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Antique Tool Auction

August 24, 2019


  1. Tray lot 5 – various hammers: hand wrought: small claw hammer w/ solid drift-pin handle, G; carpenter’s claw w/ octagon poll, G; heavy wagon pin/claw hammer, G; heavy wagon pin/rivet hammer, F; Canadian Farrier’s claw, G Sold For 10.00
  2. Tray lot 5 – various hammers: Footprint, England, 10oz. cross-peen w/ round poll, Vg; Pexto 12oz. square poll rivet, Vg; Buffalo Tool Co. 6oz. round poll rivet, Vg; Pattern maker’s cross-poll, dated 1876, Vg; small 6oz. masonry type, Vg Sold For 30.00
  3. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: 2 – General brass plumb bobs w/ original boxes, Vg; Stanley “sweetheart” #20-6” try square, G; Stanley #1-6” mitre square, G+; Stanley “sweetheart” #21-9” combination square, G; brass plumb bob, F. Sold For 40.00
  4. 8pc. T.H. Witherby, lathe knife set, Vg Sold For 40.00
  5. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: H&K, Germany, caliper, Vg; Chesterman, Sheffield, steel 24” folding rule, Vg; 5 – assorted outside/inside calipers, G-Vg Sold For 30.00
  6. 4 – Assorted “Bell System” tools: 20oz. round poll claw, Vg; 12oz. rivet, Vg; 3lb. sledge w/ stake step turning eye, G; Kraeuter, clamping pliers, G Sold For 25.00
  7. 6 – Assorted ball-peen hammers: 2 – GTW (Germantown Tool); 1892, round planishing, G; Blue Point 3oz., G; Fayette Plumb 3oz. G+; Bonney 16oz. G. Sold For 55.00
  8. 2 – Osborne, pistol grip leather slitting gauges: brass frame w/ mahogany infill, G+; iron handle, Vg Sold For 55.00
  9. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: 2 – sliding-T bevels; Stanley #2-9”mitre square, G.; unsigned 10” combination try square/bevel, G; 4 – combination squares, G-G+ (look at photo) Sold For 35.00
  10. 6 – Assorted claw hammers: Mephisto 16oz. straight claw, G+; Heller Bros. 16oz., Vg; Plumb 8oz., Vg; Stanley 16oz. straight claw, G+; Phila. Tool Co. 20oz. G+; unsigned 8oz. finish, G+ Sold For 85.00
  11. 4 – Various drawknives: Greenlee 10” w/ cup capped handles, G+; Globe 8” straight back, F; unsigned 10” stop chamfer, P-F; Hart Mfg. Co. 10” sag back, G+ Sold For 50.00
  12. 2 – Drawknives w/ folding handles, Vg: Palmer, Meadville, Pa. 8” straight back; Bridge Tool Co. 8” sag back Sold For 60.00
  13. 4 – Small specialty hammers: W. Rose, 3oz. chisel (??); unsigned 6oz. rivet, G+; box side claw, Vg; tube flaring peen, Vg Sold For 25.00
  14. 7 – Assorted crate hammer/hatchets, various makers & types, F-G (look at the photo) Sold For 70.00
  15. 2 – Hand wrought drawknives: signed (?), Sheffield, 11” cooper’s head shave, G; C.S. Little & Co. 7” Wheelwright’s knife, G Sold For 17.50
  16. 4 – Assorted piano tuner’s wrenches: duplex head w/ rosewood handle, G+; Hale Tuning hammer, pat. 10-30-1906, w/ rosewood handle, Vg; 2 – late Trophy, USA, single head, Vg Sold For 65.00
  17. 3 – Metal cutting hack saws: Millers Falls #48 w/ red neoprene handle, Vg; West Haven Mfg. Co., pat. 1-23-1900, adjustable back, Vg; Eclipse #55, made in Sheffield, England, G+ Sold For 35.00
  18. 3 – Various Philadelphia butcher’s saws: H &C Disston, #1 w/ brass split-nuts, G+; H. Disston & Sons #1, G+; Handy & Brenner w/ brass split-nuts, G+ Sold For 10.00
  19. 2 - Early handsaws w/ brass split-nuts: Henry Disston (serpentine strike) 26 ¾”- 4 ½ pt., G+; Invincible 26”. G+ Sold For 90.00
  20. 2 – Early handsaws: W.H. Armitage, Sheffield, 28”-4pt., G; Richardson Bros. 20”-11pt. G. Sold For 25.00
  21. 2 – Handsaws: E.C. Atkins, Sheffield Saw Works “Speed King” w/ train graphics #S5 ½-8pt. Vg; Tryon 25 ½”-8pt. Vg Sold For 5.00
  22. 3 – Backsaws: “The Little Wiesenfeld Co.”, Baltimore, MD. “Little Joe’s Special” 14”, G+; Jefferson 10”, G+; Henry Disston 10” G Sold For 60.0
  23. 3 – Handsaws: Disston, Keystone Challenger #K6 ½ w/ speedboat graphics, Vg; Disston #D-23-10pt., G+-Vg; Atkins #65-10pt. G+-Vg Sold For 30.00
  24. W. Cresson, IXL. Phila. 20” butcher saw w/ heavy arch brace back & brass split-nuts, G+-Vg Sold For 45.00
  25. 3 – Disston & Sons handsaws: #D-23-20”Vg; #D-111-5 ½ pt. w/ black plastic grip, G+; #D-23-26”-10pt. Vg Sold For 45.00
  26. 2 – Handsaws: Harvey Peace 19 ½”-10pt. w/ patented brace on handle, G+; C.E. Jennings & Co. #8-24”-8pt. G+ Sold For 17.50
  27. 2 – Butcher’s saws: Wm. McNiece, Phila. 19” w/ Eagle button & brass split-nuts, G-G+; Harvey Peace, Brooklyn, 22” w/ Eagle button & brass split-nuts, G Sold For 10.00
  28. 26” Oak four-frame “Fellow” saw w/ mortised & pinned tenon frame, hand wrought hardware, G Sold For 22.50
  29. Berrill’s #3 hand crank paint mill (for grinding raw material), G+. Ex-Hersh’s blacksmith shop, New Danville, Pa. Hersh was a maker of wagons & sleighs. Sold For 55.00
  30. North Bros. “Yankee” #1005 bench mounted hand crank drill press w/ adj. deck plate, G-G+ Sold For 110.00
  31. Emmert’s Patent pattern maker’s bench vise, patent dated 8-11-1891. This “Turtle Back” vise is complete, G+ Sold For 140.00
  32. Rowley & Hermance Mfg. Co., Williamsport, Pa., patent 4-5-1881, “Blind wiring machine”. Patented by Carl Hinz of Phila. This tool has manufacturer’s brass tag on side of frame. F-G (as is rail damaged) Sold For 30.00
  33. Early, small size line belt/treadmill operated bench top drill press w/ bolt mount cup base. The drill press has hand crank press arm & gear heads w/ narrow belt drive pulley. Drill press is unsigned, G+ Sold For 60.00
  34. Unsigned 2 ½” socket handle slick w/ off-set handle, G+-VG Sold For 55.00
  35. C. Hammond, Phila. 11 ¾” side broad axe, F+-G. Sold For 30.00
  36. 2 – Carpenter’s adze w/ full square poll, G-G+: Craftsman; & unsigned Sold For 25.00
  37. Hand wrought swamp/bog axe w/ 10 ½” arched bog cutter & 2” grubber, G. Sold For 110.00
  38. 2 – Hand wrought tools: A. Kinsey (attributed to Abel Kinsey, Little Britain Twp., Lancaster Co.), weld repaired P; trenching bog/swamp axe w/ 2 1/4” hatchet blade & extended 3 ¼” grubber blade, odd oval eye & ring socket, G Sold For 17.50
  39. Siegley #8-C bench jointer, G+-Vg Sold For 60.00
  40. Palmer-Storke’s Patent, Metallic Plane Co. 20 ½”-C bench jointer w/ adjustable throat plate, G-G+ (Hahn replacement blade) Sold For 55.00
  41. Standard Rule #6 bench fore plane w/ stirrup slide-in screw cap, rosewood handle & low knob G+-Vg (Baldwin Tool Co. iron) Sold For 95.00
  42.  6 – Assorted block planes, G-Vg: Crescent Mfg; Sargent #306; M.F. Co.; Stanley #9 1/2; S&S; Millers Falls #1455B low angle Sold For 70.00
  43. Stanley #112 scraper plane w/ rosewood handle & knob, Vg Sold For 110.00
  44. Early, Stanley R&L #113 circular plane w/ pre-1900, arch strike, & embossed cast adjuster & cap screw, G-G+ Sold For 95.00
  45. 2 – Stanley scrapers: #12 ½ adjustable veneer scraper w/ oak plank sole plate, G-G+; “sweetheart” #80 fixed scraper, G+-Vg Sold For 80.00
  46. Stanley unmarked #5 ¼ “Junior” jack, post WWII w/ rosewood handle & high knob, Vg Sold For 50.00
  47. 2 – Stanley planes: #140 rabbet/block w/ removable side rail & skew set ion, G; #148-7/8” T&G plane Vg Sold For 120.00
  48. Pr. Stanley side rabbet planes, Vg: #98-right; #99-left Sold For 100.00
  49. Stanley #10 ½ rabbet jack plane, type 1 w/ R&L arch strike, rosewood handle & low knob, adjustable throat, G+-Vg Sold For 180.00
  50. 3 – Edge tools: unsigned wooden D-router, Vg; Stearns & Co. universal adjustable scraper, G+; Stanley adjustable box scraper, G+-Vg Sold For 17.50
  51. 2 – Hatchets: Plumb “Boy Scout” camp hatchet w/ leather sheath & woven leather belt, Vg; True Temper “Tommy Axe” #TAF w/ nail claw, G Sold For 45.00
  52. 3 – Estwing: tools w/ leather grip handles: belt hatchet w/ “pinecone” leather sheath, Vg; 16oz. round & 16oz. straight claw hammers, G; Sold For 40.00
  53. Rare, H.K. Duck, East Earl, Lanc. Co. (Hiram K. Duck, Brownstown area, 1845-1913) Slater’s hammer zaxe w/ leather grip, G Sold For 180.00
  54. New Haven Tool Co. 3 ½” socket handle slick w/ turned maple handle, Vg Sold For 80.00
  55. 3 – Hatchets: Bridgeport Hardware “Boy Scout” w/ solid handle, G+; Keen Kutter embossed full lopping hatchet, F; Dasco, pat. applied for, “Util-axe” w/ claw tipped solid handle, G Sold For 45.00
  56. Graduated set of 6 – Stanley #60 wood chisels w/ neoprene handles, G+ Sold For 30.00
  57. Graduated set of 7 – Globe socket handle firmer chisels, G-Vg Sold For 60.00
  58. 10pc. Assembled carving chisel set, various makers, G-Vg Sold For 45.00
  59. Assembled 5pc. bench chisel set w/ tang handles, G Sold For 25.00
  60. Assembled 5pc. Gouge chisel set, missing tang grips, G+. Makers: Irwin; Greaves & Son; Ibbatson; etc. Sold For 50.00
  61. Assembled 9pc. Socket handle firmer chisel set, G+-Vg. 2 – corner chisels; 2 – socket mortise; 5 – graduated. Maker include: Underhill; Lakeside; New Haven; P.S. & W.; etc. Sold For 130.00
  62.  Graduated set of 6 – Stanley #60 wood chisels w/ neoprene handles in original plastic case, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  63. 6 – Assorted rosewood & brass handle try squares, G-Vg, various sizes & makers Sold For 22.50
  64. Tray lot assorted chisels & screwdrivers: 2 – socket mortise firmer chisels, G; hand wrought lg. turn screw driver, G; Bridgeport Hardware, screwdriver, G; etc. Sold For 25.00
  65. 6 – Assorted tools: slipper shaped “rocking” cleaver/knife, G; Solinger, Germany, sheath knife w/ lion tipped stag handle, G; T-handle gimlet, G; 3 – T-handled tapered reamers, G-G+ Sold For 22.50
