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Summer 2015 Tool Sale


Saturday August 8, 2015 9:00 AM


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  1. Rare type, Mellinger X-brand (Henry, Washington Boro/Manor, circa 1870) 12” side broad axe,  handle probably not original but head Vg. Sold For 55.00
  2. C. Silvius, Lancaster (Conrad, 1857, Lancaster City) hewing axe, ex-Beitler collection, G+ Sold For 45.00
  3. Rare marking, J.B. Stohler 2-X-2 (John Beamesdorfer, Scheafferstown, Pa.., circa late 1860-80) 9 ½” broad squaring axe w/ original handle, strike on both cheeks of axe, Vg. Sold For 270.00
  4. P. Tagert (possible Chester or Lancaster Co., further research following) 12 ½” side broad axe, some pitting, F+ Sold For 55.00
  5. Rare, C. Reafsnyder X-brand (possible Berks Co.) upper poll mortise axe, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  6. 2 - Early axes: mast maker’s axe, signed I.P in heart (*? Northampton area) w/ period handle, F. – G.; D-Brua (Daniel, Paradise Twp., Lancaster Co., circa?) felling axe, F. Sold For 110.00
  7. 2 – “True Blue” felling axes: P. Schwitzer (Peter or Francis P., Robeson Twp., Berks Co., circa 1850-1890), Vg. Sold For 35.00
  8. Early felling axe signed, J. Heidt w/ embossed letters (Jacob Heydt or Heidt Sr., Berks Co., circa 1788-1874) lower arched lug, struck on both cheeks, Vg. Sold For 55.00
  9. 2 – Trade embossed felling axes: Geo. Krause Hardware Co., Lebanon, Pa. in horseshoe design, doublet bit axe, G.; Plumb “Champion Axe” single poll, F. Sold For 210.00
  10. 18th century European style sod/bog axe w/ full edged beard, round eye, heavy pitting (possibly cast from bog iron). This form is sometimes called a “Battle-axe) Sold For 90.00
  11. Rare form, H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co.,   later Vinemont area, Berks Co.) carpenter’s adze w/ full square poll, Vg. Sold For 130.00
  12. 2 – Hand wrought felling axes: L. Stoudt (Lucian, Berks, & worked at Seidel’s blacksmith shop Alsace Twp., Berks Co.), re-edged & ground, G.; signed (?) D. Mertz (David, Augusta Twp., Northumberland Co., Pa.)  w/ lower arch lug, G. Sold For 30.00
  13. 2 – Hand wrought edge tools: J. Lape (John F., contractor found in 1882, Albany directory) Kent style hewing axe, poor weld chip from butt of axe, G.; rare dated, 1882, unsigned mortise axe w/ upper poll, G. Sold For 60.00
  14. 2 – Axe relics: Germanic style “Goosewing” w/ two decorative tool strike, missing handle & crack at edge of beard, tapered socket, F.; drop-forged early fireman’s axe, chipped upper edge of blade, P. – F. Sold For 65.00
  15. 2 – Early axes, missing handles: J. Brown (possible John, Lancaster Boro, circa 1797?) lg. mast-maker’s axe, strike is early form w/ embossed letters, F. – G.; unsigned unusual hewing/”chip breaker” axe w/  raised welds fore & aft of eye, G. Sold For 55.00
  16. Excellent grouping of firmer tools: heavy carpenter’s mallet w/ mortised handle, Vg.; 2 – signed corner chisels: G. Hewes (George, Peach Bottom area of Lancaster Co., working a large portion of the 1800s) ring topped handle, G.; W. Brady (William, Mt. Joy & Lancaster City) deep socket w/ ring topped handle, Vg.; 2 -  firmer chisels: ¾” w/ owner strike of S.U. Stoner, G.; J. Snyder (John, Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster Co., circa 1850), 1 ½” w/ replaced walnut handle, G+ Sold For 60.00
  17. Tray lot 4 – Firmer/joiner’s tools: fine mallet w/ Lignum Vitae head, mortised oak handle, Vg.; W. Brady (above noted) corner chisel, refinished, Vg.; unsigned socket mortise chisel, G+; P. Law (?) narrow socket mortise, Vg. Sold For 50.00
  18. 3 – Hatchets: “sugar axe” odd looking pick-hatchet for loosening hardened sugar in grocer’s barrels, replaced handle, G.; J. Stortz & Son, Phila. (crossed-saber strike) crate hatchet w/ hatchet & claw based handle, Vg.; boy’s toy hatchet, non-edged, G. Sold For 300.00
  19. 6 – Assorted small claw hammers: 4 – Farrier’s type w/ short wrapped claws, G.; 2 – tack hammers Sold For 40.00
  20. Bill-poster hammer w/ hickory 3 section 44” handle, G – Vg. Sold For 70.00
  21. 4 – Various Saddler’s/upholsterer’s hammers: 3 – claw tack hammers w/ braced handles, G.; Bridgeport Hardware (?) solid handle w/ claw footed handle, G. Sold For 55.00
  22. 4- Primitive claw hammers: rare, copper smith’s round claw hammer, G.; 12oz. early straight claw hammer w/ square poll, Vg.; 2 – packing case claws w/ single spike & modified claw, G. Sold For 30.00
  23. Tray lot assorted tools: Millers Falls multi-tool handle w/ vise head, Vg.; key-hole saw pad, missing saw; 2 – spatula shaped threading plates, vg.; gauges; bits; etc. Sold For 80.00
  24. 14 – Assorted jeweler’s precision tools: 3 – small hammer (2 – brass); small hand vise, Vg.; 2 – Gem vises, etc. Sold For 50.00
  25. 8 – Assorted engraver’s tools, most Bowman & Co., Lancaster, Vg. Sold For 80.00
  26. Lg. assorted lot of watchmakers & jeweler’s tools: 3 – assorted thread plates (1 – Henry Boker); star shaped multi-tool; precision screwdrivers w/ wooden handles; hold-fasts; etc. Sold For 70.00
  27. Antique watch makers traveling pocket tool kit w/ 7 assorted precision tools  in leather case, Vg.; small brass anvil  & small brass sledge hammer (probably toy) Sold For 45.00
  28. 5 – Various Jeweler’s tools: bench top block multi-anvil, partial patent date; small creasing stake; brass bench stake watch holder; brass hexagon shaped set stand; Heller Bros. 2oz. ball-peen hammer, G. Sold For 75.00
  29. Tray lot assorted engraver’s tools: leather engraver’s pad; 18 – assorted engraver’s chisels (1 – Ezra Bowman, Lancaster) G. – Vg. Sold For 65.00
  30. Large tray lot assorted watch makers & jewelers tools: threading plates; spring sets; hold-fasts; punches; gauges; etc. Sold For 90.00
  31. Large tray lot of engravers chisels, punches, & handles from Lancaster Pattern Works & marked U for proprietor Harry H. Urlass, Lancaster City. Sold For 320.00
  32. 2 – Trays assorted foundry forming tools from Lancaster Pattern Works (above noted) Sold For 50.00
  33. 5 – Assorted small claw hammers: 3 – various tack hammer (1 – brace handled); hand wrought Farrier’s claw w/ tight wrapped claw; 6oz. claw owner marked J.F. Sold For 55.00
  34. 5 – Assorted hammers: Chandlee Patent type glaziers’ hammer w/ triangular shaped rotating head, F.; “Alaska” cast iron grocer’s crate hammer w/ open trade cast handle w. claw, Vg.; rivet hammer w/ iron claw tail handle; small bush/tenderizer hammer; early carpenter’s claw Sold For 70.00
  35.  4 – Early assorted claw hammers: 3 - 20oz. hand wrought: extended octagon poll, Vg.; carpenters’ flared octagon poll; carpenters’ w/ bell shaped poll, Vg.; Farrier’s claw Sold For 40.00
  36. 4 – Various nail pincers (1 – R & W Boker) Sold For 22.50
  37. 4 – Lg. Nail pincers: Buffum Tool Co. w/ 12” handles, Vg.; Original Enderes w/ 13” handles, Vg.; Bleckmann w/ 10 ½” claw tipped handle, G.; unsigned 11” clipper/pincer, G. Sold For 7.50
  38. 5 – Early claw hammers: Cheney #777 chisel/claw, G.; 4 – various tack & Farriers’ hammers Sold For 50.00
  39. Unknown maker, Cast iron ceremonial wall plaque w/ “TOTE” crossed fire axes & dagger, partial original paint id present Sold For 60.00
  40. 2 – L. Stoudt (Lucian, Berks, & worked at Seidel’s blacksmith shop Alsace Twp., Berks Co.) hatchets: drop forged shingling half hatchet w/ octagon poll, struck on both cheeks, G+; belt/cruise hatchet w/ lower lug, F. – G. Sold For 30.00
  41. 2 – Hatchets: J.B. Stohler X-branded (John Beamesdorfer, Scheafferstown, Pa.., circa late 1860-80) broad hewing hatchet w/ upper & lower lugs, G.; unsigned small kitchen hatchet w/ re-steeled edge. G. Sold For 85.00
  42. 2 – Non-handled edge tools: Germanic style “Goosewing” axe w/ scissors hallmark strike & initialed G.P., F. – G. condition; unsigned Lancaster style double bit mortise axe, G. Sold For 100.00
  43. 3 – Various edge tools: rare, W. Hoar (William, Buyerstown, Salisbury Twp., Lancaster Co. Son of James Hoar, working 1851-84) felling axe, missing handle, P.; L. Stoudt (above noted) felling axe, missing handle G.; L.W.S. (attributed to Lucian Stoudt) hand axe w/ lower lug, Vg. Sold For 55.00
  44. 3 – Various drawknives: William Marsh, 11” cooper’s heading shave w/ unknown tool strike, Vg.; 10 ½” check chamfer w/ anchor tool strike, G.;  8 ½” check chamfer w/ ox head & Scimitar, G. Sold For 35.00
  45. Rare, J. Fink (attributed to John or Jacob sons of Philip Fink, Lebanon Co., in 1850 census they were quite young, unable to confirm, if this is true this piece would have to be from the late 1860’s – ‘70’s) 12” sag back drawknife w/ additional tool strikes, G. Sold For 95.00
  46. 3 – Signed drawknives: Hewes (southern Lancaster Co. family of edge tool makers), 10” heading knife, G.; G. Sener (Gotlieb, 1830-1840, Lancaster City), 10” belly knife, F.; illegible 12”, F. Sold For 35.00
  47. 3 – Signed drawknives: G. Miller (George, Brecknock Twp. Berks Co., circa 1850-70) 10 ½” stop chamfer, G.; Holland (York City makers, John 1842-48 & son Joseph 1831-46) 10 ½” stop chamfer, F.; R.M.  (embossed letter strike) 12” stop chamfer w/ shotgun shell brass capped walnut handles, Vg. Sold For 75.00
  48. Rare, J- Harting (possible John Hartung, blacksmith listed in New Jersey cewnsus), upper bit posthole axe, expertly crafted w/ lower lugs & chamfered lower shoulders, some pitting Sold For 55.00
  49. Holland (above noted) upper bit posthole axe, G+. The strike is worn on both leading & tail edge, Tannehill noted this occurred after extensive use. Sold For 40.00
  50. Double-struck side broad axe: embossed strike of Holland (above noted)  w/ embossed strike F8. Axe has unusual construction raised chip deflector weld, upper & lower lugs w/ chip guards. This axe has been sand blasted, but is still an odd form for collectors. Sold For 220.00
  51. 2 – Signed, felling axes: O. Adams (Oliver, blacksmith found in Pittsburgh 1860, directory, and found in East Bloomfield, New York), replacement handle mounted incorrectly, G.; J. Rees (attributed to John, Strasburg Twp., 18th century smith) w/ pyramid stacked sunburst strikes pointing to center point of edge, butt of axe compressed, F. Sold For 35.00
  52. Rare form, H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co., later Vinemont area, Berks Co.) side broad axe w/ 12” edge w/ upper & lower lugs, double over-strike, G+ Sold For 150.00
  53. Unsigned early Firemen’s axe, 19th century form, drop-forged, G+ Sold For 140.00
  54. 2 – Early timber trade tools, possible European origin: highly decorative Picaroon, initial I.M w/ vine form decoration tool decoration, missing handle, G.; narrow 3” edge adze w/ cloverleaf strike & braided rope decoration, G. Sold For 30.00
  55.  2 – H. Mellinger (Henry, Washington Boro/Manor, circa 1870), variant carpenter’s adze: 4” adze w/ full octagon poll & partial original paint, Vg.; 4” low arch w/ full square poll, Vg.  (both ex-Derstler collection) Sold For 60.00
  56. H. Mellinger (above noted) center bit mortise axe, partial original paint, Vg. Sold For 90.00
  57. W. Brady (William, Mt. Joy & Lancaster City), 9” side broad axe w/ upper & lower lugs, Vg. Sold For 80.00
  58. 2 – Signed felling axes: D.S. Moyer (attributed to Daniel J., Robesonia, Berks Co., circa 1920, J-altered to an S), G.; B.H. Seidel (probably Berks Co.), Vg. Sold For 160.00
  59. 2 – Mortise axes: J. Knoll (Tannehill has listed as Lancaster Co. maker) oversized upper bit, sand blasted, G.; early unsigned double-bit posthole axe, G. Sold For 65.00
  60. 2 – Edge tools: J. Shertz, Lancaster (John, Lancaster City, circa 1852), hewing hatchet, poor steel weld on butt of axe, partial signature, F. – G.; Hofman (attributed to partial strike of Valentine Hoffman, Lancaster City) pin adze w/ removed pin, F. Sold For 35.00
  61. W. Brady & Son, Mt. Joy, 3” slick w/ replaced handle, Vg. Sold For 75.00
  62. 2 – D.K. Biehl, Maker Reading, Pa. tools: 1 ½” pairing chisel w/ tang handle, G.; millstone pick, G. Sold For 35.00
