two-sided cigarette rack top sign ca. 1950s; enamel on tin rack top sign with one side having “L&M Filters” and back with “Chesterfield Cigarettes”, 13 ½”x 14 ¾” Sold For 50.00
  187.  “Chew Pay Car Scrap” sign ca. 1990s; reproduction trade sign for “Chew/ Pay Car/ Scrap/ The Best Flavor” by Desperate Sign Co.  with a chew pouch and trolley car, 11”x 14” Sold For 35.00
  188. Night Owl Potato Chip sign ca. 1970s; horned owl perched on a stick with large lettering, 12”x 18” Sold For 110.00
  189. Norge embossed tin trade sign ca. 1940-1950s; yellow “Norge Refrigerators” sign with embossed lettering and blue accents, 19 5/8”x 13 ½” Sold For 25.00
  190. Raised Gulf enamel porcelain sign ca. 1940s; white background pump top sign with orange dot, blue lettering “That Good/ Gulf/ Gasoline/ Gulf Refining Co”, 16”x 12 5/8” Sold For 130.00
  191. Reproduction Karo Syrup trade sign ca. 1990s; with a corn maiden next to can by Desperate Sign Co., 17 ¼”x 8 ¾” Sold For 40.00
  192. 2 cigarette trade signs ca. 1940-1950s; 3-D camel cigarette thermometer with red background, 5 ½”x 1 ¼”x 13 ¼”; L&M Cigarette sign on tin, 11 ¾”x 17 ¼” Sold For 50.00
  193. Kool Cigarette trade sign ca. 1960s; store exterior trade sign “Come in… We sell cigarettes/ Smoke Kool” with a penguin with cigarette in beak, 25 ½”x 10 5/8” Sold For 30.00
  194. 2 trade signs ca. 1970s; field trade sign for Flory Feeds on aluminum with reflective paint on yellow, 14”x 18”; Purity Bread rack top sign with orange vertical strips and a yellow, brown and orange trade oval center, 24”x 9 ¾” Sold For 30.00
  195. Epiphone 4 string electric bass guitar ca. 1980-1990s; Indonesia made guitar (serial #960030639) with a solid body electric base with sunburst coloring, two electric pickups, large black plastic pick guard, rosewood fret board and a Fender soft case, 13”x 2 ½”x 45 ½” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 75.00
  196. Nesbitt’s orange soda thermometer ca. 1940-1950s; with comical professor with Nesbitt’s of California bottle, 6 ½”x ½”x 22 5/8” Sold For 130.00
  197. Tech tire repair parts cabinet ca. 1970-1980s; slant front parts case for Technical Rubber Company Inc. of Johnstown, Ohio made by Advance Display Co., 19”x 9 ¼”x 15” Sold For 85.00
  198. 6 Wings of Texaco airplane banks ca. 1993-1998; #1-#6 series of airplanes in original boxes, 9”x 3 ¾”x 12 ¾” each Sold For 50.00
  199. Set of 5 Exxon Pump top type signs ca. 1970-1980s; one sheet metal base with regular and unleaded grade; four aluminum pump top signs, 25”x 5 7/8” Sold For 40.00
  200. Reproduction “Mail Pouch” tobacco sign ca. 1980; collector grade model of embossed mail pouch sign on sheet metal by AAA Co., Co, 35 ¼”x 12 ¾” Sold For 55.00
  201. Ovation 6 string electric acoustic guitar ca. 1970-1980s; model 1612 “Custom Balladeer” with plastic arched back and side housing with spruce top, ebony and mahogany fretboard, guitar with electric pick-up under spruce top all in a hard shell case, 15 ½”x 5”x 41” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 50.00
  202. 2 sheet metal cigarette signs ca. 1960s; “Expect More, Get More from L&M” with a hand holding a cigarette pack; “Chesterfield 21/20 “They Satisfy” partially embossed sign Sold For 65.00
  203. 2 specialty trade sign inserts ca. 1980s; two-color lithograph on sheet metal signs in red and black on a white background advertising “Week-End Special/ $1298+ Pennies/Mile”, 24”x 18” Sold For 35.00
  204. Two-sided RC Cola sign ca. 1960-1970s; rack toper sign with “Drink Royal Crown Cola” and a price marker, 24 ½”x 16 ½” Sold For 40.00