  66. 6 – Assorted leatherworking tools: 2 – B. Heinisch, Newark, NJ. Adjustable button hole cutters, G& Vg; Snell & Atherton, edge trimmer, missing blade; Timmins & Son. Witchet/hammer, G+; G. Rasche, #3 stretch/pliers, etc. Sold For 35.00
  67. 5 – Assorted tools/primitives: 2 – nail pincers, G; hand wrought long nose pliers, G; “What’s it” box shape plug cutter w/ press, unknown trade & maker (possible plug tobacco), F-G.; Atkins box scraper, G. Sold For 12.50
  68. 2 – Tools: Thornhill, London, grafting saw w/ “fish-tail” open grip handle & brass split-nuts, Vg; 8oz. hand wrought upholsterer’s claw hammer w/ octagon poll, G-G+ Sold For 60.00
  69. 2 – Stanley “Handyman” jack planes, G+-Vg: #H1204 w/ blue painted bed; #H1204 w/ gray paint Sold For 20.00
  70. Tray lot assorted tools: Stanley #42 saw set, NIB; K&E 14oz. plumb bob w/ belt sheath, Vg; Stanley #62-2ft. four-fold rule, Vg; Woodburn Machine Co., #2 gauge, Vg; etc. Sold For 50.00
  71. Tray lot assorted hand wrought tools, F-G: slate break; assorted compass & calipers (parts missing); hinged kettle hanger; nail pincers Sold For 20.00
  72. 5 – Assorted tools, F-G+: J. Wiss & Sons, Newark, tailor’s shears; Portland Wrench Co. pat. 11-2-1880, adjustable buggy nut wrench, G; 17” adjustable wrench by (??); Hercules 4” adjustable wrench; etc. Sold For 40.00
  73. Stanley Millers Patent #43  combination plane, early form, P. (parts missing & fence damaged) Sold For 75.00
  74. 4 – Assorted measuring devices: 16” wooden chalkboard compass w/ iron swivel point, vg; homemade compass/divider, made from salvage four-fold wooden rule, G; Hilger & Son 9 ½” winged divider, missing stop screw; Union Tool Co. 12” outside caliper, G+ Sold For 17.50
  75. 5 – Assorted measuring devices: 10” rosewood panel marking gauge w/ boxwood stop screw, Vg; mitre square w/ pat. 6-29-1869, on handle, G; 7” rosewood handled angle square, G+; Stanley #20-6” try square, G+; H. Disston & Sons, wooden marking gauge, G+ Sold For 55.00
  76. Tray lot assorted drilling tools: unknown maker, fixed based reciprocating operated drill/lathe (???); octagon shaft 10” brace w/ thumbscrew chuck, G+; The Ruger Co., Southport, CT. pistol grip w/ hand drill; 2 – snell nose augers Sold For 70.00
  77. 9 – Assorted calipers/dividers, G+-Vg: 2 – various winged dividers; spring-back compass w/ brass knob & hinged pencil holder; spring-back inside caliper; 5 – assorted stiff-joint outside calipers Sold For 22.50
  78. 4 – Various wooden planes, G.: Greenfield Tool Co. #226 fillister plane w/ brass side stop & sole fence; 3 – dado planes: J.W. Farr Co.; Owasco Tool Co.; owner overstrike of makers mark Sold For 35.00
  79. 3 – Wooden molding planes: A.G. Moore, New York, fillister plane w/ brass side-stop & sole mounted fence, G+; A. Mathieson wedge arm sash fillister w/ brass tipped arms, G+; Union Factory, Chapin-Stephens, two-iron sash molding (missing ogee cutter) Sold For 5.00
  80. 5 – Assorted wooden molding planes: J. King, New York, handled bridge-builder’s rabbet plane w/ sliding side-fence, G; 4 – assorted hollow & round planes, G (1 – R. Harron (New York) Sold For 5.00
  81. 4 – Various wooden planes: Franken Ott, horned smoother, Vg; Sargent #3411 handled transitional jack, Vg; Stanley R&L Bailey #21 transitional block, F-G; Bensen & Crannell, Albany, 9 ½” block plane, G+ Sold For 22.50
  82. 7 – Assorted wooden molding planes, G.: side beads: Marten Doscher; J.W. Harron; Brown & Barnard; unsigned; Glidden, Exeter, “lamb’s tongue” quarter round, Vg; J. Harding, ogee, F-G Sold For 30.00
  83. Rare, P.E. Will (Phares E. Will, 1890s - 1930, Penryn, Lancaster Co.) wrought iron spatula w/ rattail hanger, G+ Additional Photo: One Sold For 50.00
  84. 2 – Rare, signed P.E. Will (above noted) wrought iron tools: off-set twisting wrench (?), G+; 13 ¼” nail pincers, G Sold For 10.00
  85. Rare, P.E. Will (above noted) two-tine flesh fork w/ rattail hanger, G+ Additional Photo: One Sold For 50.00
  86. 2 – Rare, P.E. Will (above noted, probably from his collection) chain tongs, G-G+: 20” & 21 ½”. Both pieces signed on both sides of handles Sold For 55.00
  87. Rare, P.E. Will (above noted) two-tine flesh fork w/ rattail hanger, G Sold For 50.00
  88. 3 – Various heavy  “Batwing” shaves, G-G+: USMC (probably shoe related) w/ slide-in stirrup screw cap; Unin Mfg. Co. w/ screw cap; unsigned w/ screw cap Sold For 30.00
  89. 3 – Various heavy iron shaves: scraper w/ 12” cast iron frame, reverse mounted bar blade keeper & two front mount stop screws, G+; unsigned w/ slot-slide iron & center screw plate, G; unsigned “batwing” w/ bolt & washer cap Sold For 20.00
  90. 4 – Various paint/varnish scrapers: Hook Scraper Co. #3425 wooden handle, Vg; unsigned, C.L. Britt Patent, pat. 2-7-1899, w/ mahogany handle, Vg; Zip-All #103, patent 1.777.677, G; Twin Edge, patent applied for w/ removable handle, Vg Sold For 20.00
  91. Rare, pattern shop made brass rabbet plane w/ adjustment knob set inside frame & brass chip guard set in frame keeper. The press screw is set in T-slot. The plane is marked Pat. App.d., this is a “Guess Who” made it lot. The stop screw has nut top adjustment & some light cracking to tail of this “Mad Dog” rabbet plane. 1” X 7 5/8” sole & 8 ¾” overall length. Additional Photo: One Sold For 140.00
  92. 4 – Various spoke shaves: early Leonard Bailey (#54) w/ pat. July 13, 1858, on straight handle, Vg; 2 – unsigned, #17 made in USA, G+; Union Mfg. Co., New Britain, CT. w/ saddle-screw cap, & open cast handles, G+ Sold For 55.00
  93. 4 – Various “No Name” shaves, G. (various type & makers. Some possibly shoe maker’s heel shaves). Look at the photo! Sold For 20.00
  94. 4 – Various box/paint scrapers, G-Vg: Nichols Mfg. Co., Ottumwa, Iowa, #50; Stanley #292; Stanley “sweetheart” w/ oak cap; Stearns Mfg., “universal” adjustable angle Sold For 35.00
  95. Tray lot assorted try squares; mitre squares; & angle squares (various makers, models & sizes), G-G+ Sold For 25.00
  96. 5 – Assorted spoke shaves, G-Vg: 4 – G.P. Co. w/ open cast handles; 1 – “no name” w/ through-iron stop screw & iron set in stirrups Sold For 55.00
  97. 3 – Tools: Stanley 16oz. “bell poll” claw hammer, G+; hand wrought small claw w/ oval eye set behind center, G; Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. combination crate hatchet w/ solid handle, F-G. Sold For 20.00
  98. Tray lot measuring devices: 2 – sliding-T bevel squares (1 – Stanley), G+; Crescent #940-5 ½” stiff-joint caliper, G; graduated set of 6 – handled diameter gauge/paddles, Vg Sold For 20.00
  99. 4 – Various hammers: 2 – leatherworking “French Pattern” shoe hammers; “no-name” dead-blow hammer w/ cast iron double-head hub & wooden plug infill, G; unsigned upholsterer’s claw w/ steel braced hammer, G-G+ Sold For 55.00
  100. Keuffel & Esser #NP5155 transit in original mahogany case, G+. The transit has 4 ½” dia. Vernier dial, 6” Stadia gauge w/ adjustment knob & quick lever lock, Vg. Sold For 50.00
  101. 3 – Tool references: H.B. Dictionary of American Hand Tools…, compiled by Alvin Sellens, 546pgs. w/ dust jacket; S.B. Dictionary of Leather-working Tools, c.1700-1950…, by R.A. Salaman; S.B. American Axes, by Henry J. Kauffman Sold For 50.00
  102. 9 – Assorted softbound tool references & buyers guides: Metalworking Trades in America; Tools & Trades of America’s Past; Big Book of Pocket Knives; etc. Sold For 80.00
  103. 8 – Assorted S.B. tool references & booklets (several Mid-West tool catalogs re-prints), Vg: A Museum of Early American Tool; Edge of the Anvil; Tool Shed Treasury; etc. Sold For 45.00
  104. 2 – Small wooden tools: unknown maker, coil/spool winder, patent June 11, 1887, Vg; late “oriental” carved wood chalk line/box w/ wooden spool, Vg Sold For 30.00
  105. Rare, “What’s it” Webster Clover cutter “Salesman’s Sample” w/ Pat. 10-01-1889, this rare cutter is a combination press/cutter &  has hand crank mechanism mounted on small feeding trough. It has varnish finish w/ some painted accent to outside edges of rails. Vg. *Note- Advertising for this item was found in early trade advertisement in The Poultry Keeper. The trade advertisement is by a P.A. Webster of Casenovia, NY, and talks highly about benefits of clover as supplemental feed.   It was later a production piece by E.C. Stearns & Co. Additional Photo: One Sold For 200.00
  106. Lufkin logger’s/freight loader’s 36” rule w/ chalk holder & wide metal clip, G+ Sold For 25.00
  107. Odd, Keystone Auto Club, #C-4972 rental register board. The standing register has two-wooden feet under an abacus style register that has wooden sliding markers on time register slats. On the top of register is In-Returning-Out & on the side rail are name card holders. Vg. Sold For 35.00
  108. Trade advertising display rack for Plumb Hammers. The wire rack display is a counter top model w/ placard display top & display rack for 12 hammers. G+ Sold For 120.00
  109. 2 – Long wooden rules: Lufkin 2 ½” X 72” Glazier’s rule, G; Warren Knight 10ft. slide-by “Story pole” w/ red & white sight window on sliding brass upper stop, Vg. Sold For 25.00
  110. 2 – Wooden rules: Frank R. Buck Co. hickory 36” 4-tier lumber board foot rule w/ brass foot, G+; unsigned wine gallons wantage/dip rule, G+ Sold For 10.00
  111. 3 – Tailor’s rules: Kerby & Bros. NY. 26” sleeve rule, Vg; 2 – Lufkin tailor’s squares, G+-Vg Sold For 30.00
  112. 2 – Tailor’s rules: Lufkin #8140, 9”X18” dressmaker’s square w/ sliding-metal rod, G+; metal “The Pickens Square” copyright 1915, by International Educational Publishing Co.. The square is a combination short & long sleeve arm rule on metal square, G+ Additional Photo: One Sold For 12.50