  63. Tray lot of Pa. framer/firmer tools: G. Hewes (above noted) 3” slick, replaced handle; R-Adams (Richard, Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., working 1820’s – 40’s) 3/8” deep socket mortise; H. Mellinger (above noted) ½” mortise; W. Brady (above noted) 1”, F.; Burl head joiner’s mallet, shows years of heavy use, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  64. 2 – Signed slicks, F. – G.: W. Brady & Son, Mt. Joy, Pa. 3” slick w/ shortened ring top handle, some pitting; P.S. & W. Co., #1 Ex-2 ½”, G. Sold For 80.00
  65. 5 – Signed Firmer/framer socket chisels: W. Brady 2”, missing handle G.; H. Mellinger (above noted) 1 ½”, missing handle G.; Steinman Hardware Co. (Lancaster City Hardware store) 1” corner chisel, Vg.; C. Yorty (*? Lebanon Co.?) 1” G; W. Earnshaw (*?) 1”, G. Sold For 50.00
  66. Tray lot Firmer/framer tools: mallet w/ Lignum Vitae block head; 9 – assorted chisels (most unsigned), F. – G. Sold For 30.00
  67. 4 – Lg. Timber framers chisels: unsigned primitive 1 ¼” corner chisel, G.; R. King (Ct. maker) 1” paring slick, w/ raised socket, Vg; J.L. Williams (Phila. maker) 5/8” deep socket mortise, G.; Napanock Iron Co. ¾” deep socket mortise, G. Sold For 35.00
  68. 2 – Unsigned Tiger Maple marking gauges, same maker w/ identical design & similar hand wrought stop screws, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  69. 2 – Cooper’s measuring devices: 8” diameter wheel traveler w/ iron handle, Vg.; 16” hand wrought winged divider/compass, G. Sold For 60.00
  70. 3 – Early winged divider/compasses: 7” initialed M.H., expertly made, Vg.; Heckenbruch (Phila.) 11” w/  eye-screw stop, G.; 13” w/ pencil tapered shaft points, Vg. Sold For 70.00
  71. 3 – Early hand wrought nail pincers: J. & E. North 9” (double-strike), G.; unsigned blacksmith combination nippers, Vg.; unsigned re-purposed file, Vg. Sold For 10.00
  72. 8 – Assorted small measuring devices: Stanley #65-1ft. four-fold rule, Vg.; hat maker straight rule w/ calibration chart, initials scratched through chart; 5 – various stiff-joint dividers; Dunlap plumb bob, G. Sold For 40.00
  73. 3 – Various piano tuner’s wrenches: 1 – brass collared w/ rosewood handle, Vg.. (others G) Sold For 50.00
  74. 2 – Lg. hand wrought turn-screw drivers: odd reversible driver w/ pewter braced handle, initialed D.U.A. (ex-Beitler collection) Vg.; 24” re-purposed file screwdriver, G. Sold For 10.00
  75. Tray lot 9 - early screwdrivers: rare T-handle bed bolt driver; 4 – hand wrought (2 – signed: Buhl; O.E.R.); etc. Sold For 22.50
  76. 3 – “What’s It” tools: N.S. Groff (*? Lehigh Valley?) basket makers froe w/ added pry handle (?); spoon makers closed scorp or shoe maker’s scorp; odd hand wrought drift pin w/ off-set shaft, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  77. 2 – Extra large engineer’s screwdrivers: 27” overall length w/ turned wooden handle, Vg.; re-purposed file 23” overall length w/  hickory handle, G. Sold For 17.50
  78. 4 – Signed winged divider/compasses: 2 – H. Boker, 12”, G & Vg.; Sherwood, 8 ½” w/ butterfly thumbscrew; William Friedrichs 7 ½”, G. Sold For 80.00
  79. 5  – Signed, Philadelphia oyster knives: 4 – variant signed Stortz & Son; 1 – Disston Sold For 55.00
  80. Tray lot leather working tools: lg. round burl maple mallet, Vg.; 4 – various leather leaf cutting dyes, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  81. 4 – Assorted hand wrought tools: 2 – T-handle drift pins; small combination screwdriver/hammer; Farriers shoe piercing punch Sold For 60.00
  82. 4 – Various hand wrought claw hammers: cooper’s nailing adze, painted head, G.; 12 oz. tack hammer, Vg.; 2 – carpenters claws Sold For 45.00
  83. 2 – Signed, Lancaster County butcher’s cleavers: rare, Usner, Shreiner & Co., Lancaster Pa. 9” heavy cleaver, Vg.; C. Silvius (Conrad, 1857, Lancaster City) 7 ½” small cleaver, G. Sold For 55.00
  84. G - KRYLING (possible European origin) lg. steer splitting cleaver, name strike on both cheeks, w/ original hickory handle, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  85. Rare, G. Wagner (George, blacksmith listed in 1863, Philadelphia directory, there is also a George listed as blacksmith in Civil War muster from Clinton Co. form 1840-1860. This cleaver was found in Reinholds) heavy cleaver w/ cherry turned handle, signed on both cheeks, G. Sold For 65.00
  86. Wm. Beatty & Son, Chester #3 w/ steer trademark strike (circa 1872-1886) 10” cleaver, Vg+ possible new old stock Sold For 35.00
  87. 2 – Lancaster Co. made cleavers: BRADY (makers mark was probably used by both William and David, his father Lancaster & Mt. Joy) 9” w/ make-do handle made from spinning wheel leg, G.; Sener (above noted) 8”, G. Sold For 20.00
  88. Graduated set of 3 – Cleavers by W. Beatty & Son, Media (circa 1861 – ’72) w/ shielded breast eagle strike, all w/ original handles, G – Vg.: #0-7 ½”; #2-9 ½:; 11” Sold For 100.00
  89. 2 – Lancaster Co. made cleavers: G. Sener, Lancaster (Gottlieb, circa 1843, Lancaster City) 7 ¼”, deep strike, G.; Brady & Son, Lancaster Pa. (above noted, small strike) 11” G (overpainted) Sold For 55.00
  90. 2 – Cleavers by Wm. Beatty & Son, Chester w/ steer strike (above noted) 7 ¼” cleaver, G.; #2-9 ¼” G. Sold For 60.00
  91. D. Cobb (*? Unknown) tinsmith’s lg. bench shears w/ 11” jaw, Vg. Sold For 25.00
  92. J.S. Carpenter (* Jeremiah C., Millway area Lancaster Co., circa 1900-1940) digging iron w/ looped handle, double struck, G. Sold For 130.00
  93. 3 – Odd hammers: lg. Stanley 30+ ounce claw w/ long handle, G; Fayette Plumb  round knapping hammer, G.; track walkers tie marking hammer (?) Sold For 35.00
  94. Tray lot 5 – Stonework tools: 4 – millstone picks (3 – missing handles): H.S. Laudenslager, Allentown (Hiram, circa?); A. Kern, Fleetwood (Amandes, Kutztown area, circa 1870); C. Crossley, Phila.; unsigned: facing hammer & toothed chisel, G. Sold For 45.00
  95. Rare form, J. Shertz, Lancaster (John, Lancaster City, circa 1852) 12 lb. sledge hammer, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  96. 2 – Carpenter’s adze: R. King (Ct. maker) Norfolk joiner’s type, G.; W. Beatty (William, 1813-36 strike) w/ unknown numbering 13283, platelayers’ type, G. Sold For 50.00
  97. 2 – Signed felling axes: Miller (appears to be strike of George, Brecknock Twp. Berks Co., circa 1850-70), F. – G.; J.B. Stohler X-brand (above noted), poor weld to butt, F.-G. Sold For 40.00
  98. 2 – Signed edge tools: J.D. Klingler (John, Columbia Boro, circa 1850-’70, trained in Germany) heavy Holtzaxe, F. – G.; D. HAGEN (Davis, Mt. Nebo, Martic Twp., Lancaster Co.) carpenters adze w/ full octagon poll, G. Sold For 140.00
  99. 2 – Wooden marking gauges: S. Fogg (*unknown region) coopers wedge arm croze (?), may have been re-purposed panel gauge, G.; lg. unsigned marking gauge attributed to Stamm w/ wooden stop screw, owner struck J. Seaber, G Sold For 5.00
  100. 5 – Early measuring devices: 11” winged outside caliper, Vg.; tiger maple wedge arm marking gauge, marked N..M., Vg.; homemade double rail marking gauge; oak try square w/ hand wrought rivets, G. Sold For 22.50
  101. E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, screw arm plow plane w/ owner strike of Wm. Gray, 10” thread arms, G. Sold For 110.00
  102. Slide arm plow plane, marked sold by H. Gilbert, Harrisburg, made by Geo. Burnham, Amherst, Mass., missing 3 – brass arm caps, G. Sold For 35.00
  103.  2 – Measuring devices: Belcher Bros. & Co., New York, wooden shoe measure/rule, Vg.; brass 8oz. plumb bob w/ replaceable steel tip, Vg. Sold For 25.00
  104. Tray lot 5 – assorted Stanley #220 block plane, G. – Vg. Sold For 7.50
  105. Tray lot 4 – assorted tools: late English Stanley block plane w/ blue & red paint, Vg.; Craftsman #619-3732 low angle block plane w/ knuckle-joint cap, Vg.; Scherr-Tumico, 0”-1” micrometer, in wooden case, Vg.; roaewood & brass key-hole saw pad, missing blade, Vg. Sold For 15.00
  106. Tray lot assorted tools & references: 3 – Stanley #220 block planes, G. – Vg.; Keen Kutter, hand axe head, G.; Merit Tool saw set; etc. Sold For 25.00
  107. 2 – Tools: Pennsylvania Saw Corp., York, Pa. #78-14” back saw, Vg.; Stanley “Yankee” #68-131 spiral drill/driver, Vg. Sold For 15.00
  108. Tray lot assorted tools: Native American stone Celt handle w/ sinew binder, missing stone; 3 – various spoke shaves: D.R. Barton 3” head shave w/ wooden handles, G.; Stanley: #63 & #54 shaves, G. & Vg. Sold For 20.00
  109. Rare, 19th Century patent model carriage/wagon lever jack w/ hand wrought hardware & mortised wooden construction, Vg. Sold For 90.00
  110. Early hand wrought animal leg trap, light gauge metal, possibly for rabbits, Vg. Sold For 140.00
  111. 4 – Various 1940’s-60’s tool catalogs: 3 – Craftsman: 1947 w/ modes of transportation including “Speed-Liner” train & passenger airline, Vg.; 1953 & 1957, Vg.; Crescent Tools #35, 1960, Vg. Sold For 5.00
  112. Starrett “Point of Sale” trade advertisement of uses for Starrett Micrometer Caliper. Blueprint background 19 ½” X 15 ½”, Vg. Sold For 10.00
  113. 4 – Various Starrett Tools catalogues: #26-1938, Vg.; #1203 bulletin; 2 - #27 catalogs: 1955 & 1962, G+ Sold For 5.00
  114. 5 – Various Stanley catalogs: 1960 Price list, G+; 1968 Tool guide, G; 3 – Line catalogs: ‘71/’72, Vg.; ‘79/’80, F.; ’82, Vg. Sold For 7.50
  115. Tray lot assorted tools: 3 – Stanley try squares, G.; 2 – North Bros. “Yankee” ratchet screwdrivers: #15, Vg.; #11, Vg.; Millers Falls #2500C hand drill, Vg.; Stanley #25 edge rounder, G. Sold For 22.50
  116. 3 – Stanley Bailey bench planes, G – Vg.: #3 “sweetheart” smoother, owner initialed; #4 smoother, circa  1902-10, Vg.; #4-C, circa 1910-12 trademark, repaired handle Sold For 50.00
  117. Stanley Bailey #5 ¼” Junior jack, circa 1920-21 “sweetheart” trademark, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  118. 2 – Stanley bench planes: #3 “sweetheart”, circa 1920-21 trademark, re-filed throat, G+; “Two-tone” 14” jack w/ maroon & yellow colors, Vg. Sold For 20.00
  119. 2 – Stanley tools: Bailey #6 jointer, circa 1902-10 trademark w/ low knob, parts refinished, Vg.; “Four-Square” hand axe, initialed R.M.C (military?), G. Sold For 35.00
  120. Stanley Bailey “sweetheart” #8 jointer plane, circa 1921-25 w/ rosewood handle & high knob, Vg.
  121. 2 – Stanley improved rabbet planes, both missing depth stop: #191 “sweetheart”, circa 1925-38, G+; #192 “sweetheart” same as above Sold For 30.00
  122. 2 – Original boxed planes: Stanley #110 block, England, w/ orange slide-over box, Vg.; Sargent #79 rabbet/fillister, Vg. Sold For 50.00
  123. 2 – Stanley Bailey transitional bench planes: #27 ½-15”, G.; #30-22”  jointer, G+ Sold For 12.50
  124. Stanley #45 combination plane, missing extra blades & box, G+ - Vg. Sold For 15.00
  125. Stanley #0-26” cherry wooden level w/ partial original outer box, Vg+ Sold For 30.00
  126. 4 – Stanley R&L transitional block planes: #122-8” w/ Liberty bell cap & lever blade adj., Vg.; #22-8” w/ lateral adj. G+.; #24-8”, G.; #135-10” handled block w/ Liberty bell cap, lever adj., handle crack Sold For 30.00
  127. 2 – Stanley transitional block planes: #35 handled w/ Shielded eagle strike, Vg.; #24-8”, refinished, G+ Sold For 10.00
  128. 3 – Stanley R&L transitional bench planes: #135 handle block w/ lever adj., refinished; #27-15” fore w/ Eagle strike, Vg.; #122 block w/ Liberty bell cap & lever adj. G+ Sold For 22.50
  129. Gage Tool Co., Vineland, NJ. 24” transitional jointer, G+ - Vg. Sold For 45.00
  130. 3 – Transitional bench planes: Gage self-setting #G35 smoother jack, chipped handle, G+; Stanley R&L #122 block w/ Liberty bell cap, G.; Stanley Bailey patent 6-9-12, #27-15” jointer, refinished, Vg Sold For 25.00
  131. 4 – Stanley transitional bench planes: 3 – blocks: 2 - #122-8” w/ Liberty bell cap, 1 - stripped for refinish; #22-8 ¼” w/ lateral adj., G; #26-15” pre-lateral w/ Eagle strike, G+ Sold For 30.00
  132. 2 – Stanley R&L transitional jointer planes: #29-20” pre-lateral w/ Eagle strike, G+; #129-20” w/ Liberty bell cap, lever adj., Vg. Sold For 30.00