  205. 3 Wings of Texaco airplane banks ca. 1995 & 1996; two 1995 3rd in series planes in boxes; one 1996 4th in series plane in box, 9 ½”x 4”x 12 ¾” Sold For 75.00
  206. 2 signs ca. 1980s; aluminum wall sign for “Dad’s/ Dog Food/ Cat Food” with an English Setter dog, 24”x 18”; Golden Harvest Seed advertising sign with rolled rim and center corn growing from kernel, 17 ¾”x 27 ¾” Sold For 100.00
  207. Kingston 4 string electric bass guitar ca. 1960s; Japanese made wood body with sunburst top, black back, mahogany neck and headstock, black and white color pick guard and case, 13 ½”x 2 ½”x 43 ½” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 170.00
  208. Pepsi box type sign ca. 1990s; raised rim box type sign on a wooden frame with slanted letters, 30”x ¾”x 22 ½” Sold For 60.00
  209. 2 embossed & lithographed cigarette thermometers ca. 1950-1960s; blue background L&M “Check Today’s Change… to Modern L&M/ Sold Here” sign with an embossed pack; yellow background “Winston Tastes Good… Like a Cigarette Should” with an embossed pack Sold For 35.00
  210. Round National Electrical Contractors Association sign ca. 1950s; round shaped tri-color lithograph sign with NECA logo of a hand grasping lightning Sold For 15.00
  211. Hires root beer poster ca. 1967; framed tri-color Hires’ boy screen printed on orange cardstock by Art Fairs Inc., 11”x 14” Sold For 35.00
  212. 2 gas pump topper signs ca. 1960-1970s; black and white “Chevron Unleaded” on sheet metal, 25”x 5 5/8”; red and white “Unleaded” on aluminum, 25”x 5 ¾” Sold For 15.00
  213. Harmony electric 6 string guitar ca. 1970-1980s; solid wood body with sunburst color top, large tan pick guard, black finish on back and honey maple deck with rosewood fret board, 12”x 2”x 38” Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3 Sold For 65.00
  214. 2 Red Man stock trade signs ca. 1950s; Red Man Chewing Tobacco signs with Indian chief in a vignette, 12”x 16” Sold For 65.00
  215.  “Old Century Baseball” pinball game ca. 2005+; re-creative bar top toy with wooden frame and back board, 24”x 26”x 14 ¾” Sold For 100.00
  216. Reproduction Standard Motor Oil button sign ca. 2005+; raised button reproduction sign for “Standard/ Polarine Motor Oil/ Gasoline” red “S” sign, 24”d, 1 ½” Sold For 55.00
  217. Harmony acoustic six string guitar ca. 1990s; “Made in China/ Model 01010-“S”” with sunburst color top, bird and floral design on black pick guard, rosewood veneer back and sides in a plastic bag case, 16”x 4 ½”x 40 ½” Additional Photo Sold For 50.00
  218. Sears Roebuck bass amp ca. 1980s; box model 60BXL solid state bass amp with two inputs and three dial design, 20”x 9”x 29” Additional Photo Sold For 80.00
  219. 2 reproduction motor oil signs ca. 2000+; vertical Gulf Supreme Motor Oil embossed sign with 1930s era car, climbing hill and Orange Gulf trade dot, 13”x 42”; large horizontal orange and black “Phillips 66” in shield embossed motor oil sign, 42”x 13” Sold For 85.00
  220. 2 large vertical advertising thermometers ca. 1930-1980s; Mail Pouch Tobacco Thermometer with extensive wear to surface, 8”x ¾”x 39”; 1980s reproduction of “Bathing Beauty Pinup on Rock” lithograph thermometer by TCA-True Temp, 8 ½”x ½”x 38 ½” Sold For 85.00
  221. 3 trade signs ca. 1970s+; reproduction cast iron “Gulf Authorized Dealer” trade sign with raised lettering, 15 5/8”x ¼”x 4”; Union 76 porcelain pump top sign, 16 7/8”x 5 5/8”; reproduction porcelain “Phillips 66/ The World’s Finest Motor Oil” in orange and black with a white band trim, 16 7/8”x 5 5/8” Sold For 40.00