  113. Fine, Brass millwright’s plumb bob, approx. 2lb. w/ steel tip & screw cap, G+ Sold For 95.00
  114. 3 – Various “What’s it” tools: hand wrought two-hand saw setting bar, G; unsigned hickory laundry tongs (?) Vg; Electric stock cane/shocker (??)w/ copper point & 2 copper wires leading to grasp. Unable to open battery compartment in handle. Unknown maker. Additional Photo: One Sold For 7.50
  115. 2 – Collectible/tools: number stamp marking tool w/ wooden handle & ¾” numbers on round head, Vg; National Lead Co. lead ingot w/ “Dutch Boy” painter graphics, Vg Sold For 55.00
  116. 2 – Philadelphia butcher’s saws: Wm. McNiece, 18” w/ brass split-nuts, G+-Vg; C. Disston-H. Disston & Sons, 22” w/ wing-nut tension knob, G+-Vg Sold For 10.00
  117. 2 – Disston & Sons, panel saws w/ nib back, G+ Sold For 20.00
  118. 5ft. Two-man “Belly” common diamond point saw (probably Disston & Sons) w/ patented saw handle, G+ Sold For 12.50
  119. 40” two-man “Belly” favorite tooth saw w/ handles that have tension rods. Marked by owner, used in mines for cutting timbers, G+ Sold For 30.00
  120. Simonds 30” “Docking Saw” w/  iron handle, Vg Sold For 20.00
  121. Disston #196 “Docking Saw” w/ wooden handle, Vg. Sold For 7.50
  122. Pennsylvania Saw Corp., York, Pa. #800-5ft. two-man saw, Vg. Sold For 17.50
  123. Signed (?), New York, 5 ½ ft. “Hump-back” two-man saw, G+ Sold For 20.00
  124. 36” “Coal Mine” two-man saw  w/ Disston #222 handles, G Sold For 30.00
  125. Pennsylvania Saw Corp., York, Pa. #86-30” “Docking saw” w/ #4 orange painted metal handle, Vg Sold For 22.50
  126. Unsigned (Enders-type) 4ft. ice harvest saw w/ long strap iron handle, G+ Sold For 50.00
  127. E.M. Boynton, New York, 46” one-man cross-cut saw w/ lg. split-nut button, G. Sold For 22.50
  128. Disston 4 ½ Ft. ice saw w/ adjustable wooden grip on iron shaft, Vg. Sold For 90.00
  129. 2 – Lancaster Co., wooden bench vises screws: Kieffer  & Auxer, Lancaster, Pa. side vise w/ strike on end of wood screw, F-G; E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, Pa. wooden vise screw w/ back nut plate (missing vise), F-G. Sold For 40.00
  130. Tray lot 4 – Assorted hammers: 12oz. hand wrought claw hammer w/ octagon poll, Vg; 12oz. hand wrought claw hammer w/ round poll, Vg; C. Hammond, Phila. 6oz. claw hammer w/ round poll, Vg; hand wrought crate hammer w/ claw tipped iron handle, Vg Sold For 10.00
  131. 5 – Assorted upholsterer’s hammers, various types & makers, G+-Vg. (look at Photo) Sold For 25.00
  132. 4 – Assorted “Oddity”/specialty hammers: small hand wrought combination screwdriver/claw hammer w/ twisted bar handle, G+; hand wrought combination round poll rivet w/ claw tipped rod handle, G+; P.S. & W. “Steak Hammer” combination meat tenderizer/ice hatchet w/ original label, G+; 3oz. tack hammer w/ claw tipped wooden handle, Vg Sold For 25.00
  133. Tray lot assorted tools: 2 – Nail pincers: Heller Bros.; P.S.&W.; Patent Nov. 4, 1899, combination tool, Vg; 2 – pistol grip leather cutting wheels, G-Vg; Goodell-Pratt #285 hand screw punch w/ original box, Vg; Lentz, Phila. tooth pliers; etc. Sold For 7.50
  134. 3 – Hatchets: Winchester “trademark”: camp/belt hatchet w/ painted handle, Vg; round poll shingling half hatchet head (no handle); unsigned #5 full/broad hewing hatchet w/ upper & lower lugs, marked SS, G+ Sold For 60.00
  135. 2 – J.B. Stohler (John Beamesdorfer, Scheafferstown, Pa.., circa late 1860-80) shingling half hatchets, G-G+ Additional Photo: One Sold For 40.00
  136. 4 – Assorted Billings & Spencer Co. wrenches, Vg: graduated set of 3 – Billings Patent pocket wrenches; 6” model F “New Cycle” wrench Sold For 30.00
  137. 6 – Assorted 6” adjustable wrenches, G-Vg. Makers: German; Kilborn & Bishop; 2 - B&C; Westcott; Erie Tool Sold For 45.00
  138. 5 – Assorted socket handle firmer chisels, F+-Vg. Makers: Buck Bros.; P.S. &W.; W.  Butcher Sold For 30.00
  139. 5 – Various hammers: unsigned 8oz. bell poll claw, G+; 8oz. Farrier’s claw, G+; small double-octagon poll planishing hammer, Vg; Cheney 8oz. rivet, Vg; (?) Phila. 6oz. claw w/ octagon poll, Vg Sold For 15.00
  140. Unsigned wooden panel raiser plane w/ moving sole fence & moving side depth adjustment fence, Vg. Great user piece. Sold For 50.00
  141. Wooden Phila. screw arm plow plane w/ I. White tool strike logo, but missing or covered name strike. Plane has high gloss varnish, G-G+ Sold For 25.00
  142. 2 – Wooden screw arm planes: Union Factory, H. Chapin, panel tongue w/ short arms & branded M. Bixler (*?); Casey Kitchell & Co. Auburn, panel groove, long threads w/ varnish finish, G+-Vg Sold For 25.00
  143. 3 – Signed hand wrought edge tools: E. Scholl (*Attributed to Edward Scholl, Fredericksburg, Pa.) 12” stop chamfer drawknife, Vg; 2 – L. Stoudt (Lucian Stoudt, working 1900-20, in Alsace Twp. Berks Co.) felling axe heads, no handles, G Additional Photo: One Sold For 60.00
  144. 3 – Adze heads, no handles, G+-Vg: shipwright’s long bill w/ full square poll; dubbing adze w/ bent pin poll; signed (?) pin poll adze Sold For 35.00
  145. 3 – Drilling devices: Millers Falls, #503 right-angle brace, (?) combination right-angle brace/T-handle, G; Millers Falls #77A hand drill, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  146. 6 – Assorted chisels: 3pc. “no name” carving chisel set in wooden slide-lid box, Vg; 2 – bent-shaft firmer gouges signed (?), Vg; Buck Bros. 1 ¼” gouge chisel (owner name engraved on upper), G Sold For 55.00
  147. Signed (?) 3” socket handle slick w/ modern ring top oak handle, G+-Vg Additional Photo: One Sold For 55.00
  148. 3 – Socket handle barn framer’s firmer chisels: 3” bevel top socket handle slick, F-G; 2 – Various J. Beatty (John Beatty, Chester, Pa. 1830-1868)  chisels, G+-Vg Sold For 50.00
  149. Underhill, 3” slick w/ modern turned oak knob topped handle, G+-Vg Sold For 60.00
  150. 5 – Assorted socket handle firmer chisels (3 – socket mortise), G-G+. Makers: P.S. & W. Co; Brady, Lanc’r, Pa.; unsigned Sold For 45.00
  151. Stanley R&L Bailey #2 bench plane. Early model w/ unmarked deck, handle probably replaced, G-G+ Sold For 160.00
  152. Stanley Bailey #4 ½ wide-smooth jack plane, post WWII, G Sold For 65.00
  153. 2 – Stanley edge tools: #12 ½ veneer scraper w/ mounted hardwood sole-plate, (blade unmarked) G+-Vg; #82 adjustable box scraper, Vg Sold For 70.00
  154. 4 – Assorted primitive/tools: J.A. Goris (*?) 13” two-handle mince/chopping knife, Vg; Atha #2 slate mine wedge, relic pitting; unsigned, hand wrought Farrier’s butteris w/ dog’s leg grip & wooden handle, G; slate roofer’s T-break (addition of wooden handle for unknown reason) Sold For 30.00
  155. Unsigned lg. Kent style splitting/felling axe w/ 9” edge & full poll, G. Sold For 35.00
  156. William Mann, Lewistown, double-bit posthole mortise axe, Vg. Additional Photo: One Sold For 140.00
  157. H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co.,   later Vinemont area, Berks Co.), center bit posthole axe w/ lower lug, G Additional Photo: One Sold For 45.00
  158. Tinsmith’s Blowhorn stake, G. Sold For 55.00
  159. 5 – Assorted tools: W.H. Horn & Bros. currier knife w/ wooden grips, G+; Fayette Plumb “Autograph Tools” shingling half hatchet, Vg; Burklyn Mfg. combination brass & steel planishing hammer, Vg; “Mars”1912, tool (?); John Stortz & Co., Phila. tin crimper, G+ Sold For 60.00
  160. 2 – Tools: hand wrought long engineer’s turn screw driver w/ 24” octagon shaft, Vg; Conway Cleveland Corp. 30” modern lumber rule, Vg Sold For 15.00
  161. Stanley bench-top oak tool chest w/ box-joint construction & brass handle on one side, G Sold For 100.00
  162. Warren-Knight, Phila. Model #38-BF transit-level w/ original mahogany tool chest & tripod-legs. The transit has 3 ¼” compass & 3 ½” tangent gauge, G+ (lens scratched) Sold For 35.00
  163. Embossed Plumb “Champion Axe” w/ quality seal & Man chopping wood, has hickory handle, G+ Sold For 130.00
  164. 2 – Felling axes: Lakeside “Boy Scouts”, G (Boy Scouts is cold strike individual letters, unknown origin); Collins, Collinsville, CT. “Old Timer” w/ lower lug, Vg Additional Photo: One Sold For 45.00
  165. 2 – Keen Kutter axes: small felling/kitchen axe w/ hickory handle, G+; heavy splitting axe w/ lower lug w/ original handle, painted black, G+ Sold For 80.00
  166. Embossed Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co. “The William Penn Axe” felling axe w/ William Penn graphics & hickory handle, G+ Additional Photo: One Sold For 210.00
  167. 2 – Felling axes: Plumb, “The Cedar Axe” w/ Para El  Cedro & cedar tree strike. The axe has hickory handle. G+; & unsigned “Anniversary” w/ red stained handle, Vg Additional Photo: One Sold For 180.00
  168. Embossed Geo. Krause Hardware Co., Lebanon, Pa. “Superior Quality Axe” w/ horseshoe graphics, felling axe w/ lower lug, Vg. (excellent deep strike) Sold For 230.00
  169. Milliner & Co. 13” (possibly Barton & Milliner Co., Rochester, NY or Joel P. Milliner & Co., Canada) side broad axe w/ upper & lower lugs, modern replaced handle, G-G+ Sold For 25.00
  170. 2 – Axes w/ red painted heads: True Temper “Red Warrior” felling axe, re-painted head, G+; unsigned “Firemen’s” axe w/ original red painted head & handle, G-G+ Sold For 60.00
  171. 3 – Hatchets: U.S. Military, American Fork & Hoe Co., 1942, service hatchet w/ green painted head & handle, G+; Plumb hand axe, punch dated by owner 1955, G; Keen Kutter hatchet w/ original hickory handle, G+ Sold For 60.00