  133. Rare, Stanley Bailey #1 smoother plane, chip guard w/ Bailey’s “Christmas patent” Dec. 24, 1867, replaced handle, frog re-set  & cleaned, G. – G+ Sold For 350.00
  134. Stanley #910 “Hobby House” tool set in oak three-panel tool chest, mostly complete, missing hand saw, pliers, etc. otherwise Vg+ Sold For 120.00
  135. Stanley Handyman Defiance model #890 pine tool chest, G+ Sold For 35.00
  136. 3 – Stanley block planes: #120 w/ brass reproduction cast of star cap, Vg.; #220 post WW-II, Vg.; #9 ¼ w/ adj. throat, Vg. Sold For 7.50
  137. 4 – Various block planes: Sargent #227 double-end, repaired cap; late model Stanley #220 w/ blue paint, Vg.; Craftsman #619-3732 low angle w/ knuckle-joint cap, Vg.; unknown maker (#101 look-alike), G. Sold For 7.50
  138. Group assorted measuring devices: Stanley: #136R-4” caliper rule, Vg.; #36 ½ R-12” folding caliper rule, Vg.; #95 butt marking gauge; 2 – pr. Stair guides Sold For 12.50
  139. Tray lot assorted tools: Stanley #80 scraper, missing blade; Goodell-Pratt Co. pat. 8-13-1895 Archimedes drill, Vg.; Stanley #95 butt marking gauge in original box; Goodell-Pratt #185 “Mr. Punch” auto drill in original box; etc. Sold For 30.00
  140. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: Eagle trademark bevel w/ Eagle on crossed-cannons motif, F.; 2 – dial micrometer (made in the Asia); 3 – micrometers; etc. Sold For 35.00
  141. 4 – Various bench jack planes: Stanley Bailey #4, G.; Fulton 8 ½”, G.; Shelton w/ patented blade adjuster, G.; Sargent VBM-8 ½”-C , replaced parts, G. Sold For 17.50
  142. Tower & Lyons, New York 18”-C jointer w/ stirrup/saddle cap, G – Vg. Sold For 60.00
  143. E.W. Carpenter Patent March 27, 1849, Lancaster, double wedge 22” jointer, F+ - G. Sold For 15.00
  144. 3 – Wooden joinery planes: Greenfield Tool, #183 screw arm panel groove, G.; H.L. James, WMS. Burg, Mass. screw arm panel tongue, Vg.; James McMaster & Co., Auburn, NY. 1” groover, G. Sold For 12.50
  145. 14 Pc. Assembled joiner’s chisel set: various makers & semi-graduated sizes all w/ similar leather capped handle; lot include square head joiner’s mallet, G. – Vg. Sold For 40.00
  146. Ashcroft Mfg. Co., New York, “patent applied for” left/right hand breast drill, G. Sold For 40.00
  147. European two-way screw arm fillister/sash fillister plane, unknown maker, Vg. Sold For 20.00
  148. Tray lot assorted joiner’s tools: oak round head mallet, Vg.; 20 – assorted chisels, makers include: Reliance; Ohio Tool; Witherby; Stanley; etc. Sold For 50.00
  149. Tray lot assorted tool references: Starrett #26-1937 catalog; H.B. The Forgotten Crafts…, by John Seymour, 1984; assorted price guides; pamphlets; & reproduced catalogues Sold For 5.00
  150. Tray lot Audels Guide sets: 4 – vol. set Carpenters and Builders Guide, 1943; 4 – Vol. set Masons and Builders Guide, 1945; 4 – Vol. set Plumbers and Steam Fitters Guide, 1947; Draftsman Mathematical Manual, 1925 Sold For 35.00
  151. 2 – H.B. Taunton Press references: The Toolbox Book, by Jim Tolpin, 1995; Tools, Rare and Ingenious, by Sandor Nagyszalanczy, 2004 (both w/ dust covers) Sold For 20.00
  152. 3 – H.B. references: Drawing Instruments: 1580-1980, by Maya Hambly, 1988; 2 Vol. – Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking,: vol. 1 -  on Joinery; vol. 3 - Furniture making Sold For 25.00
  153. Harvey W. Peace, Brooklyn, NY., 25”-5pt. rip saw w/ brass split-nuts & large brass button w/ Arm & hammer motif, Vg. Sold For 20.00
  154. Marshall & Cheetham Patent, 24 ½”-9 ½ pt. panel saw w/ brass split-nuts & lg. brass button w/ Eagle clutching arrows motif, refinished Vg. Sold For 17.50
  155. Colver Bros. “Pilot Works”, Sheffield 14” brass back mitre saw w/ brass split-nuts & brass button w/ flags motif, G+, owner J.C. Robinson struck on brass back Sold For 40.00
  156. 2 – Oriental signed tools: 4” two-edge hand saw w/ long wooden handle w/ makers strike, Vg.; bearded felling axe w/ four part makers mark, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  157. 2 – Henry Disston, Phila. hand saws: 25 ½” “what’s-it” ice (?) hand saw w/ large brass eagle button & split-nuts, refinished, Vg.; 16” steel backed mitre saw w/ early Eagle w/ arrows button, G. (owner strike G. Martin) Sold For 22.50
  158. Unsigned, highly refinished 32” flooring joiner w/ extra large knob, appears to be maple wood, iron is signed J & H Sorby. Looks like a piece of furniture, showing the full character of the wood, Vg+ Sold For 7.50
  159. H. Gerstner & Sons, model #052 oak machinist tool chest w/ 11 interior drawers, G+. Sold For 210.00
  160. Softwood carpenter’s tool chest w/ dovetailed construction & iron drop-handles, 34”X10”X 9”, Vg. Sold For 25.00
  161. 10 Piece set – wooden hollow & round molding planes, appears to have same owner strike, all w/ beveled shoulders (1 – makers mark legible of E. Clough). Nice looking set, but unfortunately owner strikes are over makers mark. Sold For 140.00
  162. 5 – Assorted wooden bead molding planes, all refinished: Sargent & Co. #626 center bead; Greenfield #149 side bead; H.V. Deming, Detroit, Mich. 1/8” side bead w/ fillet strip, Vg.; Julius Morrise & Co. ¼” side bead; unsigned side bead w/ owner strike Sold For 35.00
  163. 3 – Wooden complex molding planes: Howland & Co., #128-1/2” ogee, Vg.; Greenfield Tool Co., 1 ½” Grecian ogee, Vg.; D.R. Barton, Rochester, NY. 1 7/8” Grecian ogee, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  164. Tray lot assorted tools: 3 – wooden joinery planes: refinished 7/8” dado, G+; 2 - illegible  T&G plane set; blade honing stone in wooden box, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  165. Tray lot assorted wooden molding planes: Sargent & Co., 5/4” nosing plane, Vg.; 6 – various hollow & round planes, various sizes & makers Sold For 40.00
  166. C.S. Osborne, rosewood spoke shave w/ bronze depth adj. screws & brass throat plate, Vg. Sold For 40.00
  167. 2 – Shaves: Stanley “sweetheart” #53, Vg.; unsigned shaved w/ wooden spur tipped handles that screw in & press blade cap, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  168. E.C. Stearns & Co., Syracuse, pat. 3 – 27 – 1900, adjustable pitch/compass shave, G+ Sold For 45.00
  169. Fine 9” fancy infill level w/ Ebonized mahogany & brass plating & side sight, possible English, Vg. Sold For 70.00
  170. 3 – Measuring devices: 8” sliding-T bevel w/ rosewood & brass, G+; 2 – try squares w/ brass plated rosewood handles, G+ Sold For 30.00
  171. Small clockmaker’s bench vise w/ shield guarded thread, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  172. Large brass trammel point set w/ 3” steel tips & heart cut-outs, fits 3/8” X 1 3/8” rail, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  173. Bag lot assorted measuring devices: Stanley marking w/ patent date & brass shoe, G.; 5 – wooden drafting accessories, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  174. 2 – Rosewood & brass mortise gauges: Stanley #77, Vg.; unsigned w/ brass push bar gauge, Vg. Sold For 7.50
  175. Tray lot assorted tools: Bridgeport Hardware Tool Co. combination tool handle w/ tools, Vg.; cabinetmakers awl  w/ rosewood handle, Vg.; 2 – putty knives; 2 – scrapers; Coes patent 6 ½” monkey wrench, G.; 6 – board gluing cleats Sold For 40.00
  176. Tray lot of millstone working tools: Brady, Lancaster, Pa. (above noted) wedge pick w/ matched handle, Vg.; Wm. Brady, New York (* Note- Professor Tannehill found that William Brady, always ambitious, opened a sales office in New York, work was completed at the Lancaster City location) narrow pick head, damaged; unsigned facing hammer, G+; 2 – unsigned wedge picks &close fitted handle Sold For 35.00
  177. Tray lot 5 – assorted small claw hammers: 4 – tack hammers: Warner & Noble, 3oz. brad hammer, Vg.; Germantown 6oz. w/ tapered poll, Vg.; 2 – magnetic head upholsterers, G.; C. Hammond, Phila. #2-12oz. claw missing handle, G. Sold For 35.00
  178. 3 – Jeweler’s type tools: small brass table top anvil, 2” high, unsigned 4oz. rivet hammer, Vg.; unknown brass pliers, G. Sold For 30.00
  179. Tray lot 6 – assorted measuring devices: 2 – wooden marking gauges (1 – wedge arm & 1 – screw stop), G.; 4 – early outside calipers (1 – Bleckmann), G. – Vg. Sold For 17.50
  180. Tray lot 6 – assorted hammers: G.TW. upholstery tack hammer, Vg.; initial marking hammer, G.; chisel head forming hammer; 3 – various rivet hammers Sold For 17.50
  181. Tray lot assorted trade advertising items: 5 – Post Precision Casting Inc. Christmas gifts: 1994-anvil paper weight, 1989-jug, 1987-sleigh, 1995-Noel paper weight, key chain; Greenfield Village souvenir horseshoe Sold For 40.00
  182. Tray lot Vintage advertising pieces: Miller Bros. Cutlery Co., pen knife box w/ Millers Bros. stag handle knife (box Vg.); Armstrong Cork Co. cork gauge; Armstrong Cork wooden 6” straight rule/gauge; Jacob Marks Hats 6” straight rule; Berylco H45 hammer head Sold For 25.00
  183. Tray lot assorted tobacco related tools: 5 – Brady & Son (William & Son, above noted) tobacco spears, F. – Vg.; non-advertising cigar box hatchet Sold For 80.00
  184. Unsigned cast iron cigar form press (possible Zell & Co., Lancaster) 10” X 13” press plate w/ 10” turn-wheel handle, partial original paint Sold For 75.00
  185. 2 – Wooden clamp devices: bench mounted saddler’s vise w/ wooden turn-screw (possible saw vise?) 5 ½” wide jaw, Vg.; homemade cigar leaf drying press w/ lg. handle nuts, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  186. Industrial stencil cutter 16” wheel w/ ¾” letters & numbers. This type stencil cutter was found in many larger cigar factory shipping department for labeling crates for shipping, Vg. Sold For 110.00
  187. 2 – Non-related pieces: Supplee Hardware Co., Phila. wooden slide-lid drawknife box, missing lid otherwise Vg.; M.W. Robinson Co. 18” ornate open cast iron Davis Patent level, missing horizontal vial otherwise Vg. Sold For 35.00
  188. Unknown circa 1890 small factory photo, possible carriage maker, 10”X12” cabinet photo Sold For 5.00
  189. 2 – Framed French industrial prints pulled from Diderot Encyclopedia, circa 1750-60, of clamping devices, Sold For 5.00
  190. Box lot assorted Victorian Era Industrial related prints & literature: 7 – 5”X8” print blocks of factories: Remington Armory, Coes & Co., Green River Works, Collins, etc.; Brewing factory sheet from large industrial print books; Scientific American, 1871 issue; etc. Sold For 5.00
  191. 4 – Tool references: H.B. Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America 1827-1927, by Roger K Smith, 1981-1st edition; H.B. A Bearer of Tradition, Dwight Stump, Basketmaker, by Rosemary Joyce,  2 – S.B. books: Foxfire 5,  1979 edition; The Modern Blacksmith, by Weygers Sold For 45.00
  192. 2 – Vintage Stanley Rule & Level Catalogue No. 34: 1929-“sweetheart” edition w/ Stichter Hardware Co., Reading, G.; 1907-2nd edition A Mechanic’s Reference, F. – G. Sold For 40.00
  193. Tray lot assorted vintage tool catalogues & use guides: 2 – issues American Carpenter and Builder, April, 1906 issue & October, 1906 issue; Steinman Hardware Co., Lancaster, notebook; assorted catalogues: Behr-Manning; Nicholson; Lufkin; etc. Sold For 5.00
  194. 3 – H.B. references: Stanley Folding Rules a History…, by Alvin Sellens, 1984, award signature of  MWTCA president Sam Palmer 5/11/85,  Vg.; The Wooden Plane, by Richard Martin, 1977; Selections from the Chronicle, 1991 Sold For 22.50
  195. Large box assorted MWTCA- reproduced publications, catalogues & How-to booklets Sold For 10.00
  196. Large tray lot assorted tool references, histories, How-to books, titles include: Country Craft Tools; Hopewell Village…; The Village Blacksmith; etc. Sold For 22.50
  197. Rare, J. Landis (John, 1830, Landis Valley area, Lancaster Co.) felling axe, G+ Sold For 300.00
  198. 2 – York Co. mortise axes w/ typical upper bit form: J. Horn (John, York Co.) struck on both cheeks, G.; A. Miller (attributed by Tannehill to Andrew, Paradise Twp., York Co., circa 1840) again struck on both cheeks, G. Sold For 110.00
  199. J. Horn (above noted, York Co.) broad axe, cracked cheek of socket, struck on both sides, G. Sold For 40.00