  222. 2 trade signs ca. 1970s+; reproduction “Coca-Cola Fountain Service” tin wall hanging with faux decorative holes, 13 ¼”x ¼”x 3/8”; porcelain “Authorized Ford Service” sign with blue and white oval, 18”x 10 ¾” Sold For 95.00
  223. 4 reproduction trade oil signs ca. 1990s+; “Mountain Dew – Yahoo” bottle cap shaped sign with comical man, 15 ½”x 3/8”x 18 ¼”; “Hopalong Cassidy Radio” sign by Desparate Sign Co., 9”x 12”; Moxie Ted Williams trade sign, 11”x 14”; raised flange sign “Bugler Cigarette Tobacco”, 11”x 17” Sold For 35.00
  224. 4 reproduction faux aged signs ca. 1990s+; Chevrolet Bel-Air 1957 convertible by A.M.N., 17 ¼”x 11 ½”; vertical “7-UP the Fresh Up Family Drink”, 11 ½”x 16 5/8”; “Full Service” oil can cutout, 20 1/8”x 10 ½”; embossed Tabasco Saucer sign, 11 ½”x 11 ½” Sold For 25.00
  225. 5 reproduction iron segregation signs ca. 2000+; “Colored Must Sit in Balcony”, “Rest Rooms White & Color”, “Colored Seated in Rear”, “Showers, White Offices & Colored Officers”, “Drinking Fountain White & Colored”, 10 3/16”x 4 3/8” Sold For 140.00
  226. 20 reproduction tin advertising signs ca. 1990-present; two small embossed bathhouse signs, 10”x 3”; eighteen full sheet signs from Victorian trade cards including: Hoyt’s German Cologne, Allen’s Rootbeer Extract, Rumford Chemical Works, Decker Bros. Pianos, Ivory Polish, Etc., 11”x 14” Sold For 25.00
  227. Plastic Budweiser Clydesdale team clock light ca. 1980-1990s; large, lighted hanging display case of horses and large beer wagon with Dalmatian dogs topped with a clock Sold For 170.00
  228. Vintage “Blue Shield” lighters display ca. 1970s; standing display of twelve “Wind Proof Lighters by Blue Shield” in original cardstock folder box, 9 7/8”x 13 7/8” Sold For 75.00
  229. 2 reproduction trade advertising signs ca. 1990+; 1990 dated Coca-Cola Company medium button-type trade sign with Coke bottle, 12”d, 5/8”w; late embossed Texaco round aluminum sign, 23 ½”x 1/8” Sold For 55.00
  230. Double sided tin Coca-Cola sign ca. mid1900s; bent iron bracket with double side tin Coca-Cola advertisement and round “7” & “8” signs on either side, 30”x11 ½” Sold For 130.00
  231. Sealtest Milk clock ca. mid-late 1900s; light up electric clock with a carton of Sealtest Vitamin D Milk; made by PAM Clock Co., INC., New Rochelle, NY., 15 ¼”x15 ¼” Sold For 200.00
  232. Group of tinware ca. early-mid 1900s; 4 advertising tins including a KOOL advertising ashtray, a Union Leader cut plug tobacco tin bank, a Prince Albert cigarette tobacco tin, and a Betty Anne Creamy Mints tin, with 2 tin melon shaped molds Sold For 25.00
  233. Bulova auto dealership clock ca. mid 1900s; round black metal case containing a Bulova electric clock surrounded by fluorescent lights; [Provenance: from Taylor Motors – Dodge Dealership – Elizabethon, TN]; 22” round Sold For 170.00
  234. Wooden stenciled butter churn ca. late 1800s; hand cranked wooden butter churn with lid and 4 legs, stenciled “Standard Churn Co.” and “No. 2/7 Galls.”; 15”x25”x29” Sold For 160.00
  235. US regulation bugle ca. early-mid 1900s; brass bugle marked “U.S. REGULATION/MADE IN USA” w/ silvered mouthpiece; 4 ½”x 4 ½”x 16 ½” Additional Photo Sold For 55.00
  236. Civil War era cavalry saber & scabbard ca. mid 1800s; marked “Mansfield & Lamb / Forestdale, R.I.” on one side of blade and “U.S. / JCW / 1864” on the other; [Provenance: reportedly used by the 13th Tennessee Union cavalry at the Battle of Murfreesboro] Additional Photo's 1; 2; 3; 4 Sold For 625.00