  172. 2 – Victor Tool Co., Reading, “Woodman’s Pal” machetes: Model #480 w/ orange painted wooden handle, metal sheath & original label, G+-Vg; Model #360 w/ leather grip/hilt, metal guard, saw-blade back, metal sheath, G-G+ Sold For 90.00
  173. 1923, German ornamental/parade fire axe. The axe head is embossed embellished w/ fire breathing dragon on one face & ladder, fire axe & helmet on other face. The axe head is nickel plated & shielded handle has acorn cap, wire inlay grip, and placard. The axe includes gold thread accented belt & spear tipped felt covered baton. The placard translated “Dedicated to the Firefighters”, “ M.P. 1923” Sold For 25.00
  174. 3 – Hatchets: Union Cutlery Co. “Ka-Bar” belt hatchet w/ aluminum handle, Vg; Bridgeport Hardware (?) “Ry. Ex. Agy.” (Railway Exchange Agency) claw tip crate hatchet w/ solid handle, refinished F-G; Western belt hatchet w/ leather grip, G+ Sold For 75.00
  175. 3 – Various tool heads: True Temper “Parrot brand” wide hoe, new old stock w/ original label; Mann Edge Tool Co., Mill Hall, fire axe, repainted; Mann Edge Tool Co. “Rapid Garden Tool”, new old stock w/ original label. This tool is double bit trowel/hoe Sold For 40.00
  176. 2 – Victor Tool Co., Reading, “Woodsman Pal” machetes: unsigned model #360 (Military??) w/ saw-blade back, leather grip, damaged guard & metal sheath, G; Model #585 marked USEC w/ wooden grip, & brown painted metal sheath, Vg Sold For 80.00
  177. 2 – Hand axes: Collins & Co., Hartford, USA “Legitimus” crown brand w/ hickory handle, G-G+; Snow & Nealley, Bangor, ME. “Hudson Bay Camp” axe, replaced handle & scratch marked “Bradley” on head, G Sold For 120.00
  178. 2 – Norlund hatchets (made by Mann Edge Tool Co): Tomahawk axe w/ leather sheath, handle cut, G; Saddle Cruiser model double-bit w/ “Norlund Hudson Bay”  trade label & genuine Norlund leather sheath, G+-Vg Sold For 170.00
  179. 4 – Various belt hatchets: 3 – *Projects - various Marble’s safety hatchets, as is w/ guards removed; unsigned sheath hatchet w/ solid handle & plastic grips, G+-Vg Sold For 120.00
  180. 2 – Hatchets: embossed Keen Kutter kindling hatchet w/ original hickory handle, Vg; Plumb “Anchor” brand full/broad hatchet w/ upper & lower lugs, Vg Sold For 80.00
  181. 3 – Various hand axe/hatchets: Marble’s #10 “Camp Axe” w/ original handle & leather sheath, Vg; Craftsman “Garden Spot #35” house axe, Vg; Ames-Plumb “Sport Axe” #11-725, patent pending riveted edge, E. w/ leather sheath Sold For 120.00
  182. 2 – Plumb Hatchets: U.S., 1945, belt hatchet w/ labeled 14” “Boy Scout” axe handle, Vg; “Defens-Ax” w/ original patriotic V-Victory label on head & original label on hickory handle, Vg Sold For 300.00
  183. 2 – Victor Tool Co., Reading “Woodsman Pal” machetes w/ metal guards & leather grips: model #361-S (saw), back hook removed, F; unsigned “patent applied for”, G-G+ Sold For 65.00
  184. 2 – USA, military, green painted tools: American Fork & Hoe Co. “Diamond-T” shovel w/ ‘Sturd-E” grip, Vg. The shovel has original part order & code label; Kelly True-Temper “Flint-Edge” axe,  Vg Sold For 40.00
  185. 2 – Single poll felling axes: Mann, Lewistown “True American”, G; The Brown Fence & Wire Co. “Jim Brown’s Favorite”, G+ w/ original hickory handle Sold For 35.00
  186. 2 – Felling axes: Mann (?), Lewistown, Pa. flared blade double-bit, repainted & re-handled, G; 1936, “Sears Golden Jubilee” Craftsman single poll w/ original hickory handle, G-G+ Sold For 80.00
  187. W. Brady  (William, Mt. Joy & Lancaster City), No.4, side broad axe w/ upper & lower lugs, replaced handle, G+ Sold For 45.00
  188. 2 – Axes: H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co.,   later Vinemont area, Berks Co.), kitchen or kindling axe w/ lower lug & deep strike, Vg; J.B. Stohler (John Beamesdorfer, Scheafferstown, Pa.., circa late 1860-80), X-branded felling axe w/ lower lug, G Additional Photo: One Sold For 45.00
  189. 2 – Felling axes: Collins & Co. “Legitimus” #4 single poll w/ red stained hickory handle, G+; Kelly True Temper “Flint Edge” single poll, G Sold For 40.00
  190. 3 – Edge tools: Ibbotson Brothers & Co. 12” stop chamfer drawknife, G; P.S. & W. 9” carpenter’s drawknife, G+; Stanley #9 ½ block plane in original box, G-Vg Sold For 40.00
  191. 5 – Assorted planes: Stanley Bailey: #5-C bench jack, post WWII, plug-hole under tote/handle, G; #120 block, G; #65 low angle block w/ knuckle-joint cap, G; Wards Master block, G; Craftsman low angle block w/ knuckle-joint cap, G Sold For 50.00
  192. Tray lot assorted carving tools: unsigned 4” “Gent’s” shave w/ turned handle, G+; 9 – assorted carving chisels, G-Vg Sold For 35.00
  193. 3 – Project planes, F-G: Bailey #4 bench jack w/ Bailey Patented chip guard, rosewood handle & low knob; Union Mfg. #4 bench jack; early Stanley #13 compass plane Sold For 40.00
  194. Stanley R&L Piano maker’s #9 mitre plane, crack on toe above adjustable throat plate, G-G+ Sold For 240.00
  195. Unsigned, English infill block, 7 5/8” w/ brass screw cap & Aaron Reddick iron, G+ Sold For 90.00
  196. 3 – Handsaws: Wheeler, Madden & Clemson, 12” backsaws w/ brass split-nuts, G; Atkins Perfection, 26”-7pt. w/ floral decorated handle, G+; Disston & Sons, #D-8-22”-10pt., G+ Sold For 20.00
  197. 3 – Assorted handsaws: 12” “no name” brass backsaw w/ homemade handle, G; Bay State Saw Mfg. Co. 12” back saw, G+; unsigned flooring saw w/ interchangeable handle (handle damaged), G. Sold For 35.00
  198. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: Starrett Co. trammel point set, possible parts missing; Dietzgen #1864 ½ practical section liner w/ original box, G; Stanley #36 1/2R-2ft. two-fold caliper rule, Vg; 2 – wooden marking gauges, G. Sold For 7.50
  199. Tray lot drilling devices: wooden brace w/ brass bracing & push-button chuck, rosewood knurl, G.; Millers Falls #52 right-angle crank brace, G; 13pc. C.I. Fall, auger bit set in pine box Sold For 35.00
  200. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: Lufkin (?) 18” dressmaker’s square, stem repaired; Starrett trammel point set in wooden case, parts missing; Stanley “Bell System” 6ft. Zig-Zag rule, Vg; unsigned 24” straight rule, F. Sold For 12.50
  201. Assembled set of 6 – assorted socket handle firmer chisels w/ modern replaced handles. Various makers & types, G+ Sold For 55.00
  202. 7 – Assorted firmer chisels, G-G+: 4 – socket mortise; 1 7/8” socket handle gouge; 2 – straight socket handle Sold For 50.00
  203. Stanley Bailey #4 jack plane, post WWII w/ rosewood handle & high knob, Vg. Sold For 35.00
  204. Fine, Oriental carved wooden presentation tray, signed by artist & presentation to “Mr. H.E. Lewis, for the memories of goodwill…., by KOA Oil Co. LTD. Marifu Refinery (part of Nippon Oil Corp.) . The tray has sloped sides & the tray has relief carved temple scene w/ grazing deer, lamp, & tree. Vg Additional Photo: One Sold For 5.00
  205. 6 – Assorted try or mitre squares, various makers & sizes, G-G+ Sold For 7.50
  206. 2 – Stanley items: #171 door trim and router plane w/ fence, rosewood handles cracked; laminated 1994 re-print of Stanley R&L 1880’s broadside Sold For 100.00
  207. 2 – Combination molding planes: Stanley #45 combination, no blades, G; unknown maker type 45, marked 660, G+ Sold For 85.00
  208. Stanley Bailey #30-22” transitional bench jointer, G+ Sold For 45.00
  209. L.L. Davis, pat. 9-17-1867 & 3-17-1868, mahogany 24” adjustable level w/ brass center level & brass tipped corners, G+-Vg Sold For 180.00
  210. Germantown Tools oak bi-fold counter-top tool display board, G. Sold For 10.00
  211. 9 – Assorted wooden side bead molding planes, various maker, G+. Makers: Union Factory; Holbrook; Mathieson; Greenfield Tool; etc. Sold For 95.00
  212. 10 – Assorted wooden molding planes, various cuts & makers, G-G+ (look for yourself) Sold For 80.00
  213. 9 - Assorted wooden molding planes, various cuts & makers, G-G+ (look for yourself) Sold For 7.50
  214. Bensen & Crannell, Albany, screw arm wooden plow plane w/ boxwood threads, knobs & stop nuts, Vg Sold For 30.00
  215. 5 – Side bead wooden molding planes, Vg:, makers include: Sandusky; Tucker & Appleton (Boston. 4-star rated rare); W. Hoffman, N. York; Gladwin & Appleton (Boston); Bodman & Hussey, Pawtucket, R.I. (2-star rating) Sold For 70.00
  216. 8 – Assorted wooden hollow or round molding planes, G+-Vg: 3 – E.E. Fillmore, Zanesville (2-star rare rating); Bensen & Munsell, Albany (2-star rarity); M. Crannell, Albany; 2 – Casey, Kitchel & Co.; Treman & Brothers, Ithaca (2-star rarity) Sold For 85.00
  217. 7 – Assorted wooden hollow & round molding planes, G+-VG. Makers: Union Tool Co., Goshen, Mass. (2 – star); Gladwin & Appleton; Dunham & M’Master, Auburn (2-star rarity); 2 - A&E Baldwin; Reed, Utica; Greenfield Tool Co. Sold For 40.00
  218. 6 – Assorted wooden hollow & round molding planes, G-Vg. Makers include: Benton, Evans & Co. Rochester (2-star rarity); Mockridge & Francis; Cumings & Gale, Providence, RI. (2-star); Union Factory, H. Chapin; E. Caldwell, Baltimore (2 – star rarity); Josiah King, Bowery, New York Sold For 55.00
  219. 6 – Wooden hollow & round planes, G-Vg. Makers include: D.R. Barton, Rochester; R.&C. Carter, Troy; owner overstrike; B. Huff, Baltimore (2-star rarity); M. Copeland; L. Gardner, Boston Sold For 60.00
  220. Tray lot 4 – references: Softbound: Make a Windsor Chair with Michael Dunbar; A Price Guide to Antique Tools, Kean & Pollak; The Antique Tool Collector’s Guide to Value, Ronald S. Barlow; Hardbound Building Early American Furniture, Joseph Daniele Sold For 30.00