  200. 2 – Center bit mortise axes: J.B. Stohler (above noted), some mushrooming to butt of axe, G.; signed (?) relic, F.-G. Sold For 45.00
  201. 2 – Signed felling axes: J. Buser (attributed to Jesse, South Codorus Twp., York Co., circa 1850), G+; P. Leas (Peter or Peter Jr., Muhlenberg Twp., Berks Co., circa 1880. Interesting note – Peter Jr. was charged for murder that occurred outside his blacksmith shop in Hyde Park, Berks Co. Found in June 8, 1910, Reading Eagle newspaper)  w/ lower lug, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  202. Rare, J-Heidt (Jacob Heydt or Heidt Sr. circa 1788-1874, Berks Co.) felling axe w/ early embossed letter strike, G., ex-Derstler collection Sold For 50.00
  203. Fine, Dunlop & Madeira (early Franklin Co. tool mfg. firm) side broad axe w/ 12” edge, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  204. Rare, “Shielded Eagle” struck G. Sener, Lancaster (Gottlieb, above noted) felling axe w/ large shielded eagle strike & arched Extra Blend, stocking design & rough trimming indicates it was possibly originally a broad axe, F. Sold For 50.00
  205. Fine, J. Fink (attributed to Jacob and/or John sons of Phillip Fink Sr., of Lebanon Co.) timber joiner’s adze w/ heavier construction & full octagon poll, socket has ½” iron on each side, Vg. Sold For 210.00
  206. P. Fink (Phillip, South Lebanon Twp., Lebanon Co., circa 1850) broad squaring axe w/ upper & lower lugs, G. Sold For 40.00
  207. 2 – Signed felling axes: H. Noll (*? Possible Lebanon Co., relation to Edwin?) w/ lower lug & arched strike, G.; “True Blue” (attributed Francis P. Schwitzer & his brothers in Berks Co., circa 1900) w/ arched lower lug, some cracking at steel edge (*Note – poor weld, don’t use) Sold For 10.00
  208. 2 – Axes by Jonas Seifert (Mt. Zion, Lebanon Co., circa 1895 directory): felling axe w/ lower lug, *note-similar styling to Stohler axe, G+; broad squaring axe w/ off-set handle, unfortunately has lg. chip to edge, F+ Sold For 70.00
  209. Rare, J.S. Shoff (*Jacob S., listed as farmer in 1850 in Chanceford Twp., York Co., possible earlier listed as blacksmith) side broad axe, G+ Sold For 65.00
  210. 2 – J.B. Stohler (above noted, Lebanon Co.) axes: rare form Holtzaxe (splitting axe) w/ extended lip to protect axe handle, G.; fine, center bit posthole axe, clear deep set small letter strike, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  211. 3 – Various cleavers: Brady (Wm., above noted) re-purposed into block knife w/ hickory post, G.; re-purposed plow shear cleaver w/ strap braced handle, bolt hole present in top of claver, Vg.; signed (?) 7 ½” Gardener’s cleaver w/ edge on one side similar to hewing axe & arched , brass shell casing capped handle, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  212. 2 – Initial signed cleavers: lg. hog splitting cleaver, initial H.D. (*Tannehill attributed (The mark of Henry Driehaus (1860-1943), Hendricks Station, Frederick Twp. Montgomery Twp., born in Pa. to German immigrant parents & learned his trade in Germany through apprenticeship & journeyman) 11” edge w/ lg. turned cherry handle & thumbnail decoration, G.; 8” cleaver signed embossed A.E. in heart strike (*un-documented) Sold For 40.00
  213. 3 – Various signed Beatty family cleavers: 2 – W. Beatty, Cast Steel (attributed to William, 1813-36, in Beatty Hollow): #0-8” Vg.; 7 ½”, cracked F+; rare R. Beatty, cast steel #2-9 ½” (attributed to Robert, circa 1827-58, Pottstown area), G. Sold For 40.00
  214. 3 – Various cleavers: Stortz & Son, Phila. 6” late kitchen cleaver, Vg.; Foster Bros. 8”, Vg.; Forschner 9” Damascus steel, G. Sold For 30.00
  215. 4 – Various unsigned hand wrought cleavers (1 – strap-brace handle construction), F. – Vg. Sold For 60.00
  216. Tray lot assorted butchering tools: Whitehouse Bros. Ltd., England,  7” cleaver, Vg.; European kitchen cleaver w/ “Lightning bolt” strike, Vg.; unsigned small cleaver, P.; sharpening steel, Vg.; Ampco beryllium knife, unknown need, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  217. Tray lot – 7 assorted primitives or “what’s its”: hand wrought combination wagon pin/wrench, Vg.; pr. of small tool decorated saddle stirrups, G.; hand wrought meat skewer; wooden rope bed rope wrench; U-shaped bench stop; homemade socket mortise chisel Sold For 20.00
  218. 2 – Hand wrought tools w/ ring top handles: branding iron w/ initials T.H.M., signed by smith I-M-I (un-attributed); later S-shaped pumpkin chopper, only 22” high Sold For 15.00
  219. 5 – Assorted blacksmith nippers:; 2 – w/ extended lower jaw; 1 – odd w/ replaceable dovetailed jaw steel; 1 – J & E North (Berlin Ct., circa 1824-54), F. – Vg. Sold For 7.50
  220. Tray lot 10 – assorted pliers type tools: 3 – various combination box hammer/pliers; tooth pliers; Dixon, France basket makers pliers; spring pliers; etc. Sold For 45.00
  221. Stratton Bros., Greenfield, Mass. 28” mahogany brass bound level w/ multiple patent dates, Vg. Sold For 80.00
  222. Harvey Peace, Brooklyn, NY. 26”-5pt. rip saw, w/ brass shielded handle, G+ Sold For 20.00
  223. Henry Disston & Sons #16-26”-7pt. hand saw w/ carved cherry handle, Vg+ Sold For 45.00
  224. Atkins & Co. “The Four Hundred. Our Elite Saw”, 27”-6pt. w/ rosewood handle. Impressed Barrett Hardware Co., refinished Vg.. Sold For 30.00
  225. J.D. Darlington, warranted, 14” mitre back saw w/ brass split-nuts & Warranted Superior small button, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  226. W.B. Sears & Co., Middletown, NY. #4-12” back saw w/ brass split-nuts & brass button w/ “shining star” motif, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  227. 2 – Back saws: Harvey Peace, Brooklyn, NY., 10” mitre saw, Vg.; Wheeler, Madden & Clemson, Middletown, NY. 10” tenon saw w/ open grip “fish-tail” handle, G. Sold For 95.00
  228. 2 – Various tools: Kaye’s Patent oil can w/ thumb push pump, Vg.; unsigned “Wilson” hand saw filer w/ set pitch gauge, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  229. Cabinet maker’s -  ¾” infill shoulder rabbet plane, cleaned but evidence of pitting G+ Sold For 70.00
  230. I. Sorby, Sheffield, cabinet maker’s 1 ¼” infill shoulder rabbet plane, good solid frame for use, Vg. Sold For 95.00
  231. 3 – Measuring devices: Preston trademark, fancy brass two-fold 2ft. rule, Vg.; Patent 7-22-1873, flush-T bevel, G+; H. Boker, 4” spring back divider, Vg. Sold For 7.50
  232. 5 – Assorted cabinet shop tools: Gilfin, 5/8” heavy socket mortise chisel, Vg.; unsigned square awl w/ walnut handle, Vg.; 2 – double-end awl/purfing chisel; Pexto screwdriver Sold For 20.00
  233. 5Pc. – graduated set of firmer/joiner chisels w/ leather capped wooden handles, markers mark illegible but excellent set for use. Sold For 50.00
  234. Framed print/poster Tool Chest Legacy, interior photo of H.O. Studley tool chest Sold For 7.50
  235. 1952, Stanley #910 “Hobby House Set” tool chest w/ nearly complete tool set, includes 1952 #34 catalogue. All the tools appear to be same era & in nearly perfect condition. Wake up Stanley collectors!. Sold For 140.00
  236. Tray lot 4 – various hammers: Plumb 20oz. claw w/ round poll & original handle, Vg.; Scottish type claw hammer w/ steel braced handle & capped eye, Vg.; 2 – small ball-peen hammers, Vg. Sold For 10.00
  237. USMC (U.S Mfg. Co.) 12lb. hide maul, w/ leather grip handle, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  238. 2 – Wooden joiner’s mallets: homemade barrel head w/ turned hickory handle, Vg.; hickory square mallet, Vg. Sold For 15.00
  239. Tray lot assorted tools: brass 16oz. dead-blow mallet, Vg.; K&E “Paragon” trammel point set w/ pencil point; Lufkin trammel point set w/ adj. tips, Vg.;6” winged divider/compass, Vg.; 3” spring back outside caliper, Vg; etc. Sold For 25.00
  240. Assorted measuring devices: Starrett #230 micrometer, G+; Starrett #122-7” inside/outside caliper, Vg.; Starrett #4R Grad.- 6” combination square, Vg.; etc. Sold For 22.50
  241. I.P. Hyde, 6ft.X 3 ¼” glass cutter straight rule, laminated wood w/ steel edges, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  242. 3 – Various straight edges: 4ft. rosewood (?) straight edge, Vg.; 3ft. heavy gauge stainless steel edge w/ beveled edge, Vg.; Starrett #410-4ft. rule, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  243. 2ft. Cherry wood wedge arm panel marking gauge w/ dovetailed boxwood spur tip, owner strike of J.A. Williams, Vg. Sold For 12.50
  244. Lufkin #8 four-tier board rule, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  245. 30” buck saw w/ original red paint, turn-buckle & rod brace, G+ Sold For 15.00
  246. Unsigned 3ft. two-man cross-cut saw “feather edge” teeth, G+ Sold For 35.00
  247. Craftsman #4973-5ft 6” two-man saw w/ “American Racer” teeth, like new, handles even have all original paint on caps of handles. Sold For 65.00
  248. Disston 4ft. two-man cross-cut saw, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  249. 4 – Saw care tools: Disston & Sons bench top saw vise w/ adj. ball angle base, Vg.; 2 – double-faced saw swage hammers (1 – E.C. Atkins); J.S.B. #5 rivet hammer, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  250. 5 – Various metalwork hammers: 2 – vertical swage hammers; cross-face double swage hammer; fancy ball peen w/ full round cheeks; unsigned rivet hammer Sold For 22.50
  251. Hand wrought throwing “Tomahawk” axe. Appears to be old & cleaned, but you are the judge. Sold For 35.00
  252. 3 – Claw hammers: hand wrought 20oz. carpenter’s claw w/ initials C.S., Vg.; Germantown 12oz. tack hammer, Vg.; Heller Bros.  “Farrier’s” claw, Vg. Sold For 17.50
  253. 5 – Various hammers: 4 – cobbler’s: (?) #3 patented cordwainer’s claw; C. Hammond #1; Champion drop-forged; C. Hammond #3 (all Vg.); unsigned rivet hammer w/ flared eye construction Sold For 35.00
  254. 3 – Various shingling half hatchets: 2 – G.T.W. (Germantown); Buckeye 20oz. w/ octagon poll Sold For 17.50
  255. 3 – Signed butcher’s cleavers: Wm. Beatty, Chester, 8” cleaned; C. Hammond #1, chipped edge & cleaned; A. Lear (*?) 8 ½”, wire wheel cleaned Sold For 55.00
  256. 5 – Assorted metalworking hammers: C.H.D. & Co. 16oz. ball-peen, G+; C.G. double octagon poll ball-peen, G+; 6oz. ball-peen, G.; 2 – rivet hammers (1 – R. Moffett, *?) Sold For 30.00
  257. 5 – Assorted edge tools: R. Beatty (Robert, above noted) Scotch adze w/ hammer poll, head only; J. Beatty (John, Pottstown area) ice axe, G.; 3  - Lathing hatchets: (1 – Plumb & 1 – G.T.W.) Sold For 40.00
  258. Rare, dated wooden jack plane. Unsigned 15 ¾” jack w/ owner upgraded steel throat plate & inlaid bone date plate July 4, 1873, inlaid on side of plane, G+ Sold For 50.00
  259. Very Rare, J. Snyder (John, Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster Co., circa 1850) left hand Pennsylvania “Goosewing” axe. This axe has excellent form typical in Pennsylvania “Goosewing” axes: tapered eye, bevel faced upper socket, raised face on butt of socket, and Pennsylvania German form. This axe has early owner wrapped cordage repair to original handle. This axe is a real keeper for any collector. Additional Photo Sold For 1,225.00
  260. 5 – Assorted small hand wrought tools: small combination claw hammer/screw driver, well made, Vg.; “what’s it” small prospecting pick; 6” pocket pincers, Vg.; G.W. Gladden (*Silver Springs?) rivet set; rattail handle tack lifter, Vg. Sold For 22.50
  261. 4 – Adjustable wrenches: Hand-E Wrench Co., New Bedford, Mass. pat. 9-20-1921, 10” quick slide wrench, Vg.; Eagle Claw Wrench Co. 13” pliers/wrench, Vg.; Lloyd Warranted, 10” Coe’s patent monkey wrench, Vg.; Augusta Wrench Co. “Double Jawed – Great American”, Vg. Sold For 55.00
  262.  Rare, Robert Hoe’s patent adjustable wrench wooden patent model (?). This model was patented  8-21-1928 w/ thumb operated lower jaw, 8 ½” overall length, Vg. Sold For 90.00
  263. 3 – Small adjustable wrenches: Riesenberg Universal Wrench, patent 12-16-1913 w/ chain jaw, Vg.; U.S. Wrench Co., Phila. Bohn “Quick-fit” w/ wedge adjustment slide, Vg.; military grade (?) Mossberg “Sterling” bicycle wrench, unmarked w/ black paint, Vg. Sold For 10.00