  221. 3 – Eric Sloane, references: Hardbound: Our Vanishing Landscape;  A Museum of Early American Tools; softbound: A Reference for Wood Sold For 12.50
  222. 5 – Assorted adjustable wrenches, G-Vg: Wakefield #19,; Westcott, Keystone Mfg.; L. Coe’s Wrench Co., Coe’s Patent; Ontario pipe wrench; P.S. & W. “Stillson Wrench” pipe wrench Sold For 12.50
  223. 2 – Wooden levels: Baker-McMillen Co. 22” “Akron” patent 12-20-04, 3-ply, G+; H.C. Spear #107- 26” brass tipped mahogany, G-G+ Sold For 5.00
  224. 2 – Handsaws: Disston & Morss, patent 5-25-1858, combination square/saw/level w/ brass tipped awl, G. (1 – level vial damaged). The saw has marked on reverse of handle “Centennial 1776-1876”, owner’s name branded on handle; Disston & Sons #D-8-26”-6pt., G+-Vg Sold For 230.00
  225. 5 – Assorted leatherworking tools: C.S. Osborne, pistol grip leather slitting gauge, Vg; #2 glazing iron, Vg; #4 shoe pincers; Packard Patent, edge shave, Vg; Millers Falls combination  tool holder w/ tools, Vg Sold For 65.00
  226. 6 – Assorted combination/adjustable wrenches, G+-Vg: 13” “Eagle Claw” pliers/wrench, pat. 2-6-1912; W.E. Rosel, “5 in 1 Tool” pat. 7-26-1919; Frank Mossberg, #635; 10” Bemis & Call Co. #75-A; Rigid #708B; Wakefield “Wizard” #19 Sold For 7.50
  227. Tray lot assorted measuring devices (check photo): 4 – awls; 4 – squares; wedge arm panel marking gauge; zig-zag rule Sold For 7.50
  228. Tray lot assorted tools, Vg: North Bros. “Yankee”: #30A;  #35; Millers Falls #2500C hand drill; Millers Falls #100 automatic hand drill w/ original box; Millers Fall #1912 ball peen hammer Sold For 22.50
  229. Tray lot assorted leatherworking tools, G: 2 – combination shoe pincers; 4 – assorted tool holders (some tools); creasing tool; stitch marking wheel; etc. Sold For 80.00
  230. 5 – Assorted firmer chisels, various makers: 4 – socket handle; 1 – tang handle Sold For 30.00
  231. 2 – Stanley bench jack planes, Vg: Handyman #1204, gray painted deck w/ original box; Defiance 14” Sold For 30.00
  232. 2 – Various bench jack planes: Sargent #409, G-G+; Buckeye 13 7/8”, Vg. Sold For 45.00
  233. Union Mfg. #2 small bench jack plane, 7 ¾” overall length w/ rosewood handle & knob, G+ Sold For 90.00
  234. Sargent #722-C bench jointer w/ auto-set, replaced handle & knob crack, G-G+ Sold For 50.00
  235. 3 – Stanley spoke shaves: 2 - #151 adjustable, G-Vg.; #63 straight handle, G= Sold For 60.00
  236. 3 – Unsigned, specialty grooving (weather-stripping??) planes, handled aluminum frame plow, marked S. Ryngscheld; aluminum infill rabbet w/ center skate/plow, marked S. Ryngscheld, G; wooden framed adjustable knick-knife plane w/ metal sole, central skate & adjustable knives, G Sold For 7.50
  237. Evans Patent compass/circular plane w/ blade marked Humphreysville Mfg. The planes adjustable bent arms is held in place by stop screw, G+ Sold For 80.00
  238. Stanley #83 adjustable scraper w/ original tail roller, Vg Sold For 35.00
  239. Stanley #112 adjustable veneer scraper w/ toothing plane iron, Vg.  The plane has rosewood handle & high knob Sold For 150.00
  240. Stanley #48 flip-bottom T&G plane, Vg Sold For 50.00
  241. Sargent & Co. #62 router, Vg Sold For 55.00
  242. 2 – Transitional bench jointer planes: Standard Rule Co. #50-22” raise handle, rosewood tote chipped on ear, G+; Standard Rule #39-20” raise handle, G+-Vg Sold For 260.00
  243. Tray lot tools & books: unsigned cast bronze 3pc. tool set in teak wood tool box. This metric tool set has small dividers; micrometer & sliding calipers, Vg; 4vol. set Audel’s Carpenters & Builders Guide, 1923, Vg Sold For 50.00
  244. Tray lot measuring devices: Starrett & Co. 24” inside/outside caliper w/ lg. stop wheel, Vg; complete Dietzgen “Reliance” drafting tool set, Vg; Berger #TK-710 multi-tip compass/divider, Vg Sold For 60.00
  245. Tray lot assorted machinist precision measuring devices (please, look at photo) Sold For 7.50
  246. Tray lot Foundry forming tools (?): 3 – thin spatula/knives (1 – w/ ornamental brass pine tree brace that is owner marked Patrick J. Lynch, believed to be Patrick Joseph Lynch (born 1864, Nashville, Tenn. – died 1904, Chattanooga, Tenn.). He worked for United States Iron, Pipe & Foundry Co. as a molder) Sold For 17.50
  247. Tray lot 8 – small adjustable/combination wrenches: Mossberg “Sterling” #1, Vg; Barnes Tool Co. G+; Walworth; Arrow Tool Co.; etc. Sold For 7.50
  248. 3 – Various hollow auger bits: Bonney’s Patent, adjustable, Vg; Millers Falls (?) adjustable, G; unsigned, 5/8” fixed size, tenon cutter, G Sold For 22.50
  249. Tray lot assorted tools: 4pc. Dunlap, wood chisel set in original plastic case, G; German, DRGM #897339 “Bonsa” multi-tool kit w/ pocket knife type locking tool holder. The set is in original leather case, Vg. Sold For 95.00
  250. 3 – Various combination tool sets: Syracuse Wrench Co. “Champion Ratchet Wrench” set in oak tool box, Vg; 7pc. tool set in “Thunderbird” tool wrap, 10pc. “Auto” tool set in canvas wrap, Vg Sold For 40.00
  251. H.S. Hersh (attributed to New Danville, Lancaster Co., 1855-1898) D-handle 55” digging iron, G+ Additional Photo: One Sold For 50.00
  252. “Red Star Tool” (*?) octagon shaft round top 63” digging iron, G+ Additional Photo: One Sold For 17.50
  253. S.E. Arnold (attributed to Samuel E., found 1910 census, working in Columbia Borough, Lancaster Co.) round rod 66 ½” round top digging iron, G+. The iron has two strikes. Additional Photo: One Sold For 25.00
  254. 2 – Signed, digging irons: repaired knob top digging iron marked D.M. (attributed to D. Miller by comparison of complete strike by Miller. David Miller, was working 1824, in Martic Twp., Lancaster Co.), F; D-handle rod shaft digging iron, marked Henry F. Keller (*??) Additional Photo: One; Two Sold For 70.00
  255. B. Conrad (attributed to Benjamin Conrad, found wagon maker working with his brother Daniel Conrad in Conestoga Twp., *noted in History of Lancaster County, by I. Daniel Rupp) hand wrought acorn top wagon brake handle, G. Additional Photo: One Sold For 10.00
  256. 2 – Victor Tool Co., Reading, Pa. “Woodsman Pal” machetes: model #480 w/ wooden handle & metal sheath, greased ready for use, G-G+; model #280 w/ metal guarded leather grip, spur tip removed, P-F Sold For 45.00
  257. 3 – Various belt hatchets: Union Cutlery “Ka-Bar” w/ hickory handle & leather sheath, G+-Vg; Walters “Black Diamond” w/ painted hickory handle, G; Mann Edge Tool Co., Lewistown, w/ cross-hatchet improved grip hickory handle, head is screw fastened to handle, G Sold For 40.00
  258. 3 – Various hatchets: Craftsman belt hatchet w/ nail clip & original hickory handle, G+; Estwing belt hatchet w/ leather grip & full label, Vg; Wards Master Quality w/ hickory handle, head overpainted, G. Sold For 35.00
  259. 2 – Victor Tool Co., Reading, edge tools: model 284 “Woodsman Pal” w/ metal guarded leather grip handle & original metal sheath, Vg; #140X “Cane Knife” w/ wooden grip, retains partial original label, G+ Sold For 45.00
  260. 3 – Hatchets: Fayette Plumb, “Anchor Brand” shingling half hatchet w/ octagon poll, G; unsigned pack/cruise hatchet w/ hickory handle, G; unsigned, tomahawk w/ new or re-painted (?) head & hickory handle, Vg Sold For 40.00
  261. 2 – Hand wrought tools: prospecting pick w/ replaced handle, marked W.I. D.; lg. 3-tine butcher fork w/ hook top handle hanger, Vg Sold For 7.50
  262. 3 – Hatchets: unsigned, belt hatchet w/ hickory handle, G+; C. Hammond, Phila. shingling half hatchet, w/ octagon handle, G; Plumb, shingling full hatchet, G. Sold For 40.00
  263. 3 – Belt hatchets: Plumb, tomahawk w/ hickory handle, G+; Millers Fall #9675 (made in England) w/ leather sheath, G+; True Temper “Tomahawk” w/ leather sheath, Vg Sold For 45.00
  264. 2 – Signed, hand wrought axes: H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co.,   later Vinemont area, Berks Co.) kitchen/kindling axe w/ lower lug, mushrooming on butt, G; Berks Co.(?)  mortise axe w/ arched lower lug, strike is weak Sold For 25.00
  265. 2 – Hatchets: Plumb full hatchet model 11554 w/ red stained handle, G+; Swedish, H.B. Agdor, belt hatchet w/ matched side knife & sheath, Vg. Sold For 95.00
  266. 2 – Machetes: Victor Tool Co., Reading “Woodsman Pal” model 160 cane knife w/ wooden long handle & metal sheath, Vg; R.H Forschner, 12” walnut handle knife w/ 1941, leather sheath (unknown if original) Sold For 20.00
  267. 2 – Hatchets: Winchester trademark 20oz. shingling half hatchet, Vg; Keen Kutter hand axe, Vg Sold For 60.00
  268. 2 – Hatchets: Norlund (made by Mann Edge Tool Co.) dbl.-bit “Saddle Cruiser” w/ leather sheath, Vg; Marble’s cruise belt hatchet w/ leather sheath & original hickory handle, G-Vg Sold For 180.00
  269. 3 – Hatchets: Sweden, belt hatchet w/ hickory handle, G+; True Temper “Tomahawk” w/ hickory handle, G+; True Temper #DH “Dynamic” shingling hatchet w/ square poll, Vg Sold For 60.00
  270. Embossed Keen Kutter, dbl.-bit felling axe w/ hickory handle, Vg Sold For 110.00
  271. BBB #4 dbl.-bit felling axe w/ hickory handle, Vg. Sold For 60.00
  272. 2 – Axes: Collins dbl.-bit felling axe w/ blue paint & hickory handle, Vg; H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co.,   later Vinemont area, Berks Co.), single poll felling axe w/ lower lug, F-G Sold For 55.00
  273. Stanley #907 oak tool chest w/ hinged lift lid on brass  butt hinges, box joint construction. The tool box contains Vulcan 20”-8pt. hand saw, G Sold For 110.00
  274. Stanley #910 table top oak tool chest w/ hinged door on brass hinges, box-joint construction, & interior door. The chest has upper tote. The box is empty except for handsaw. The tool chest is refinished. Sold For 30.00
  275. 2 – Stanley Bailey bench planes: #5 bench jack, post WWII w/ rosewood handle & high knob, Vg; #5-C bench jack, w/ V-strike circa 1912-20, G Sold For 80.00
  276. Tray lot assorted tools: Stanley Bailey #33 transitional jack, G+; Snow & Nealley Co. “Pike” perfect saw jointer, NIB; Weaver rifle scope; Heaton Co. button fastener, Vg Sold For 10.00
  277. Tray lot of 5 – various screwdrivers & assorted squares, G-Vg. Sold For 25.00
  278. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: pr. Stanley #1 level sights in original box, Vg; Stanley butt/rabbet gauge w/ brass arm (unmarked), Vg; #77 rosewood mortise gauge, unmarked F-G; Stanley “sweetheart” #72 dbl.-arm mortise gauge, Vg; Stanley #X6LG- 6” trade adv. rule, G; mahogany marking gauge Sold For 30.00
  279. Tray lot assorted wooden tools: 3 – wooden planes: Sargent Tool Co., block, Vg; Greenfield Tool, hollow, F; altered rabbet, P; wooden marking gauge, pat. dated Aug. 3, 1873, F-G Sold For 7.50
  280. 5 – Assorted wrought iron blacksmith tongs, G-G+ (look for yourself or at photo) Sold For 55.00
  281. 4 – Pairs of Atha blacksmith top & bottom swages, Vg Sold For 170.00
  282. 6 – Assorted hand wrought blacksmith tongs, G Sold For 55.00
  283. Tray lot assorted blacksmith swages: 6 – bottom, 1 – top, G Sold For 60.00
  284. Tray lot assorted blacksmith fullers: 4 – bottom, 4 – top, G. Sold For 90.00
  285. Tray lot assorted blacksmith tools: creasing stake; twisting stake; cutting mallet & splitting mallet; homemade nail header; etc. Sold For 55.00
  286. Tray of auto sheet metal tool: dbl.-face hammer, G; 4 – assorted forming fullers Sold For 20.00
  287. Tray lot assorted Starrett measuring devices in boxes: 3 - #436 micrometers; Valenite dial gauge (probably not Starrett) Sold For 40.00
  288. 4 – Various spiral ratchet drivers w/ original boxes, G+-Vg: 2 – Yankee; 1 – Craftsman; 1 – Millers Falls #61A Sold For 35.00
  289. Tray lot assorted drilling tools: oak cased partial auger bit set, G+; Millers Falls #1322-10” ratchet brace, G+; John Fray’s Co. ratchet brace, G+; unmarked hand drill, G+ Sold For 35.00
  290. Tray lot assorted measuring devices, F-Vg (look for yourself) Sold For 15.00
  291. (New) set of 6 – Brook-stone “starter’s” carving chisels; etc. Sold For 35.00
  292. 4 – Assorted boxed tools or sets: 7pc. Columbian Forstner bits in wood case, Vg; Tumico micrometer; Millers Falls butt marking gauge; Stanley #59 doweling gauge, NIB Sold For 10.00
  293. 4 – Assorted boxed tools: Proto machinist combination square, Vg; Irwin expansion bit; Millers Falls expansion bit; Starrett #124-C inside micrometer Sold For 35.00
  294. 4 – Assorted boxed tools: Kunz adjustable veneer scraper, NIB; Greenlee #737BB knockout punch set; Osborne #149 arch punch; Craftsman #41841 dowel former Sold For 45.00
  295. 5 – Stanley tools in original boxes: #138 “sweetheart” level sight; #95 butt marking gauge; #373-3” butt marker; #49 bit gauge; #200 plane iron honing gauge, E Sold For 65.00
  296. 2 – Brass letter/number stencil sets: 1 ¾”; ¾” Sold For 15.00
  297. 5 – Various marking gauges: Stanley: #88 clapboard gauge, G+; dbl.-arm mortise gauge, pat. 10-22-1873; 2 – unmarked wooden marking gauges, F Sold For 12.50
  298. 5 – Various metal block planes: Stanley: #110, F; #220 late model w/ maroon paint, Vg; #9 ½ late model w/ maroon paint, Vg; #9 ¼ w/ black paint, G+; Sargent #5206 pressed metal, G Sold For 30.00
  299. 2 – Stanley planes: #140 rabbet/block w/ removable rail, arch strike, Vg; #190 improved rabbet, Vg Sold For 75.00
  300. 4 – Various tools: 6” unmarked “Chariot” infill block, heavy pitted sole & chip after throat; Auburn Tool Co. #189-1 ¼” nosing plane, burn damage; Russwin 12” “Monkey” wrench, G+; Coe’s 10” “monkey” wrench, G Sold For 25.00
  301. 5 - Graduated assembled set of socket handle firmer chisels, G+-Vg Sold For 45.00
  302. 6 – Various tools: Lufkin cloth 50ft. tape measure on homemade winder, G+; Lufkin #11 folding yardstick, G+;  6” winged compass, G+; C.H. Co. screwdriver, G+; 2 – small hammers, G Sold For 22.50
  303. 4 – Assorted measuring devices: Stanley “sweetheart” #102-12” wooden level, G; 10” adjustable iron level, F; Exact #A9-9” aluminum torpedo level, G; sliding-T bevel, G Sold For 22.50
  304. Union Factory, H. Chapin, #242 screw arm plow plane w/ boxwood threads, knobs & stop nuts, Vg Sold For 25.00
  305. 3 – Unmarked early frame, Stanley Bailey bench planes: R&L #4-9” w/ “Bailey Patent” marked chip guard, marked damaged; #6 w/ “Bailey Patent” marked chip guard; F-G; #5  Bailey Patent” marked chip guard, F-G; & unlisted Stanley guides/pocket references Sold For 250.00
  306. 23 ¾” Bench jointer w/ unmarked frame, “Bailey Patent” chip guard & Stanley R&L knife, G+ Sold For 100.00
  307. Sargent #722-C bench jointer, G+ Sold For 40.00
  308. 3 – Measuring devices: Stanley “sweetheart” #0-26” wooden level, G; 2 – Framing squares, G Sold For 5.00
  309. Disston & Sons #D-27-24” hand saw, G+ Sold For 5.00
  310. 3 – Handsaws: Keystone #K-3 “Pace Maker” 20”-10pt., G+; Samson 26”-8pt., G+; late Disston #D-23, Vg Sold For 10.00
  311. 3 – Stanley edge tools: #82 adjustable cabinet scraper, G+; #82 type 1, adjustable cabinet scraper, Vg; #83 cabinet scraper, w/ make-do adjustment roller, G+ Sold For 25.00
  312. Stanley #238 weatherstrip plow plane, Vg Sold For 50.00
  313. 2 – Stanley planes: #78 rabbet/fillister plane, Vg; #39-7/8” dado plane, Vg Sold For 75.00
  314. 5 – Stanley block planes: #18 knuckle-joint, Vg; R&L #102, G; #9 1/2, G+; 2 - #101 small blocks, G-G+ Sold For 50.00
  315. 2 – Transitional bench planes: Stanley #27 fore, Vg; Sargent #3415, refinished Sold For 30.00
  316. 25 ½” Wooden plank style jointer, marked W. Drew, G+ Sold For 7.50
  317. 4 – Various planes: Stanley Bailey #3 smooth jack, replaced parts, G-G+; 5 1/8” block w/ cap modified to appear like a star (Fake); bullnose rabbet block, missing iron; Stanley #103 block, P. Sold For 40.00
  318. John Bell AGT, Phila. handled panel raiser plane, refinished Vg Sold For 30.00
  319. 2 – Wooden molding planes: Owasco Tool Co., #189- 1 ¼” handled two-iron nosing plane, Vg; Quaker star & eagle strike, 1 5/8” Grecian ovolo w/ bevel, Vg Sold For 55.00
  320. 3 – Various tools: Plumb “Official Scout” hatchet w/ original handle, Vg; Winchester trademarked block plane, P-F; Bridgeport Hardware #121 crate hatchet, G+ Sold For 50.00
  321. 2 – Cooper’s tools: 5 ½” chamfer knife, G-G+; T-handle bung hole auger, G+ Sold For 25.00
  322. 2 – Wheel travelers: hand forged 6 ¾” dia. w/ single strap brace, G; hand wrought 8” dia. 4-spoke wheel, Vg Sold For 25.00
  323. 3 – Various tools: 6” stair builder’s wooden frame saw, G+; 2 – hand wrought “Dengelstock” scythe anvils, G Sold For 45.00
  324. 2 – Wooden marking gauges: J.M. Bristow, oak 20” panel marking gauge, Vg; 8” oval head marking gauge, F-G Sold For 7.50
  325. 2 – Craftsman 10”ratchet braces, G+-Vg Sold For 7.50
  326. 2 – Tools: Plumb “Boy Scout” hatchet, F-G; Hartley (*?) millstone pick, F. Sold For 35.00
  327. 5 – Assorted adjustable wrenches: Robinson crank handle, G; Champion Mower & Reaper Co. 10” monkey; 2 – Coe’s 12” monkey, F-G+; Girard Wrench Co. 8 ¼” monkey, Vg Sold For 25.00
  328. 6 – Assorted tools: Stanley #102-12” cherry level, Vg; Stanley 10” sliding-T bevel, Vg; Craftsman spiral screwdriver, Vg; 2 – Signode banding tools; Eyelet press tool, G Sold For 12.50
  329. 5 – Various adjustable wrenches: 4 – various International Harvester Co. F-G; Pexto 10”, Vg Sold For 30.00
  330. 5 – Bicycle/small adjustable wrenches: Mossberg A-1-5”, Vg; unmarked “Self-adjusting” slide-jaw w/ chrome plate, G+; Hayden’s patent 4”, G; Capitol 4”, F; unsigned 5”, F Sold For 17.50
  331. 4 – Various “glass-blower’s” (?)  torch tips, G. Sold For 17.50
  332. Tray lot assorted collectible/tools: Fulton MX-991/U right-angle flashlight, G; Johnson & Johnson “Wood’s” emergency kit box w/ misc. gauges; snap-fastener kit w/ metal case Sold For 5.00
  333. 8 – Assorted adjustable wrenches, various models & sizes, G-G+. Makers: Bemis & Call; Fulton; P.S. & W; Pexto; Wizard #9; etc. Sold For 40.00
  334. Tray lot assorted “What’s it” tools: Pr. “patent pending” strap on horse cleat mud shoes w/ WWI era straps, 2 – animal mouth spreads/jaw twitch (1 – w/ Nema original box) Sold For 7.50
  335. Hand wrought “twitch” jaw spread, signed by H.W. Dietrich (Berks Co.), Vg Sold For 7.50
  336. 8 – Various animal care tools: 2 – hand wrought snout leads: hog & bull size; Grieshaber, stainless steel medical pliers, Vg; Grieshaber, stainless steel castrator (??) tool, Vg; tooth pliers, Vg; brass wooden handle comb, G+ Sold For 15.00
  337. 6 – Assorted adjustable wrenches, G. Makers include: B&C; Wakefield #19; Wizard #9; B.H.M. Corp; etc. Sold For 7.50
  338. 6 – Assorted metal work hammers, unsigned G-Vg: 2 – ball-peen; 4 – rivet Sold For 22.50
  339. 10 – Assorted “monkey” type adjustable wrench, various sizes & maker, F-G Sold For 45.00
  340. 3 – Drawknives: Jennings 4” “Gent’s” shave, G+; unsigned 10” sag-back stop chamfer, vg; Pexto 10” straight back, G Sold For 55.00
  341. 10 – Assorted S-handle adjustable wrenches, various sizes & makers, F-G+. Makers include: B&C; Bonney; Westcott; Keystone Mfg. Sold For 50.00
  342. 4 – Assorted drawknives: 12” straight back shave, P-F; 10” red painted sag back, G; 12” sag back, G; 10” straight back, P-F Sold For 25.00