  264. Large tray lot of assorted wrenches; pliers; garden hose nozzle; pipe strap; etc. Sold For 7.50
  265. 6 – Assorted winged divider/compasses, 5 ½” – 9 ½” (some signed) Sold For 55.00
  266. 9 – Assorted small tools: A.S. Co., Columbia patented combination cigar box hammer; M. Young’s patent. 5-1876 combination hammer (damaged); J. Borst brass framed C-clamp; Stillman’s patent saw set; A. Shaw & Son, London glass cutter; bookbinder’s fish design punch; J.E. Whiting patent saw set; etc. Sold For 10.00
  267. Assorted group of cast iron & wooden toy/advertising tools Sold For 7.50
  268. Tray lot assorted small tools & parts: 5 – gimlets; Tower, London, 1862 hammer gun parts; barrel cleaner; Keen Kutter small ratchet screwdriver; drift pin; etc. Sold For 30.00
  269. 5 – Assorted farm related primitives: 3 – various Dengelstock/field anvils; double end Dengelstock hammer; Athers & Newberg, breast chain Sold For 95.00
  270. 14 – Assorted carving chisels, various makers & types, G. – Vg. Sold For 45.00
  271. Tray lot assorted primitives & tools: European style field anvil; Dengelstock hammer; 2 – Stortz, Phila. oyster knives; hand wrought saw; whetstone Sold For 130.00
  272. Tray lot assorted carving tools: 5 – leatherwork fine tool decorating tools; 8 – various engraving tools; honing stone in home crafted walnut coffin shaped box w/ leather lapping pad on top, G Sold For 22.50
  273. Tray lot assorted carving tools: maple carver’s mallet; 14 – assorted chisels: gouges & other Sold For 45.00
  274. 2 – Burl ball head mallets, 1 – shows use w/ froe & 1 – Vg. Sold For 10.00
  275. 3 – Wooden spoke shaves: Marples, London (ghost trade mark) ebony 13” overall w/ 2 ½” edge, Vg.; Moseley & Son, Sheffield, fruitwood 11 ½” overall, Vg.; unsigned 12” cherry wood, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  276. Rare, E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster wooden ½” screw threading block, made of boxwood, Vg. (ex-Beitler collection) Sold For 160.00
  277. 2 – Wooden marking gauges: E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster (faint strike), 12” w/ common shaped stop screw & ruled rail, Vg.; unknown maker, possibly patented model w/ brass tipped leatherwork gauge (?), F+ Sold For 22.50
  278.  2 – Unsigned wooden marking gauges: 9 ½” cherry wood w/ wooden stop screw, Vg.; 5 ½” rosewood & brass w/ brass stop screw & inset brass plates, Vg. Sold For 7.50
  279. 3 – Various wooden marking gauges: unsigned Disston (?) boxwood mortise gauge w/ owner strike Elias A. Bitner, Vg.; unsigned mortise gauge w/ wooden stop screw, Vg.; homemade handrail/”grasshopper” gauge w/ deep mahogany fence w/ barss stop screw, Vg. Sold For 7.50
  280. 2 – Early wooden molding planes, attributed to the Heiss family (Lancaster, Pa.): Jacob Heiss (circa 1807-1840) astragal bead w/ rounded shoulders & notched ends, Vg.; I-G-H, embossed letter strike (attributed to John Heiss, worked 1792-1825) 1 ¾” skewed rabbet, later owner punch strikes J*R*H and dated 1*8*6*1, wedge has resemblance to Carpenter wedge Sold For 50.00
  281. Jacob Heiss (above noted) 22” jointer w/ off-set tote, inlaid bone throat plate (ex-Beitler collection) Sold For 30.00
  282. 2 – “The Lancaster Shop” wooden planes:  E.W. Carpenter, 22” plank jointer, missing wedge, G.; rare, Auxer & Remley (worked together for 1yr. 1869-70)  16” w/ Carpenter patent double wedge plane, tote repaired, G. Sold For 15.00
  283. 5 – Wooden molding planes: 2 – unsigned fork-staff/hollow planes w/ W. Gould irons, Vg.; hollow & round pr. made by Chapin, Union Factory, for Steinman Hardware Co. (marked on tail of plane, Vg.; Kneass & Co., Phila., altered cut, F. – G. Sold For 10.00
  284. 2 – Early tools: 2” gutter plane, iron stuck by S. Millhouse, nose pin initialed J+F, side branded J. McAlister, Vg.; unsigned 1 ½” wooden threading block, Vg Sold For 10.00
  285. 4 – Wooden molding planes: 2 – I-Schauer (John, East Petersburg): 5/8” cove, Vg.; hollow, F.; D-Plain (unknown) center bead w/ chamfered shoulders, Vg.; unsigned astragal bead, G. Sold For 45.00
  286. Israel White, Phila. w/ eagle strike, 22” plank jointer w/ off-set tote & re-surfaced sole, G+ Sold For 7.50
  287. 2 – Wooden groove planes: J.F. Bauder, Manheim, Lanc.Co.Pa, (circa 1841-47) wedge arm panel groover, branded W. Hensel, G+ (replaced wedge); H. Himsted, Hamburg (Germany) European plow plane w/ center braced screw arm fence, boxwood nuts, Vg Sold For 22.50
  288. 2 – Wooden marking gauges: 13” E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster wooden marking gauge w/ “The Shop” shaped wooden stop screw, faint strike otherwise Vg.; instrument makers wooden screw clamp altered for use as marking gauge, G+ Sold For 10.00
  289. 2 – Stanley planes: R&L #78 rabbet/fillister plane, Vg.; “Handyman” #110 block w/ burgundy paint & nickel plated cap, G. Sold For 10.00
  290. Stanley Bedrock #606 fore plane, 1921-25 “sweetheart” strike w/ rosewood handle & high knob, Vg. Sold For 90.00
  291. Stanley Bedrock #607-C  jointer plane w/ squared shoulders, rosewood handle & high knob, last pat. date 4-19-10, Vg. Sold For 130.00
  292. Gage Tool Co., Vineland, NJ., #21-24” jointer, Vg. Sold For 55.00
  293. Fine screw arm sash fillister plane, nose of plane loaded w/ 5 various owner strikes (including embossed strike of J. Pyatt, maker?). Highly molded fence on boxwood threaded arms w/ boxwood knobs, boxwood edge boxing, and brass depth stop & depth screw. This plane is real looker w/ brass diamond inlay on arms, Vg. Sold For 75.00
  294. Rare, rosewood & brass William Marples Mfg., Sheffield  “The Ultimatum Brace” w/ royal crown touchmarks, G+  (brass knurl cap missing), some infill cracking Sold For 210.00
  295. Rare, C.&T. Pilkington, Sheffield, brass mounted wooden brace w/ royal crown touchmarks, rosewood & brass capped knurl, lever operated chuck, Vg. Sold For 260.00
  296. John Hall, Warranted, rosewood & brass mortise gauge w/ brass arm & full brass face plate, owner strikes of J.W. Thomas, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  297. Stanley “sweetheart” #78 rabbet/fillister plane w/ pat.6-7-1910, fence & extra blade, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  298. 3 – Assorted tools/collectibles: Stanley #200 blade pitch honing gauge, Vg.; Union Hardware, hack saw w/ turned handle; Starrett wall chart guide Table of Decimal Equivalents, paper mounted on canvas, F. Sold For 17.50
  299. 2 – I. Blood, Ballston, NY. Hewing hatchets: #5, G+; #3, G. Sold For 30.00
  300. I. Blood, Ballston, NY. Right hand side broad axe w/ 9” edge, Vg, Sold For 55.00
  301. 3 – I. Blood, Ballston, NY. Hatchets: early form shingling full hatchet w/ square poll, Vg.; 2 - #5 hewing hatchets (1 – English cast steel, Vg. & other missing handle) Sold For 130.00
  302. Large, I. Blood, Ballston, NY. #8-11 ½” side broad axe w/ partial original red paint, G. Sold For 55.00
  303. I. Blood, Ballston, NY., wheelwright’s right hand side broad axe w/ 10” edge, remnants of original red paint, G+ Sold For 65.00
  304. 2 – I. Blood, Ballston, NY. Edge tools, both marked English cast steel: #6 hewing hatchet, G.; 11” side broad axe, missing handle, Vg. Sold For 50.00
  305. Tray lot assorted tools: unknown maker combination ratchet brace w/ movable handle, Vg.; Coe’s patent monkey wrench; Jeweler’s frame saw; etc. Sold For 17.50
  306. 3 – Various edge tools: Keen Kutter 2” socket handle firmer chisel, Vg.; Victor #1104 jack plane, G.; Craftsman 9” jack plane, G. Sold For 40.00
  307. Foster Bros. #12-12 ¼” carcass splitting cleaver w/ solid frame handle, G+ Sold For 80.00
  308. 2 – Foster Bros. butchers tools: #252 heavy chop/knife, G.; #9-9” cleaver, G. Sold For 75.00
  309. Tray lot assorted tools: American Knife Co. kitchen cleaver, Vg.; Shoe makers Crispin hammer; saw swage hammer; 2 – implement wrenches (1 – combination lock handle wrench), pat. Sept.21, 1886 Sold For 45.00
  310. 3 – Unusual tobacco spears: unsigned solid brass; rare, arrow point spear, light gauge metal, G.; W. Brady, Lancaster (signed) spear, faint strike, G. Sold For 40.00
  311. 2 – Kitchen tools: hand wrought wafer iron, initialed C.H. & dated 1934, nice reproduction; Stortz, Phila., oyster knife, Vg. Sold For 25.00
  312. Tray lot assorted farm primitives & tools: hand wrought dengelstock (field anvil); wooden whetstone holder w/ modern carved decoration; wooden flax scotching knife; reproduction throwing axe/tomahawk Sold For 60.00
  313. 2 – Stonework hammers: quarry-work hand wrought Crandle/splitting axe w/ wedge stop & replaceable spur point, F.; round Napping hammer, Vg. Sold For 55.00
  314. 3 – Various tools: corn chopper claw (tool that was w/ fodder cutter); unknown spear tip trenching tool, Vg.; blacksmith star chisel mallet, Vg. Sold For 50.00
  315. Rare, A. Nittinger, Phila. butcher’s brass bar scales, marked Fairbanks, Boston #50, missing weight, Vg. Sold For 40.00
  316. 1804, dated Conestoga wagon rack & pinion jack w/ hand wrought hardware in oak frame, G. Sold For 140.00
  317. Odd farmer’s fencing tool for twisting wire around wooden rail, brace handle operated. This would be a great “What’s it” tool Sold For 75.00
  318. Wire fencing stretcher tool, unknown maker Sold For 30.00
  319. Salesman’s sample: rare, embossed axe marked American Axe & Tool Co., New York, chrome plated, G, (crack near top of eye) Sold For 120.00
  320. Cheney claw hammer w/ patented ball-bearing nail holder, G. Sold For 10.00
  321. 4 – Assorted tools: Osborne pistol grip leather slitting gauge, missing blade, otherwise Vg.; 2 – toy hatchets; Slate quarry splitting chisel, G. Sold For 30.00
  322. 2 – Axes: rafting axe w/ steel tipped long full square poll, arched lugs & flared blade, Vg.; J. Shertz (John, Lancaster City, circa 1852) felling axe, butt of axe mushroomed, G. Sold For 55.00
  323. Douglass Mfg. 3 ½” slick w/ modern replacement handle, corner of slick has severe chip, needs extensive grinding for use, F.- G. Sold For 50.00
  324.  Tray lot assorted catalogues: Stanley #139, 1939, Vg.; 8 – assorted MWTCA reproduced catalogs Sold For 30.00
  325. Rare form, D. Lichty (Daniel, (1828-1889), Reidenbach Store, Lancaster Co. & Reading, Berks Co.) Holtz/splitting axe w/ Berks Co. characteristic four star strikes around name strike (ex-Stork collection) Sold For 130.00
  326. 2 – Edge tools: G. Enterline (George Enderline, Elizabethtown/Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster Co., working circa 1820-1870) felling axe, small trade strike, G.; unsigned carpenters adze w/ full square poll, non-legible owner strike, G. Sold For 35.00
  327. 2 – Berks Co., felling axes: double-struck R. Adams (center pellet, Richard, near present day Adamstown, circa 1820-40)  w/ partial large & small strike, lower lug, G+; L. Stoudt (Lucian, Berks, & worked at Seidel’s blacksmith shop Alsace Twp., Berks Co.) w/ lower lug, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  328. 3 – Axes: rare form, W. Brady (William, above noted) “killing axe” rafting axe w/ large octagon poll, probably used by rafting teams for pinning wooden rails to logs floating to mills in Columbia area, G.; felling axe w/ added pinning poll, possible late fake; double struck felling axe, refinished. Originally made by J. Lenker (*John, 1850, South Lebanon Twp., Lebanon Co.) w/ small strike of J.B. Stohler (late trade strike?), painted surface Sold For 50.00
  329. Unusual form, W. Brady (above noted w/ later arched cast steel strike) wheelwright’s broad axe, poor weld to steel on butt of axe, G. Sold For 30.00
  330. Rare, C.F. Shultz (*George F., Lemon St., Lancaster City) double-bit posthole mortise axe, typical Lancaster Co. form, Vg. Sold For 260.00
  331. Rare, A. Hann (*?) broad hewing axe, brittle weld next to eye, G. Sold For 40.00
  332. Rare, (?) Mann, Centre Co. (probably Harvey Mann, Bellefonte, Centre Co.), carpenter’s adze w/ lipped poll, G. Sold For 45.00