  343. 2 – Bench top anvils: unsigned 10lb. w. tan paint, Vg; small hand made w/ extended horn made from small I-rail, G+ Sold For 45.00
  344. 2 – Carbide bicycle lantern/parts: Badeer Mfg Co., missing cap, P-F; 20th Century Mfg. Co., missing cap, F Sold For 12.50
  345. 3 – Horse tooth care tools: hand wrought (?) jaw crank/opener w/ wooden housing, G-G+; 2 – horse tooth float/files, G-Vg Sold For 7.50
  346. Tray lot late era veterinarian tools (look for yourself) Sold For 10.00
  347. 7 – Assorted hammers, F-G: millstone pick; 4 – various claw hammers; cobbler’s round hammer; small mallet Sold For 30.00
  348. 6pc. Millers Falls carving chisel set w/ green top handles, Vg Sold For 35.00
  349. 7pc. Lathe chisel set w/ long wooden grips, G+-Vg Sold For 20.00
  350. Lg. tray lot assorted leatherworking tools, G-Vg: Osborne broad head knife; 2 – stitch markers; 5 – various size whole punches; 3 – forming tools; etc. Sold For 55.00
  351. Stanley Bailey (made in England) #6H (heavy frame) fore plane w/ original box, Vg Sold For 45.00
  352. Tray lot measuring tools: 3 – unmarked various mortise gauges, G; small homemade marking gauge w/ round rod staff, Vg; 3 – small Stanley rules (trade advertising): 6” – white; 6” – yellow; 12” – two-fold Sold For 25.00
  353. 3 – Stanley planes: Bailey #3 smooth jack, post WWII, G+; #140 rabbet block parts; #130 dbl.-end block, F-G Sold For 40.00
  354. 3 – Non-Stanley planes: Norvell-Shapley D-E, 8 ¾”-C, jack plane, G; V&B 9 ¼” jack w/ square top rail, Vg; “Cheap” aluminum block, F. Sold For 55.00
  355. 5 – Various metal block planes, G-Vg: 4 – Stanley Sold For 20.00
  356. 12pc. Carving chisel set w/ small wooden egg grip handles, possible gunstock carving Sold For 65.00
  357. Stanley #50 “Light duty” combination bead molding plane w/ blades, Vg. Sold For 65.00
  358. Early Stanley Bailey’s patent #13 adjustable circular plane, G-G+ Sold For 35.00
  359. 4 – 2ft. Wooden four-fold rules: Stanley: #68, Vg; “Four Square” #68, G; Upson Nut #84, brass bound, Vg; Spanish no name, Vg Sold For 20.00
  360. 4 – 2ft. Stanley wooden two-fold rules: 2 - #18, G-G+; 2 – R&L #5, G Sold For 50.00
  361. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: 2 – brass plumb bobs, G; 3 – micrometers, G-Vg; iron plumb bob, G+; wooden rule, parts; combination square parts; etc. Sold For 45.00
  362. 10 – Assorted carving chisels, various makers & types, G+-Vg Sold For 65.00
  363. Tray lot assorted H.B. & S.B. tool references. Titles include: Four Centuries of Dutch Planes…; Altes Werkzeug; Traditional Woodworking Hand Tools; Diary of an Early American Boy; A Reverence for Wood; etc. Sold For 20.00
  364. 3 – Edge tools: Stanley #148 T&G plane w/ original box, plane has 1 - damage iron screw cap, F.;  2 – Keen Kutter box scrapers: #KK79, G+; #KK80, G Sold For 95.00
  365. 2 – Stanley Bailey bench planes: #6-C fore plane w/ V-strike circa 1912-1920, replaced handle, G; #4-C jack, Post WWII, heavy rail, Vg Sold For 45.00
  366. Chaplin’s Patent, 18”-C fore plane, G+ Sold For 50.00
  367. United Shoe Machinery Co. ZUP-25A. leather work block plane, G Sold For 35.00
  368. Norris (?) 8 5/8” smoother jack w/ brass screw cap w/ lg. rosewood knob, handle replaced (?), G-Vg Sold For 85.00
  369. H.L. Kendall (script strike, Baltimore), lg. handled raising plane w/ W. Butcher iron, Vg. Sold For 50.00
  370. 2 – Tools: J. Landis (attributed to John “Devil” Landis of Landis Valley, Lancaster Co.) meat cleaver, G; unsigned 10” thumb screw breast brace w/ lg. lantern top steel cup, G+ Sold For 35.00
  371. 3 – Various hardwood planes: unsigned rosewood V-groove plane, missing screw-arms; unsigned 17” raise handle Lignum-vitae fore plane, F (handle damaged); rosewood & walnut round sole smooth block, G+ Sold For 40.00
  372. 2 – Tools: Tower & Lyon, Wood’s Patent, 28” brass capped wooden level w/ spring-loaded peep-sights, G (hanger hole drilled); Henry Disston & Sons #7-26”-7pt. hand saw, G+ Sold For 50.00
  373. 2 – Drawknives: 8” hollow shave, hand wrought, G+; Witherby 8” carpenter’s, G+ Sold For 30.00
  374. 3 – Non-tool collectibles: small scrap-art “Flivver” truck, G+; small scrap-art “hunter w/ raised rifle”, G+; tin horn w/ ring handle, F Sold For 17.50
  375. 4 – Assorted carbide or gas auto/bicycle lamps, parts Sold For 22.50
  376. 4 – Assorted drawknives, F-G (look for yourself) Sold For 17.50
  377. 2 – Metalworking anvils: 10lb. 7 ½” long horned bench anvil, Vg; tinsmith’s #949-2 fuller stake, Vg Sold For 50.00
  378. Tray lot assorted “What’s it” tools, G-Vg: spouting/metalwork crimping/shears; wire case cutter; Berlyco combination wrench; Klein Tools wire puller; unknown wire puller; Cerraro Steel Strapping Tool Co. clamp tool Sold For 12.50
  379. Tray lot assorted electrical related tools: unsigned wooden case auto magneto, Vg; 2 – Rico Ignition Co. “Tester Coils” w/ hand crank, F & Vg; bicycle tire pump, G.; etc. Sold For 12.50
  380. 2 – Unknown electrical tools: battery in homemade wood case w/ electrical terminal switch, F.; unknown hand crank honing tool, G. Sold For 17.50
  381. Tray lot assorted small grommet tools w/ grommets, G-Vg Sold For 7.50
  382. Reynolds (possibly Franklin Co., NY.) side broad axe w/ upper & lower lugs & off-set handle, deep pitting, G. Sold For 40.00
  383. Unsigned hand wrought trade axe (?) w/ lower lug, replaced handle, G+ Sold For 25.00
  384. Unsigned (Brady type) double bit posthole mortise axe w/ right-angle center tail & center poll edge w/ original hickory handle, G. (pitted) Sold For 45.00
  385. William Mann, Lewistown, Pa., right hand side broad axe w/ 12 ¾” edge, upper & lower lugs, modern off-set handle, G+ Sold For 65.00
  386. J. Higby (*?) reaping sickle, Vg Sold For 7.50
  387. S. Hamilton (marked w/ backward S. possibly Waynesboro, Pa.), reaping sickle, G+ Sold For 7.50
  388. 2 – Christ family, reaping sickles: D. Christ (Daniel Christ I or II, working in Kutztown area, 1800-1827), Vg; S. Christ (Solomon Christ, working 1824-1830, Kutztown area), light strike, G Sold For 30.00
  389. Unsigned, broad squaring axe w/ upper & lower lugs, F-G (crack behind upper lug) Sold For 35.00
  390. 2 – Farmland primitives: signed (?), dated 1871, haystack knife, G+; wooden grain flail, Vg Sold For 10.00
  391. N. Custer, beam scales, missing correct weight Sold For 7.50
  392. 2 – Farm primitives: hay stack knife, G+; wooden grain flail, G Sold For 7.50
  393. Wooden wedge arm trammel point compass w/ steel nail points on wooden trammels. The rail is 1” wide, Vg Sold For 17.50
  394. 4 – Various wooden rules: Stanley: #36 ½-1ft. two-fold caliper, Vg; #66 ¾-3ft. four-fold w/ brass bound, G+; Upson Nut #62-2ft. four-fold brass bound, G-G+; Rabone #380-3ft., G Sold For 70.00
  395. Non-matched brass trammel points on oak 1” rail, G+ Sold For 15.00
  396. 2 – Chatillon & Son (1-signed) beam scales w/ weights, G Sold For 15.00
  397. 3 – Braces: J. Wilson, Taylor’s Patent w/ spring-lever chuck & metal mushroom cap, G; American Bit-Brace Co. w/ pat. Dated 10-13-1888, chuck, rosewood grip & knurl, Vg; Nobles Mfg. pat. dated 12-12-1866, w/ slide ring chuck, G Sold For 10.00
  398. 6 – Assorted pocket knives, makers include: Camillus; Imperial knife; Syracuse Knife Co; etc. Sold For 20.00
  399. Tray lot sheath knives & straight razors, etc. G-G+ (please look for yourself) Sold For 40.00
  400. 4 – Edge tools: P.S. & W. Co. 10” sag back drawknife, Vg; wooden core box plane w/ Eagle & Star strike. The plane has mahogany round body & oak soles, Vg; curved sole wooden shave w/ brass sole, G+; small wooden spoke shave, owner struck, D. Kuhn, G+ Sold For 40.00
  401. 5 – Assorted wooden rules: 2ft. four-fold: Stanley: #68A, G. 2 - #68, G; #53 ½ architects, G; Standard “crown marked” 15” straight rule, Vg Sold For 20.00
  402. 2 – Stanley wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: #53 ½ architects, G+; #53 brass bound, G+ Sold For 25.00
  403. 18th Century wooden handled 25 ½” tongue plane w/ tow peg, extensive worm holes, G Sold For 20.00
  404.  2 – Wooden brass tipped wedge arm plow planes, F-G: W. Sweet  (*?) w/ cat’s eye brass inlay rivet plate; W.R. w/ brass diamond inlay Sold For 55.00
  405. Unsigned, wooden screw arm plow plane, F. (damage to knobs & nuts) Sold For 5.00
  406. Stanley R&L #31-24” transitional jointer plane w/ Eagle strike, Vg. Sold For 10.00
  407. 21 ½” Steel cased/infilled handled jointer w/ raised throat. The plane is marked Moulson, and underside of wedge is marked B.L. Hill. G+ Sold For 45.00
  408. Siegley #10-C jointer, chipped ear of handle & crack to knob, G Sold For 35.00
  409. Matched pr.- Union Factory, H. Chapin, screw armed handled panel tongue & groove molding planes, G+ Sold For 30.00
  410. Stanley Bailey #5 ¼ jack plane, circa 1960’s, NIB. Sold For 40.00
  411. 2 – Stanley bench planes w/ original boxes: Handyman #H1204, Vg; #5 ¼ “Junior” jack, NIB, circa 1960-70’s
  412. G. Sener, Lancaster (light strike) center poll, posthole axe w/ lower lug, G. Sold For 75.00
  413. Fine graduated set of 4 – Hayden’s Patent, The Ansonia Brass Co. brass bucket w/ wrought iron loose rod handle. Spun brass kettle set w/ wrought iron handles on brass hanger w/ copper rivets, Vg Sold For 85.00
  414. Wooden carpenter’s tool chest w/ early mustard & red milk paint. The chest has raised panel lid set iron hinges,  4 – interior sliding drawers w/ raised panel cover, & handsaw drawer w/ raised panel lid. The mustard milk painted chest has wide upper & lower exterior red milk painted bands. The drop handles are damaged, G. Additional Photo: One Sold For 110.00