  333. 2 – Mann family, felling axes: William Mann Superior (#85?) (William Jr. & Co., Lewistown, circa 1882 – 1920), G.; Early William Mann (probably William Sr., started in Bellefonte w/ brother Harvey & moved to Maugh Chunk, Pa..) axe (described by Tannehill as Rossing axe, used prior to broad squaring axes), G+ Sold For 55.00
  334. 2 – Small drawknives: T.R. Barnett (Phila. edge tool maker, circa 1860) 6” sag back w/ walnut handles, Vg.; late English “Bow-maker’s” wooden shave, 7 inch overall length w/ 1 ½” edge, hole drilled in handle, G. Sold For 55.00
  335. 2 – Drawknives: rare, J. Shertz (John, circa 1850-1910 Lancaster City) 11” straight-back stop chamfer, deep strike, G.; small 5 ¼” edge stop chamfer w/ red painted handles, G. Sold For 17.50
  336. Rare, M.M. Edwards (Monroe M. Durlach/Mt. Airy area, Lancaster Co., early 1900’s, died 1922) shingling half hatchet, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  337. 2 – Roofers slating tools: E. Hechtel (*?) zaxe/hammer, G.; unsigned, hand wrought ripper tool, G.
  338. Assembled 3pc. Slating tool set: 2pc. J. Stortz, Phila. : zaxe/hammer w/ leather padded grip, Vg. & T-brake, Vg.; Pexto, 24” ripper, Vg. Sold For 17.50
  339. Unsigned tinsmith’s candle mold stake w/ 8” beak & 17” tapered ring stake, G. Sold For 55.00
  340. S. Lukenbach (*?), tinsmith’s needle case stake w/ 12” tapered ring & 12” seam set, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  341. J.D. Bruner (*?), tinsmith’s bench shears w/ 9” jaw, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  342. Tray lot assorted drilling devices: partial set of Job Pugh, auger bits in original oak case, missing several bits; Stearns Patent adjustable hollow auger, Vg.; J. Taylor’s Patent brace w/ push lever chuck, missing lever spring otherwise Vg. Sold For 25.00
  343. Tray lot drilling devices: partial set – Pugh, Phila. auger bits in original oak case, 11 graduated bit (missing 2); Goodell-Pratt Tool Co., right angle ratchet brace, G. Sold For 30.00
  344. 4 – Assorted drilling devices: Early iron cooper’s brace w/ stop screw chuck, G; unsigned blacksmith’s chisel/bit, Vg.; early platelayer’s wooden stuck bit, Vg.; unsigned adjustable hollow auger, Vg. Sold For 40.00
  345. Wheelwright’s hub nut socket auger, G+ Sold For 90.00
  346. 2 – Wheelwright’s tools: hub ream w/ weight hook base, missing handle, G.; lathe “hustler” spill gouge w/ hickory handle, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  347. Very rare set, J. Weller (Jacob, original New Jersey, then Reading, Pa., & then Frederick Co., Maryland. His home is on Historical Register) Graduated 4pc. well pipe auger bit set, all the bits have same strike, 3” – 6” (ex-Beitler collection) Sold For 250.00
  348. NO LOT
  349. 2 – Large drilling tools: large hand wrought hollow post hole digger (ex-Beitler collection), G+; unsigned crank style raft auger, G. Sold For 15.00
  350. J.C. Carpenter (Jeremiah Carpenter, born 1879 in East Earl Twp., listed as blacksmith in 1900 census & 1910 in Millway, buried in 1954 at Rothsville) digging iron, Vg. (ex-Derstler collection) Sold For 60.00
  351. Henry Disston & Sons, #254-6ft. “Champion” two-man saw, Vg+ Sold For 60.00
  352. 2 – Loggers tools: William H. Mann (Lewistown, Pa.) “True American” double bit felling axe, Vg.; large Cant hook w/ 4ft. heavy hickory handle, G+ Sold For 30.00
  353. 2 – Timber trade tools: Simmons & Co., Cohoes, NY. 4” barking slick w/ shovel grip handle, G.; H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co., & later Vinemont area, Berks Co.) felling axe w/ lower lug, unusual form for Stricker, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  354. PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad) two-man log/tie tongs, tong maker’s strike H in shield, Vg. Sold For 17.50
  355. 2 – Tools: PRR, dead-blow sledge w/ copper lug, stripped finish, G+; signed (?) side broad, mounted on wrong handle, G. Sold For 22.50
  356. 3 – Hand axes: Reising (possible owner strike) cruse/marking axe, G+; M.C. Ogden #3 hewing hatchet, refinished, Vg.; S&W, Swedish, camp axe in Abercrombie & Fitch Co., leather sheath, Vg. Sold For 17.50
  357. 2 – Axes: J.B. Stohler, (Scheafferstown) felling axe, Rockaway type, refinished; shipwright’s axe, refinished but heavy pitting, G. Sold For 35.00
  358. Unsigned carpenter’s adze w/ full square poll, original handle is branded B.F. Kern (listed as hardware dealer in Phila. in 1863 directory) Sold For 22.50
  359. Sener (possible Gottlieb, Lancaster city) Railroad spike/adze w/ extended octagon poll w/ 4” edge, large oval eye, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  360. 2 – Hatchets: Belknap, “Blue Grass” 20oz. shingling half hatchet, Vg.; True Temper “Tommy Axe” w/ claw on butt of axe, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  361. 2 – Edge tools: J.B. Stohler (above noted, but partial small strike) shingling half hatchet w/ octagon poll, G+; cooper’s 7” stave “belly” drawknife/shave w/ pewter capped handles, G. Sold For 20.00
  362. 3 – Firmer tools: hand wrought 2 ½” paring chisel, possible reproduction, Vg.; rare, J. Bowder  (*?)  1 3/8” gouge w/ socket handle, G.; Lignum Vitae square head mallet, Vg. Sold For 10.00
  363. 4 – Various punches: 3 – name punches: A.J. Polk & Son Co., Millersburg, Pa.; B&O RR (Baltimore & Ohio railroad); Millersburg, Pa.; hand wrought 7/8” button-hole chisel, Vg. Sold For 17.50
  364. 2 – Wooden jointer planes: Union Factory, H. Chapin, 21” w/ excellent Buck Bros. iron, G. – G+; Cox & Luckman (?) 21” owner strike G. Harris & dated 1846, side of plane branded P.N.H. Sold For 20.00
  365. 5 – Wooden bead molding planes, G. – Vg.: Hall, Case & Co., side bead; R. Harron (New York City) side bead; unsigned astragal bead; Sandusky Tool, side bead; Ohio Tool center bead Sold For 35.00
  366. 5 – Assorted wooden molding planes, G.: Union Factory, T&G; Mosely & Son (English) table cove; Crane (English) altered; Edwards, (English) flat ogee; (English) quarter round Sold For 25.00
  367. 6 – Assorted wooden molding planes, G – G+: Chapin, halving plane; Auburn Tool, dado; Ohio Tool, rabbet; Sandusky rabbet; 3 – (English) complex Sold For 30.00
  368. 10 – Assorted wooden hollow & round planes, various makers, G. – Vg. Sold For 55.00
  369. 4 – Assorted jointers, G – G+: 3 – 22” plank jointers: Sandusky #19; Ogontz Tool; A&E Baldwin, New York; Mathieson iron in unsigned 17 ½” w/ raze handle, Sold For 30.00
  370. J. Miller, 37 Clayton St. (possible St. Louis, hardware dealer) wedge arm handled plow plane w/ brass tipped arms, brass diamond inlays on fence, G. Sold For 30.00
  371. Unsigned, handled screw arm sash molding plane w/ boxwood screws & knobs, refinished Vg. Sold For 40.00
  372. 2 – Stanley Bailey bench planes: #4 smoother, post WWII w/ rosewood handle & high knob, lg. brass adj. screw, Vg.; #5 jack w/ plastic adj. knob, G. Sold For 20.00
  373. 2 – Planes: Stanley Bailey #28-18” transitional jointer, G.; modern European moving fillister w/ screw arm fence, Vg. Sold For 10.00
  374. Matched set of 7 - hollow & round wooden planes, by Routledge, Birmingham, England. All w/ owner strike of J.H. Jolliffe, Vg. Sold For 120.00
  375. Matched set of 6 – hollow & round wooden planes, by John Moseley, London, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  376. 2 – Wooden Grecian ovolo molding planes: Mockridge & Francis (Newark, NJ.) ¾”, refinished Vg.; McMaster, Auburn, NY. 7/8”, refinished G+ - VG. Sold For 55.00
  377. Graduated set of 3 – side bead molding planes, by B. Sheneman, Phila. all w/ owner strike of Wm. Speakman, Vg. Sold For 55.00
  378. E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, 1 ¼” side bead molding plane, G+ (as found condition) Sold For 35.00
  379. 2 – Handled wooden molding planes: B. Sheneman, Phila. #735, screw arm tongue plane w/ owner strike of L. Townsend, refinished Vg.; Sandusky Tool Co. #121 altered for edge rounding (possible handle makers plane) owner strikes of G. Clymer, G. Sold For 25.00
  380. Tray lot 6 – assorted wooden molding planes: Sandusky Tool Co., hollow, G.; Sims, London, hollow, Vg; Bensen & Crannell, Albany, side bead, G+; C.H. Winslow, table round, G+; A. & E. Baldwin (New York) side bead, G.; Ohio Tool Co., center bead, G. Sold For 35.00
  381. Stanley #45 combination plane, no blades, G., circa 1907/08 Sold For 25.00
  382. Tray lot assorted tools: Gladstone Tools, hardwood carver’s mallet, Vg.; 2 – turned slick handles, Vg+; A.W. Grossman, 11” stop chamfer drawknife w/ steel capped handles, G.; Sold For 15.00
  383. 3 – Socket handle firmer chisels: D.R. Barton, 1” corner chisel, Vg.; ¾” socket mortise, multi-owner strikes, Vg.; E. Dickinson, 5/8” socket mortise, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  384. Lie-Nielsen, brass back 9” – 15ppi, tenon saw, w/ open grip handle, in original box, Vg Sold For 85.00
  385. 2 – (like new) Japanese “Razor-saw” pull saws: #S-11-9 ½” back saw, E.; #S-450-10 ½, E. Sold For 20.00
  386. 3 – Disston handsaws: #D-8-10pt. cherry handle, top of ear removed; 26”-5pt. rip saw w/ finger hole handle; #D-18-5pt. rip saw w/ ;plastic handle, missing button Sold For 22.50
  387. 2 – Disston #D-23 handsaws w/ carved cherry wood handles: 11pt., G+; #10, G. Sold For 7.50
  388. 3 – Firmer chisels: Riverside Tool 1 ½” w/ beveled top, G.; F. Dickinson, ½” socket mortise, Vg.; signed (?) 2” paring chisel, Vg. Sold For 20.00
  389. Tray lot assorted tools: N-A 16oz. claw hammer, new; 10 assorted bench plate/anvil stakes: 5 – round top flat & fuller; egg shaped fuller; 3 – square top Sold For 10.00
  390. Stanley “knock-down” miter box w/ Disston & Sons mitre saw, w/ original paperwork guide in wooden tool chest, G. (last pat. date 1912) Sold For 17.50
  391. 3 – Jeweler’s tools: unsigned #3 bench top vise w/ shielded thread & square block anvil, G.; engraving tool w/ brass palm guard; Archimedes drill w/ long mahogany grip handle, G. Sold For 40.00
  392. 4 – Various tool heads, no handles: small gardener’s pick, ex-Sorber collection, pitted; W. Brady (above noted) full shingling hatchet, relic; embossed “Cayuga” double bit felling axe, G.; Collins & Co., Hartford, #195-5”, trowel shank slick Sold For 100.00
  393. 4 – Various edge tool heads, no handles: W. Butcher #1 cooper’s bench axe, Vg.; “Blue-Grass” half shingling hatchet w/ owner strike of Peter Newswanger, F.; G. Wagner (George, listed as blacksmith in Civil war roster from Clinton Co., worked as early as 1840) posthole mortise axe, relic; hand wrought frontier/ “Tomahawk” axe w/ round poll G. Sold For 60.00
  394. 3 – Unusual wheelwright’s tools: rare form, J.B. Stohler (above noted) 1 ¾” hub gouge chisel, G.; hand wrought hub “Hustler” spill gouge chisel w/ hanger hook, G.; homemade “Hustler” spill scraper on wooden handle. Good pieces for “What’s it” discussions Sold For 30.00
  395. Tray lot assorted keys & hardware: blanket chest grabber lock; 12 – assorted chest, clock & cabinet lock keys Sold For 22.50
  396. 3 – Signed divider/compasses: Boker, 9” winged divider w/ copper plate finish & brass screw, steel tips; Schultz-Ott, 7” stiff-joint, Vg.; I. Piercy, 6 ½” stiff-joint, G. Sold For 25.00
  397. Group assorted tools & hardware: rare dated 5 – 24 -1878, hand wrought corner chisel w/ solid octagon handle, Vg.; re-purposed file scraper; A.J. Baer (Albert J., Lehigh Co., wagon maker & horseshoeing. He patented his invention of “Baer Easy Hoof Parter”, &  was found contributing to an article in Blackmith & Wheelwright, 1913. The article was on design & improvement of better design fore swage blocks) bench stop, Vg.; 7 – various keys; etc. Sold For 30.00
  398.  6 – Small measuring devices: 2 – spring backed dividers; hand made brass outside caliper; 3 – stiff-joint dividers Sold For 22.50
  399.  Assorted edge tools: 6pc. carving chisel set in original box, by E.C. Lyons, New York, Vg.; Wilson & Pitt, Sheffield, spear tipped lance/bleeding knife w/ bone handle, Vg. Sold For 30.00
  400. Huge “Mahogany” side broad axe w/ 15” edge, possible signature (?), eye is flared, period handle accompanies, G+ Sold For 65.00
  401. 2 – Signed axes: H.C. Berry X-branded (Henry C., East Hanover Twp., Lebanon Co., circa 1850-80) broad squaring axe, edge chip & chip from steel on butt of axe, G.; M&W (no documentation) narrow splitting axe, G. Sold For 10.00
  402. Rare form, J. Shertz, Lancaster (John, Lancaster City, circa 1852) Kent style hewing axe, refinished w/ painted surface, G. Sold For 35.00
  403. 2 – W. Brady (above noted) axes: broad squaring axe, butt mushroomed, G.; rarer form, Holtz/splitting axe, again butt mushroom & chipping, but expected w/ splitting mauls, G. Sold For 45.00
  404. 2 – Signed axes (New Jersey?): McHinnon, Rockaway, NJ. model C felling axe, G.; Vineland (Delaware Co.) Holtz/splitting axe, G. Sold For 10.00
  405. J. Rees (attributed to John, Strasburg Twp., working in Lancaster Co. prior to 1800), Kent style broad axe, G. Sold For 55.00
  406. Rare trademark, WP. & T.F. Beatty (circa 1845-69, William P. & Thomas Franklin, both sons of William, worked together in Beatty Hollow) carpenters adze w/ full square poll, Vg+ Sold For 60.00
  407. 2 – Early pin poll adze: F. Sener (Franklin, son of Gottlieb, started lumber yard in Ephrata) tapered pin poll, needs re-edging, F.; initialed G.R. w/ 4-star strike, pitting, G. Sold For 70.00
  408. Rare double-struck, upper bit posthole axe, probably made by J. Landis (John, 1830, Landis Valley area, Lancaster Co.), & secondary J.B. Stohler (above noted, late small letter strike), Vg (ex-Beitler collection) Sold For 160.00
  409. 2 – Signed, Holtz/splitting axes: Keener (attributed to Jacob, Conestoga Twp. Lancaster Co.) w/ odd triangular shaped eye, has huge weld to butt, G.; J. Souder (*John, son of Samuel circa 1870, Lititz & Penn Twp.), heavy mushrooming on butt has caused damage to strike, G. Sold For 17.50
  410.  W. Brady #5 (above noted) right hand side broad axe, painted surface, Vg. Sold For 50.00
  411. 4 – Carpenters claw hammers: Winchester trademark #6023-12oz. w/ round poll, G+; Firestone Supreme, 16oz. straight claw, G.; unsigned (Bluegrass style) 12oz. w/ hickory handle, G+; Standard 12oz. w/ beeswax hole drill in bottom of socket (often used by trim carpenters to help nails drive easier through oak & other hardwoods) Sold For 15.00
  412. Odd combination metalworking hammer w/ calibrated handle & head, unknown maker, Vg. Sold For 25.00
  413. 4 – Various hammers: 2 – leatherwork hammers: unsigned cramping hammer w/ broad head, Vg.; shoe hammer, Vg.; G. Boker, 12oz. claw, Vg.; double-faced riveter’s planishing hammer, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  414. 3 – Various stonework hammers: SPM (initialed) cross-pane stone dressing hammer, Vg.; small cross-pane dressing hammer, G+; modern prospecting pick, Vg. Sold For 15.00
  415. 4 – Various metalwork hammers: presentation ball-peen w/ L.R.H. to H.M.H, Vg.; Austrian combination saw setting hammer, Vg.; unsigned rivet, Vg.; etc. Sold For 22.50
  416. Rare, G.A. Bingham (*?) small splitting maul, marked on both cheeks, G. Sold For 15.00
  417. 3 – Various hammers: 2 – C. Nickum (*Charles, Bethel Twp., Northampton Co., 1860 census) millstone working hammers (1 – painted); cobblestone layers hammer, G. Sold For 35.00
  418. 2 – Primitive tools: unsigned hand wrought block knife w/ rattail hook & iron ringed wooden handle, G+; early burl wood froe/blocking mallet, shows years of use, G. Sold For 22.50
  419. Tray lot of 6 – assorted firmer/joiners tools: round burl head mallet w/ turned oak handle, Vg.; 2 – socket mortise chisels (1 – G. Schwark); 2 – gouges; W. Ash & Co. 7/8”, G. Sold For 17.50
  420. 4 – Assorted early German style elbow/box locks, as found condition (3 – exterior) Sold For 15.00
  421. 5 – Assorted door latches: 2 – hand wrought thumb latches w/ lima bean cusps, G.; 2 – lever latch locks w/ screw out key handles, F+; oak case keyed deadbolt (probably European) Sold For 70.00
  422. Fine lever latch lock w/ screw off key handle w/ slide deadbolt & catch, Vg+ Sold For 110.00
  423. 3 – Assorted elbow/box locks w/ sliding deadbolts, F. – Vg. Sold For 75.00
  424. Tray lot assorted hardware: latch lock w/ brass knob on lever handle; double door foot catch bar.; heart shaped hook from Vere Garman shop (Mastersonville, Lancaster Co.); 2 – pump spout brackets; etc. Sold For 7.50
  425. 4 – Assorted elbow/box locks, as found, F. – G+ Sold For 5.00
  426. 3 – Pc. assorted hardware: wagon undercarriage rail brace w/ birds head cusps (ex-Landis Valley); carriage brake handle, signed D.D. Gunder (*?); pr. S-shaped strap hinges Sold For 130.00
  427. Fine pr. heart/ram’s horn strap hinges, 25” overall length Sold For 200.00
  428. Tray lot assorted hardware & blacksmith tongs: double tulip cusp strap hinge w/ white paint; blanket chest hinge w/ spire tip cusp; barn door hasp; small tongs (possible clay pipe); star stamp decorated tongs; nail pincer re-purposed file stock Sold For 250.00
  429. 3 – Drawknives: Williams, Phila. cooper’s “belly” stave shave, F.; 2 – European style stop chamfer knives: 10” w/ hickory handles & multiple strikes (Scimitars, crescent moon), Vg.; 8” w/ ox head strike & key strike, F. Sold For 20.00
  430. 2 – Large drawknives: Mottram (*?) 11” cooper’s heading knife,  walnut handles w/ owner strikes of  W. Sell; unsigned 9 ½” stop chamfer w/ large cent capped handles, unusual Sold For 25.00
  431. Tray lot 5 – early claw hammers: 3 – primitive hand wrought; Scottish style brace handle 12oz. claw w/ original handle, G; 20oz. carpenter’s w/ extended round & poll & long rounded  claw, Vg. Sold For 22.50
  432. Rare. E.C. Stuck (*?) squirrel tail oven scraper w/ tapered socket, missing wooden handle, signed on both upper & lower side, G. Sold For 20.00
  433. 4 – Wooden bead molding planes: rare, B. Huff maker, (Baltimore, tool maker & sign painter) side bead, Vg.; I. Schauer ( John/Johannes, East Petersburg, Pa., circa 1820-43)astragal bead, G.; unsigned side bead, Vg.; J.F. Bauder, Manheim, side bead missing fillet strip, G. Sold For 30.00
  434. Tray lot 6 – wooden planes: 2 – E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster: hollow & round (1 – missing wedge); 2 – Kneass & Co., Phila. ; John Bell, Phila. Side bead, Vg. Sold For 20.00
  435. Stanley #71 router plane in original box w/ sole mounted fence & accs., Vg. Sold For 50.00
  436. 3 – Various edge tools: late German, bearded “goosewing axe”, pre-WWII, New old stock, missing handle; unsigned hewing hatchet, G+; combination pick/hatchet (possible for ice) Sold For 100.00
  437. Glaskin Mfg., “Automic Onion” patented combination wire fencing hammer, drop-forged, G. Sold For 10.00
  438. 2 – Large engineer’s screwdrivers: Horn & Ellis w/ 11” shaft  on brass ferruled oak handle, Vg.; unsigned, dated 8-23-13, 16” shaft on steel ferruled oak handle, G. Sold For 7.50
  439. Tray lot assorted tools: wagon pin/wrench; 4 – various small vises; Ewing (*?) corner chisel w/ socket handle; etc. Sold For 40.00
  440. Tray lot 4 – assorted cooper’s tools: adjustable wooden shave, hickory body, Vg.; stave dog; hoop driver & bung starter mallet Sold For 20.00
  441. 2  – Tools from shop of Vere Garman (Mastersonville, upper Lancaster Co.);  53” (?) row marker or hunter’s hinged combination walking stick/gun shooting stand (looks like large wooden dividers w/ steel tips, unusual combination S-wrench, fits nut on stand/marker. *Note – Garman is well know maker of tobacco shears, maybe this was used in seed beds (?) Sold For 17.50
  442. Pr. of 38” heavy barn door hinges w/ heart shaped ends, from the shop of Vere Garman (above noted) Sold For 80.00
  443. 2 – Coachbuilder’s routers: large boxing drawknife w/ 2 1/8” blade mounted on 27” wide bar w/ wooden handles, Vg.; wooden handled grooving router, G (small crack to wood. Sold For 35.00
  444. 5 – Assorted hand wrought tools: Inn keeper’s pipe burning tongs, Vg.; weaver’s folding loom pick; double head screwdriver blade (unknown maker); saw repair swage punch; builder’s scratch/awl w/ twisted shank & open eye hook Sold For 12.50
  445. Tray lot slate roofer’s tools: 5 – various zaxe/hammers, maker include: A. Buzzard, Bangor, Pa.; Stortz, Phila. & unsigned (F. – Vg.); T-break, F. Sold For 60.00
  446. 3 Pc. slate roofer’s tool set, signed J. Rusher (*?), new old stock (includes zaxe, ripper, T-break) Sold For 10.00
  447. 2 – Farm related tools: Brades Patent 22” straw cutter/block knife w/ wrought iron back, G.; unsigned brass beam scales, missing weights, G. Sold For 20.00
  448. Tray lot assorted tools: 5 – various early screwdrivers (1 – Huber Mfg.); Footprint, Sheffield, key-hole saw pad,    Vg.; ice pick hammer; etc. Sold For 12.50
  449. 2 – Drawknives: Reisenstein & Moller, 10” cooper’s heading knife, G.; D. Barton, 6 ½” curved stave shave, G. Sold For 20.00
  450. Tray lot assorted tools: T-handle bedscrew driver; early turn-screw driver; machinist made brass handle puddy knife; Simmons Hardware lock; etc. Sold For 10.00
  451. Tray lot assorted tools: 2 – lathe chisels: re-purposed file gouge; lg. parting chisel; 3 – various firmer chisels; hub gouge; Hoffman (*?, possible Valentine Hoffman, Lancaster) sharpening steel, G. Sold For 15.00
  452. 2 – Wooden mallets: barrel head joiner’s mallet, signed C.S. Gery, Vg.; round head carvers mallet, G+ Sold For 12.50
  453. 2 – Metal planes: ½” cabinet maker’s infill shoulder rabbet plane, G.; brass framed carriage maker’s shave, G. Sold For 40.000
  454.  Fine, turned walnut bowl w/ highly carved decorative banding, “Virginia Creeper & feather design”, circa 1940. Possible Danish Mid-century piece. 10 ½” diameter Sold For 10.00
  455. Tray lot assorted tools & wooden decoratives: “Artwood” bowl by Brubaker Mfg. turned mahogany, walnut & cedar, G+; Mid-East turned myrtle wood vase w/ brass mount Bera w/ palm tree, Vg.; complete 3/16” lettering set, Vg..; brass weight set in wood turning; etc. Sold For 17.50
  456. Tray lot assorted tools: small brass anvil shaped paper weight; Vg.; wooden jeweler’s mallet; steel jeweler’s rivet hammer; 4 – stiff-joint divider/compasses; brass dental caliper Sold For 35.00
  457. 6 – Assorted compass/dividers: Winged: Lowentraut Mfg. 12”; Keen Kutter; P.S. & W. Co.; etc.; L.S.S. Co. 6” spring back, Vg. Sold For 17.50
  458. Tray lot assorted tools: steel threading block w/ wooden handles; G.; Keiser Mfg. Co., Reading, Pa. grass shears in original box, Vg.; dropforge hammer pattern; wooden fid; etc. Sold For 7.50
  459. 2 - Un-related tools: rare, Samuel Auxer, Lancaster, 5/8” scratch block marking gauge. Appears to be a production piece from “The Lancaster Shop” w/ trade strike & size strike; homemade walnut round plane, 13 ½” long Sold For 260.00
  460. 2 – Axes: James H. Mann, Lewistown, Pa., upper bit mortise axe w/ partial original red paint, Vg.; initial I.B. & dated 1883, Kent style felling axe, G. Sold For 100.00
  461. Sener (possible Gottlieb, Lancaster City) crate/hurdle maker’s axe w/ arched edge, G. Sold For 60.00
  462. Unsigned wheelwright’s broad squaring axe, primitive construction, G+ Sold For 40.00
  463. 2 – Signed axes: H.J. Seidel (Henry J., Reading, Berks Co.) felling axe w/ lower lug, Vg.; Keener (John, Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co.) Holtz/splitting axe, Ex-Beitler collection, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  464. Rare, J. Horn (John, York maker, early embossed mark) felling axe w/ lower lug, pitting G. Sold For 22.50
  465. H. Mellinger (Henry, Washington Boro/Manor, circa 1870) side broad axe w/ 11” edge, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  466. Rare form, J.B. Stohler (small trademark) Holtz/splitting axe, mushroomed butt of axe, G. Sold For 25.00
  467. 2 – Edge tools: H. Mellinger (above noted) felling axe, G.; Wm. Beatty & Son, Chester, Pa. shipyard pin adze, G. Sold For 30.00
  468. Unsigned primitive double posthole mortise axe, pitting Sold For 20.00
  469. Group of patterns & collectibles: 4 – tin blacksmith strap hinge patterns (late); axe handle pattern w/ red paint & initialed H.L.B.; stage prop wooden broad axe, Vg. Sold For 15.00