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Catalog Reference Codes


Excellent condition

Nearly new condition with original finish and no noted damage.


Very Good condition

Small cracks in wooden parts, no repairs.  Has minor loss to original finish. Ideal for collector’s or display purpose.


Good condition

Minor cracks in wood parts, repairs may be needed for use, has substantial paint or finish loss. Minor rust damage on iron planes & tools.  Ideal for users or those wishing to refurbish for collection. 


Fair condition

Substantial cracks to wooden or metal parts.  Most parts still intact, but may have had substantial repair or replaced parts.  Major rust damage.  Needs attention or repair prior to use. Good for parts.


Poor condition

Major damage or altered pieces. Has deep pitted rusting to iron & metal pieces.  Good for parts use only, or major repair work.


Cataloger’s note: This list is a guide that contains our description of each piece.  We used several tool references, guides and years of experience handling these tools to create these descriptions.  However, many pieces are hand wrought for a particular purpose and no reference to their use exists.

Rarity” is a very difficult attribute to determine, but we considered how often these pieces have come across our auction block in the past several years to make that distinction.  This may not always be in agreement with all price or collector guides.

The conditional reference was done in a fashion that we felt described the quality or condition of each piece.  Please refer to the chart above.

Absentee bids:  We strongly recommend that anyone wishing to place an absentee bid examine the item in person first.  If you choose to place an absentee bid based on the description in the catalog alone, without examining the item personally, you do so at your own risk. The tools are described in an as found condition. You are the final judge. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Anyone wishing to place a bid with our auction firm must have either personally examined the tools during the preview times, or have made prior contact with our office staff at Horst Auction Center, (717) 738-3080.