TOTAL SOLD (Including Garage Portion) - $27,891.50


Catalog Reference Codes


Excellent condition

Nearly new condition with original finish and no noted damage.


Very Good condition

Small cracks in wooden parts, no repairs.  Has minor loss to original finish. Ideal for collector’s or display purpose.


Good condition

Minor cracks in wood parts, repairs may be needed for use, has substantial paint or finish loss. Minor rust damage on iron planes & tools.  Ideal for users or those wishing to refurbish for collection. 


Fair condition

Substantial cracks to wooden or metal parts.  Most parts still intact, but may have had substantial repair or replaced parts.  Major rust damage.  Needs attention or repair prior to use. Good for parts.


Poor condition

Major damage or altered pieces. Has deep pitted rusting to iron & metal pieces.  Good for parts use only, or major repair work.


Cataloger’s note: This list is a guide that contains our description of each piece.  We used several tool references, guides and years of experience handling these tools to create these descriptions.  However, many pieces are hand wrought for a particular purpose and no reference to their use exists.

Rarity” is a very difficult attribute to determine, but we considered how often these pieces have come across our auction block in the past several years to make that distinction.  This may not always be in agreement with all price or collector guides.

The conditional reference was done in a fashion that we felt described the quality or condition of each piece.  Please refer to the chart above.

Absentee bids:  We strongly recommend that anyone wishing to place an absentee bid examine the item in person first.  If you choose to place an absentee bid based on the description in the catalog alone, without examining the item personally, you do so at your own risk. The tools are described in an as found condition. You are the final judge. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Anyone wishing to place a bid with our auction firm must have either personally examined the tools during the preview times, or have made prior contact with our office staff at Horst Auction Center, (717) 738-3080.